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Furtive Gift [N'kal]
« on: 13 Mar 2013 at 01:10 AM »
Is anyone watching?  Shanith reassured R'ana the coast was, in fact, clear, the green having trouble figuring out why the woman was so afraid of being caught when she was doing nothing wrong?  Unless it was wrong to give a gift?  Or was it giving a gift to the weyrwoman that was wrong?

R'ana took a breath and looked around one last time.  There were so many places to hide here that someone could easily lurk unseen and she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched.  The small bag she held suddenly felt like it weighed ten pounds instead of a good deal less than one pound. 

R'ana looked around once more, then paced around Tsuen's hut.  She crept through the flowers in her garden, and opened the bag, placing a statue of a gold dragon curled up in a ball to sleep on her windowsill.  The window to her office had been left open, and R'ana took advantage of that to place the tiny figurine on the inside of the windowsill.  The statue had been chipped out of a yellow stone with so many flecks of gold that the dragon sparkled, even in the low light of her office.   It didn't quite look like Nirinath, the shading was off, and Nirinath wasn't a chubby dragon, like the carved dragon was.  But R'ana had thought the weyrwoman would like it.

She didn't however want to attract the attention public support of Tsuen was garner her, or be accused of sucking up, so she had chosen to give the gift this way.  She scuttled away from Tsuen's hut, not leaving a note.  She never did when she did this.  The cloak of anonymity was thin, but it was one of the only things that made her feel safe enough to give anyone anything in this unholy mess of a weyr.

Relieved that she had gotten away with it, R'ana walked over to her green in the gather square and settled by her, smiling brightly up at her.  "Thank you."  The green nudged her shoulder and R'ana reached to sip from her flask of tea and people watch near the edges of the square, relaxing and totally unaware she had been observed.

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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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With practice still cancelled for the time being Torath spent a great deal of time sunning himself in either the weyrbowl or the gather grounds. Today he was lazily walking, or waddling at N'kal liked to tease, toward the Gather square. Generally there were a lot less dragons there, which meant more room for him to stretch out. When he got there he saw a pretty little green laying in the sun. He rumbled slightly and dropped to the ground a little ways away and stretched out on the warm ground, closing his eyes.

'Torath!?', came the sharp commanding tone of N'kal through the bronze's mind. Without so much as opening an eye or flinching he rumbled through their connection and said, Gather square.., and went back to snoozing. Or tried to. 'Get up you lazy lump..someone was just skulking around Tsuen's hut!' A deep growl instantly came from within the bronze, his eyes flew open, swirling swiftly through the spectrum from blue to orange and yellow. He stood and had been about to take flight when he saw a small woman come from the direction of the huts and sit by the green dragon.

Here!, he said, the growl evident even through N'kal's mind. He snarled slightly, suspicious of the woman considering N'kal's warning. A green riding woman came from that way

'Watch her!', he commanded and took off in the direction of the gather square. He hadn't seen exactly what she had been doing, but it was enough to make his suspicious, considering what happened to D'ren. It didn't take him long to hit the edge of the grounds at a run, then slowed down to an angry walk, and having easily spotted and angry Torath stalking toward the green, stomped his way toward her.

'Who is it Torath?', he said, face set in stone as he drew nearer the woman and her dragon. R'ana and her dragon is Shanith. Once N'kal got close enough he growled out harshly. "You there! Green rider! I'd like a word with you!" He stopped not far from her and her dragon, Torath growled a deep warming behind them, both simply dwarfing the green pair.


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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Shanith couldn't resist asking R'ana for a scratch to her eyeridges.  R'ana gave it when the green creeled a bit in plaintive plea, the rider shaking her head. 

R'ana's view was blocked by green hide until Shanith rose her head.  Shanith was purring her delight at both the scratching of her eyeridges and the sun, the green crooning. 

It allowed Torath to get behind her, and only when she raised her head did she even notice him.  She realized her and R'ana were between him and his rider.  Hi Torath!  I'm sorry I got in your way!  Weren't you laying over there a moment ago?'re...angry?  Why are you angry?  I hope I didn't do anything!  The little green dipped her head and lowered her stance a bit, crooning in an attempt to calm the bronze.

R'ana had come to her feet, reaching to reassure Shanith.  She stepped back as N'kal approached her, and said hesitantly, "You would, sir?  What can I do for you?" 

Worry underlaid her tone, R'ana stepping back again as he approached, this time literally running into Shanith.  The dragon nudged R'ana forward, unaware she was offering R'ana up for the bronzerider to yell at. 

R'ana felt Shanith nudge her forward two steps and when she tried to back up again, the green decided she was playing and nudged her forward again!  She growled a bit.  "Dammit Shanith, I'm trying to hide behind you!" 

But that man doesn't look like he wants to play hide and go seek.  You should ask him first.  There were days where R'ana wished she had impressed a less playful dragon...or a less oblivious one.

Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Torath's jaw parted slightly as he let out another low warning growl, eyes still swirling orange and yellow, he was,t quite as upset as N'kal, and when Shanith crooned at him he almost forgot to be angry. This is hard...I don't want to be angry with her..., he said to N'kal, he really didn't, he liked the little green, she was fun to be around. 'Well her rider is up to something, so you will not go soft on me!' Torath wasn't happy about it so he stayed put, he knew that if N'kal said she had been hanging around Tsuen's hut it could mean anything, but N'kal was stubborn, especially in his defense of Tsuen. To Shanith he said, Your rider has upset N'kal., and left it at that for the time being.

N'kal glared down at the wisp of a woman who answered him as if she had been doing absolutely nothing all day. Well he most certainly didn't believe that, and her stepping back from him into her dragon seemed to solidify to him she was guilty. He glared deeply at her then lifted a brow slightly as she watched Shanith push her forward each time R'ana tried to back away. As upset as he was, he found he was having to fight off the urge to smile at the scene, especially when she outright said she was trying to hide from him. But he wasn't in the mood to laugh or play, right now he wanted to know what she had been doing.

Crossing his arms over his chest he flicked his gaze to Torath, towering over Shanith, eyes swirling wildly as he looked down at her. Sometimes it was helpful for riders to know what rank went where, this was one of those times. No one would bother his questioning a green rider for any reason and so he turned his dark eyes back to R'ana and practically growled his words out, "What in the name of the Egg were you doing sneaking around Tsuens hut eh!?" He didn't want anyone over hearing, even though he was angry and growly with his words, he kept the volume down.

'Make sure we don't get any company', he said curtly to Torath, who complied by doing a quick glance around the area, growled at a couple of drudges who came to close, who then fled, and went back to staring at Shanith, making sure she didn't try to bolt. No one will bother us, but can we make it quick before we do draw attention I can not scare so easily?, he knew N'kal felt right in what he was doing, but there were others around that might not and he wanted no trouble for his rider.


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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Shanith tipped her head and blinked as Torath moved to loom behind them.  It just then occurred to Shanith that she was in trouble. 

The dragon lowered her head, tucked R'ana into her protectively, ignoring the yelp the rider left out and asked Torath, a bit plaintively, Was it giving a gift that was wrong or giving it to the weyrwoman?  The green shifted to curl around her rider, ignoring protests to let her go, making sure that her R'ana was protected from both dragon and rider.

R'ana debated between bluffing her way out, or being honest.  It took awhile before she replied, "Giving a gift to the weyrwoman.  Had a talk with D'ren that convinced me she's someone we all owe.  I just...knew if I gave it to her in person, she would think I was trying to use her or something like that.  An anonymous gift of something harmless...well she should be able to just enjoy it.  It won't repay her but a no strings attached gift might make her smile?" 

Shanith backed her up, though R'ana didn't know it.  She crooned, showing Torath images of R'ana chiselling the dragon from a hunk of rock the size of her fist, then sanding it smooth, packing it up and leaving it on Tsuen's window sill. 

She spoke softly.  I'm sorry.  I didn't know it was wrong.  R'ana wriggled until she was free from her hold, petted her gently and added, "I didn't mean to upset you, bronzerider."  She went about straightening her clothing, felt Shanith shift to make another grab for her and moved to remove herself from the dragon's reach.

Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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When the green bespoke Torath his eyes started to slow in their swirling, and the colored changed from a brighter orange and yellow to a softer tone. He also relaxed his stance and sat, looking there at Shanith and said to her, A gift? To Tsuen? He was confused and conveyed as much to N'kal, saying to him, Shanith says there was a gift it Tsuen's birthday? Had dragons the ability to do so, Torath would have lifted a brow, much like N'kal did just then. ' is not her birthday..'

He listened to R'ana explain herself and felt all the wind kicked out of him. Well wasn't he just an ass? His ire at the woman deflated, though he didn't show it just yet, he also wasn't sure he trusted her at her word. If D'ren had sent her though, he would have trusted her enough to try and do something nice for the weyrwoman, and that was generally enough for him, but Tsuen was so damn fragile these days. He wished something so simple would make her smile, and maybe bring her mind back to them.

Torath crooned slightly once Shanith showed him what had happened and then he shared those same images with N'kal. They were only trying to be kind to Tsuen N'kal. Can I stop being angry with them now? Much like N'kal, being angry at women wasn't on the top of Torath's list unless they truly deserved it. Though N'kal had thought R'ana had deserved it, the proof of the images from Torath complete resolved the issue and he sighed, relaxing his stance. 'Yes Torath..we can stop being angry with them now.', to which Torath gave a happy bugle, his eyes quickly going from an agitated tone to blues and purples as he nudged Shanith with his nose. It wasn't wrong Shanith, we just did not know. You can release your rider now! N'kal understands now, though I think he is still a touch unhappy. But he says I do not have to be angry with you anymore!, he told Shanith in a deep amused tone. Torath would much prefer playing or sun bathing or anything to being angry.

"Well...", he started, rolling his eyes at Torath before watching R'ana pry herself from the protective grasp of her dragon. "First name is N'kal..and I apologize for jumping to conclusions. But you have to understand..R'ana is it? With everything that has happened just recently..and everything she has already been through. Most DO want something from her, either for her to step down or disappear. I won't stand for it if I can help it." His tone was still quite stern and grumpy, but that was pretty much just the way he was, woman or not, though he was at least attempting to not sound angry anymore. "How was D'ren...when you saw him?", he asked absently after a moment. Grumpy as he was, there was a tone of concern there. He hadn't always agreed with the man, but he wanted him well again, wanted him back in charge, and wanted S'kef far away from all of them.


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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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As Torath relaxed, so did Shanith, the whirling of her eyes slowing and shifting from warm colors back to cool greens and blues. 

Shanith nosed gently at Torath.  Mine says in this pit of vipers it's good that Tsuen has someone at her back.  She doesn't mind him being angry.

R'ana leaned against her green until Shanith nudged her forward again.  R'ana, who had been about to speak turned and looked at her green and Shanith piped up with, Maybe he'll play hide and go seek with you now.  He looks less angry!

R'ana didn't know what to say to that, so she took a step out of nudging range, and spoke to N'kal quietly.  "It is alright.  I am glad she has someone to watch out for her and I'm sorry I scared you.  I didn't think of how it would look if I got caught, just that I wanted to make her smile."  R'ana looked down, a bit ashamed of the impulsiveness.  At his words about people wanting Tsuen to step down, she looked down, a bit guiltily.  Realizing how it would look, she spoke quietly.

"I'm not sure I trust in Tsuen's leadership, but then I don't usually trust my superiors.  I wonder if it wouldn't be better for her state of mind if she didn't step down for a bit, take some time to remember the bright things in life, but I know she can't because they'll never let her back in control.  In a way, she's as stuck as anyone here is."  R'ana shrugged and looked down.  "But I wanted her to know the pretty didn't come with strings attached, which is why I left it anonymously."

R'ana petted Shanith in thought, and added, "D'ren seemed...tired when I saw him.  And...The healers are all...he was hurting and it took Shanith quite a while to bother a healer into coming to tend him.  I'm hoping that he gets out of the Healer's Hall soon."  She didn't have words for how the visit had made her feel, angry that someone had only bothered to feed Ronarth once, and noone had seemed to tend his hide before she had.  That seeing D'ren laid low like that had scared her and how heartsick it had made her to realize he was never coming back to the weyrleader position. 

Shanith stretched to nuzzle R'ana, crooning to her in an attempt to reassure her.  R'ana touched her nose and said, "It scares me that someone could do that to him.  I don't agree with all the decisions made, but both him and Tsuen were only trying their best to do right by the weyr."  Talking of politics these days was dangerous and always made her unhappy, so she changed the subject. 

"Torath is looking good.  I saw him and you the other day and he flies very well."  It was a feeble effort, but a compliment to a dragonrider's dragon almost always made them smile. 

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Re:  Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Torath rumbled deeply and moved to lay his bulk beside the smaller green, nozing her before giving a wide jawed, lazy yawn. Indeed. Your rider may not mind him being angry, but I do. He is far too grumpy lately, with all that has happened., Torath rumbled deeply as he settled down, watching both the riders and Shaith, his great eyes swirling slowly. He watched Shanith nudge her rider toward N'kal, it amused him but he didn't comment, simply watched them for the moment. When R'ana stepped away from Shanith he turned his head slightly, scratching his chin on the ground gentle before lifting his great head and dropping it on Shanith's playfully. You should not pick on your tiny rider, you know they are fragile., he told her, amusement in his tone.

N'kal had lifted a brow again, watching Shanith nudge her rider forward, and couldn't help but ask, "Why does she keep doing that?" It was as funny to him as it was to Torath, so there was amusement in his tone. He knew most riders and dragons interacted the same way, but Shanith seemed adamant that her rider be shoved forward, towards him. He was just slightly curious about that, considering he didn't know either of them at all. He really needed to be out and about more. Yes. You do., Torath told him quietly. As I often try to tell you. 'Yes I quiet you...and quit gettin' cozy with Shanith...', N'kal answered, half in amusement, half in annoyance. The great beast of a dragon was forever trying to get him to be more social then he was comfortable with. He was perfectly fine spending his time in his hut...far away from the rest of the weyr. Yet you are lonely..., Torath pointed out quietly as he nuzzle Shanith purposefully because N'kal told him not to.

He glared at Torath slightly, looking past R'ana to do so then focused d on her again when she spoke. He gave a sigh and shrugged slightly in response. "Life has been exceptionally unkind to her since we arrived. I continue to hope her mind will be at ease and that she and Nirinath can once again regain some control over the weyr.", he offered quietly. "There are too few who care for the woman, and though I would not consider us friends, I hold a respect for her that most do not, nor do they understand. It makes me..hmm..glad I suppose, that you wanted to try and brighten her day, most simply dismiss her.", his tone had turned a bit stern, even though he wasn't certain why. Torath rumbled at him but made no comment on his rider's emotion regarding the crazy lady and her dragon. It had always been that way, since things first settled around them. Whenever someone spoke out against the woman, N'kal and Torath were among those to defend her, crazy or not, so there really wasn't anything to say on the matter that hadn't been said in the past. N'kal thought over the younger rider's words, she seemed surprisingly intelligent for a green rider, something that was fairly uncommon in his opinion. He couldn't say he blamed her for not trusting her superiors, they usually only had their own interests in mind.

When R'ana answered his inquiry on D'ren he grunted, fearing as much. HE hoped the man made a steady recovery, but was afraid they would be stuck with S'kef until someone knocked him out of rank, which needed to happen sooner, rather than later. It could easily be us who tears him from his position., Torath said with a slight growl to his voice. N'kal shot him a look that was both surprised and annoyed, it was rare that Torath spoke up about such matters and it proved to N'kal how very unhappy the bronze was, being beneath a brown. 'It is not for us to lead.', he answered sternly. Torath left it alone, knowing that tone all too well and instead prodded at Shanith. Humans are so fussy..., he said to her absently. N'kal, having ended the leadership conversation a bit tersely with Torath sighed and gave the young woman a grunt before replying. "Trust me...You will not find any argument here. I stay as far away from politics as I can get, considering Torath is a bronze." He knew Torath was right, but he had never wanted anything to do with leading, he didn't care for how people used one another to get higher ranks or get things they wanted. He didn't like the whole business of politics, not one bit, even if he sometimes felt he could do better.

When R'ana brought the conversation around to Torath, he smiled gently, instantly relaxing. Definitely a smarter green rider then most. "Yes, he does fly very well, exceptionally fast for his size and he likes to show it off." Torath perked up, forgetting his sour mood with his rider, crooning deeply at both humans at the compliments from both. Please inform R'ana that I appreciate the compliment., he said with a bit more cheer in his voice then before. N'kal grinned at him and looked to R'ana, still grinning. "Torath wishes to thank you for the compliment."
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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Shanith gently nosed Torath back and R'ana arched a brow.  Shanith was a fairly cuddly green though, so she shrugged it off.  One of us has to be cuddly.  You are too happy pretending you don't need other humans to give into the urge to be close so I must.

R'ana felt her lips quirk into a smile.  I doubt it's much of a sacrifice.  The green nudged up at him and settled to relax a moment.  She let her tail flicker as she watched their humans.  I pick on her carefully.  I know she's fragile, but my picking on her gives her something to think about other than how scared she is.  Everything happening has her scared, so I pick on her to take her mind off being afraid.

When Torath nuzzled her, Shanith daintily nuzzled back.  I'm not the only one who picks on their rider.  Her tone was light and amused, the green relaxing in the spot she had picked out for herself.  She didn't understand why R'ana was so adament she didn't need to share her personal space with others, snuggling was nice. 

R'ana blinked at the question.  "The first few times, she thought I was playing hide and seek and you didn't want to play.  Now she thinks I need to be more social and this opportunity dropped into my lap."  She shrugged a bit. 

She looked to him, listening to his words on Tsuen.  His stern tone made her look down and shuffle her feet but she looked up.  "I won't ever try to harm Tsuen.  We owe her too much." 

Shanith relaxed as the topic shifted from politics.  She told Torath quietly, Looks like our riders have something in common.  R'ana would rather sit and be quiet than do anything else.  She curled up against the larger bronze, ignoring R'ana asking her to stop cuddling with him, please?

"No problem."  A smile touched her lips and she decided to ignore her greens behavior.  "She's a cuddly green.  I'm sorry."  Well she'd ignore it after she apologized.  She looked at him and added, "I can imagine.  It's rare for a bronze to have speed, normally that's a green or blue."  She looked down and thought then said, "Shanith's fast in the air but where she shines is manuverability.  I think cause she's longer than most dragons for her height.  She can turn on a mark and give you change." 

The dragon in question preened and crooned, happy with the compliment.  R'ana laughed, unable to help it as the green made a show of her happiness, covering her mouth with her hand at the sound.  Had that been her? 

She looked down again, controlling her amusement.  "I'm sorry, I don't spend alot of time around people.  Normally hole up in my hut with my little hobbies and call it even.  Shanith's the warm hearted people lover."

Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Torath rumbled, perfectly content to be snuggled up with Shanith at the moment. Most times bronze dragons found greens to be beneath them, not Torath. Green dragons, though even he had to admit some were dumber then rocks, were a great deal of fun and loving. Two things Torath himself were fond of at least trying to be. Most would likely consider him strange for a bronze, given the company he did and did not keep, but then one had to look at his rider and see the same of him.

Torath watched Shanith as he moved slightly, shifting to more comfortably cuddle with the little green beside him. Indeed., he said slowly. That is good then, to pick on her. Keep her focused on other things. Humans scare easily, if N'kal is scared though, it would be enough to scare me too, as he is not afraid of much. He watched his rider a moment before giving a huff of air in his direction then settled himself again, one eye watching Shanith. Of course not! N'kal needs to be picked on to remind him he still has a sense of humor!, he responded, all too amused by his own logic. His rider was a horrible grumpy person most days, and lately it was a great deal worse. It bothered the bronze greatly, so like Shanith, he picked at, poked at, and pestered his rider to no end to try and keep things in a lighter mood.

N'kal grinned a bit as R'ana explained her greens actions. He looked past her to both their dragons, snuggled up and happy, and probably more amused then either of them had the right to be. I have every right to be amused thank you very much!, Torath protested lazily. "Indeed", he said to her once his dark gaze was on her face again. "Sadly I can not remember the last time I played hide and seek...or any other game for that matter. Torath likes to play though and I am sure he would love to play hide and seek with her if she ever wanted too.", he said with a grin then said, "I understand that. Torath seems to feel I need to be more involved with people. Personally I like my hut...the walls are very..wall like."

When R'ana looked down and spoke of not hurting Tsuen he sighed softly. "Look, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so gruff about it..I am glad I am not the only one who understands what she did for us. People don't like her, and I understand she is a bit...not there all the time, but had she not kept us here we would have all died." His eyes went to Torath and Shanith and he frowned a bit then pushed the sad thoughts away when Torath touched his mind gently. Indeed, he offered quietly to Shanith when she mentioned the rider's mutual dislike of politics. N'kal could easily be proactive and become a leader, but chooses not too. I do not know why.

He grinned again and waved a quick dismissive hand. "No apology needed, Torath is fairly cuddly himself." He continued to smile at the woman as she spoke of Shanith's abilities and nodded. "Indeed I have seen her in the sky before. Torath can't quite turn on a mark, but he is easily able to out fly even bigger bronzes and can make some pretty tight turns when need be." He said, pride in his voice even when Torath fussed at him. You barely let me fly at all...., Torath snorted at him a touch grumpily. 'You get plenty of fly time..', he answered, undisturbed by his dragons annoyance. Which was about half true, on a good day. He tended to monitor how often he flew until Torath simply ignored him if he was feeling particularly needy. Outside of chasing females, he and Torath flew almost daily, so he felt Torath's complaint wasn't entirely correct, because he indeed, flew a great deal.

Fussy or not Torath gave a cheerful bugle along with Shanith as their riders complimented their flying abilities. He may might fly females often, but he lifted his head a bit, proud of himself for the fact he was an exceptional flying bronze.

At R'ana's next words he gave a grunt. "I'd stay in my hut all the time if Torath didn't try to tear it down every time he feels I am becoming a hermit, so do not feel bad." Torath gave N'kal a smug look, thumped his tail heavily on the ground and as a human child would do to their parent, stuck his tongue out, then gave a rumble that sounded as close to laughter as a dragon could get. N'kal rolled his eyes and shook his head, amused at Torath's behavior.


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Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Shanith was happy to cuddle agaisnt Torath.  Other dragons were warmer even than the sun and c as it made R'ana crazy, she enjoyed closeness with them.  She knew it was something her rider would likely barely ever understand.  the woman she'd chosen seemed to have been born without the need for closeness with others.  Shanith shrugged to herself.  R'ana could suck it up.  It wasn't like Torath objected!

She listened to Torath and replied quietly, He doesn't seem so grumpy with mine.  She thought.  Then again she probably wouldn't notice if he was.  We should get them to hang out together more often!  She was careful to hide that thought from her rider.  R'ana would counter her plans if she heard of them!  And probably fuss all the while. 

Meanwhile the green rider was thinking of N'kal's words and reached out to touch his shoulder.  She spoke only half in jest.  "It's too late to apologize!  I've already forgiven you."  Her words were teasing but her eyes were serious.

Teh dragons were still preening, drawing humor to her eyes and making her shake her head.  Shanith got called pretty so seldom that R'ana tended to let her joy at being given a compliment, any compliment, shine unabated and undimmed.  She petted her nose softly, feeling her happiness and said to her, I keep forgetting to tell you you're wonderful sometimes, don't I?  The dragon nimply blew air over her head and sent a feeling of warmth and care.

She looked down though and spoke softly.  "I play chess about once a week, but normally don't play unless Shanith decides I must.  She says that the chess games don't count."  Damn right they don't count!  You just sit still and think!  Playing should make you laugh not be serious and boring! 

She looked at her dragon warily as Shanith continued brightly.  Hide and go seek could be fun!  I'll hide you and they can find you!  I know all kinds of places where I can hide you!

"NO!"  R'ana folded her arms and glared up at her green.  It was rude to N'kal but she knew the green well enough to know that certain things should be nipped in the bud!  This was one of them.  What if Shanith decided to stuf Ravana in someone else's hut, or in a box or closet or...

She decided to cut Shanith off at the pass and spoke to N'kal.  "If you like, you're welcome to swing by my hut sometime.  You can sit and relax on the porch chairs and you don't have to talk if you don't want to.  And you'll be with someone, so Torath might just leave you alone while you do it."  Humor touched her owrds at the last words and she said, "Usually I don't get guests, aside from my daughter and my fosterling, so my hut's usually a safe haven and a very quiet place." 

She'd wanted to build far far away from Katila but that had been frowned on and she had built within the weyr boundries but as far away as she could possibly get from Katila proper and still be within the rules that dragonriders had to make homes in the weyr.  It made for seclusion that suited her.

Re: Furtive Gift [N'kal]
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Torath gave a bit of a rumble, something close to laughter for the bronze, which of course brought the attention of his rider. Dare I ask what that is all about? In answer he received no answer, but to Shanith he said, I think that would be a wonderful idea!, and nuzzled her for that wonderful idea.

At R'ana's light touch to his shoulder and her kind words N'kal couldn't help but return the smile, small though it was. He nodded slightly and said, "Alright then.", and left it at that. What was done was done, no use going back to it repeatedly, and the look in her eyes said as much. She went on to state, in answer to his comment of not playing, that she played chess and how Shanith said it didn't count. He gave a bit of a laugh and said, "I think I would have to agree with her. Play should not need to be thought about I think, and chess is painful to one's brain." Yes because you're an expert at playing.., Torath offered, amused. N'kal gave his dragon a stare then lifted a brow at R'ana's outburst of no then glared at her dragon.

N'kal knew all too well how those conversations could go, between dragon and rider, especially when it was enough to make one speak out at same dragon. "Do I want to know what she said?" He was amused and a smile continued to play on his lips as he watched the two of them.

R'ana's invitation gave him pause, brow lifting slightly. He eyed the dragons and of course Torath's great head was lifted, one swirling eye watching him. He narrowed his eyes faintly at the bronze then looked back down at the woman before him. " very kind of you, though I would not wish to intrude. My hut is generally quiet as well, no one wants to visit the grouchy bronzerider.", he said that last bit with humor and with a grin. It was the truth, although he supposed he didn't have to be grouchy all the time, and really wasn't. He just had the appearance of being so, which lead most people to thankfully, leave him in peace. So you can be lost in your own miserable thoughts? I think you need to visit with Shanith's rider. It would be good for you., Torath offered, still eyeing him thoughtfully. You would..., was the only reply he gave for the time being.

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She was getting more certain by the moment that Shanith was plotting against her and dragging Torath into it!  Wasn't there some kind of rule about keeping her green from leading the bronzes of the weyr astray?  As in she was supposed to prevent that occurrence?  Except she plainly sucked at it.  Case in point, Berruth, for a little bit Olemuth and Ravana was praying that noone thought to connect Ronarth pulling antics with her green.  What was it about Shanith attracting the great bronzes anywho? 

Ravana snickered.  "And anything much more physical is painful to the body!  Talian was not amused when I put myself in his care over a game of handball  Or flying practice."  She didn't have brown rider M'din's record, but then she was positive that the man wore a sign daring the universe to find new and creative ways to get him hurt.  It was sheer luck the two of them hadn't both wound up in the infirmary at the same time, and thus far, the ones that assigned chores tended to put them on opposite ends of the weyr.

She spoke idly to N'kal.  "Hide and seek.  As in she stuffs me into a hiding place and gets someone else to find me."  She shook her head.  "It looks like I need to find a way to play that satisfies her requirement of not making her head hurt and mine of not making my body hurt."  She hmmed softly, then looked to him.  "Any ideas?" 

She was certainly open to them!  She looked to him after he spoke of the invite and offered a smile.  "I'll come and visit sometime, maybe even bring 'rani.  I hear Torath adores children and it'll do her good to spend time around dragons that aren't Shanith." 

A smile touched Ravana's eyes as she reached to pet her green, eyeing her as she nuzzled Torath.  She certainly hoped there wasn't a chance he'd fly her dragon.  Torath deserved to find a nice gold and make lots of clutches.  he'd enjoy guiding the dragonets along and being a father. 


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