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No New Posts Hot Springs

While many of the larger hot springs were converted into heating for the Hatching Sands, and one particularly nice set were converted into an indoor bathing-house (eventually) there are still many smaller pools that sit on the North-Western rim of the new Katilan Weyrhold, many amongst the trees and ranging in size from capable of entertaining a decent sized party (a good 10 people!) or quieter, smaller pools for happy couples.
All of these springs (in this board) are out in the open, spread between trees, and hidden away in thickets. They do not have walls, or doors or rooftops.

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King of Bronzes [Open]
by J'ver
04 Dec 2014 at 06:01 AM

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No New Posts Hatching Grounds

Construction Began: Day 04, Month 08, 234 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 08, Month 08, 234 AL

The newly built Hatching Grounds reside close to the edge of the Forest, where the building is heavily protected from most of the elements, on top of a selection of hot springs; the steams keep the entire building hot and muggy, while the rocks that construct the base and the lower walls are kept hot before being covered with sand.
As mentioned, the structure is constructed from a stone base, using those found on the rock ledge beyond the new Weyrfolk Hall, before completing with a wooden structure, and a shingled roof. The entire building is approximately 160 by 160 feet, allowing room for two golds to (mostly) nestle in there without too much issue. The rocks and springs keep the sands spread atop heated, to warm the eggs.

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New Bonds [Carpe Diem Ha...
by Z'rin
29 Nov 2015 at 04:14 AM

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No New Posts Weyrfolk Housing

Constructions Began: Day 10, Month 08, 234 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 24, Month 10, 234 AL

The new Weyrfolk Housing is a massive building; constructed from entire trees pulled up by the dragons, and hacked down to size by the weyrfolk the building is massive. Standing at approximately 400 feet square in size (or 122 meters squared), it is divided into rooms mostly by straight corridors with base support of tree trunks.
Major Hallways separate each 100 foot length, creating socialising areas. Each of the sixteen 100 foot block is home to either community rooms, or 64 approximately 10 foot bedrooms. The vast majority of these rooms are bedrooms; approximately 1/4 of these rooms are set up for Weyrmates, 1/4 for families, and the other 2/4s are set up with multiple double-bunks, where in singles and Weyrlings are housed.
From the top left hand 'block' to the bottom right hand block, the Weyrfolk Housing is divided up as follows:

64 bedrooms
Community Rooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
64 bedrooms
Community Rooms
Community Rooms
64 bedrooms

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Fine Wine, Fine Clothes....
by K'ren
19 May 2018 at 10:22 AM

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No New Posts Weyrling Barracks

Constructions Began: Day 15, Month 11, 234 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 20, Month 12, 234 AL

The Weyrling Barracks are a series of huts, created of three rows - two row of bedrooms, with a hallway in the centre. Each end of the Hallway has a door out into the grounds, and each bedroom has a window large enough for most people to climb out of with ease; the purpose of which is the hollow created under each window for growing dragonets to occupy.

Inside, each room is large enough to have a bed, a small desk for theoretical work, a wallow big enough for a dragonet to occupy for about a month and a half, and a clothes chest. Room within is extremely cramped, and dragonets are kicked outside as soon as possible.

There are four barracks built, each with twenty rooms - ten to a side - and two barracks with thirty rooms - fifteen to each side. They are assigned according to the size of the clutch.

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No New Posts New Healer's Hall

Constructions Began: Day 20, Month 11, 234 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 30, Month 01, 235 AL

Construction on the New Healer's Hall began shortly after the Weyrling Barracks though it took much longer than any of the other buildings to complete. This was due to the set up being carefully constructed to be of the most use in the long term. Rooms are large, with plenty of moving room for healers to get about, and wide hallways. It has large windows, with heavy shutters and a heavily reinforced roof to cater to the dragons of those healing. Most rooms have hollows outside their windows for dragons to sleep in. The reception area at the opening of the Healer's Hall is wide, spacious and welcoming with a more luxurious set up than most of the rest of New Katila combined.
A large amount of thought was put into using the Healer Hall at New Katila as a retirement option for those who are aging - both for Dragonriders and those who once held notable rank - and as a result it has most of its rooms and their windows facing the Lake.

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Wonderful News [Solo]
by Rhaedalyn
21 Aug 2014 at 07:05 AM

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No New Posts Dining Hall & Kitchen

Constructions Began: Day 15, Month 12, 234 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 30, Month 01, 235 AL

Most of Katila's Cooking and eating was done outside or in the Weyrfolk Housing, which has available small kitchenettes for public use. However, a more centralised cooking place was desired as more folks were invited down for Hatchings, and as a result, the Dining Hall and Kitchen were created.
They are a building, quite large, and created with archways to provide structural support rather than complete walls. There are four 'rooms' surrounding a centralised kitchen, at which a firepit is the immediate centrepiece; it has a carefully constructed roof to draw the smoke out, without allowing rain and wind inside.
The surrounding rooms are each filled with large, long community tables and chairs and individuals are welcomed to sit and eat where they please. There is no formal High Table, and no proper dining structure, either on a day to day basis, or during events - the only difference being that during day-to-day times, people collect their food from the Kitchen. During events, each of the tables are laden with food and people encouraged to mingle.

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In another time [open]
by Firah
11 Sep 2014 at 02:42 PM

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No New Posts Bathing Pools

Constructions Began: Day 15, Month 01, 235 AL
Construction Concluded: Day 30, Month 01, 235 AL

The Bathing Pools were the last part of New Katila to be completed, and were only built to cater to those Hold-bound folk that end up at the Weyr for one reason or another. Due to this, there are two large Bathing Houses, one clearly labelled for men, while the other is indicated for women's use.
After the first incident, when a group of Weyrbrats thought it funny to direct Holders into alternating rooms, dragonriders and Weyrfolk are now heavily reprimanded for 'accidentally' going into the wrong bathing room, or sending their guests into the wrong one.

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Pinch Me! [R'nd]
by R'nd
17 Sep 2015 at 02:40 AM

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No New Posts Katilan Gather Grounds

Centralised between the buildings, and the Lake Edge, the Gather Grounds of New Katila are large, and well used. Generally they are alternated between as a celebration area for new Hatchings, Flights, Clutchings, Parties and the like - or a training ground for the new Weyrlings to be trained. Most Wing practices are done further a field.
The Gather Grounds are lit up by glow-stands, tall poles with baskets of glows atop them that Weyrlings and 'brats are often set upon to open, shut and refill when needed.

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Hunting Trip Plans [T'ry...
by T'ryn
07 Dec 2015 at 04:16 AM

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New Katila is located quite a distance both South and West of the original location. It has the bonus feature of hot springs that were discovered on the edge of the forest, and is a much shorter walk from the Lake. You can see a map of the (completed) new Katilan set up by clicking here.
Settled neatly under the edge of the Forest, the new base for Katila is located just an hour or so from the edge of the Lake, and is right on top of several hot springs that were discovered within the edge of the forest. The buildings are condensed within a smallish area, and created specifically to house survivors and those healing, with future plans to be used but not necessarily inhabited by large quantities of permanent residents.


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