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Author Topic:  What Once Was [Rhaedalyn]  (Read 3503 times)

IC Date: 28.12.233 AL, about 11pm

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Re: What Once Was [Rhaedalyn]
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As soon as the door closed, Rhaedalyn was quickly sliding free of the bed and moving for her dress. She still felt like she had let R’nya down by not taking better care of his things and by letting him sleep so late. Perhaps it was a good thing no one had asked for her hand in marriage if this was an indicator of how she would be as a wife and messing up her duties to tend a home. Frowning, but thankfully not crying, Rhaedalyn shimmied into her dress and slipped her shoes back on. Hands patted at her hair and ran down her dress to make sure everything was covered properly and a large sigh was heaved.

She was going to be in trouble from the Weyrlingmaster and everyone else she said she would help today. She’d have to work extra hard as soon as she was excused from the check up. A treat for R’nya was in order as well. Rhaedalyn wasn’t convinced she helped her friend much the night before so apology cookies or perhaps another and better attempt at pie was needed for him. With that decided, she only had to find the time to get the treat made.

The door was opened and Rhaedalyn peeked around it to see where R’nya was and what he was up to. Spotting him holding out a glass of juice, a smile was given and she meekly moved to take it. “Thank you,” she mumbled as she grabbed it and did her best not to chug it down instantly. It felt so good on her parched tongue! She also had a feeling her welcome had long since worn off and Rhaedalyn wanted to beeline out of there as quickly as she could. “Please tell me if you do need your linens washed or aired out and I’ll come and do it for you,” she truly hadn’t thought they’d sleep so late and the idea to close the windows never occurred to her but that still made it her fault since she had been awake at some point.

“Thank you for the juice and the use of your bed.” Rhaedalyn moved passed R’nya to set the empty glass on the table, knowing better than to try washing it right then. R’nya would insist it wasn’t needed and they’d only end up even later to their promised activities of the day. “I better go check in. I hope and Xyreith have a wonderful day, R’nya.” Another smile was given to the bronzerider and Rhaedalyn made her exit.

Aradissicath mimicked Xyreith’s actions by standing and stretching as well but while the bronze was fluid in his movements, the gold ended up bumping Xyreith with a wing, even after thinking she had enough space to unfurl and stretch properly. She made no comment on the incident, however, since that would show whether she meant to do it or not and it was best to leave the great beast wondering what it meant rather than state it was accidentally done. A little mystery in everyone’s life was a good thing!

You helped him, Aradissicath commented lightly to Rhaedalyn as they fell in step beside each other. “I hope so but I don’t feel like I did.” In fact, Rhaedalyn kept wondering if she made things worse with her questions. No, you made him think of better things than waking up to a strange woman beside him and the loss of a loved one. That’s what friends do, right?

Rhaedalyn stopped to give her dragon a hug and then giggled. “C’mon, we better run. We’re going to be in so much trouble!” She wasn’t really worried though. What was a lecture about sleeping in when it had been done to help a friend?


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