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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 234.07.29 || Have Faith [Okalinath x Toranth]  (Read 1511 times)

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KATILA WEYR 234.07.29 || Have Faith [Okalinath x Toranth]
« on: 04 Dec 2013 at 07:16 AM »
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Have Faith

  • Gold Okalinath and Bronze Toranth
    • Flight: 27.03.234 AL
    • Clutched: 25.06.234 AL
    • Hatched: 29.07.234 AL
    • Graduate: 29.10.235 AL
  • Total Clutch: 27
  • Total Impressions: 27
  • Total Graduates: TBA
    • 01 Gold
    • 03 Bronze
    • 05 Brown
    • 08 Blue
    • 10 Green


Have Faith Weyrlings

16 of 27 Available
PC Clutch

Name Rider Male Key Word Profile Player
Thallyath Casa Female Tradition Link Sunflower
Syrendryth T'ryn Male Determination Link Insulting Truths
Kionyth Q'nym Male   Link Deceased
Rhezalth N'mor Male Resolution Link Honey Love
HFBrown01 HFMale01 Male Faith    
HFBrown02 HFMale06 Male Release    
HFBrown03 HFMale12 Male     Deceased
Kaliqueth L'ton Male Nonsense Link Jenn
HFBrown05 HFMale18 Male Positivity    
HFBlue01 HFMal04 Male Socialite   Deceased
Estelth T'vor Male Joy Link Bramble
HFBlue03 HFMale11 Male Future    
HFBlue04 HFMale13 Male Pointed    
HFBlue05 HFMale16 Male Illusion    
HFBlue06 HFMale19 Male Constant    
HFBlue07 HFMale22 Male     Deceased
HFBlue08 HFMale25 Male Emotions    
HFGreen01 HFMal02 Male Imagination    
HFGreen02 HFMale05 Male Action    
HFGreen03 HFMale08 Male     Deceased
HFGreen04 HFMale09 Male Tenacity    
HFGreen05 HFMale10 Male Try    
HFGreen06 HFMale15 Male Lesson    
HFGreen07 HFMale17 Male Peace    
Isilith G'komi Male     Deceased
HFGreen09 HFMale23 Male Contentment    
HFGreen10 HFMale24 Male Innocence    

Impression Order:

HFBrown01 (HFMale01, M), HFGreen01 (HFMale02, M), Syrendryth (Telrynd, M), HFBlue01 (HFMale04, M), HFGreen02 (HFMale05, M), HFBrown02 (HFMale06, M), Estelth (Trelanvor, M), HFGreen03 (HFMale08, M), HFGreen04 (HFMale09, M), HFGreen05 (HFMale10, M), Thallyath (Casa, F), HFBlue03 (HFMale11, M), HFBrown03 (HFMale12, M), HFBlue04 (HFMale13, M), Kaliqueth (Leyton, M), HFGreen06 (HFMale15, M), HFBlue04 (HFMale16, M), HFGreen07 (HFMale17, M), HFBrown05 (HFMale18, M), HFBlue06 (HFMale19, M), Isilith (Gyankomi, M), Kionyth (Quenym, M), HFBlue07 (HFMale22, M), HFGreen09 (HFMale23, M), HFGreen10 (HFMale24, M) HFBlue08 (HFMale25, M), Rhezalth (Indamor, M)


  • Related Threads;
  • Take note of the "Key word" in the above table;
    • You may apply it to either your dragon or your human.
    • You may interperate the keyword in any manner you desire - a like, dislike, strength, weakness, personality quirk etc.
    • However, it must be present in one of your characters of the pair.

  • Pre-arranged Information;
    • Adoptees are encouraged to speak to players of previously adopted characters for plotting and relationship ideas.

  • Maulings;
    • TBA

  • Deaths;
    • 01.08.234 AL - Bronze Kionyth of Q'nym - landslide event
    • 01.08.234 AL - HFBrown03 of HFMale12 - landslide event
    • 01.08.234 AL - HFBlue01 of HFMale04 - dragonet dies, rider survives.
    • 01.08.234 AL - HFBlue07 of HFMale22 - landslide event
    • 01.08.234 AL - HFGreen03 of HFMale08 - dragonet dies, rider survives.
    • 01.08.234 AL - HFGreen08 of HFMale20 - landslide event
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Re: 29.07.234 - Have Faith [Okalinath x Toranth]
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