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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
TL;DR - Historical Summary
« on: 12 Jan 2012 at 05:57 PM »
Welcome to the TL;DR version of the history here at Second Pass. It should be noted that this history breakdown doesn’t include the day to day RP of characters on the site. For that, please view the RP Timeline which is updated weekly.

Because Second Pass alternates from canon early on, please be sure to read the information in the posts below before looking over the rest of the information. Almost everything you read in this thread will be relevant to your character’s creation and should be examined carefully. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to speak up in the Cbox or tag a Team Member in your thread.

001 - 215 AL Link
215 - 220 AL Link
221 - 225 AL Link
226 - 230 AL Link
231 - 235 AL Link
236 - Present Link
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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
Turns: 001 to 214 AL
« Reply #1 on: 24 Oct 2012 at 07:49 AM »
The colonists that arrived on Pern in the Year 001 consisted of just over thirty-thousand (30,000) people, spread across the three space ships. Approximately two-thousand per ship acted as staff members for the duration of the travel to Pern, while the other twenty-four thousand remained in deep sleep. Of the population, the vast majority were men and women aged between twenty and forty, with children coming a close second. The remaining numbers were elder folk, chosen for the extreme expertise and skills they exhibited in their field of knowledge.

The colonists landed on the Southern continent, where they were quick to set up a town, school and scientific buildings designed to cater to the needs of educating their youth, learning and discovering the native fauna and flora of Pern, and adjusting their own imported animals to be as compatible with the new environment as possible. While many of the Earthen species did not convert well and either died due to the climate or native predators, some adjusted well and took to breeding and growing with vigour.

Sean and Sorka discovered the first fire-dragonets within the first month of landing on Pern; shortly thereafter, they became a popular and common pet amongst the colonists. The first Threadfall, in turn 08, caused serious damage and destroyed a lot of moral; the first few falls took out approximately 2,000 people before they began to recognise the signs and obtain measurable safety from the threat. Massive dents were made in the animal breeding population before stable shelters were designed to keep the creatures safe.

Kitti Ping began the program of creating the dragons from the fire-dragonets, creating forty-two eggs before old age claimed her. Those eggs hatched into gold, bronze and brown – the most notable appearance being of Sorka and Sean’s dragons Faranth and Carenath respectively. It was during the 09th Turn that the colonists evacuated to the newly constructed Fort Weyr. During the Turn, the first rider was lost between (Marco and Duluth); shortly thereafter, Carenath took Sean and their entire wing on a trip between.

By the end of the 58th Turn on Pern – the end of the First Pass – the entire population had been shifted to the Northern continent and all six of the Weyrs were fully established. Due to the population swiftly deviating, there were no major setbacks in the growth of the population. After the volcanoes blew up in the South, and all their main technology was lost, the Pernese reverted backwards – at least as far as technology was concerned; indeed most of the elderly folk that knew of and about technology had passed away in the turns prior and the new generations had little use for such technology. As a result, Pern moved forward without it.

The drastic need to seriously populate the planet was of the greatest force in the social setup of Pernese culture. Women, needing to remain safe and secure so as to optimise their survival and ability to produce and raise children, were treated far more delicately and expected to upkeep the family home. Meanwhile, the men were needed – and often required – to take up the harder work of day to day life. As the Turns slowly rolled through, those of lower rank often required their women to step up and assist with the manual labour of living in a lower-class setting, while still being expected to produce and raise the children. In contrast, upper class women were given far more freedom from heavy working and were instead given papwerwork jobs – accounting, management and the day to day running of their husband’s home, thus designing what would come to be thought of as the appropriate work for a woman.

By the 100th Turn of human life on Pern, the male dominated social structure was securely set in place, and gender based expectations were upheld by the population at large, with little in the way of allowances or acceptance for deviations. While it was not impossible for a woman to step outside of the box, it was not something that was looked favourably upon by men, or even other women, and occurrences were few and far between.

The first female Impression to a green dragon caused a massive social upheaval in the turn 147 AL; the young woman – originally a weyr-bred gold candidate – caused a lot of mayhem. It had previously been believed that women would only ever be able to Impress to gold dragons, as that was all that history indicated. The event resulted in far more insistence from Weyrbred girls to be allowed on the Sands, while many of the Holders withdrew permission for their own daughters to be placed in reach of any dragonet at all, even the gold. The influx of Weyrbred girls on the Sands saw an increase in green-to-female Impression ratios for about thirty turns. It was noted that no holder bred girls Impressed to any of the green dragons.

It was in the turn 179 AL that both Hold and Hall withdrew all their women from being Searched, when a young Weyrbred girl Impressed to a blue dragon. The Hold and Hall both revolted, stringent the belief that a male dragon was certainly no proper match for a young lady, which meant the woman in question was not quite right in their opinion. Because of the refusal of Hold and Hall to allow women to be Searched, the Weyr had to fall back on their homebred girls to Impress gold, meaning they had to withdraw them from the Sands proper to keep their chromatic Impressions to a minimum. This resulted in a dramatic decrease in female riders, with only the Gold dragonets seeking women from the Stands when required; no green nor blue dragonets sought female riders from the Stands, an act which only fuelled the opinion that women were less desirable than male riders to the young dragons.

By the turn 215, when the Plague hit, the number of women riders was at an all-time high, with just over 150 to a dragon population of just over seven thousand – making women riders approximately 2% of the dragonrider population. Women riders, divided between the three colours, had 30 goldriders (20%), 113 greenriders (75%) and 7 blueriders (5%). While still heavily frowned upon, and vastly disapproved of by Weyr, Hold and Hall alike – the female Weyrbrats were allowed to Stand for chromatic Impression with the expectation that they fill the role appropriately and not bring shame upon their home Weyr (or at least any more than being a female rider shamed any Weyr.) Grudgingly, those women who excelled at their job were given a level of respect not given to most women, while those who struggled were not unknown to suicide from the pressure of their job, and the lack of assistance afforded them by their peers.

By the turn 220 AL when Nirinath called out to the remaining dragons and their riders, the original population of over seven-thousand dragons had been reduced to a mere four-hundred and fifty-eight. Of that number, only one gold remained and the number of women riders had been reduced significantly to a mere thirty-one. While the colour-to-colour ratio had remained to some degree, the once strong dragonriders had been reduced to mere shades of their previous glory.

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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
Turns: 215 to 220 AL
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215 AL

15.03 – Firelizards take to vanishing for unknown reasons and failing to return. Many assume the little creatures are simply going feral, others are insistent that something is actually wrong.
26.05 – Dragons began to become sick; none that show symptoms regain their health and what appears to be a cold quickly spreads. Firelizards are quickly blamed for the illness, and it is claimed to be the reason they have been vanishing, despite no proof one way or the other.
10.08 – Dragon population begins to wane notably. Weyrs put themselves on lockdown, allowing no dragon to either enter or leave their boundaries. What few firelizards are left are banished from the Weyrs, and what few remain in the Holds and Halls vanish. Whers and their Handlers retreat into seclusion, wary of contracting the illness.

216 AL

07.01 – Weyrwoman Katila and her gold Mutusoth banish High reaches Weyr to the South, instructing anyone not ill to flee in hopes of distancing themselves from bad spirits and surviving the illness that has now cast a large shadow on the dragon population.
15.01 – By this date, all the Weyrwoman have followed Katila’s lead, banishing their own dragonriders to the South in hopes of survival.
20.01 – All the Weyrs of Pern are now empty husks, with only those who claim no dragon remaining, including many insane men and women who lost their beast to the illness and didn’t succumb to suicide.
  • The two-day flight across the ocean lost many dragons, both those well and those dying from the Illness.
  • Upon landing on the coastline of the Southern continent, riders split up and fled to find individual territories. Many had taken non-riders with them – friends, family or children. Very few took more than a single companion and while some mated dragons stayed together, most riders were too terrified of the risks to put their dragon in danger.

217 AL to 219 AL

No one knew what to expect upon landing in the South; many died from disasters befalling them that had nothing to do with the illness that sent them there. Some fared alright, while others struggle to survive from day to day. Neighbours were warily kept distance from one another, and territories were guarded jealously.

220 AL


16.02 – Nirinath’s Call went out, urging the dragons to come together. In total, four-hundred and fifty-eight dragons and their riders answered Nirinath and came together. Of that number, Nirinath herself was the only gold.
20.02 – Tsuen, as the only remaining goldrider, decided they would officially stay in the South. The population came together to build houses from wood and dub the makeshift Weyr Katila, in honour of the High Reaches Weyrwoman that originally forced them south.
09.05 – Greenrider D'ciro and green Urith died of a tunnelsnake bite.
26.08 - G'osu and blue Osucith died of old age.

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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
Turns: 221 to 225 AL
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221 AL


01.01 – 30.12
  • Most of the year was spent building huts, and setting up the base of the Weyr. A committee was made of the elder bronze and brownriders who had once held rank before the Plague had sent them scattering. Tsuen retained control via Nirinath; her dragon was repeatedly reinforcing the command to stay in the South. Despite much contest to go home, Nirinath’s continual presence and demands made everyone incapable of returning to the North.
05.06 – 20.06 – Firehead sweeps through the Weyr, taking the lives of 25 individuals, both dragonrider and nonrider.
  • 15 non-riders
  • 6 greenriders, male
  • Rider Kaire of green Ovarith
  • 2 blueriders, male
  • 1 brownrider
16.10 Greenriders K'oto of Irewuth and Z'ef of green Avuth die from feline attack; their dragons being unable to rescue them.

222 AL


13.04 – First signs of uprising; several dragonriders conspire to return to the North
18.05 – Tsuen finds out about the plans and has Nirinath ground the troublemakers, preventing them from taking action. The troublemakers are privately lashed by Acting Weyrleader P’rore of bronze Lurelloth, then dismissed to menial chores; their dragons are grounded for six months.
26.08 – Rider J'mevo and brown Inumuth dies of old age.

223 AL


20.01 – Those who were involved in the attempt to return North the past turn stir up more trouble as their dragons are released from their grounding, and begin spreading the rumour that Nirinath is too old to rise, and dragon kind is doomed. Many more join their ranks, while Nirinath assures Tsuen she will rise when she is well and ready.
19.03 – Greenrider R’ny dies of ruptured appendix.
27.06 – brownrider V’ron dies of blood loss after a hunting accident that sliced his leg open.
25.08 – More dragons are grounded, and more private lashings are dolled out, though P’rore refuses to undergo a pubic display, despite Tsuen’s insistence.

224 AL


19.02 – Northerners arrive in the South on several individual ships, apparently as a result of a rumour that had spread about dragonriders being alive; Tsuen reacts badly to their appearance and starts searching for the guilty person that caused such a rumour. There is no such person, for it was just hopeful wishing on part of the Northerners.
20.02 – Tsuen has Nirinath restrict every dragon, and their rider, from contact with the Northerners. Many consider this a high breach of her rank and the displeasure at Tsuen’s decisions heightens.
15.04 – Eventually the Notherners are driven back to their ships and away from the South by felines and the lack of discovering anything of major interest. Tsuen continues to keep the dragonriders under her thumb with threats of lashings and implying the loss of life of anyone who disobeys her.
03.09 Bronzerider O’vin dies of a sudden heart attack

225 AL


03.01 – 25.01 – A particularly terrible summer storm sweeps through the Weyr, destroying over half the Weyr’s buildings and taking the lives of;
  • 5 greenriders, male
  • 2 blueriders, male
  • 12 non-riders
30.01 – Tsuen is forced to have Nirinath re-enforce her command to remain hidden, when unease sweeps through the Weyr once more, with many members of the Weyr eager to return North in the wake of their current home being destroyed, and the loss of loved ones.
15.03 – Dragonrider P'toki and green Lepeth dies of old age
26.05 – Dragonrider F'blar and green Ekath dies of old age

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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
Turns: 226 to 230 AL
« Reply #4 on: 19 May 2013 at 04:51 AM »

226 AL


26.03 – a brown dragon catches a cold and sends panic throughout the Weyr.
27.03 – Tsuen via Nirinath banishes the brown and his rider to live as far away from the Weyr as possible, until such a time as it dies or becomes well once more.
30.03 – Tsuen refuses the right to search for the sick dragon and his rider. Many react negatively to this, most of them members of the growing rebellion that had first tried to go home and had grown in size since that time.
05.04 – Several members of the growing rebellion torch Tsuen’s hut in the middle of the night, while the woman is sleeping inside and Nirinath is curled up against the far wall. How they managed to do so without waking the gold is a mystery.
06.04 – The brownrider returns in time to capture some of those defacing Tsuen’s home and alerts the Weyr with his dragon’s alarmed cry. Those captured are grounded while the riders are given demeaning chores as punishment, and a private lashing. P’rore once more refuses to make a public scene. The rest of the rebellion simmer down and vanish into the throng of their Weyr mates.
19.06 – 15.07 – Another rush of firehead rips through the Weyr, infecting dragonriders and nonriders alike. Those with healer training scrabble to try and save lives, though a total of 44 are lost.
  • 27 Non-riders
  • 2 greenriders, female
  • 9 greenriders, male
  • 1 blueriders, female
  • 7 bluerider, male
  • 3 brownriders
  • 2 bronzeriders



24.04 – Nirinath rises and is caught by bronze Ronarth, placing the untried D’ren in the position of Weyrleader. The Weyr holds is breath in anticipation of the clutch and future dragons.
24.07 – Nirinath lays a total of 17 eggs; there are more than a few people who are disappointed both at the small size, and the obvious lack of a gold egg. The rebellion begins to gather heat once more.
27.07 – Tsuen refuses to allow their return North when it is realised they haven’t the supply of Candidates required. She instead callously decides that they will kidnap anyone who has potential. Nirinath is forced to bestow very specific instructions upon those green and blueriders deemed trustworthy enough to go on the unorthodox ‘searching’.
28.08 – Only fifteen of the seventeen eggs Hatch and Impress, with a blue going to a girl which causes more than a few eyebrows to arch.
14.09 – Blue Rayrayth of Wellar goes between, doing nothing but emphasise the belief that women make subpar dragonriders. The loss of their classmate so soon after Impression jars the young men of the remaining group.

228 AL


11.11 – Blue Delemeth and Uglor are lost during between training.
26.12 – Rider Z'op and blue Isadith dies of old age

229 AL


28.08 – Nirinath and Ronarth’s clutch graduates their two year course to be fully fledged draognriders. Candidate Volfetti attempts to escape during the celebration; she is placed under weyr arrest after undergoing another term upon Candidate Isle.
15.09 – P’dok and green Pikth are lost during a stupid stunt that breaks the green’s wing and causes her to go between in desperate fear, taking her rider with her.

230 AL


01.01 – 30.12
  • Twenty four young men and women are Stolen by Searchriders during the course of the Turn, brought to Katila in the hopes of Nirinath rising again and wanting to give her clutch the best possible choices to pick from. As a result, every young man that is stolen is a Journeyman from a crafter hall. The young women are picked for their sturdy natures and potential to survive in the harsh reality of Katila Weyr.
05.12 – Honorary Master Healer Talian was Stolen by greenrider B’jin, who ended up in a lot of trouble for spiriting away someone of such notable ranking. He was grounded for one month and Searching was put on hold for three months to ward off any suspicion.

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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
Turns: 231 to 235 AL
« Reply #5 on: 19 May 2013 at 08:34 AM »

231 AL


09.01 – Nirinath flies, and is again caught by bronze Ronarth of D’ren.
05.03 -  Master Healer Talian over indulges in a happy drug that causes him to amuse a great selection of the Weyr’s youth before greenrider B’jin’s dragon Larrikith takes Flight and sends everyone scattering; meanwhile, green Grith of Parella is caught in the Dining Hall doorway.
12.03 – A highly amusing Candidacy class during which Weyr sexuality was discussed; there was much mockery and general misbehaviour
19.03 – Nirinath and Ronarth’s second clutch (WA) is laid. There are 17 eggs, including a gold! The Weyr rejoices.
20.03 – Weyrleader D’ren cancels all further ‘Searching’ until further notice, while also making notice that all female Candidates over the age of 17 will be required to produce at least one child for their growing Weyr if they wish to stand for a fighter dragon; gold candidates are exempt.
28.04 – Master Healer Talian attempts suicide, causing Larrikith of B’jin to keen, which chain reacted throughout the Weyr, causing more than a small amount of mayhem.
08.05B’jin of green Larrikith was publically lashed for insubordination; It is the first public lashing in the Weyr, and many people were unaware lashing was even a thing due to the private nature of the event in times since Katila was founded.
04.06 – Nirinath and Ronarth’s clutch (WA) Hatches, safely Impressing sixteen of the seventeen eggs, including the gold. Weyrbrat Indivara was mauled after sneaking onto the Sands without permission. Many other youngsters were also mauled in the process of the Hatching.
17.06 – Gold Weyrling Jada got rather ill as a result of a mild mauling that went untreated. Her dragonet got frightened and things quickly escalated out of control.
05.07 – Weyrsecond S’kef of brown Tyrrisath became ill with an unknown virus. Requiring recovery time, he stepped down from his position believing he would be taking up the mantel once more upon recovery. Many of the Weyr’s occupants cheered for a slow and painful death.
29.10 – Weyrleader D’ren is made aware of several brown- and bronzeriders amongst the Weyr population that aren’t as faithful to him as he believed. The Weyr at large is unaware of the undercurrent of betrayal and are bewildered when D’ren permanently demotes brownrider S’kef permanently in order to promote brownrider N’gelt to the position of Weyrsecond.

232 AL
01.01 - Green Larrikith trolled the drunken dragonriders by staging a 'Flight' above the New Turn gathering. It resulted in a rather nasty brawl that put both blueriders I'shan and R'nd in Master Talian's care, alongside other unnamed entities.
15.02 - Gold Weyrling Krypth took to the skies for her maiden flight at an unnaturally young age, and was captured by the demoted Weyrsecond, brownrider S'kef of Tyrrisath.
25.04 - A second public lashing was conducted, this time under Tsuen's authority upon a Candidate; D'ren threw a massive tantrum and publicly scolded Tsuen while attempting to repair damage leaving the entire Weyr in mayhem due to the unsteady display of fractured leadership.
15.07 - Rhythm of Life Clutch Hatches, revealing yet another gold! All six eggs hatched and all the dragonets Impressed.
02.08 - Weyrling Iruvia [F] of Green Unowth from the World Above Weyrlings was lost between, the reasoning believed to be bad imagery after several weeks of practice.
30.12 - Dragon population rests at 243

233 AL
30.12 - Dragon population rests at ??

234 AL
- 29.07.234 - Hatching of Have Faith
- 30.07.234 - Landslide destroyed Katila proper7

30.12 - Dragon population rests at ??

235 AL
30.12 - Dragon population rests at ??
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Second Pass

Some People Just Wanna
Re: TL;DR - Historical Summary
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236 AL

01.07 - The dragonriders officially move into their new Weyrs

30.12 - Dragon population rests at ??

237 AL

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