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Candidate Barracks / Re: Moving In [open to any/all Candidates]
« on: 20 Jul 2013 at 06:30 PM »
With her chores done for the day, Arddra wanted to get back to her room as soon as she could. It wasn't because she wanted to hide away but she had a load of mending to finish.

As she wasn't so lucky to be fully trained in a particular craft Arddra took to mending clothing of various folks who lived in the area. She usually offered to help the newer Weyrlings, all too young to be a real threat to her and with such young dragons, they weren't likely to harm her either.

It wasn't much but it certainly ensured she was able to get the few things she needed which weren't provided normally, like food. Other women used other ways to get what they wanted but she was not that type of woman. Not to mention being kidnapped guarenteed her husband died of illness since she failed to return with the Healer. Three years ago that happened and she didn't date anybody since, other than that one time she was caught by a Flightlust mad dragonrider.

An unexpected noise distracted her from her thoughts just as she was about to enter her room. It was then she noticed the young Bordtai staring down at a shattered pitcher he must have dropped. As she was just at her door, Arddra quickly ducked into her room and grabbed rags and a waste bucket. She could hear somebody speaking from the room next door,  a room that had been empty up to now.

"Let me give you a hand, Bordtai," Arddra said, crouching down to help mop up the spill, setting the waste basket next to the young teen. He was just old enough to look more like a young man and not an age that reminded her on how she failed to produce a child after over 2 years of marriage.

Glancing up towards the open door she saw who the new occupant was. She had seen the younger woman around and believed her name was Nellaris.

"Hello, I see you just moved in." Arddra nodded to the other woman. "Welcome to the Barracks."

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Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 20 Jul 2013 at 10:04 PM »
Arddra was making her way to the kitchen hoping to get some food to snack on. For once the area wasn't swarming with dragonriders, weyrlings and candidates as well as the rest of the Weyr inhabitants. In fact the only soul she saw upon entering the kitchen itself was a very young man, maybe 12 or 13 turns old.

Frowning she wondered why he was preparing what looked like a pie. At first seeing him dump wherry meat, raw from the looks of it into a bowl she assumed a meat pie. Then he poured juice. Was he just throwing things in at random? Arddra wasn't the best cook on Pern but she did know enough of the basics to realize what the young man was making certainly wasn't typical.

"What are you making?" Arddra inquired, her mind struggling on remembering the lad's name. She was certain she saw him in the Candidate Barracks not all that long ago but despite being fairly good at picking up names, this boy she didn't recall his name, other than it started with a Q. "I certainly hope you aren't just messing around in here."

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Candidate Barracks / Re: Moving In [open to any/all Candidates]
« on: 20 Jul 2013 at 11:21 PM »
Arddra was pleased Nellaris wasn't going to start yelling at Bordtai as she was certain the young man had not intentionally dropped a pitcher onto the floor. She was sure she heard some laughter and the sound of footsteps receding just seconds after she had heard the crash. Unfortunately she had only saw Bordtai staring down at the spelled juice.

"I think we have enough rags for now, it was only a single pitcher." Arddra observed as she glanced at what was left to mop up and the amount of clean rags left. She was just about to suggest putting the now juice soaked rags into the bucket and getting them rinsed off and some water to clean off the stickiness when Bordtai rose up to do just that.

"Very good idea Bordtai, between the three of us this mess will be cleaned up in no time." Arddra nodded in agreement to his idea. Once the boy left to fetch water and soap she turned back to the younger girl.

"It is fortunate we both were here to make sure it was cleaned up right away, this juice would stain if left to sit for a long time." Arddra was aware Nellaris was the type of girl who didn't shirk her chores and was quite organized and liked things getting done. At times she felt she was a bit too fussy but instead of it being an irritation to Arddra she found it made her wnat to be better at whatever task Nell was dissatisfied with. Fortunately it was rarely anything Arddra was doing, unless it was a task she never did before. At least nothing ever came back to Arddra's ears regarding it, mostly she just observed this trend in Nell over the last while.

River's Edge / A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 12:50 AM »
After a particularly hot day, it was nice to get out into the cool evening breeze. Wearing a long flowing dress, one of her older ones for Arddra wanted to gather some fresh cress by the river. In truth she just wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Candidate Barracks and the Weyr itself.

It wasn't dark yet, the sun still low on the horizon but Arddra brought a glow basket just in case it became full dark before she returned. She didn't want to be too late out, it wasn't safe for many reasons, not to mention curfew. Arddra heard and see the public whippings to know what sort of punishments were inflicted to transgressors here. Not that she felt breaking curfew would warrant such an extreme punishment.

The other equipment she brought with her included several sacks to carry cress and tubers in, and anything else she found which would be good to eat or good to trade with. Lastly she had a large blade, perfect for cutting rushes, securely strapped to her hip.

It was while she was crossing a small field when she heard somebody humming. Looking around she didn't see anybody at first, not till she passed a small screen of trees. That's when she spotted a young woman, or maybe a tall child moving about the field. As far as Arddra could tell the young woman looked like she was chasing seed fluff from field flowers.

Not knowing what to make of this, as the young woman looked too old to be just playing around, Arddra watched her for a few minutes before deciding she best do or say something.

"It certainly is a lovely evening for just simply enjoying life itself," Arddra ventured. There was a time she would be so full of joy but that was before she became a woman. Now she just didn't have anything worth showing that sort of childish wonder over.

River's Edge / Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:28 AM »
"No need to be sorry, I just didn't expect to find anybody just enjoying themselves." Now that she was closer to the young woman Arddra realized she wasn't as young as she thought, just not very tall. She did recall seeing her a few times around the weyr but unfortunately her name eluded her. Seems there was just many names to remember.

"I feel rather silly, I don't recall your name but I do remember seeing you around. I am Arddra, just in case you share my lack of placing a name to a face." Arddra gave a smile. "The reason I am out here was to gather some fresh water cress, tubers and anything else edible around the river. I also hope to find pretty stones or other items that would make good trade items."

"Help would be appreciated...and two women are safer together I think." Arddra knew having another around would be more discouragement should a Dragonrider come along to cause mischief. Then something else the other woman said came back to mind. "Lizard? Are you saying you have a fire lizard? I always wanted one, they seem like a perfect pet and companion."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:52 AM »
Hearing a man's voice behind her, Arddra turned sideways so she can see who it was. Fortunately he was staying by the doorway. Normally she didn't have anything against men as long as they kept their hands to themselves around her. But Dragondriders, she just didn't trust, no matter what kind of dragon they rode.

The boy's response to her question brought her attention back to him. "A wherry and redfruit pie...I never heard of such a thing but you may be onto something here."

Arddra had made meat pies before, using a variety of meats, herdbeasts, wherries, fish and other similar meats and she did make bubbly pies and other sweet desserts. Would the taste of redfruit enhance the flavor of meat?  Before she could make further inquiries the dragonrider came right up to Quenym and sniffed what he was making.

Arddra backed away, preferring to stay at arms length or more from a dragonrider, especially one she didn't know. His seemed kind enough but something about the way he looked at the younger candidate and his words, Arddra found weren't so nice. It was almost like the dragonrider was mocking the boy.

It was no wonder the boy snapped at the dragonrider.

More worried about what the Dragonrider will do in turn kept Arddra from informing Quemyn that flour was often used to thicken gravy which gives it a pale color, especially with wherry juices which were light to begin with.

River's Edge / Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 03:16 AM »
"Of course, Aparicus, I should have remembered that name, it has such a nice ring to it." Arddra smiled. "I also agree, live is very fragile and freedom is such a rare thing these days."

"Most of my skills are rather common, it is hard to do things for others so they provide me with the items I need to make clothing, especially a nice Gather dress. Most often it's just so I have things I may need later." Arddra realized she must sound very elusive or uncertain but how did she explain the things she needed just won't come easily. Other girls just spent nights with the Dragonriders to get the harder to obtain items Arddra coveted. Like sending a message home to see if her husband did succumb to the fever as she feared, among other things. Contact with the North was still not allowed, last she heard. But a simple inquiry can't be that bad, could it?

"I will welcome the help in gathering what I need, we can split what we find, especially when two pairs of eyes are better than one." Arddra nodded. "Some things I find I will end up eating or sharing in the kitchen if I find enough."

"You are very lucky to have a bronze fire lizard," Arddra's eyes brightened. If it was one thing she liked to talk about it was animals and firelizards seemed a far better companion to have than any other animal. Well canines did have their value too. A gold dragon would get her away from here once she was full grown but after failing to Impress for so long, Arddra despaired she would ever Impress. "May be I can use some of the things I find to trade for an egg some day. I doubt I will have the luck of finding a clutch."

Arddra turned and started to head towards the river, down near a bend she had noticed the other day. She felt it was far enough away the water cress and other items she hoped to find, would not have been harvested by other people. In truth she doubted she would find much to trade with and will most likely have some extra variety of food to eat if she cooked it herself. Hopefully the addition of Aparicus would improve her luck.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 04:03 PM »
Arddra suspected the dragonrider, bronzerider if she read the badge on his shoulder correctly, was offended by her movement away from him. A part of her didn't care if he was, none didn't seem to care how offended she was when she was kidnapped. Not completely true, there was one rider who had tried to be nice to her not long after her arrival and forced stay on the Candidate Isle. Then he made a pass at her and that just clinched it for her. The dragonriders just wanted her for their pleasure so she kept her distance.

Her distraction of being lost in her own thoughts had her miss a few things the dragonrider said to Quenym. It was the rider's deadpan tone that drew her attention and she frowned at him. Yes the boy was doing things wrong but as far as Arddra was concerned, there was no reason to spell it all out in such a flat, non supportive way.

Seeing how red the boy was getting now that he was told of his mistake, Arddra wasn't sure what he will end up doing. The rude dragonrider was already gathering up food and stuffing them into his pack. She started to relax, assuming Quenym will keep his temper in check but that wasn't the case.

When the dragonrider turned to say more, Arddra felt he was being mocking with his 'have a nice time cooking' and far too polite smile. It was not a surprise the young Candidate lost his temper and threw what he was working on at the rider.

Arddra smirked as she felt the dragonrider deserved it but before she could do or say anything else, Quenym suddenly turned to her and spoke, his voice quivering and filled with disbelieve.

"Flour is used to help thicken the gravy but that doesn't mean coconut milk can't be used to give a different flavor to the gravy. Don't mind that rider, he was being rude and inconsiderate, they are all like that."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 04:56 AM »
The young man's slumped shoulders and dejected tone touched Arddra. As uncomfortable as she was when it came to children, Quenym didn't draw out that deep inner pain like younger children did. Thus, when he complained about doing things wrong she knew she would offer to help him do it right.

"I will be glad to help you make it right," Arddra assured him. "But just to be clear, even if you didn't understand how gravy was made, that didn't mean your initial process was wrong. Wherry meat does need to be cooked almost completely before you bake it in a pie. Cooking it in fruit juice or coconut juice would give it a different flavor, perhaps even hide the gamier taste of these Southern Wherries."

"Get that bigger pot there and we will give your idea a try, with just a few changes. First, we want to chop the wherry meat into finer chunks," Arddra smiled. "As for redfruit and wherry, I haven't heard of that particular combination but there are dishes which use the rind of yellowfruit or crushed berries as a glaze when roasting wherries or herdbeasts. As a juice in pie I don't think so but I don't see it not being possible. As I mentioned, it could help neutralize the gamy taste of local wherries."

River's Edge / Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 03:49 PM »
"It would be so nice to have a pet," Arddra sighed. The last thing she wanted was to owe somebody a huge favor by getting a firelizard egg from them. She was sure some of the other Candidates had fire lizards, maybe one of them will be able to get her a egg and she can do their chores for a week or more in return. The idea made her smile. She didn't mind working on chores. "I will let a few people know, I don't think you are the only Candidate with firelizards."

Looking in the direction the older Candidate indicated Arddra did spot the desired greenery. "You have a good eye. Lets go further upstream first, we can always get this one on the way back. Why carry more weight than needed?"

"I suspect people go downstream as it leads somewhere, like a lake or the ocean. The water is always cleaner upstream though," Arddra smirked. "Maybe we can find some fresh water fishes in the current, I always find they taste much better than the ocean fish."

"Cinnamon is a nice name for a firelizard," Arddra smiled. "I hope he's not staying away because of me, I would never hurt him or any firelizard, why would I want to?"

Candidate Barracks / Re: Moving In [open to any/all Candidates]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 04:00 PM »
"I don't think Bordtai was in on that prank, but the victim of it," Arddra observed. She then fell silent as Nellaris went on about dragonriders and their responsibilities. It made sense they would have to do far more cleaning and care, not just themselves but their dragons. It was a huge responsibility to care for an animal like a dragon. Her last comment caused Arddra look up at her and laugh.

"They make mistakes, plenty of them, Nellaris." Arddra bit back on the rest of the rant she wanted to give, about how they are cruel, kidnappers and rapists with little regard about the lives of others. But letting out all her inner pain and hatred towards the majority of dragonriders, would just alienate a potential friend. Letting out a slow breath she pushed away her rancor. "They are far from perfect, just like anybody else."

The Hatching Circuit / Searching for 'Treasures' [Casa, any]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 06:59 PM »
It wasn't the best place to be but given, at least to her knowledge, nobody was likely to be in the Hatching grounds when no new clutches laid yet. Why would anybody come in here a month since the last two clutches hatched?  Why indeed. Arddra had heard a few things about the egg shells being used in jewelry. Little mementos for riders, especially if the jewelry was made from the shell of their own dragon's egg. Arddra wished she had been able to get here sooner as she was sure the sands would be well cleaned by now.

She had the time and being such a wide open space she knew if anybody came, like a dragonrider or their dragon, she could hide. Not that she was scared of dragons as much as she used to be but the sad truth was, if a dragon saw something interesting or unusual, they most likely told their rider and that would mean one would show up eventually.

Once dinner was over she gathered up a few sacks, just in case she found quite a few shell fragments, a rake and small trowel. Arddra didn't think she would need any other tools and probably will just be wasting her time. At least the sky was clear so she would have a few hours of light before sunset.

A small part of her wondered if any of the firelizards would clutch in the warm sands and she may turn one up in her search for dragon egg fragments. Highly unlikely but she intended to keep her eyes open nonetheless.

When she left the candidate barracks she had no idea if anybody would notice her heading towards the hatching grounds or not. It wasn't like she was sneaky about her destination but she didn't want to advertise it. One reason she left right after dinner, instead of lounging in the dining hall to socialize as many tended to do. Arddra typically slipped away early, so doubted anybody would take note of her for repeating habit.

Striding across the sands she headed to where she remembered one of the two clutches had been arranged. From the look of the sands, it did appear to have been already cleaned. No matter, she would just rake carefully. Small pieces may have been overlooked or left behind as not worth picking up. Laying the sacks onto the sand

River's Edge / Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 07:20 PM »
Arddra did try to keep her feet dry too but she wasn't too worried. She wore her oldest pair that still had sufficient sole left so her feet will not get hurt on the rough terrain or riverbed. The fact the soles were thin and pliable now from long use it actually was easier to grip with her toes.

"Perhaps he found something tasty to eat?" Arddra suggested, pausing as she spotted a small cache of unused freshwater snail shells. The very delicate shells could be strung into a necklace or worn as earrings. Taking a small sack she carefully sorted through for the best examples. "These shells can be useful."

"Won't he come back if you call him?" Arddra asked. Most canines will respond to  whistle or calling their name. Perhaps Aparicus hasn't trained her firelizard too well. As far as she was concerned, like any other animal, firelizards would require some level of training to be of use. Unfortunately not everybody puts the time and effort into training their animals and pets. Till she knew more about Aparicus, Arddra was not going to judge.

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Searching for 'Treasures' [Casa, any]
« on: 22 Jul 2013 at 09:10 PM »
Arddra was bending down to pick up a clumped mass, not sure if a shell was hidden within or if it was just something else. A quick poke with her hand and the sand fell away to reveal a clump of dried and smelly egg goo.

"Ick!" Arddra muttered and dropped it, rubbing her hand on the lower part of the rake handle to get the residue off her hand. Just as she was about to resume her raking somebody spoke, nearly causing her to jump out of her skin.

Spinning towards the voice, Arddra held the rake up as though ready to defend herself with it. When she saw it was one of the queenriders only a few years older than she was who impressed one of the golddragons during recent double hatching.

If a dragonrider had to come here and find her, Arddra was grateful it was a goldrider and one who was a Candidate like her only a month ago. She relaxed and let the business end of the rake fall to the sands once more.

"Hello, you startled me. I didn't think anybody would even think it was worth the bother to come looking for egg shells this late after a hatching. I am hoping to find a few shards I could use to make jewelry."

"Oh your gold dragon really has grown since hatching,  she's so beautiful." After all the candidate and other lessons she was taught since she was kidnapped, Arddra knew it was good manners to pay a gold, even a two month old on, with respect. She gave a curtsy towards the weyrling.

As she straightened, she saw another girl, one of the younger candidates whom Arddra only recently seen in lessons. Arddra also saw she had a few firelizards about her as well. Age nor rank didn't seem to play a part in who could get a fire lizard. Once more she longed to have one of her own but again she was worried what would be demanded of her for such a gift.

"I don't have any problem if you come join us," Arddra decided company, especially of other females, was welcome. The bigger the group the more thorough they could be looking for fragments of eggs. The only real down side is she will have to share what they found with the others. Fortunately, the advantages of having help far outweighed getting less shards. For all she knew they wouldn't find anything big enough to make jewelry out of. "I don't remember your name, I am Arddra."

The Hatching Circuit / Re: Searching for 'Treasures' [Casa, any]
« on: 23 Jul 2013 at 12:26 AM »
"I would never have used the rake on your bonded, Mizeath. I just didn't know who was coming behind me. Silly of me to be defensive and I am sorry to have worried you," Arddra wasn't anywhere near as intimidated by hatchling dragons, even if the gold was much bigger now then when she came out of the egg.

"I didn't want to be rude," Arddra then turned her attention to the new girl who hadn't introduced herself yet. Before she could ask again she noticed the younger girl's firelizards were being horribly cute.

"They really seem to like your gold," Arddra commented to Ameris. Totally forgetting about raking through the sand she watched the fire lizards tilting their heads at the queen. When they screeched then flew off to attack the sand with vigor, obviously doing what they could to help, Arddra chuckled.

"With their help and you two ladies, I am sure it won't take long to find any remaining shell fragments." Arddra resumed raking, pausing now and then to watch the antics of the fire lizards and their bonded. The youngest of the trio was even on her hands and knees, digging through the sand. "Oh I do have a trowel over on the sacks there, no point wearing out your fingers in the sand."

Candidate Barracks / Re: Moving In [open to any/all Candidates]
« on: 23 Jul 2013 at 10:20 AM »
Arddra heard pretty much the same things anybody else who had been here for the last three years. The outing of a Traitor or murder of a revolutionary which lead to a death of a Dragonrider wasn't quite what she meant as a mistake. It was more just proof of the innate violence in many dragonriders.

"Dragons choose their riders yes, but that doesn't mean the rider is 'good' nor incapable of making mistakes or being criminal." She knew D'ren stopped the kidnapping of candidates but if he was such a perfect leader why were there riders disloyal to him in the first place?

"The example of what happened to D'ren that resulted in the death of T'shiro and his dragon just shows how violent and criminal many dragonriders are," Arddra slapped a rag, freshly soaked in the very warm water Bordtai brought, onto the floor and vigorously started scrubbing. Nor did she feel the fact all dragonriders were picked by their dragons meant their riders were instantly perfect and mistake free.

"Gold is the color of dragon I am expecting to Impress myself,' Arddra said after a long silence as she focused on cleaning. In truth she originally didn't want any dragon but to be returned home. Her innate love of animals had overridden her initial fear and she did want to Impress a dragon. She knew in the past greens and even a blue dragons would Impress a girl but it was obvious this was not accepted for the most part. "It is the expected choice for women dragonriders after all. Greens and blues are fighting dragons."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 23 Jul 2013 at 10:42 AM »
"The flavor is in the juice itself, be it the natural juices you would get from cooking meat or that of fruit juice, vinegar or other spices added to enhance the taste or mask a less popular taste. Your experimentation in trying to teach yourself how to cook is probably how what is currently known about cooking was discovered initially. My advice, learn the basics first, understand the known methods then finding better or new recipes after would work out better." Arddra spoke gently, being careful not to use any tone that would sound mocking or scolding. "I only know the basics myself, what every young woman is taught, at least among the Holder women."

"Up North we keep flocks of Wherries much like herdbeasts and other animals. These domesticated varieties tend to lose the gamy taste. It's a more wild bloody taste than what I am used to." Arddra wasn't sure how to describe the gamy taste to somebody who's never eaten anything that doesn't have that taste. "It is hard to describe, even the herdbeasts here taste different enough just by being mammals instead of fowl wouldn't really make it clear."

"Oh I am sure plenty Northerners would like to stand for Dragons," Arddra sighed, not sure how best to describe the resentment without getting into details. "Unlike you who grew up here and been around dragons, most of us up North haven't seen any dragon, especially not since they all died off save for those who came here."

"At first I was very unhappy being brought here, I wasn't even given a choice. That is very hard to accept and it had nothing to do with being brought here for the Gold hatchlings to have a choice on who to Impress. I have been here long enough I am more eager to Impress a Gold than I was initially, I understand why I was brought here and I do intend to succeed at Impressing. I just hope there is a gold who wants me." That was probably more than she was used to saying about how she was brought here but Arddra felt it was general enough it wouldn't stand out against most of the other kidnapped candidates original feelings.

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 23 Jul 2013 at 11:06 PM »
"It isn't easy to explain with words alone, I am sorry." Arddra shrugged, deciding to give up on trying to explain the difference. If she could get a hold of more domesticated wherries and a fresh caught wild Wherry then it will be easier to show the difference. For now it wasn't important for what they were doing now.

"Just add some water and seasoning to the meat and we can leave it cooking at a low temperature," Arddra measured out the seasoning, mostly just a few pinches since they were only making one pie. "For crust it's better to use the lard, but butter can be used too in a pinch."

Arddra grabbed a large enough bowl and showed Quenym how much lard to use to flour, including a inch of salt. She demonstrated how to mix it and let him do the rest, giving advice where needed and encouragement and praise as deserved.  She let him a moment to bring out the rolling pin and waited till he was done mixing the crust.

"You can add more flower if it's too sticky. Typically one just adds flour to a flat surface and the rolling pin. Form a ball with the dough and squish it down on the table. Now, the trick of rolling out crust is to start from roughly the middle of the dough and roll outwards with just light pressure. After each roll, rotate the crust so you get a fairly even large circular crust which is big enough to line a pie pan. Don't worry about being too big, the idea is you want a crust that is thin, about an eighth of an inch. Once you fit it into the pie pan, you trim the edge off with the knife. The extra dough will be reformed into a ball and made into a top crust, once the filling is added."

Communal Kitchens / Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« on: 24 Jul 2013 at 05:07 AM »
Arddra had been momentary distracted so when he asked if the next step was to just dump the filling in, Arddra didn't realize he was doing it at that instant. By the time she turned back he was already filling the pie shell with the cooked wherry meat and juices.

"Be careful that will be very hot!" She warned before he ended up burning himself by trying to join the ends of the crust. "Normally the filling is left to cool before putting it into the pie shell." Arddra knew the pie will still turn out editable but the crust wouldn't likely be cooked properly underneath. Still not bad for the boy's first attempt at making a pie. "Leave the top loose to let the pie vent, then use that fork there to crimp the edges together. A few pokes through the top will keep things from bubbling too much in the oven."

Arddra shouldn't be surprised Quenym started asking about the North. At least it was non specific enough she could answer without sounding elusive.

"We have most of the same fruits up north as here, except for the yellowfruit," Arddra confirmed, "Far less stands of trees around the Holds, in fact we keep no greenery anywhere near our homes. The weather varies, some places in the the north are almost as hot as they are here others are so cold it snows."

"There are more people...not as much now as there used to be..." Arddra stopped that train of thought. "Anyway, things are much different there, it will take some time to explain it all."

Bathing Houses / Re: Insomnia [Open]
« on: 25 Jul 2013 at 02:05 AM »

It was one of those nights when, no matter how much she tried, Arddra couldn't get to sleep. Frustrated and not wanting to just hang out in her room hoping to sleep, she decided to soak in a bath. Worse comes to worse she will be clean and relaxed for the day. What she hoped was it will make her sleepy enough she could fall asleep.

Given the late hour Arddra was positive nobody will be using the bath house. Putting on her bathrobe over her sleeping gown, Arddra gathered up her toiletries and headed to the bath house.

When she entered the bathhouse she definitely thought somebody was here, it just seemed more steamy in here that she expected. Pushing open a door of a room she assumed as unoccupied due to the door not being closed and latched, Arddra gave a startled sound when she noticed somebody else in the water.

"Oh I am sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. Is that you Casa?" Arddra smiled, recognizing the younger candidate. "I can leave you to bathe alone if you prefer,  but this tub is big enough for two if you don't mind company."

Arddra didn't mind bathing alone but having the young woman with her will give her somebody to talk to. It will also hopefully discourage any men from showing up and thinking they can get cozy to her. Arddra still considered herself married so had kept her distance as much as she was able to, from the menfolk. That and the fact she didn't trust the dragonriders, especially the cute ones. There were too many cute dragonriders around.

River's Edge / Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 25 Jul 2013 at 02:44 PM »
"Aren't they attuned to your mind in the way dragons are suppose to be with their riders?" Arddra asked, surprised Aparicus would have to call out vocally. Being around other candidates, weyrfolk and dragonriders for a few years now not to mention the candidate lessons she went through every time there was a clutch with a golden egg on the sands. They all indicated there was a mental bond between rider and dragon. She also heard firelizards were also Impressed in much the same way, only difference they tended to bond to whoever fed them at hatching.  To her way of thinking anybody who had a firelizard should be able to mentally call them too. But perhaps there was a limit to the distance one could 'hear' their fire lizard or dragon.

"Maybe he found a wild firelizard gold to chase?" Arppra suggested when no response happened right away. "Or sleeping in the sun somewhere?"

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Bathing Houses / Re: Insomnia [Open]
« on: 25 Jul 2013 at 02:54 PM »
Arddra slipped fully into the room and quickly laid her things close to the tub edge so she can reach them easy once in the tub. Turning away slightly she slipped off her robe and hung it on the nearby hook. She then pulled off her nightgown and under things before slipping into the hot water.

"Oh this is so nice. It is amazing how the water is heated so effectively and circulated," Arppra knew it was all dumped out in the back where it was pretty much a muggy quagmire now. A proper drainage ditch would eventually be needed but she didn't really want to be given the chore of making one. One reason she had not suggested it to anybody.

When sh heard a squeak she looked over to see a firelizard on a high shelf looking at them. It seemed all her friends were getting firelizards now, Arppra really should get one of her own. They probably be helpful in finding things too, everything she heard about the amazing miniature dragons pointed out they are quite clever, especially if trained well.

"I don't mind at all, he can join us in the bath if he likes," Arddra took a handful of soap sand and washed herself quickly, sitting so the foaming water from her scrubbing didn't flow towards Casa. No point getting the other girl all sudsy. "How many of them do you have?"

Bathing Houses / Re: Insomnia [Open]
« on: 25 Jul 2013 at 07:40 PM »
Arddra chuckled when the little fire lizard blinked at a bursting bubble. They were certainly adorable/ "Having three is quite impressive, a good thing you did share it with anybody who was around when they hatched. So that was where Quenym Impressed his. He is a nice boy, I have helped him learn to cook a pie not too long ago. Do you know how to cook? I am sure he would love learning from you too if he's your best friend."

When Casa plopped the little bronze into the bath water Arddra inhaled, worried the sudden drop in the water would harm it. Fortunately he didn't seem at all phased after the initial startled chirp and he was paddling about happily. Arddra smiled.

"Knack, Edge and Kaylee, interesting names. Any reason why you picked those particular names?" she asked curiously, sinking down into the water now that she finished rinsing off the soap. Her hair she had cleaned the day before so she didn't feel a need to do it again now. "Just this little guy joining us both in our inability to fall asleep."

"Oh I would definitely like one and as soon as I have time to go look for a clutch, I will make sure you come along too. Quenym too if he wants to come along, or any of your other friends. If we end up finding a whole clutch, I certainly don't want the entire thing for myself." It occurred to Arddra she could barter the eggs for many things, not everybody would have time to search for wild clutches or want to wait till a Impressed queen laid a clutch. Not that she had time to scour all the beaches to hoard eggs to barter with. A few would be worth it if she did find a large clutch. Arddra didn't want more than one or two firelizards tops and a large clutch would spread far.

"Yes I find you very adorable," Arddra smiled, looking down at the fire lizard as it bobbed his head. She flicked some water at it playfully, curious if it would chase after the droplets or splash her back.

Weyrfolk Hall / Out and About [Open]
« on: 27 Jul 2013 at 09:29 PM »
Arddra dropped off some items she had mended for other Weyrfolk who either didn't have the time, skill or desire to take care of such tedious tasks. She didn't mind it, it gave her a few things she needed. Unfortunately she never seemed to have enough items to barter with and things she could use she had to push down the list for the more urgent things.  Perhaps she should help down with the beasts, given she does have some experience handling herdbeasts. Not much but she wasn't completely incompetent in that area.

How she hated the time between clutches. Since she was stuck here Arddra was determined to do her best to Impress a gold dragon. There wasn't likely anything for her back home though she still very much would like to go home, even for a few hours. To talk to her family, find out if her husband was dead for certain. Just to know her past wasn't totally gone. But to get to the north she would need a dragon and she thus far had not Impressed.

If she could convince a dragonrider to take her North, despite the restrictions and other risks, then she could go see her home. The biggest problem was finding a dragonrider she could trust not to demand things she had no intention of given in return for a trip to the North. She considered the few dragonriders she had contact with since being forced here. Some were friendly enough but nearly all of them just wanted to sleep with her. She very much remembered being grabbed during flightlust and taken by force. Oh, no matter what others thought she knew many dragonirders were little more than arrogant thugs.

Striding down the hall she did her best to not draw attention to herself as she passed various weyrfolk.

Dining Hall / Re: Quiet Observations [Open]
« on: 29 Jul 2013 at 05:30 PM »
Arddra had a hard morning doing chores and other expected tasks. With no eggs on the sands she pretty much only had chores to do. She missed the lessons but understood there was no point holding classes if it will be months yet before eggs are lain, much less hatch. After three years being at Katila Arddra was used to the changing routines depending on the queens laying schedule.

Heading to the Dining Hall, Arddra selected a light lunch and looked for a place to sit. Normally she would sit in the back rolls when she wasn't meeting somebody specifically to share lunch with so that is the direction she headed. Interestingly most places were taken except around one particular dragonrider. He was wearing his riding leathers which did have him stand out. The void around him certainly helped spotlight him too.

The moment she spotted him he was looking away from her, then his head turned and she realized who it was. Arddra realized his broad form and soft fair skin should have revealed who he was but with a glance at his eyes, she had no doubts. S'kef, one of the notorous dragonriders. Not only that but his brown flew a couple golds too which was very unusual.

Biting her lip she debated finding a place further up towards the middle of the row of tables but suddenly a green firelizard fluttered about her. The sudden appearance of the firelizards nearly startled her into dropping her tray of food. Then it flew off and landed next to S'kef who gave her attention for a few minutes before shooing the green lizard off.

Taking a deep breath, Arddra decided she wasn't going to avoid sitting at his table. He was quietly working on notes and she just wanted to sit and eat. Exhaling carefully she walked over and took a seat at the table S'kef was at, keeping a comfortable distance between him and her on the bench, nearly enough room for somebody else to squeeze in if they so choose. Only when she placed her tray down and settled did it occur to her it was odd for a dragonrider of some rank to sit way back here. Perhaps he just wanted a quiet place to do his work without being distracted by Wingleaders and wingseconds.

Glancing his way she didn't know if he noticed her arrival or not. She just hoped he wouldn't take offense at her sitting at the same table as him even if she kept a respectful distance. This close however, she could see he was rather handsome and wondered if the rumors she heard were true he had a male weyrmate. Not that she had any interest in him in that way.

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