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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 235.03.16 - Bright Lights [Mizeath x Torath]  (Read 793 times)

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KATILA WEYR 235.03.16 - Bright Lights [Mizeath x Torath]
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Clutch Mother:
Gold Mizeath of Ameris
Clutch Father
Bronze Torath of N’kal
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
29 Eggs
29 of 29
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 0 of 0 Available

Bronze Dragonets: 3 of 3 Available
xXx Manipulative BLBronze001 went to BLMale002, who is Adoptable
xXx Trustworthy BLBronze002 went to BLMale013, who is Adoptable
xXx Whimsical BLBronze003 went to BLMale023, who is Adoptable

Brown Dragonets: 3 of 3 Available
xXx Voracious BLBrown001 went to BLMale010, who is Adoptable
xXx Sullen BLBrown002 went to BLMale011, who is Adoptable
xXx Self-Reliant BLBrown003 went to BLMale028, who is Adoptable

Blue Dragonets: 9 of 9 Available
xXx Humble BLBlue001 went to BLMale001, who is Adoptable
xXx Obnoxious BLBlue002 went to BLMale005, who is Adoptable
xXx Energetic BLBlue003 went to BLMale007, who is Adoptable
xXx Zealous BLBlue004 went to BLMale009, who is Adoptable
xXx Awkward BLBlue005 went to BLMale019, who is Adoptable
xXx Polished BLBlue006 went to BLMale021, who is Adoptable
xXx Agressive BLBlue007 went to BLMale025, who is Adoptable
xXx Idealistic BLBlue008 went to BLMale027, who is Adoptable
xXx Ruthless BLBlue009 went to BLMale029, who is Adoptable

Green Dragonets: 14 of 14 Available
xXx Coy BLGreen001 went to BLMale003, who is Adoptable
xXx Vivacious BLGreen002 went to BLMale004, who is Adoptable
xXx Courteous BLGreen003 went to BLMale006, who is Adoptable
xXx Joy BLGreen004 went to BLMale008, who is Adoptable
xXx Brilliant BLGreen005 went to BLMale012, who is Adoptable
xXx Promising BLGreen006 went to BLMale014, who is Adoptable
xXx Courageous BLGreen007 went to BLMale015, who is Adoptable
xXx Dramatic BLGreen008 went to BLMale016, who is Adoptable
xXx Conservative BLGreen009 went to BLMale017, who is Adoptable
xXx Cunning BLGreen010 went to BLMale018, who is Adoptable
xXx Magnificent BLGreen011 went to BLMale020, who is Adoptable
xXx Audacious BLGreen012 went to BLMale022, who is Adoptable
xXx Elegant BLGreen013 went to BLMale024, who is Adoptable
xXx Peevish BLGreen014 went to BLMale026, who is Adoptable

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