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No New Posts Eastern Hunting Ranges

From the edge of the eastern-most huts to the massive river that feeds the south lake is a large expanse of fields referred to as the Eastern Hunting Ranges, or Ranges for short. This is where threadfall drills are held, as well as lessons for the weyrlings once they get too big for the Gather Square. It is also where carefully manicured portions are kept for farming, generally closely located to the edge of Katila Weyr. Large herds of herdbeasts and wherries are kept here, hunted by dragons and humans alike.

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Another Safety Net [M'ri...
by M'ris
04 Feb 2015 at 01:43 AM

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No New Posts The Lake Edge

A five hour walk to the south brings you to an enormous freshwater lake. This is fed by several rivers that run down from the mountain range, including one that borders the Eastern Hunting Range. During the hotter days of the year the Weyr's inhabitants spend a lot of time down by the lake, often using several fire pits dug out near the shoreline to cook dinner so they can eat in the cool breezes that roll off the water.

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All the Awkward!
by Dee's LPCs
06 Apr 2015 at 02:49 PM

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Originally the forest stretched out over where Katila Weyr now resides. Over time, the trees on the west side are cut down for their wood and space, though new saplings are planted as replacements further west to make sure the forest isn't eventually destroyed. Scattered out throughout the forest are many variants of tropical fruit trees, including banana trees and coconut trees, the latter more towards the lake. Willow trees provide shade along the man-made river feeding into the Hatching Circuit, while sturdier ash trees are scattered around the entirety of Katila Weyr to provide protection against the winds and storms.

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Forest Triumphs
by R'nd
01 May 2015 at 03:06 AM

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Katila Weyr sits at the bottom of a mountain, which is the tail end of a small mountain range that sprawls west above the forest. The mountains can be climbed if one chooses to, though there is typically little of interest upon them. Some contain hidden tunnels and others house underwater springs that feed out via rivers and into the southern lake.

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Seeking, Searching [Priv...
by V'ler
20 Oct 2015 at 09:24 AM

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No New Posts Candidate Isle

Far out in the southern lake is a large island, about the size of Katila Weyr. On this island are many fruit bearing trees as well as a large hut and fishing supplies. When Northerners are stolen they are brought here to live for their initial days in the South while they come to terms with their new life. Nobody is allowed to leave the island until they have done so, and take an oath that they will not try to escape back North. The time this takes varies from person to person, ranging between one and eight weeks. The building where the stolen live is easily large enough to house fifteen people without any issues. There is a communal kitchen, with eight bedrooms, each containing two bunks. A large communal living area is located in the centre of the room with a large sky light above to allow light in.

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A Boy Like Me [T'lian]
by Second Pass
04 Jul 2014 at 12:15 PM

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All the areas surrounding Katila Weyr, generally accessed via dragon wing.


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