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It had been a long day thanks to the accursed chore of gathering. While the man he had immediately latched onto thanks to his timid nature and being a complete pushover did work harder to make up for J’ver’s own lack of interest in collecting anything, it had still taken a lot of energy to supervise the job. Some people simply couldn’t be left unattended for more than a few minutes without the world falling apart around them. J’ver had also given in and did a bit of gathering himself in order to keep the other man’s good faith so he could be used again at a later date. Overall, it had been a stressful day and a long soak in the bathhouse seemed like a marvellous idea and one he had been partaking in when the dragons started making a ruckus.

J’ver attempted to ignore the noise but Rilaleeyth, sitting daintily atop the building started in as well which only irritated her rider more. The little gold’s rider is dying, J’ver! Everyone is in such a panic. It sounds horrible! J’ver sighed and rolled his eyes before easing himself out of the hot water. It didn’t seem like he would be enjoying the remainder of his soak if what his green said was true. I’m sure it’s not that bad. No one would be stupid enough to leave the girl unattended long enough for her to be harmed in any manner. Ask some of the dragons that are bound to have gathered near the site by now. Really, did he have to think of everything?

He began towelling himself off, spending time to carefully work at his hair when Rilaleeyth finally had some information. The girl is with the Master Healer, other Healers, some weyrlings, and the riders of Larrikith and Ayyonth are there as well. No one seems too panicked in that room. Larrikith and Ayyonth… B’jin and R’nd were there? That was a bit odd but then again the bluerider did have an appetite for the young Candidates and Weyrlings when he wasn’t focused on the far older greenrider while B’jin was linked to Talian and Jada. Then there is nothing to worry about. Come now, my relaxing bath has been ruined and now I’m in the mood for a nice drink, though I need some supplies first.

Once dressed, J’ver made quick work of leaving the bathhouse with Rilaleeyth taking them to the Dining Hall soon after. As he walked through the Hall for the pantry, J’ver debated what kind of drink he wanted, thinking on herbs that would blend well together. With the dragons that still hadn’t been pacified, perhaps a drop of fellis in his tea would also be order if he wanted any peace that night. With another dramatic sigh for how hard his day had been – done solely for himself as no one else was around – J’ver slipped into the storage room, eyes narrowing in on the shelf he wanted. Two seconds later and he was grabbing his chest, convinced he was about to die of heart failure when something or rather, someone, stirred several feet away.

Who on Pern would fall asleep in the pantry? Oh, of course, “it’s you. I should have figured. Do you have no shame? No self-preservation?” J’ver’s lips curled up in disgust as cold pale blue eyes took in the other man that was still shaking off the remnants of sleep. Honestly, how could anyone consider sleeping in such a place to be of a wise decision when so many of their fellow riders would jump anyone lying still long enough, especially when they were as adorable as the blonde before him?

It had to horribly suck not being as intelligent as him.

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The healers said it was okay to visit now. Why haven’t we left to see him?Rilaleeyth’s concern over the dawdling of her rider was easily noted in her soft voice as she finally stopped fidgeting outside long enough to peer in through the window of the hut. J’ver sat inside on one of the comfortable chairs in his living room, sipping on his hot drink and looking not the least bit concerned about leaving S’kef alone in the Healing Hall. She supposed she was worried enough for them both. Tyrrisath would be so disappointed if they didn’t go see his bonded while S’kef would be angry.

“Everything will be fine, pet,” J’ver saw no reason to raise their stress levels or even their heartbeats over such a miniscule issue. The past sevenday had seen some worrying and disgust at S’kef’s weakness but the day healers granted permission for visitors needed only patience and a calm attitude. There wasn’t a need to scamper over to his side like a loyal pup. Taking his time showed how unconcerned he was with everything. They would meet that day, however, and S’kef would be reminded of his assets and worth.

Upon finally finishing his drink, the mug was set in the kitchen to be cleaned later and J’ver went to fix his hair and assured himself his appearance was, as always, immaculate. Once he was satisfied, the small basket of fresh fruits he had procured from the kitchens that morning was scooped up and J’ver headed outside. The relief and anxiousness to check on the brown pair that Rilaleeyth displayed annoyed J’ver but he said nothing as they took off for the Healing Hall in a leisurely flight.

When they touched down, Rilaleeyth dropped J’ver off at the entrance and then made her way around the building until she came upon the brown dragon dutifully watching over his rider. She had deep admiration the male. Hello, Tyrrisath. How is Yours doing today?

J’ver waltzed in through the front entrance as if he owned the place and simply stated he was there to see the Weyrsecond and someone to show him to the room would be most appreciated. A cranky older woman finally obliged, attempting to lecture him about proper behaviour around the healing and to not overtax S’kef. Once they reached the room, J’ver dismissed the woman with a wave of his hand and promptly closed the door in her face once he had slipped inside. “I’ve been telling everyone this wouldn’t kill you,” J’ver remarked, getting his first look of the man in over a sevenday. While he had worried on and off for his easy ticket into power dying on him, the greenrider had spent his time wisely as well by dismissing rumours of the Weyrsecond’s demise by saying S’kef could overcome any ailment and to say otherwise was the loser’s bet.

“You have looked better though.” It was almost depressing to see such a fine example of masculinity looking so worn out and clearly ravaged by something. With a barely suppressed sigh, J’ver moved across the room, leaving the little basket of fruit on the table by the bed. There was no need to explain they were for S’kef as who else would they be for? Certainly not the bumbling staff of this establishment!

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I hear he is improving though, Rilaleeyth commented, trying to keep a cheerful air about her and not show how worried she had been since S’kef fell ill. But how are you doing? You are eating, yes? I could go hunting for you or you can go. J’ver and I will guard S’kef. Tyrrisath was one of her favourite males and a regular flight partner, it hurt to see him suffering as his rider did and she really wanted to help him somehow.

“I’ve been busy,” J’ver replied as if it should have been obvious, his gaze currently not on S’kef as he explored the small room. It was dreadfully boring and depressing. No wonder the brownrider wasn’t recovering; how could anyone find the will to live when they woke up to such a dreary sight each day? “I’ve been ensuring your reputation remains intact and forming a list of those who think they can get away with anything with you indisposed.” He had also been checking out other brown- and bronzeriders for anyone to latch on to should S’kef actually go and die on him. He’d never forgive the bastard if he did that but once it seemed like the man was going to be stubborn and hang on, J’ver decided it was worth the time to invest in keeping S’kef feared with power securely in both of their reaches.

J’ver stopped as he reached the window, glancing out only briefly to see what the view was like and to notice their dragons before turning back to S’kef and stepping closer to the bed. “The healers do seem rather worthless. If the sharding searchriders were going to focus so much on healers, they could have at least done us all the favour of bringing in competent ones.” Even with B’jin’s screw up of bringing in a Master Healer didn’t seem to do them a whole lot of good when the Weyrsecond received such poor care. “They assure me you’re not contagious, though, and I’m inclined to believe that. Both the Weyrleader and I remain in good health and we were around you regularly prior to your stay here.”

If J’ver believed for even one moment that S’kef was contagious, the brownrider would never see him again as the greenrider always looked out for himself first and had no interest in wasting away in agony in an ugly little room. That would quite possibly be the worst way to go!

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Rilaleeyth’s delight at Tyrrisath’s display of affection slammed hard into J’ver who grimaced and even shivered under the strength of the positive emotion. His dragon loved being loved and having a strong male in her life, which he couldn’t blame her for the latter as it was nice having someone else around to do manual labour, but she always seemed to get into one of her mood’s when they weren’t needed. J’ver was busy showing his worth and how S’kef lying on his deathbed wasn’t such a big deal. He didn’t need the sappy feelings flowing into him because Rilaleeyth was paid a compliment. Now is not the time for that, darling. Do be a good girl and rein in your emotions.

Satisfied that Rilaleeyth was now behaving, J’ver focused back on S’kef, keen eyes watching the man and every little movement he made. He hadn’t missed the way hands shook before and now he noticed how there seemed to be a war against some spasm caused by the illness in play. He may have been cleared for visitors but J’ver didn’t believe S’kef would be allowed to do much else when sitting up seemed to exhaust him.

“When it comes to your assignments, I put my all into everything, but how can I not when you give me such delightful tasks? Making sure people remember to fear you and not fear for you is the least I can do,” especially since it benefited him as well. In truth, J’ver often wondered if he was the one that should truly be feared and not the brownrider that seemed to have bouts of compassion. Other than S’kef, J’ver couldn’t claim to have any special attachment to anyone and felt no remorse when he blackmailed, bullied, or used someone. It was simply one of the few options left to a greenrider and while most preferred more savoury ways of mixing in with society, J’ver enjoyed his path and he knew he was good at it.

At the mention of the female healer, J’ver made an ugly face and clicked his tongue in annoyance, “you clearly didn’t smack her around hard enough if she’s still dawdling about in finding what’s wrong with you. Perhaps I should sneak North and find a proper healer,” a wicked little grin tugged at his thin lips. He was mostly kidding but it was also a dare for S’kef to show who dominated their relationship. Rilaleeyth’s emotions, while tamed down, were still buzzing in J’ver’s head and he couldn’t help but provoke S’kef, as he usually did, but this time in the hopes of his place in the brownrider’s life still being the same despite the weakened condition being confirmed.

“And no, no one has been giving me crap. I’ve been doing well enough, keeping my head low and collecting information while you’ve been indisposed. I actually have new information on B’jin,” it wasn’t much, but still something to hold over S’kef’s head in the dance for control J’ver sometimes brought out. He was curious to see how sharp the man’s mind was after lazing in bed for so long before moving on to subjects that were more important that some silly little greenrider that didn’t know his place.

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“Would you really whip me, S’kef?” J’ver asked on a low whisper, leaning close to the brownrider with his hands planted on the bed beside the man. “Would you enjoy marring my beautiful skin to such a degree and then further have your way with me in private?” He had been with S’kef long enough to know what the man liked and he knew his own preferences as well. J’ver didn’t mind it rough but that level of pain and injuries only inspired disgust and a determination to never end up his knees… for a lashing. Yet as much as he bent and broke the rules both to carry out S’kef’s whims and for his own personal enjoyment, they both knew he wouldn’t risk the wrath brought on b illegal trips North and kidnapping another Master Healer.

With a smirk and a throaty chuckle accompanying it, J’ver straightened and moved out of reach of the ailing man. Once again the lithe greenrider was roaming around the room, delaying the deliverance of the tidbit of information about the man S’kef had a keen interest in. J’ver wasn’t sure why his fellow greenrider had been targeted so intently though he supposed B’jin’s ability to cause trouble lately as well as his fall from grace with D’ren was reason enough. A dramatic sigh later and J’ver moved across the room to sit delicately in the chair off in the corner of the room, legs crossed in a far too feminine manner. “As you mentioned, he’s still rather close in a fatherly manner with that Talian boy. But more importantly, do you remember the bluerider that was with B’jin when the Weyrleader issued the lashing? He’s the same boy that rushed to B’jin’s rescue after the lashing and whisked him away. It appears they’re still rather intimate and the bluerider, R’nd, has even taken fewer lovers on the side.”

If it was one thing J’ver did fairly well, it was finding someone’s weakness to use against them. Even with his intense hatred of children, J’ver had yet to stoop to the level of threatening a child in order to get someone to cooperate, but a lover? They were always fair game. “Their union will either continue to cause the Weyrleader headaches or R’nd can be used as punishment the next time B’jin sneezes at an inopportune time.”

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“Indeed,” J’ver wasn’t sure if that ‘we’ did in fact mean both men currently in the small room or if it was implied that the greenrider would be S’kef’s eyes and ears as always. Either way, he planned on carrying out the order as keeping the brownrider’s favour had many benefits and J’ver was simply curious about what certain people could get up to. “I’ll also take to better watching the failed Candidates for more runaways or rebels and even the Weyrlings since there are a few among them that are already getting into minor incidents with unruly dragonets.” That could turn into quite an issue if the young dragons weren’t controlled early on. They didn’t need rebellious Northern brats with dragons eager to stir trouble.

With that bit of news on B’jin to ensure S’kef’s opinion of him was still high, J’ver felt it was appropriate to bring about another tidbit of information he had found out and wondered about. “I heard you sent in a letter of resignation to the Weyrleader. Was that truly necessary?” Inspired by the gentle touch S’kef had given him minutes before, J’ver left his chair and returned to the bed, making himself at home by sitting on the edge beside the ailing man. He took one of the hands in his own, noting as he did how weak his protector and ticket to a lavish life was. The hand that was held had slapped him with force more than once and wielded a whip beautifully, both ways that showcased his power. J’ver refused to believe he would be speaking in past tense anytime soon as the brownrider was made of sterner stuff than that and if he had to be the one to find a way to heal the man, then he would. “I’ll assume the position will be graciously given back to you once you’re fully recovered?”

An idea hit the crafty greenrider then. Perhaps simple motivation was needed on top of the medicines and stubbornness already in play, “speaking of your recovery… I hope it’s soon. Rilaleeyth is due to fly soon and I’d hate for you to miss that.” He continued to hold S’kef’s hand in his own with the palm up as his free hand danced fingers lightly over the palm and up the arm to elbow and back down, “though perhaps R’nd or one of those other pretty little troublemaking blueriders will join the chase and keep me company in your stead.”

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In truth, J’ver held a small sliver of concern for the Northerners as well but he didn’t lose sleep over it. He knew there could come a day where all of the angry brats that had been kidnapped Impressed and returned North to tell everyone what had happened to them and the original dragonriders would be completely shunned instead of heralded as heroes. That day, however, was long in coming and many of those kids were already adapting and settling into their new lives. Some even appreciated the fresh chance at a better life. Still, there were a few troublemakers and while they didn’t seem to have a strong impact on their fellows, J’ver would continue to monitor them as he told S’kef he would and would even go so far as to befriend or bed them if the brownrider thought it would help their cause. He wouldn’t enjoy either but J’ver hated disappointing S’kef a lot more and would make the sacrifices.

That was assuming either of them still had jobs to worry about! “You stepping down benefits no one. We both know D’ren talks big but he can’t carry out his orders to harm someone or even hunt down stupid runaway girls having hissy fits.” J’ver’s disgust over the female Candidates in question was written plainly on his face while the fact that he was quite good at throwing tantrums of his own was completely being ignored. “The weyr needs you in that position, S’kef, and whoever tries to replace you is in for a nasty surprise when you return before he has a chance to throw a party celebrating his promotion. I’ll make sure of that.” J’ver would go out of his way to make the replacement miserable and dig up any dirt to blackmail the man into stepping down or, depending on who it was, possibly using the information to latch onto him. Of course he’d wave it off as simply being an inside man for S’kef should the brownrider he still held the hand of return to full strength and reclaim what was his and even the greenrider knew deep down that he also belonged to S’kef no matter how hard he tried to play at being independent.

“Now, now, darling. You know exactly what it takes to satisfy me but are you really up to that task in your current condition? One of those lowly scrawny blues could no doubt work me over far better than you if she rose right this moment.” J’ver didn’t miss the strain sitting up caused on S’kef and had no doubt that anything that required more physical exertion would only slow his recovery. Then again, J’ver believed he was quite good in bed and perhaps a quickie would help rejuvenate S’kef …and himself. It had felt like an eternity had already passed since being in bed with the brownrider. Curse the man for falling sick!

Still, he teased the horrible man anyway with his free hand drawing fingers gently down S’kef’s chest as he spoke deliberately soft and slow, “So, master, I suggest you work on getting better so you can reclaim your job… and me.”

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Personally, J’ver was beginning to think D’ren needed someone to help him step down. The man didn’t seem to have the backbone to properly stand by his decrees or punish the troublemakers on his own. Let a brownrider run the weyr. While the idea of S’kef bedding Tsuen made his skin crawl, seeing his brownrider in that position of power sent a shiver of excitement down his spine. If only they could make that happen! There weren’t many bronzes left and with the new gold slowly working her way toward maturity, there was ample opportunity to work with. That was something to mull over on his own time before presenting the idea to S’kef. He did like to have enough information to tantalize with first so the conversation of their current state of employment was dropped. It was easy enough to tell S’kef’s word on the matter was to be the last and he wouldn’t tolerate anything else.

J’ver easily slipped into the far more enjoyable topic of teasing the ailing man. His roaming hand dopped to S’kef’s thigh where it brushed along the top before dipping to the inner thigh to come dangerously close to the man’s groin before sliding back the way it came. It would be so easy to remind S’kef of all the benefits in keeping him around and why it was of the utmost importance to heal but J’ver knew, despite his own need for even the briefest moment of an erotic touch, overtaxing the brownrider so early in his recovery helped neither of them for the long run. “I will simply have to endure and put up with a whiny blue this time but I expect Tyrrisath leading the pack for the next.”

A wicked smile crept into place at the order to stay out of trouble and J’ver tsked at his superior. “Staying out of trouble is never fun, my darling, S’kef, but until I see you standing proudly beside D’ren once more and leaving the weyr cowering in fear, I’ll keep out of sight.” He wasn’t foolish; without his protector, one step out of line could cause serious issues for the betterment of his future and J’ver was all about living comfortably.

Icy blue eyes dropped to the kiss being placed on his hand and for a moment J’ver forgot the tenderness was likely linked to a game to keep him submissive as he gave a weak smile. Moments like this always left the lines blurred as to who was playing who and what emotions were real but J’ver couldn’t think of a negative to them and always simply enjoyed and let his attitude tone down to something more agreeable. “If you only give me the word, I will track down the best Healer in the North for you. He’d never have to know it was a weyr and could be left to think it was a fevered dream of his own if I returned him.” J’ver spoke in soft tones as he fell into the loyal servant role and eagerly assisted S’kef in the task of lying back down. It was something a grown man shouldn’t have to ask for help with but there were always exceptions and even the greenrider that sneered at weaknesses laid no blame upon the man this time.

Adjusting the pillow and smoothing out the sheets, J’ver frowned at S’kef looking so vulnerable in bed. “You will get better, S’kef, and I’ll make sure no one forgets how invincible and powerful you are.” Even with his mind plotting out other potential candidates that could rise to power, J’ver still refused to believe his turns of hard work in cultivating a relationship with S’kef were close to ending. They were both too stubborn and determined to let being bed-ridden slow them down from reaching their goals.

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“I hear you,” J’ver acknowledged he heard the conviction in S’kef’s voice but he held off on commenting about the fragile physical state of the man. It was hard to believe he truly would be fine and once more in his prime like he had been not too long ago. Still, J’ver would do his best to convince himself all would be fine and they weren’t going to be out of their position of power for long and the brownrider would be back to bossing him around as they secretly ruled the unruly, leaving D’ren to believe his precious weyr was under control and full of smiles.

It was always odd when S’kef showed even the barest hint of sincere tenderness and being thanked for visiting and bringing a gift of fruit wasn’t necessarily the oddest moment but it still earned a place on the list. “Of course I would visit you,” it wouldn’t do to ignore what he had invested so much in, “and as you say, I will continue to do right by you. It’s only a natural reaction of your greenrider, no?” J’ver knew when to suck up and it wouldn’t hurt to add in a little extra to part on for good measure.

Before leaving the bedside, J’ver busied himself with the fruit basket, moving it closer to the edge of the table so S’kef could reach it easier. If nothing else, perhaps his brownrider could use the fruit as projectiles against stupid little twits who liked to play at being Healer but were just whiny girls seeking attention. It would be the kindest of punishments in J’ver’s estimation. With a nod of approval at his work, J’ver moved to the door and stopped with his hand on the knob but didn’t open it just yet. “Sweetest of dreams and speediest of recoveries, master.” J’ver glanced over his shoulder, blue eyes normally cold and calculating now soft and burning bright with the desire he felt for the man that kept him safe and got him off perfectly.

You can’t leave yet! Rilaleeyth’s sweet voice was coated with panic as J’ver slipped into the hall with the door closing behind him. His confusion was obvious as was his annoyance at the green yelling such an order to him without reason. I promised Tyrrisath that we would watch over his bonded while he takes a needed break to eat properly. The explanation was quickly added on though she spoke in hushed tones now.

Your loyalty is admirable, pet. Very well, I’ll stay guard at the door for a bit until he returns. It wouldn’t hurt to eavesdrop in on S’kef anyway. The man may have been holding back during the visit and now would be a good time to listen for any coughing or retching caused from too much excitement, as minimal as it was. Given the promise his dragon had made and how they were upholding it, lingering outside while S’kef returned to sleep would show Tyrrisath of their loyalty and honour toward promises made to the brown pair. Indeed, that would further elevate their status and lessen suspicions on him when he started checking out the potential Weyrsecond hopefuls.

Yes, very well done, Rilaleeyth. You’re my clever girl.

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“Don’t be stupid, girl,” J’ver’s voice, currently a degree colder and far more annoyed than usual, filtered over the threshold of the room before the man himself stepped in. He had been lingering in the hall nearby, making sure no one bothered S’kef while he carried out the punishment for running away. Personally, he felt it wasn’t enough. How would these selfish brats learn if they got off easy with a light whipping and in so few a number? That was neither here nor there, however, as it wasn’t the reason for finally showing himself after eavesdropping on the odd conversation held after.

“Like S’kef has time for a whiny little Candidate who doesn’t even seem to know what she wants.” He knew S’kef enjoyed the company of women but there had to be standards to uphold and this woman, while no doubt an extremely easy conquest, babbled on in no particular order and couldn’t be trusted. J’ver was already convinced the girl was so desperate for a friend that she would get pregnant in order to lock a man into her life. Pathetic! “Know your place, girl.”

Dismissing Lymsleia with a wave of his hand, J’ver turned to S’kef, a rueful smile in place, “it’s time for your next appointment, S’kef. As fun as it would be to make them wait, I believe it’s better to be on time for this one.” The girl didn’t need to know any details about their lives or even their jobs and so J’ver kept his words vague.

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J'ver clicked his tongue in annoyance and spun back around to face the healer, potentially cutting off any remarks S'kef wanted to make in the process. He wasn't concerned; the brownrider knew how he was and would appreciate the show. "Are you truly that dense that you cannot tell when you have been thoroughly dismissed and deemed a waste of time?" He shook his head with a brief gleam of pity in his pale blue eyes. Women were such fragile little things that still insisted on acting tougher than they were.

J'ver listened with all the patience of an insolent child being lectured without actually listening or taking a single word to heart. He was seconds away from tapping his foot in annoyance, hoping she would stop with her charade in which she believed she was intimidating and could hold her own against him. When at last her babbling dribbled to a close, J'ver continued his efforts in silencing the little bimbo into submission. "Do you even think before you speak? Do you hear the words that spill in every direction from your mouth?" He was convinced she didn't have a clue about what she said.

"So my life was decided for me when I Impressed yet you seem to crave that for yourself. Are you so incapable of thinking for yourself that you need a dragon to decide your path in life, or that you should even bother to continue living? But if you truly know your place and you believe it to be a healer, then you should improve on your skills and show everyone you're worth keeping and the fool that brought you here didn't completely mess up." Not that it would make a difference. J'ver believed the girl a lost cause, too wrapped up in her hormones and trying to get laid to truly care about her profession. He was also convinced there wouldn't be a dragon desperate enough to bond with her so she truly was a waste of time and space.

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It always felt good to be by the side of a feared and respected brownrider, knowing that to a degree, those feelings extended to him as well and no one would challenge him on it. He had missed that particular sense of security a mobile and healthy S’kef had provided him in the time the man had been ill and out of commission. It seemed only fair that he tended to S’kef in a more efficient manner than he normally would as an unspoken welcome back and note of gratitude. It was, after all, in his blood to crave power but not necessarily to thank those that got him there.

“Likely. They needed some sense frightened back into them. People were growing far too relaxed and soft without your watchful gaze,” J’ver surveyed the nearly empty Hall, wondering if the usual layabouts had found another location to hide in and mooch food or favours off of those actually working or if they had found the ability to once more carry out their own chores. It would be something to look into over the upcoming days as J’ver made his rounds for gossip-collecting. For now, he would enjoy the relative silence with the brownrider they needed to get back into power that D’ren needed convincing was made for S’kef to wield. Speaking of that conversation…

“Oh, don’t give me that look. I know you don’t want to hear the obvious facts about your current position, or lack thereof, so I won’t bother.” With a sigh, J’ver uncrossed his left leg from the right and switched to cross right over left to hold a posture that was far too feminine but he found it comfortable. A sideway glance was soon given to S’kef as J’ver decided there really was only one delightful way to pass the time for them both and he shared the idea in hushed tones lest anyone was lurking close enough to eavesdrop, “for now, we can return to either hut for a more physical something to do.” He still ached from their other encounters and it wasn’t lost on the greenrider that he was essentially whoring himself out to the rough brownrider but it suited both of their purposes and was far more enjoyable than waiting on the man or carrying out his orders. Well, perhaps not all of the orders since J’ver did like to ruin lives and persuade people to his way of thinking.

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« on: 20 May 2012 at 07:43 AM »
J’ver wasn’t impressed. He wasn’t sure he had ever been in this dour of a mood in his life. Except for having to ‘rough it’ during exile and the first few turns of reuniting and any time they run out of scented oils he can add to his bathing waters. Other than those exceptions, J’ver was certain standing near a room full of children was the worst thing to happen to him. Was he being punished? Someone had obviously grabbed a hold of D’ren’s ear with S’kef out of the way and was making him pay for some minor misunderstanding somewhere along the way. The nerve of some people! This was a prime example as to why they needed to prove S’kef was in fine working condition once more and his little hiatus could end. He never had to serve time in such a dirty little place of existence when the brownrider held power!

Cautiously, a small step inside the room was taken, blue eyes darting around, quickly counting the heads of the enemy and making sure none were near him. Satisfied none were within reach and he could make it across the room to S’kef – how grateful he was to at least have the man suffering along with him! It would prove his point so much better this way – J’ver tried to keep his composure as he moved swiftly from one point to the other. A child made a sudden movement off to his left causing the greenrider to flinch and increase his pace but he made it to the goal in one piece and managed a smirk instead of a sigh of relief. “I’m fairly certain neither of us would be in this room if you had your position once more.” It wasn’t a practical greeting but it was one that S’kef likely expected all the same. J’ver had taken to mentioning D’ren’s idiocy in not hiring him back on every chance he could.

He eyed the seat beside the brownrider but opted to continue standing. Their location was too open and a child could spring into action and attack from any angle and J’ver wanted to be ready for such a thing. “Although it’s not too bad, I suppose,” he whispered as his gaze drifted across the room to B’jin. He had seen his fellow greenrider beeline in the opposite direction of S’kef and J’ver knew his associate had some sort of design on B’jin, though he wasn’t entirely sure what. From what J’ver could tell, it was simply the fact that B’jin was a huge pain that caused an untoward amount of trouble and still hadn’t learned his lesson from the lashing. He would break. All in due time.

Craft Hall / Re: Home Again, home again
« on: 24 May 2012 at 09:55 AM »
J’ver stared at the retreating form of the woman that seemed like she would rather take her chances dodging Thread in an open field than continue trying to match wits with him. He’d say it was disappointing but he didn’t expect much out of a lowly female ex-Candidate. Still, she could have at least had the decency to concede defeat with some verbal statement; even an ‘I hate you!’ as she ran away crying would have been a nice thrill. Instead, J’ver sighed and shook his head slowly in pity. Women.

“Well that was dreadfully dull.” J’ver had barely even begun and he could tell S’kef was only mildly entertained, meaning the fight was found lacking. Speaking of things that were dull, S’kef’s colouring seemed to be slightly off, though who could blame him when he had a female throwing herself at him. One day his companion would realize the errors of his ways and finally renounce the so-called fairer sex and stick with only men, which was clearly where his true passion lied.

“Shall we return to your hut? I think your fellow brownrider will understand the skipped plans in order to punish an insolent green,” J’ver smirked and ran his hand down S’kef’s chest in a daring move of initiative, showing his devious mind was up to no good, and he would in fact misbehave in order to prove that statement correct. It would also serve as a distraction and a good way to make S’kef believe the only reason to get the brownrider home was for sex and not because J’ver worried just the slightest about what might be causing the older man to behave oddly.

He certainly didn’t need anyone thinking he was capable of caring or showing concern

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Never Forget [Creche Chores]
« on: 03 Jun 2012 at 02:57 PM »
S’kef’s snarled reply was so expected that J’ver barely even heard it but humoured the man with the appropriate level of disgruntled wrinkling of his nose and a sideways glance to the brownrider. Despite knowing S’kef rather well and feeling fairly comfortable in their business relations, J’ver still had an underlying note of genuine fear that kept keen blue eyes keeping a careful watch for an outburst that could very well land him in far more pain than was preferred. If S’kef took pleasure in his displeasure, than J’ver would just have to make do.

However, the bark to sit down rankled and J’ver first eyed the children that seemed to be circling closer and then the brownrider before sweeping his gaze back over the enemy’s army. Was S’kef in league with the brats? Was this a setup for a trap that would see the fragile greenrider slowly torn apart first mentally and then likely bodily? That one child did seem rather round and had a gleam in his eye that said he enjoyed meat, lots of meat. J’ver visibly shuddered before slowly stepping back to the seat that had been indicated. He didn’t want to turn his back to the little wherries in disguise.

He sat in silence for a moment, watching B’jin try to ignore them and S’kef goad him all the same. Even that failed to pull J’ver out of his current defensive posture and frame of mind though when Rilaleeyth included him in a reply meant for Tyrrisath, he tilted his head to the side, intrigued. It seemed at least someone amongst their little group was on the ball and about to make things interesting.

Rilaleeyth didn’t answer Tyrrisath right away. It was a bit unusual for her to do hesitate in replying to the brown that knew her so well but normally he didn’t ask such things of her. Certainly he did have odd requests and she was always happy to oblige but they very rarely involved the risk of upsetting Larrikith. She was by no means friends with the little green but Rilaleeyth also didn’t want to risk becoming the focus of so much more hate than her tiny form should have been capable of producing! This, however, was just innocent fun with the child while the adults conversed and J’ver did seem interested in getting to B’jin without the adorable shield he kept a tight hold on.

I would be happy to help, Tyrrisath. Imorandii is a sweet child, just look at her babbling away with so much spirit! Unlike her rider, Rilaleeyth didn’t mind children and often found them to be adorable and so full of life. It was refreshing to be around since J’ver lacked in true friendships outside of S’kef and most dragons didn’t trust her enough to be open and themselves because of whom she had bonded with. But you should give her the invitation. You’re so much better with words than I am. She couldn’t possibly turn you down.

Dining Hall / Re: Can’t Take Him Anywhere! [N’gelt, J’ver]
« on: 10 Jun 2012 at 08:59 PM »
Like I’shan, J’ver was less than thrilled to see the blue- and brownrider approach. He cared nothing for either man, viewing them both as stuck in their positions with little desire to change things while traipsing around the weyr doing whatever they wanted without regards to rules. They were horrible examples and J’ver still wasn’t sure how both had thus far avoided being lashed with it being reinstated. Besides, I’shan was just plain annoying. Could a bluerider be any more obnoxious? J’ver hoped there would never be a day where he found out. With a sigh, he gave a quick side glance to S’kef and knew the suggestion to leave would be ignored now. Curse brownriders and their desires to shoot the breeze together. If N’gelt had been alone, it may have been a tolerable experience or he could have slipped out unnoticed but with I’shan there as well, there wasn’t a chance.

Especially when the dainty ditz addressed him with a most unwarranted insult. J’ver simply stuck his nose in the air and chose to take it as a compliment and turn it around on I’shan. One day the bluerider would learn to quit wasting his time! “Indeed, I do have fabulous hair. It’s well coiffed and maintained… unlike that chaotic nest you sport.” Another quick glance was given to S’kef to assess his temperament but decided boredom would allow the ‘pets’ to bicker for a bit to amuse them.

The things he put up with for a taste of power.

J’ver was used to J’dan’s babbling since the bluerider seemed obsessed with the idea that they were friends. It wasn’t too bad, when he managed to block out the mundane prattle and steeled himself against the shifts between outbursts of energy and falling asleep since the man often held juicy tidbits of information. J’dan would probably pout and perhaps even cry if he ever found out his fun times with gossiping once in a while led to the downfall of one of his friends. Such was life! Still, that didn’t mean he enjoyed these random stumbling upons anymore than he liked being suddenly pounced, literally or not. J’ver rubbed at thumb and index finger over the bridge of his nose as he willed away the beginnings of a headache. “I don’t plan on telling anyone this is one of your preferred napping locations.” Sometimes, it was just easier to agree first and forget the encounter later as it made for a quicker escape.

That was, until J’dan tried to assist in whatever he was doing. Thankfully, J’ver saw the canister that he was after and grabbed it before holding it up for J’dan to get a glimpse. “I found my required item so there’s no need for you to get up.” Of course his words went unheard as the bluerider rose to his feet and was suddenly back in form with his excited babbling. A man could get whiplash from trying to keep up with J’dan! It was a bit intriguing that someone found sleeping in a pantry could know what was going on at the Healing Hall but J’ver had sent his own dragon to find out what the ruckus was about so clearly J’dan could do the same. Dragons loved gossip as much as humans but when it came to the health of a precious gold, they were even looser lipped.

J’ver nodded and held an index finger to his lips, signalling J’dan to keep quiet for a few seconds and let the sounds of the shrieking dragons sink in. “Indeed I have. A bit hard to tune out all that noise. I hear she’ll be fine, however.”

Northern Mountains / Cave of Chaos [Firestone Mining Group]
« on: 15 Jun 2012 at 09:34 AM »
“Why would I be interested in doing your share of the work? That hardly benefits me at all.”

J’ver clicked his tongue in annoyance as the blue weyrling brat sauntered away, heading into the mine. The man – Vialden, wasn’t it? – had made an enemy that day and J’ver would be sure to keep an eye on the man that seemed like a potential troublemaker that would be good at inciting others to rally around him in mischief. That was something to worry about later, however, as the chore currently at hand needed to be dealt with. The probability of getting anyone else in his merry little group of miners to work double time and make up for his slacking off was extremely low and no one else seemed interested in trading chores or doing two that month to help him out. Perhaps he needed to work on his people skills and make friends?


With a resigned sigh, J’ver slowly shuffled into the cave with a pick axe in hand. Rilaleeyth did her best to send comforting sensations his way and mentioned how S’kef would be impressed by such a level of manual labour but J’ver was in one of his moods and the sweet dragon did nothing to help him. As Rilaleeyth curled up off to the side of the entrance, resigned to simply wait through the negative mood until her bonded wanted such affections, J’ver stood in front of an area of firestone that was primed for the picking. With the first swing of the pick axe he grimaced but by the third he was scowling at the rocks and anyone foolish enough to be within his vision – which seemed to be a lot. Why were so many people assigned to mining firestone with this chore rotation? Thinking back to the list that had been posted, it did seem like a particularly lengthy list when compared to most of the others.

Was D’ren planning something?

Curse S’kef for falling ill when he had! If the brownrider hadn’t lost his position they would know more of what was going on in D’ren’s mind. That lovely reminder of his current lot in life only added to J’ver’s mood and he swung the axe with more force.

I wasn't sure where the mining would actually take place but I figured a mountain was a good place to start. Please move the thread if I was blind and missed an obvious location for this. Fellow miners, jump in whenever!

Weyrfolk Hall / Re: Never Forget [Creche Chores]
« on: 15 Jun 2012 at 09:46 AM »
Considering how long he had studied S’kef and been at his side, he really should have predicted another dip in his attitude. Stiil, J’ver had foolishly relaxed for a few heartbeats when a hand found his, giving him a moment’s respite from his fear of the children attacking. Of course the real predator in the room was the man he had placed his trust in and an inhale of breath was taken sharply when his hair was pulled. He couldn’t fathom what game the brownrider was up to, not then with the surprise of the motion and the stinging of his scalp. So he protested the action, simply playing himself by being anything but amused by the action. “I’m glad you find me so pretty to look at but there’s no need to mess my hair or inflict any amount of pain.” His words were sharp but to his credit they were still rather civilized and no one could blame him for negatively influencing the brats giggling and running about.

Unfortunately they fell on deaf ears to the obvious target of the show of power S’kef had over greenriders as B’jin did his best to ignore them and focused on what the dragons were up to. J’ver would have thought it a safe bet to say B’jin wouldn’t have liked the idea of his precious little girl being anywhere near the dragons belonging to such horrible riders but he not only encouraged her but the other brats as well. This was certainly an interesting turn of events! Perhaps S’kef and Tyrrisath didn’t know their prey as well as they assumed. Perhaps, J’ver thought with a nasty smirk curling up his lips, S’kef was simply getting too old for such games and he should be the one sitting silently at another’s side to look pretty. “Yes, S’kef, why don’t you help the little ones with the paints for the dragons to be decorated in?” He was on his way to a lot of pain but J’ver suspected it would have happened even if he kept his mouth shut. Might as well get his digs in when he could!

Rilaleeyth’s head shot up, worried eyes staring in the direction she knew her bonded sat behind a wall when J’ver’s pain, as minimal and brief as it was, hit her. She was concerned for what S’kef was bringing down on J’ver but given their trust in the brown pair, she was, as Tyrrisath predicted, easily distracted from the going-ons inside. At the sweet nuzzling she received, Rilaleeyth was once more soothed and at Tyrrisath’s mercy as she let the humans continue with what they were getting up to. You truly are an elegant wordsmith, Tyrrisath. How could the sweet child refuse you? She knew she couldn’t and apparently not even B’jin could as the invitation was sent out to everyone from the cheerful human. She wished she could understand why the man was being targeted that day when he always seemed so friendly and like someone that would be fun to spend time with. Will this disturb your plan, Tyrrisath? Perhaps even with all the children distracted with painting us our bonded can still have time alone with B’jin?

At Larrikith’s teasing, Rilaleeyth sat up and glanced around for her green sister, finally spotting her hiding up on the roof. Good day to you, Larrikith! I don’t mind being painted since Grith always seems to enjoy it so much. I’m not sure J’ver will appreciate the clean up but if it makes everyone happy, why should I protest it?

Dining Hall / Re: Can’t Take Him Anywhere! [N’gelt, J’ver]
« on: 17 Jun 2012 at 06:18 PM »
“Ah, yes, a bluerider,” J’ver spoke as if he only just remembered anything about I’shan, making it seem like the scrawny excuse of a man was never worth knowing anything about. Naturally I’shan was one of the troublemaking blues that received extra attention to snitch on or hold his misdeeds over his head in blackmail but given I’shan’s belief everyone loved him and everything revolved around him, the poor tasteless boy probably didn’t even realize it. “Always chasing and taking what he wants. How long did it take you to hear sounds of protests as encouragement?” As a greenrider, J’ver had encountered rough flights, which didn’t bother him anymore, but also greedy riders that wanted more even after the flight lust had left them. He couldn’t say for certain if I’shan was such an offender but since he was an arrogant bluerider, J’ver felt safe in assuming such a thing.

There was one thing he did know, however, and a knowing look was given to N’gelt in challenge to I’shan’s own cutting glance to S’kef. He wouldn’t confirm nor deny any relations with Weyrsecond – which J’ver kept telling himself was exactly what S’kef would soon be again or turns of his life had been wasted for nothing – but simply smirked at I’shan, refusing to give into the bait left for him and instead dangled some of his own. “Everyone knows you were left out in the cold but demanded that change and took back what you had decided was yours. Ever the classy one, I’shan.” He was walking a thin line by subtly attacking N’gelt as well with that comment, leading minds to the idea that I’shan controlled the relationship and the brownrider was nothing more than a toy being used to entertain a spoiled brat. He didn’t care. The pair was beneath him and hardly worth an ounce of concern over.

Dining Hall / Re: Can’t Take Him Anywhere! [N’gelt, J’ver]
« on: 20 Jun 2012 at 02:46 AM »
Ice blue eyes widened just enough for any of the three watching him close enough to notice the shock at the mimicked pleading. I’shan had heard that? The infuriating little bluerider would be the one to walk by and overhear. He always seemed to pop up when least expected or wanted, like now. The day had been going fairly well before I’shan shuffled along, attached firmly to N’gelt’s side as if he was a part of the brownrider’s shirt. It was almost disgusting how clingy he could be. Did the man have any dignity? But that wasn’t the true problem and J’ver glared daggers at I’shan for a moment as he tried to collect his thoughts.

How did he get out of this one? It was clear I’shan also knew, or perhaps merely suspected and was laying a trap for confirmation, that it was S’kef in his hut that night. The brownrider wouldn’t appreciate everyone, or anyone for that matter, knowing of their arrangements in their downtime though with how often Tyrrisath flew Rilaleeyth and how much she fawned over the brown, it wouldn’t be a large leap in logic to assume they met out of flight as well. Still, no one needed to know that he liked S’kef’s rough treatment and the whips and bonds the man brought along.

Finally, keeping a hold on his anger that wanted to spill forth from all the needling he was given, J’ver simply shrugged before getting to his feet. It was best to be on the same level, or higher, with one’s opponent, and since it seemed this was no longer a normal flinging of a few comments, J’ver had no interest in staying seated and looking up at I’shan. “Are you jealous that I have someone who knows what they’re doing, driving me to the brink of insanity with amazing sex, leaving me begging for a chance to catch my breath and that fleeting sanity?” It didn’t entirely match up with the so-called overheard words but it sounded plausible enough and would likely rile I’shan up all the more.

A hand ran through his hair in a casual gesture as J’ver did his best to seem unaffected by the accusations and added, as if an afterthought, “By the way, you seemed to have overheard quite a bit. I’m inclined to believe you stayed, eavesdropping at my bedroom window for the entire show. I do hope you cleaned up after you were done.”

Dining Hall / Re: Can’t Take Him Anywhere! [N’gelt, J’ver]
« on: 25 Jun 2012 at 03:39 AM »
J’ver studied the bratty bluerider for a moment as he wondered how his time had been stolen into something so wasteful. I’shan wasn’t even worth the effort of a sneer in passing! Although, he had to admit it was almost refreshing to have someone to pick apart with one flaw at a time. It had been too long since he had been allowed to do such a thing or found someone that needed such a lesson. He had done more watching than interacting of late, especially when S’kef was sick in bed. With his protector out of commission and unable to keep their more or less unapproved habits out of D’ren’s notice, J’ver hadn’t wanted to risk too much. Now, was different. I’shan had instigated things and neither brownrider seemed inclined to interrupt just yet. No doubt both men got off to seeing their whipping boys argue and act tough.

He still kept a cautious eye on each man all the same. It wouldn’t do to have S’kef intervene and set back his reinstatement and J’ver certainly didn’t want to a black eye. He had seen R’nd’s pretty boy face marred from someone’s fist and the sneaky greenrider strongly suspected it came from someone R’nd wanted to protect or someone close to someone he protected. An icy blue gaze glanced over N’gelt, assessing the larger man once more before tossing a shrug at I’shan’s newest attempt to beat him at verbal assault. “What’s so humiliating in begging if it gets you what you want?” The petite rider didn’t need to know that most of the time the begging was done in earnest since there were times he did indeed say the right words to keep S’kef happy so they both got off that night.

J’ver startled when a moment later he had a glowering I’shan moving toward him. Was he about to be hit? He was close to bracing for impact or ducking to avoid the pain when I’shan only moved his mouth instead of a fist. His nose wrinkled up and a look of disgust pulled at features normally set in arrogance. He couldn’t decide which offended him more; the idea of sleeping with I’shan or being compared to one of those foul women. The nerve of the man! “Oh, please. Rilaleeyth has standards and your beast wouldn’t come close to them, for which I am extremely grateful. I’d have to burn the bedding after you left.” Outside, curled up in the shadows of the building, Rilaleeyth hung her head, embarrassed and sad. She loved J’ver but he made it ever so difficult to make friends with dragons or riders. Her only standards anymore were being nice and talking to her. She curled up in a tighter ball as J’ver bristled, his dominant hand twitching in need to slap someone over being compared to a woman but he tried to hold his tongue as well as he restrained his hand.

Unfortunately he failed. “My dear, Shel,” J’ver knew of I’shan’s nickname his friends called him by and used it then to further rile up the insufferable man, “you do need to stop preening in the mirror so long. It confuses you. You’re clearly thinking about yourself when you talk of comparing a rider to a woman.” J’ver returned I’shan’s smirk and then some.

J’ver had been angry in the past but he had never fully understood the expression about being so mad that you saw red; until now. He was fairly certain he was now experiencing that phenomenon. As proud and self-centred as he was, J’ver was still a dragonrider and any insult to his sweet Rilaleeyth did not sit well with him. There were times he could shrug off a comment in order to earn someone’s trust before backstabbing them later on but this was different. I’shan was useless and completely uncouth. There was no other reason for his insulting of the honour of the only lady in J’ver’s life than desperation to win a point in their war of words. J’ver knew that but still he couldn’t continue to shrug off each blow and his mouth set in a hard line as he glared at the man.

He simply needed a moment to collect his thoughts and calm down before he looked foolish for losing his cool to such a waste of a man. He would defend Rilaleeyth and once again verbally smack down I’shan until he went running home to cry. Naturally, all that went out the window as soon as I’shan opened his mouth again and spoke like every other rider of male dragons. Everything seemed to be a blur as his hand shot out for a smug face.

You needn’t do that, Ilveriath. J’ver has said some horrible things as well. I don’t think poorly of you –J’ver, No! Rilaleeyth’s gentle and barely audible mind-voice conveyed her sorrows well and she would have liked to speak with the pretty blue a little more to make sure he was okay as well but J’ver’s anger flared to new levels and he acted irrationally on impulse. All she could do was watch the scene unfold through her bonded’s eyes and hope S’kef could handle Saquith’s rider and any chaos that irrupted. What was she going to do with J’ver? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Her trembling words were for Ilveriath alone as eyes swirling with worry sought out the dragon. She was afraid of what her bonded had landed in but also feared what retaliation she would receive in his stead.

Just before palm met cheek for a hard slap, J’ver saw what seemed to be guilt but it was probably feigned because I’shan knew he was about to receive punishment for all that he had said. “It appears you truly are a beast, giving into your carnal urges and taking what you want.” The words were spoken in clipped harsh tones as J’ver took a step away from the man that had managed to provoke him to such a barbaric action. He wasn’t a violent man, preferring words and strategy over physical attacks and to be moved to slapping someone had left J’ver a bit startled and with a stinging hand.

He was not amused.

Suddenly recalling they had an audience and neither would be amused as well, J’ver sent a quick glance to N’gelt and then to S’kef, unsure if even the latter would be on his side. There was potential for the encounter ending horribly for him and the calculating greenrider didn’t like the odds against him.

Personal Huts / Re: Shades of Green [J'ver]
« on: 27 Jun 2012 at 12:32 AM »
J’ver had spent the time since Rilaleeyth alerted him to Tyrrisath’s finding piecing together everything to figure out what exactly the troublesome greenrider was up to now. Once things started to become clearer and with S’kef’s words to keep an eye on B’jin always fresh in his clever mind, J’ver then went to work on finding the right time to approach the target. If too much time passed, there was a risk of B’jin getting himself caught or confessing to his buddy D’ren directly, or someone else in need of using B’jin could figure it out and get there first. Sharing the target and the prize was never something J’ver was good at.

Once B’jin had settled into his hut for the night, J’ver kept a watchful eye out to see if any visitors would be expected that night. R’nd wasn’t someone he wanted to tangle with that night with what he had planned for B’jin and the bluerider was known to be protective of his friends. They would have to keep an eye on R’nd as well if the plan was to succeed but he could wait for later. It seemed B’jin wasn’t to have anyone over that night nor was he going out. Pleased with that stroke of luck, J’ver finally went in to make his move.

A polite knock was given and confusion set in as it sounded like little feet scurried toward the door. Pale blue eyes went wide at the sight of a young girl opening the door and J’ver involuntarily stepped back in case the brat decided to attack. Why was a child there? His Intel had missed that fact. Not that it mattered. How much could a simple child comprehend? B’jin wouldn’t risk keeping the girl around during their conversation anyway. He was far too protective of his brats to even consider leaving either of them near someone they didn’t trust. Ah, Nemall, was a blessing and a curse to those like him.

Thankfully, the girl was ushered away and business could finally be attended to. “And a pleasant evening to you as well, B’jin,” J’ver kept his tone light and even smiled as he spoke to show anyone that may have spotted him that it was a friendly visit. He wasn’t delusional enough to believe his fellow greenrider would believe it was a social call and there wasn’t a chance to lull the man into a false sense of security. That was always a fun trick to play but it had no place now. “What do I want? North—oh pardon me, nothing much. I was simply curious to know more about what you were up to.” A cock of the brow and a confident smirk followed his silly play on words, daring B’jin to deny what was being hinted at. B’jin was many things but J’ver didn’t believe him to be as stupid as he often came off as. There wasn’t a chance of being turned away since it had to be obvious J’ver would rat him out in seconds.

“Really, now. It’s rude to keep a guest waiting outside.” A step forward was taken to show his intent on staying and going inside to talk.

Personal Huts / Re: Shades of Green [J'ver]
« on: 30 Jun 2012 at 09:33 PM »
J’ver was a smug bastard as he waltzed into the living quarters of the usually private rider though his look turned to disgust as he eyed toys here and there and the general condition of the room. The man lacked in any sense of style! However, that wasn’t the point of the visit and it would only serve as a distraction if he lingered any longer on their surroundings. Turning back to face B’jin, J’ver was a bit startled to see the man doing his best at looking fierce and intimidating. It worked well enough for the moment it caught J’ver off guard but that was quickly replaced by irritation at how little he seemed to affect B’jin. What did anyone see in this man! Such a cold individual that thought he was so much better than everyone else because he was D’ren’s pet greenrider. Despicable!

Keeping his composure was a key factor to this meeting and J’ver let B’jin’s attempts at being an aggressor go by without any further ado. After all, he dealt with S’kef on a daily basis and that was a man that knew how to be an intimidating aggressor by simply asking for another drink. So J’ver simply shrugged and waited several moments before answering, opting to glance around the hut again in the hopes of annoying B’jin. Finally, he gave an answer with his gaze returning to his fellow greenrider. “Your assistance, of course. You seem to be rather good at sneaking around and being where you shouldn’t be.” Again he didn’t flat out say what he knew about B’jin’s trip North, just hinting enough to keep the man on his toes and wondering how much was truly known. Not that it mattered; knowing the jovial rider had broken a rule and gone North for any reason was enough to get him grounded for months and possibly even under house arrest. Unless, of course, D’ren was in a bad mood and went with another outlandish amount of lashings again.

Now that he was settling back into his groove of blackmailing someone, J’ver was relaxing and the thrill of the experience was rising. He boldly invited himself further into the hut to sit on the couch, crossing his legs and sitting primly as if he were the actual owner of the home, welcoming B’jin as the guest. “Please, sit. Business deals always run more smoothly when both are comfortable.” A slow, arrogant smile lifted his lips. “But you will likely deny such an offer so let’s get into it. You help me gather some information on a few people and I’ll make sure dear D’ren learns nothing of your extracurricular activities.”

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