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Pride Goeth [B'run]
« on: 28 Apr 2013 at 10:32 AM »
They said tactics was immediate planning for the immediate problem, while strategy was the plans you laid before a battle.  Ravana brought the same focus to planning to oil and bathe Shanith as she did to the chess matches she played with whoever sat across a chessboard from her. 

The plan she laid for bathing and oiling her dragon seldom worked for longer than half way through Shanith's bath.  The fact was the dragon tended to hate sitting still, or standing still, especially when there was water to be played in!  Add that to the fact that Ravana didn't think well on her feet, and Shanith did think very well on her feet, plus knew the plans laid as well as Ravana meant bathing the green was at best an exercise in Dunk-the-Rider and at worst a battle of wills between the pair.  Oiling was even worse, but it needed to be done.

Stubborn often wondered why Shanith kicked up such a fuss when it was time to be bathed and oiled.  The firelizard liked being bathed and oiled, and otherwise pampered.  As Ravana was knocked back into the water and came up swearing, Stubborn wondered why on earth the green rider didn't simply ask a bronze to order Shanith to hold still. 

The dragon settled after dunking Ravana for a fourth time when she had twitched her tail and collided with the rider's legs.  She tried to hold still as Ravana scrubbed her side, she did.  But the water was so nice and cool and she wanted to play.  Except she had just played, but she wanted to play more!  Sensing her direction of thouoght, Ravana murmured to her trying to distract her from thoughts of playing and swimming and flying.

A glare at Shanith when she twitched held her still for all of ten more minutes, Ravana adeptly scrubbing her side when the dragon saw something and took off, once again dunking her rider into the water.  "Shanith, get back here, you oversized wherry!"  Shanith looked at her and plainly decided to ignore her for chasing the unfortunate firelizard that was hunting for dinner over the lake. 

Frustrated, Ravana waded to shore and settled on the beach to wait for her dragon.  She should have asked for help but she was paranoid of seeing B'run seeing her looking like a drowned rat and...a rider was supposed to be able to bathe and oil their dragon without all this chaos!  It wasn't like Shanith was a big green.  In fact, for her length she was under tall! 

Stubborn decided to go get help.  As amusing as this was, the little gold wouldn't be bathed today until after Shanith was bathed and oiled, and the green was being exceptionally difficult about it today.  Stubborn wanted her bath and the only way to get it was to seek out help. 

She sought out the one who made hers go soft, and popped between in front of him and sending him image after image of Ravana getting dunked in the lake by a Shanith who just couldn't hold still.  She had been dunked five times already, held under water once by accident, and tripped three times.  Entreaty came from the lizard, as she begged him for his help in getting the green clean and and soft so she could be bathed also.
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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #1 on: 13 May 2013 at 06:40 PM »
B'run choked on his smoke.

Coughing up great clouds of the stuff he slapped his own chest, desperately trying to regain air. Lovely, wrapped around his neck, sneezed and took to the air. Convinced he was going to get another scolding for smoking B'run snuffed the cigar on a patch of leather on his belt and slid it into a pouch for later consumption. Red eyes sought out Stubborn and he tilted his head at the images, chuckling as they were sent in turn. Smoke trickled out of his nose and he nodded, rising up. "Yeh, yeh. I'll help. C'mon, everyone." His fair soared into the air around him, all green and the single gold. Lovely soon settled back down around his neck and Ali clung to his belt as he headed towards the waiting Olemuth.

A hop Between and B'run was raising a brow at Ravana's flustered appearance. "Problems?" He slid off Olemuth and pulled the straps off the bronze, letting him crash into the lake and glide to a stop, bugling at Shanith to come swim with him. Lovely, Hush and Ali took to the air and joined the dragons, though Brat claimed B'run's open shoulders as soon as she could. B'run made no effort to hide the fact that he'd been smoking. He shouldn't have to. The scent clung to his clothes. And, he knew, that the baby wasn't around so he hadn't broken any rules on smoking. Just that his small army of women didn't approve of it.

"Stubborn said you could use a hand," he offered claiming a seat beside her and, in no way, insisting they get to tackling the endless chore that was bathing Shanith. It'd give them time to let Olemuth lure her out and give the dragons a chance to speak before they tried again... With Olemuth's assistance. The bronze needed a bath anyway and B'run was more than willing to double up on the chore. "I'll 'elp you with 'er if'n you 'elp me with 'im?"


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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #2 on: 17 May 2013 at 08:34 PM »
Stubborn whirled in front of her and Ravana tipped her head.  "Do I want to know why you're so smu..."  She looked to B'run and blushed brightly.  She looked like a drowned rat and...there was nothing she could do about it now.  "Yeah.  Long little greens that won't hold still.  I'm taking a break so I don't lose my temper with her."

Olemuth hit the lake and Shanith gave a joyous bugle.  As she felt her dragons sheer joy, the temper faded from Ravana and she sighed and yielded a bit, reaching to take B'run's hand and leaned into him.  She smelled smoke, not telling him she was growing to find it an almost reassuring scent and saying instead, "If Jisralna asked, I scolded you."  She let herself lean into him as Shanith warbled and wriggled, overjoyed to swim and play and swin and play with Olemuth. 

"Deal.  Olemuth at least holds still and he even helps a bit!"  The bronze was very good about bathing and while some of his calm had rubbed off on Shanith, the green was still too hyper anytime they got near water.  Ravana relaxed as she watched her play a circle around Olemuth, and spoke again.  "You'd never believe I wore her out before taking us to the lake this morning."

Ravana realized she was leaning into him and blinked.  When had that happened?  It was...okay, wasn't it?  She wasn't pushing or...She forced herself to relax.  B'run liked when she showed him affection.  Worrying was silly.  She laid her hand on his chest, Stubborn playing with Shanith and Olemuth. 

Hi Olemuth!  I'm glad to see you!  She's bathing me, but I keep getting distracted and...oh look!  Hi Stubborn!  Stubborn was promptly splashed, the tiny gold squawking and popping between to hide herself against Ravana and scold the dragon from a safe distance.  The green rider laughed softly, unable to help it, relaxing and no longer thinking she'd failed.  Well, at least the failure didn't look as bad as it had been.

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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #3 on: 27 May 2013 at 10:46 AM »
"Scoldin' of a lifetime. I live in fear an' quake in m'boots. Yer scary when yer angry an' yer finger's like t'fall off from wagglin' at me so much." He grinned and that grin only grew larger when Ravana leaned against him. He tightened his grip in a small hug and kissed the top of her head. He did care about her. He cared about Jisralna, too. And the baby he teasingly called Trundlebug. He cared about them just as he cared about his fair and Olemuth. They were his family, even if it was in a stranger-than-normal fashion.

"Her bein' all go-get-'um only makes her a damn good flier," B'run pointed out with a smile. His smiles were easier to coax out of him when he'd been smoking. He turned and looked out to the lake, watching their pair interact, Olemuth the bastion of calm and Shanith the endless font of excitement. How odd that they were so different yet got along so easily. Perhaps that was why they got along so well.

She does not mind that I am... What do they say? A stick in the mud.
Your only a stick in the mud to those that don't understand not ripping and roaring all the time. Think you can keep her calm enough so we can get her bathed?
Of course.

The bronze touched his nose to Shanith's. They're going to bathe us together. I will take far longer than you. Amusement touched his mind-voice and he crooned at her. If you could let them finish bathing you quickly I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to lie in the sun before it begins to set. He didn't entirely understand why Shanith frustrated everyone around her. If you asked her nicely and explained your reasoning she usually did as she was told. Or at least she did for him. He wasn't going to complain. He liked her and her active ways. She kept him moving and kept his mind active. It was for the best. He didn't need to be growing into an bump on a log.

B'run smiled, knowing very well what had transpired between the two dragons. "Shall we?" He kicked off his boots and stripped down to his clout, offering Ravana his arm as though they were going to a fancy gather instead of bathing two dragons.

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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #4 on: 28 May 2013 at 11:57 PM »
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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #5 on: 01 Jun 2013 at 07:41 PM »
Ravana's laugh had startled her, the second one even more so.  She shook her head at B'run, grinning as she looked up and saw him smiling.  She even laid a kiss on his cheek, relaxing about the contact between them. 

Males needed a manual, though it was reaching the point where she was tempted to find another woman, corral them and pick their brains so she could work out what it was one did to keep a man happy.  At least B'run was easy.  Feed him, give him affection, space when he needed it, and make him smile as often as she could and he was happy.  She found herself wanting to do more and give more though.  It was that which made her feel like she was trying to navigate the jungle blindfolded and without Shanith be her side. 

Ravana nodded a bit.  "It does.  She's a wonder in the air."  She was slowly getting more comfortable in the air again, with the encouragement of her friends.  That sometimes said encouragement took the form of wrestling her into her leathers and aboard a dragon was something she was not going to dwell on.

Olemuth was still as Shanith pranced and danced around him, nuzzling him and twining around him like a cat then letting her joy get the better of her and taking great leaping bounds around the male.  Ravana refused to laugh.  She would have to bathe that soon!

She finally stilled when Olemuth moved, saying, Must I?  But there's so very much water to play in!  She crooned sadly and stayed still.  I'll do my best.  It might be nice laying in the sun with you.  I'm kinda getting tired.  Truthfully it was getting harder to breathe and she was glad of the subtle order that had her holding still.

Ravana eyed her still green, then nodded and looked down at her shirt.  Well, she was already soaked to the skin.  It wasn't like she could get much wetter, right?  She rested her hand on B'runs arm like a proper lady, put on her best Lady Holder airs, and walked with him regally to the lake edge.  "Indeed, we shall."  The whole effect was ruined when she managed to trip over her own feet, or B'run's, she was never sure which.  She got up, brushed sand off herself and took his arm again, acting like she had meant to do that. 

Meanwhile, Shanith had taken Ravana's thoughts of not being able to get any wetter as a challenge too irresistible for her to obey orders.  The green mischievously slipped closer to shore, dancing in her joy at seeing Olemuth again, and dipped a wing in the water.  One deft stroke of her wing later, and both riders were soaked to the skin.  Overjoyed with herself, Shanith bounced back to Olemuth and offered, Bet you can't get a bigger wave than that!  She had tried, so hard, but it seemed she had already forgotten her promise to hold still!

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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #6 on: 08 Jun 2013 at 12:08 PM »
Ravana might have refused to laugh, but B'run was enjoying the show and chuckling happily while he pulled his shirt and vest off and set them on a rock for retrieval later. Boots and pants were next and he waded into the water, doing his best not to chuckle at her tripping and offering her a small kiss on the cheek before he broke apart from her. He was promptly soaked by Shanith's splashing and gave the green a sigh.

Olemuth snorted. Of course I can. The bronze hauled himself up and out of the water, causing it to pour off of him as he rose into the sky. He didn't get very high, simply a good fifteen feet above the water... Before he tucked his wings and dropped, sending the mother of all splashes in every direction and knocking B'run backwards and onto the sand in a rush of waves. The rider coughed and rolled to the side, slapping his chest and trying to regain his breath as the water receded from the beach, leaving a smug looking Olemuth floating idly in the lake.

"Yer tryin' t'kill me, aren't you?" B'run accused, rolling over and charging into the water with a new determination. "Get him, Shanith. Pin 'im down!" He was laughing and enjoying himself despite his dragon's mock attempt to drown him. He dove into the water with a whoop and surfaced closer to the dragons, splashing water at Shanith while he kicked away and waved for Ravana to join them.

He didn't  understand women. He'd given up trying to understand women despite being surrounded by them. Unlike Ravana's attempt to find someone to talk to, B'run had no idea who he was supposed to talk to. All his friends were women or greenriders and he couldn't exactly think of A'liran's advice regarding the female mind to prove worthwhile. Maybe he should go hunt down one of the gold candidates or goldriders. They were so very female that it made his head hurt. He was a man's man and used to living in a man's world. Delicate women were not something the bronzerider was prepared to handle. Yet, somehow, he handled Jisralna well enough. And Berani. And Trundlebug. Ravana wasn't so effeminate that he had to pause before he interacted with her. In an odd way she was seen on some other level. Not quite Male but not entirely Female. He wasn't sure if it was the fact that she wore pants or if it was because she rode a green and was, thus, on some level above the average woman. He didn't try to understand it, he just brushed it aside and went on with life.


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Re: Pride Goeth [B'run]
« Reply #7 on: 16 Jun 2013 at 10:49 PM »
Ravana had just enough time to realize that she and B'run had wound up in the crossfire of a draconic water fight and they really should get out of the way before water bowled her top over tea kettle.  She sat up, drenched and sputtering, completely unaware her shirt was now clinging to her in ways that should have left her blushing...and would have had she been aware of them.

And in a way that was the difference between her and most women.  Riding green tended to make her forget she was female, and eliminated any tendencies she had to act female, most of the time anyways.  When she did start feeling female it more often than not left her feeling confused and wondering what on earth was wrong with her until it passed.

Shanith dove, and came up from the water in a leap that covered both riders with water...and landed her on top of Olemuth.  Bugling and trumpeting her glee, she promptly tried to dunk him, forgetting she was only slightly more than half of the bronze's size. 

Ravana gave up on staying dry and paddled out to both dragon, nad B'run.  Deciding she couldn't get Olemuth much wetter than he was, and any attempt to soak Shanith would be blocked by the mind reading green, she went for the next best thing.  His rider.

Diving under the water herself, she snuck up behind Brun, wrapped arms around his middle and did her best to sink him.  She let go then and surfaced whether or not she'd succeed with an impish grin and a laugh, saying, "Tag!  You're it!"  Then she would start swimming fast around the playing dragons, hoping to put them between her and any retaliation. 


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