Second Pass Weyr - AU Canon Pern

Constructions Began: Day 15, Month 11, 234 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 20, Month 12, 234 AL

The Weyrling Barracks are a series of huts, created of three rows - two row of bedrooms, with a hallway in the centre. Each end of the Hallway has a door out into the grounds, and each bedroom has a window large enough for most people to climb out of with ease; the purpose of which is the hollow created under each window for growing dragonets to occupy.

Inside, each room is large enough to have a bed, a small desk for theoretical work, a wallow big enough for a dragonet to occupy for about a month and a half, and a clothes chest. Room within is extremely cramped, and dragonets are kicked outside as soon as possible.

There are four barracks built, each with twenty rooms - ten to a side - and two barracks with thirty rooms - fifteen to each side. They are assigned according to the size of the clutch.

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