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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 731.06.04 || World Above [Nirinath x Ronarth]  (Read 2745 times)

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KATILA WEYR 731.06.04 || World Above [Nirinath x Ronarth]
« on: 07 Feb 2013 at 06:16 AM »

Clutch Mother:
Gold Nirinath of Tsuen
Clutch Father
Bronze Ronarth of D'ren
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
17 Eggs
16 of 17
G'rem of blue Remeneth
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name
Gold Dragonets: 0 of 1 Available

Bronze Dragonets: 0 of 2 Available
xXx VY Canis Majoris Vyaniorth went to A'dris, who is an NPC

Brown Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Blue Dragonets: 0 of 6 Available
xXx Venus Veeth went to V'ler, who is Played By Inuslting Truths
xXx Teegarden's Star Teegarth went to L'te, who is an NPC

Green Dragonets: 0 of 8 Available
xXx COROT-7b Coroth went to C'dhin, Played By Inuslting Truths
xXx Char Charath went to E'si, who is an NPC

Deceased Pairs:
xXx Krypton Krpyth went to Jada, who is deceased.
xXx Hoth Hoth went to R'lan, who is deceased
xXx Pistol Star Pistoth went to Ch'rov, who is deceased
xXx Fomalhaut Fomalhauth went to Y'han, deceased
xXx Gallifreth Callifreth went to V'den, who is deceased
xXx Earth Terth went to I'din, who is deceased
xXx Peony Star Peostath went to T'kel, who is deceased
xXx Gliese 581 C Glieseth went to D'gul, who is deceased
xXx Supernova Sunoth went to L'si, who is deceased
xXx Pluto Pluth went to F'ri, who is deceased
xXx Orcus Oruth went to V'ten, who is deceased
xXx Unknown Unowth went to Iruvia, who is deceased

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order
CNColour01 (CNMale##, M); CNColour02 (CNMale##, M)

Impression Order
Oruth (Vislten, M), Unowth (Iruvia, F), Pistoth (Echlerov, M), Fomalhauth (Yuhannam, M), Hoth (Remelant, M), Coroth (Corraidhin, M), Glieseth (Dogul, M), Charath (Erisi, M), Terth (Tirydin, M), Teegarth (Silute, M), Gallifreth (Vialden, M), Sunoth (Lansined, M), Veeth (Valerian, M), Vyaniorth (Allendris, M), Peostath (Tarrekel, M), Pluth (Fahleri, M), Krypth (Jada, F)

  • Pistoth clawed Breccan's face in his attempts to find his rider
  • Hoth attacked Indivara (serious mauling), Jada (light scratches) and Farlint (broken leg)
  • Gallifreth and Sunoth both fought on the Hatching Sands; Sunoth left Gallifreth with deep cuts on his left jaw.
  • Coroth attempted to threaten Glieseth into moving
  • Glieseth was defended by Charath, who in the process smashed open Terth's egg.

Class Information
  • 02.08.232 - Green Unowth went between during Weyrling class. - Link
  • 01.08.234 - R'lan of bronze Hoth is crushed when his hut collapses on top of him; Hoth attempts to dig up his body, and ends up drowning in the mud and muck.
  • 01.08.234 - Green Oruth betweens when V'ten is crushed under the collapse of his hut, killing him and his young daughter.
  • 01.08.234 - Green Glieseth panics in all the mayhem, and suicides. D'gul, who had initially been fine, commits suicide following the loss of his dragon.
  • 01.08.234 - Blue Pistoth is sent into a terror by the initial wave, the darkness, and all the death. He breaks a wing trying to help Ch'rov, and ends up going between without his rider. Ch'rov's body is lost to the muck.
  • 01.08.234 - Green Peostath suicides alone after rescuing her rider from the landslide, after her stomach is torn open by a tree trunk.
  • 02.08.234 - Green Pluth dies of complications as a result of injuries assisting others after the slide. F'ri is dropped between by R'nya and Xyreith..
  • 02.08.234 - I'din is impaled by a piece of debris attempting to get to safety. Blue Terth takes them both between.
  • 02.08.234 - Blue Gallifreth digs up V'den after the initial wave, but he dies early on the 2nd from internal bleeding.
  • 03.08.234 - Y'han is crushed when his hut collapses upon him in the initial wave. He is pulled free by his blue Fomalhauth, however he dies two days later from complications and massive internal injuries. Fomalhauth takes them both between.
  • 04.08.234 - T'kel gives up and dies when he realises his green Peostath has been deceased for three days.
  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail

Class Links
Month 01 + Month 02 + Month 03
Month 04 + Month 05 + Month 06
Month 07 + Month 08 + Month 09
Month 10 + Month 11 + Month 12
Month 13 + Month 14 + Month 15

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Re:  Clutch: World Above (I. 04.06.232 AL)
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Re: 231.06.04 - World Above [Nirinath x Ronarth]
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I'd like to claim C'dhin and green Coroth, please!


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