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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 234.01.01 || The Hunted [Krypth x Gugaroth]  (Read 2132 times)

IC Date: 1:2:0:4:5 || Graduate: 01.06.235 AL

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KATILA WEYR 234.01.01 || The Hunted [Krypth x Gugaroth]
« on: 07 Jul 2013 at 01:34 AM »
Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern

The Hunted

  • Gold Krypth and Bronze Gugaroth
    • Hatched: 01.01.234 AL
    • Graduate: 01.06.235 AL
  • Total Clutch: 12
  • Total Impressions: 12
  • Total Graduates: TBA
    • 01 Gold
    • 02 Bronze
    • 04 Blue
    • 05 Green


The Hunted Weyrlings

8 of 12 Available
PC Clutch

Name Rider Gender Key Word Profile Player
Mizeath Ameris Female Sacrifice Link Jenn
Gelabrith T'drin Male Jealousy Link Jenn
THBronze02 THMale09 Male Lazy    
THBlue01 THMale03 Male Imperious    
THBlue02 THMale06 Male Generosity    
THBlue03 THMale07 Male Gluttony    
THBlue04 THMale08 Male Integrity    
THGreen01 THMale01 Male Avarice    
THGreen02 THMale02 Male Anger   Deceased
THGreen03 THMale04 Male Purity    
THGreen04 THMale10 Male Humility    
Quelseth S'cer Male Justice Link Archer

Impression Order: {this clutch hatched at the same time as The Pursuit, and includes those Impressions in this ordering}

Wydrith (Peorray, F), TPGreen01 (TPMale01, M), THGreen01 (THMale 01, M), THGreen02 (THMale02, M), THBlue01 (THMale03, M), TPGreen02 (TPMale02, M), TPBlue01 (TPMale03, M), THGreen03 (THMale04, M), Gelabrith (Tamordrin, M), TPBronze01 (TPMale04, M), Mizeath (Ameris, F), TPBlue02 (TPMale05, M), THBlue02 (THMale06, M), TPBlue03 (TPMale06, M), TPGreen03 (TPMale07, M), TPGreen04 (TPMale08, M), TPGreen05 (TPMale09, M), THBlue03 (THMale07, M), TPBlue04 (TPMale10, M), TPGreen06 (TPMale11, M), TPBlue05 (TPMale12, M), TPBrown01 (TPMale13, M), TPGreen07 (TPMale14, M), Indrith (Terken, M), THBlue04 (THMale08, M), TPBrown03 (TPMale16, M), THBronze02 (THMale09, M), TPGreen08 (TPMale17, M), TPBlue06 (TPMale18, M), TPBronze02 (TPMale19, M), THGreen04 (THMale10, M), Skorzanth (Nyvian, M), TPGreen09 (TPMale21, M), TPBlue07 (TPMale22, M), Quelseth (Isscer, M)



  • Related Threads;
  • Take note of the "Key word" in the above table;
    • You may apply it to either your dragon or your human.
    • You may interperate the keyword in any manner you desire - a like, dislike, strength, weakness, personality quirk etc.
    • However, it must be present in one of your characters of the pair.

  • Pre-arranged Information;
    • None of these Weyrlings have any pre-decided information
    • Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas.

  • Maulings;
    • Flora was lightly mauled by bronze Gelabrith of T'drin

  • Deaths;
    • 01.08.234 AL - THGreen02 breaks her neck trying to pluck her rider free from the muck. Rider is crushed under debris.

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Re: Clutch: The Hunted (I. 01.01.234 AL)
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