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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 232.07.15 - Rhythm of Life [Krypth x Tyrrisath]  (Read 2476 times)

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KATILA WEYR 232.07.15 - Rhythm of Life [Krypth x Tyrrisath]
« on: 07 Feb 2013 at 07:58 AM »

Rhythm of Life
Clutch Mother:
Gold Krypth of Jada
Clutch Father
Brown Tyrrisath of S'kef
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
06 Eggs
06 of 06
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name
Gold Dragonets: 1 of 1 Available
xXx Happy Okalinath went to Kahleena, who is Adoptable

Bronze Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Brown Dragonets: 0 of 1 Available
xXx Tricky Svarth went to A'jeer, who is Played By Nox

Blue Dragonets: 0 of 1 Available
xXx Innocent Brixith went to R'kar, who is Played By Jenn

Green Dragonets: # of # Available
xXx Rampage RLGreen01 went to RLMale01, who is Adoptable
xXx Naturalistic RLGreen03 went to RLMale03, who is Adoptable

Deceased Pairs
xXx Taunt Delkemth went to Ah'nin, who is deceased

Other Important Clutch Details
Hatching Order
CNColour01 (CNMale##, M); CNColour02 (CNMale##, M)

Impression Order
RLGreen01 (RLMale01, M), Delkemth (Ahilonin, M), RLGreen03 (RLMale03, M), Okalinath (Kahleena, F), RLBlue01 (RLMale04, M), Svarth (Anjeerill, M)

  • N/A
Class Information
  • Candidate 1 detail
  • Candidate 2 detail

Class Links
Month 01 + Month 02 + Month 03
Month 04 + Month 05 + Month 06
Month 07 + Month 08 + Month 09
Month 10 + Month 11 + Month 12
Month 13 + Month 14 + Month 15

Gold Krypth • x • Brown Tyrrisath
Clutch Number Two Together

Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern

Notable Appearances:

Bass Egg; RLGreen01 to RLMale01

Beating its sibling to the punch, the Bass Egg released its inhabitant with a the dragonet apparently giving a mighty shove with fore- and hind feet, it shove itself backwards while egg shell rocketed forward. The tiny green dragonet landed in a cloud of sand, sneezing forcefully when it undoubtedly got a massive amount up its freshly hatched nose.
[...] The sneezing green scrabbled to her feet, wings, legs and tail going in every direction as she attempted to learn control of the assorted limbs literally moments after gaining the freedom of life. A pitiful creel escaped the hatchling, followed by a frustrated shriek. A moment later, one of the young men scrambled forward, his face out of the bronzerider's sight though it was obvious Impression had been made as he uttered reassurances to the distressed creature.

Cocktail Egg; Green Delkemth to Ahilonin
Not wanting to be forgotten, the Cocktail Egg twitched, egg shell falling away as the baby within took up once more the fight for freedom, the egg rocking on its odd perch in frustration. [...] The Cocktail Egg finally crumpled, the dragonet within shaking off shards and claiming life. A haughty expression was clear on the little green dragonet's face, and R'nya's left eyebrow arched slightly as he watched her flick her wing arrogantly - an action that caused her to lose her balance and fall on her nose. Even he couldn't stop the snort of amusement that he uttered. The surrounding audience seemed to be much the same, amusement mingling with dragon hum. A young man's voice cut across the combined sounds; "It's not funny!" as he stormed across to his dragonet, helping her gain her feet.
[...] the newly bonded pair do the best they could to stalk indignantly from the Sands while the dragonet tripped and stumbled and the young man tried very hard not to coddle her publicly.

Tumbadora Egg; RLGreen03 to RLMale 03
Not far away, the Tumbadora Egg took up the fight for feedom, cracks rippling across the surface, destroying the clear brilliance of the shell. A few moments later, it fell still [...] as the third egg, the Tumbadora Egg began to make its intention to Hatch clear. [...] the Tumbadora Egg flaked away to reveal a third green, sitting almost pristine within the crumpled flakes. She peered around with a mild expression on her face, before rising and walking quite confidently over to a young man who lead her off the sands. Xyreith laughed in the back of R'nya's mind, amused by the quiet dignity.

Bongo Egg; Gold Okalinath to Kahleena
[...] two were rocking, though the Bongo Egg was making decidedly more effort than its sibling the Tambourine Egg [...] as the casing around the young dragon became a canvas of jagged lines, and then the creature within gave a final burst of energy, and the egg shell gave way, crumpling around the youngster within to litter the sands.
There was a sudden and resounding silence, and R'nya could feel the shock ripple through the gathered Weyr as even the humming of the dragons faltered in surprise, everyone staring in muted shock at the tiny golden dragon that had sprawled in an ungainly mass after breaking her shell, the Bongo Egg a scattering of remains all that was left. [...] The majority of the audience knew better than to get too boisterous, but the appreciation, shock, delight, and sheer thrill that was the appearance of a new gold rippled through the crowd.
[...] The little gold mewed piteously as she climbed to her feet, head swaying as she searched for her lifemate amongst breathless women who were staring wide eyed at her. [...] No one had been expecting gold and the women present weren't ones who had been Searched for gold; they were fighter material girls. A scuffle on the sideline attracted R'nya's attention and he watched quietly as someone he recognised as a Searchrider actively shoved a young woman out onto the Sands, an action that was seemingly quickly followed up by two other Searchers, an eyebrow arching as B'jin seemed to pluck a young woman out of no-where and shove her bodily onto the sands, the greenrider hissing instructions to her as did so. A moment later, Larrikith was giving a bugle of success [at the Impression].

Tambourine Egg; RLBlue01 to RLMale04
[...] the Tambourine Egg literally blew its top, the top portion of the egg jumping up then toppling off the side to land beside the rest of the egg. A moment later, a comical blue head peeped timidly out of the hole. The dragonet peered around, the youngsters childish antics earning it both attention and giggles throughout the crowd, before the egg toppled over the the little blue squealed in surprise. His squeak was quickly answered by one of the young men bounding forward, anxious and excited as he knelt beside the egg to help break free his life partner: R'nya could see the boy's hands shaking from across the sands.

Talking Drum Egg; RLBrown01 to RLMale05
[...] the little one within gave it a solid kick, sending the egg swirling and rolling much like its earlier sibling had done. During the process, the dragonet within appeared to be up-keeping its tantrum, bashing at the egg and sending it skittering in all direction across the sands. [...] With a muffled hiss from within, the dragonet finally gave its egg shell a strong kick, appearing from within the shards in a shower of shattered remains, a brown dragonet with furious eyes glaring out at the world as he righted himself indignantly and inelegantly. Hatching was not a laughing matter! Hissing and snarling, the young brown's movements were jerky and outraged as he picked himself up and stared around at the remaining Candidates with a self righteous expression. with a disdainful snort, the brown hatchling walked without hesitation up to a young man and waited imperially for the new rider to respond before the pair walked off.
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Re: Clutch: Rhythm of Life (I. 15.07.231 AL)
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