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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 727.08.28 || Renewed Hope [Nirinath x Ronarth]  (Read 3321 times)

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KATILA WEYR 727.08.28 || Renewed Hope [Nirinath x Ronarth]
« on: 07 Feb 2013 at 05:48 AM »


Clutch Mother:
Gold Nirinath of Tsuen
Clutch Father
Bronze Ronarth of D'ren
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
28.08.727 AL
Graduation Date
28.08.729 AL
Clutch Size
17 Eggs
15 of 17
W'zar of Brown Quolth
Primary Assistants
R'hye of Bronze Enjelth
S'tox of Brown Ukamoth

Gold Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Bronze Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Brown Dragonets: 0 of 2 Available
xXx Promise Besulth of C'vir, Played By Katy
xXx Confidence Ghaeth of K'tir, Played By Insulting Truths

Blue Dragonets: 2 of 6 Available
xXx Dream Aveleth of Z'ia, Played By Honey Love
xXx Belief Ayyonth of R'nd, Played By Insulting Truths
xXx Ambition Urath of Z'lud, Played By Nem
xXx Trust RHBlue06 of RHMale11, an Adoptable

Green Dragonets: 2 of 7 Available
xXx Desire Caxith of T'rielle, Played By Dashin
xXx Expectancy RHGreen02 of RHMale03, an Adoptable
xXx Hope RHGreen05 of RHMale12, an Adoptable

Deceased Pairs
xXx Despair Rayrayth of Wellar
xXx Anticipation Delemth of Uglor
xXx Optimism Lith of B'sen
xXx Assumption RHGreen04 of RHMale09
xXx Faith Pikith of P'dok
xXx Wish Niskziath of V'zire, now Deceased

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Re:  Clutch: Renewed Hope
« Reply #1 on: 07 Feb 2013 at 05:49 AM »
Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order
CNColour01 (CNMale##, M); CNColour02 (CNMale##, M)

Impression Order
Ghaeth (Kajitiris, M), Rayrayth (Wellar F), Caxith (Tanearielle M), RHGreen02 (RHMale03), Delemth (Uglor M), [besluth]Besluth[/besluth] (Carovir, M), Aveleth (Zaiopia M), Lith (Basen, M), Ayyonth(Orwind M), RHGreen04 (RHMale09), RHBlue04 (RHMale10), RHBlue05 (RHMale11), RHGreen05 (RHMale12), Niskziath (Vikizire M), Pikth (Pendok M)

  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail
Candidate Information
-- Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas!

  • Pendok to green Pikith, Wellar to blue Rayrayth and Uglor to blue Delemth were the only Stolen Northerners to Impress. All died before graduation.
  • Blue Rayrayth and Weller were a standoffish and loner pair, having little to do with their fellows.
  • Blue Rayrayth and Wellar were lost in their first month of Weyrlinghood, for an unknown reason.
  • Weyrlingmasters believe Rayrayth was malformed on the inside.
  • He vanished between with no warning, leaving an insane girl behind.
  • She was deposited between by Weyrlingmaster W'zar's Quolth.
  • It was a shock and horror story for the other weyrlings; however, because Wellar and Rayrayth were a secluded pair who had little to do with the others their death lacked a personal touch, but was keenly felt by the Weyrlarge.
  • Weyrlingmaster and Assistants went over all remaining dragonets, searching for any illnesses or malformations in the others.
  • Blue Delemth and Uglor were socialites who were always on their toes and full of excited anticipation
  • Blue Delemth and Uglor were lost in a betweening accident.
  • Weyrlingmaster W'zar suspected as a result of bad imagery.
  • Their loss was keenly felt, and deeply upset the entire class, as well as the Weyr.
  • It was also a wake up call to all others, who treated classes as a joke, or weren't in some way taking things seriously.
  • 01.08.234 AL - RHMale09 of RHGreen04 die of complications following the Landslide.
  • 01.08.234 AL - B'sen is crushed by the initial slide that takes out most of earlier impressed huts. He survives, and green Lith plucks him free. His injuries are fatal, however, and Lith takes them both between
  • 01.08.234 AL - Green Niskziath panics and loses herself between with her rider, when V'zire is impaled by a piece of sharp debris.

Class Links
Month 01 + Month 02 + Month 03
Month 04 + Month 05 + Month 06
Month 07 + Month 08 + Month 09
Month 10 + Month 11 + Month 12
Month 13 + Month 14 + Month 15

Gold Nirinath • x • Bronze Ronarth
Clutch Number One
Administration Account
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Re: 227.08.28 - Renewed Hope [Nirinath x Ronarth]
« Reply #2 on: 17 Nov 2013 at 09:51 AM »

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I am claiming:
xXx Ambition RHBlue05 went to RHMale10, who is Adoptable
[dblue]xXx[/dblue] [b]Ambition[/b] Urath went to [ID=355]Z'lud[/ID], Played By [id=313]Nem[/ID]
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