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Damage Control [A'liran]
« on: 05 May 2013 at 10:35 PM »
The moment of relief that had resulted from Isscer’s successful persuasion was short-lived. A’liran had stormed off, and Isscer had reacted in kind. “Wait!” The Farmcrafter had shouted, shoving his way through the crowd that had gathered in pursuit of the rebellious greenrider. He had only mentioned it because he valued A’liran as a friend--as a sympathetic person in a sea of people who hated the Northerners. Isscer had not wanted him to be hurt; such depth of feeling was a rare occurrence and had been since being Stolen, but no amount of pretending to be indifferent could squelch out something as powerful as emotion.

“Would you slow down, man!” Never mind the fact that the greenrider was older than him (although he still looked quite young)--Isscer was irritated by the huffy greenrider’s attitude and complete lack of gratitude. Titles were irrelevant now, though he was the sort to be a stickler for them normally. “Do you want S’kef to execute you too? Wasn’t one thrashing enough?” Isscer remembered witnessing that--it had been meant to serve as a lesson, but apparently A’liran hadn’t learned a thing.

Isscer laughed then, a wry humorless thing, throwing his hands up in exasperation as he trotted along to catch up with the greenrider who had a bit of a head start. “You’re a fucking idiot, you know that?” He was well and truly done; whatever attempt he had wanted to make to calmly confront A’liran was long since out of the picture. “You’re going to get yourself killed one of these days.”

In truth Isscer was angry because he was hurt; he did not understand why A’liran would very nearly hit him when he was trying to help, least of all because he considered A’liran a friend when there was no one else. Perhaps they were not the best of friends, as their duties typically took them in different circles, but Isscer valued him because he understood. That was enough to make the standoffish Farmcrafter raise his voice when he normally would not, for a greenrider even!
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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #1 on: 06 May 2013 at 09:10 PM »
A'liran stalked away from the spectacle, chest heaving and nostrils flaring with barely-contained rage. He was positively furious, not only at the 'Weyrleader' for his unprecedented cruelty, for at the crowd for just standing there. How could no one raise their voice? How could they just watched while one of their own was murdered, even if he was a good-for-nothing asshole bronzerider? How? Was there no sense of kinship or justice? Were they all that scared? Or were they all just bloodthirsty, clawing for whatever vengeance they could get? Was close more important than morality?

He walked until he came to the edge of the square, head spinning and vision blurred with raw anger. He snapped a harsh response to the young man who'd trailed him, spinning around and setting vicious eyes on the young man for a split second before his expression softened. "Because...!" A'liran growled, shaking his head in a fit of immature denial, "I just...! Someone had to! Everyone was just fucking staring!" he protested, waving one hand towards the crowd, fingers twitching and trembling so badly that he pulled it back and crossed both arms across his chest instead.

He sighed and looked at his feet. Lump and  Bastard appeared close by, perching hesitantly on the roof of the nearest building. Lump chirped, obviously interested in going to comfort Ali, but Bastard gave him a light prod with his nose, encouraging him to wait a moment. In the back of A'liran's mind, he could feel Astoreth similarly holding her breath.

The greenrider rubbed his eyes for a moment. "Look, I'm sorry. For yelling, I mean." And for raising his fist, but he didn't say it out loud, mostly because that would require acknowledging that he'd actually done such an awful thing. "I'm just over this. I'm over all of this shit." He glanced back to the square and watched with a lump in his throat as Tyrrisath took off. He cut his eyes away and motioned for Isscer to come closer. "Let's get out of here...Ast is about to go mental..."
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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #2 on: 06 May 2013 at 09:56 PM »
For a long, tense moment Isscer stared at A'liran, face frozen into an impassive mask. He wasn't afraid, but he was resigned to his fate--if A'liran wanted to hit him, then there was no point in fighting it. Of course, it would completely change his opinion of the greenrider; Isscer was slow to forgive, and he would probably always resent Indivara for hitting him. His heart thundered in his ears, breath held tightly between his clenched teeth as he waited for the punch that had nearly happened earlier.

It never came.

A'liran was ranting, but the moment had passed. The breath Isscer had been holding was expelled, whistling slightly through his teeth. The greenrider similarly seemed to deflate, and Isscer was finally able to breathe. He forced a smile, but it didn't meet his eyes; the tone was quiet but strained as he said dismissively, "It's fine." It was far from fine, but Isscer wasn't going to irritate the issue further. "You're not the first to want to hit me, or to even do so." The Farmcrafter nearly scowled at the allusion to Indivara, but tamped down on the urge.

At A'liran's gesture for him to come closer, Isscer took a step forward after a scant moment's hesitation. The increasingly familiar pressure of claws settling on his left shoulder announced Edik's arrival--at some point during the altercation earlier he had blinked between. The brown, sensing Isscer's fading anger and increasing sense of despair, nuzzled at the Farmcrafter's ear, chirping quietly. Callused fingers brushed down the brown's neck for a moment before Isscer's hand fell back to his side.

"I need a drink." He shot A'liran a look and added, "So do you. Do you want to go see to her first?" He meant Astoreth, but was at present still uncomfortable mentioning the green by name. He was uncomfortable around most dragons, and avoided being around them directly to the point of sheer foolishness. "I'm sure you frightened her."


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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #3 on: 07 May 2013 at 06:28 PM »
A'liran didn't even bother to bite back his groan. "I don't hit defenseless people," he pointed out, his tone curt and sharp, but not unkind. It was just his constant state of being. "I was expecting to turn around and see some asshole bluerider or something." It wasn't the best excuse, but it was his excuse. He wasn't going to hit a kid who was just trying to help, no matter how damn frustrated he was. He cursed again and squeezed himself tighter, increasingly self-conscious of how he'd lost his temper, which of course only made him more frustrated.

"Nah...Ast will be fine," A'liran murmured, though he wasn't actually sure. He could sense her overhead, circling anxiously. The green dragon swooped low and settled on the same building as the little fire lizards, both of whom chittered anxiously. Lump flew to her, settling on her snout and pawing sweetly at her, trying to soothe her. Bastard instead moved to A'liran, landing on his shoulder and nuzzling his cheek.

Crucluith! the green whined. Then, she threw her head back and let out a droning death keen. A'liran felt his heart splash in his guts and his face go pale. Lump screeched, dislodged from his roost, and landed instead on her back. He too began to cry pitifully, his tiny voice rising up to meet hundreds of others as they mourned.

Ali scowled. "A drink. Yeah...let's do that," he said, lip twitching anxiously. He offered a sad, ineffective smile to Isscer before sighing and turning to head towards the kitchens. He had no desire to be near this terrible spectacle any longer. Already he felt like the sound would drive him mad.

"I wouldn't have hit you," he asserted again as he walked, still hugging himself. It was his roundabout way of apologizing.

Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #4 on: 14 May 2013 at 12:00 PM »
Isscer personally doubted A'liran's assertion that Astoreth would be fine; her Bonded had nearly attracted the attention of S'kef, who was known to be brutal when he took the notion. The Farmcrafter figured that would be enough to ruffle the feathers of anyone, but especially the dragon since there was the mind-link between dragon and rider. Still, Isscer only nodded--he didn't know the first thing about dragons and had no desire to do so.

The overwhelming feeling of despair intensified when the dragons--and Edik, perched on Isscer's shoulder--began the death keening for the executed bronzepair. If S'kef (and the Weyr) could execute a bronze and his rider, Isscer shuddered to think of what would happen if a greenrider or Candidate attracted the attention of the mob. Perhaps that was why he had been so afraid for A'liran, frightened that someone would turn their attention to the greenrider and then finagle it so something bad would happen. He had already been lashed once, and Isscer did not believe in third chances.

"I know," Isscer said, mouth curling into a sad smile to match A'liran's. "I believe you." In truth he hadn't known, but a part of him had wanted it to happen if only as a means to calm A'liran down faster. A part of him believed that the greenrider spoke true, but everyone had their breaking points--it was just that A'liran's hadn't been just then.

At least in the kitchens the noise was deafened somewhat. Isscer managed to procure a skin of wine from a drudge as well as two glasses before he made his way back to A'liran. "You look positively green," he observed, not aware that there was a potential joke there, expression serious. "Do you want something to eat as well?" It was a distraction technique, as Isscer was hoping to avoid discussion about his life and the recent Hatching by keeping the focus on A'liran. "Perhaps just sitting down will do you good."


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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #5 on: 15 May 2013 at 10:36 PM »
The walk to the kitchens gave A'liran some time to brood about the situation without having to actually talk about it. He was bothered by Astoreth's distress, the actual act of the execution, and even his own behavior. As annoyed as he was, Isscer was right; that could have very easily turned ugly, and he was lucky that he got out of there without managing to make too much of a fuss. The situation could have escalated, and who knew what would have happened at that point.

Ali didn't like thinking about mortality, his own or anyone else's.

"Sitting is good, food is not," he announced as he flopped into a seat, taking a moment to rub his forehead and catch his breath. His stomach was already queasy from the day's events and his own recent thoughts. The last thing he needed to do was drop some food on top of it. He frowned for a second, then looked back at Isscer. "..Thanks for the offer though," he murmured, trying to take the edge off of his voice. He realized that his hands were still shaking and groaned.

He gratefully accepted the glass of wine and took a short sip. "This isn't how dragonriders are supposed to act."

Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #6 on: 16 May 2013 at 11:19 AM »
Isscer took a seat beside A'liran, shoulders slumping in tired defeat as he allowed some of the tension to ebb away. The sounds of dragon keening could still be heard, but it was deafened by the walls; Isscer was glad for it, as the sound made him feel considerably more ill-at-ease than he usually was. Perhaps it was the spirit of the execution, but Isscer rolled his eyes at A'liran's comment. A wry, disdainful laugh bubbled up in his throat, spilling forth, and Isscer shook his head.

"Tell that to the greenrider ass who Stole me." Isscer's mouth twisted into a fierce scowl, and he shot A'liran a glance. "You can say all you want about how 'that isn't how a dragonrider is supposed to act', but in my experience they tend to vary." Tsuen was downright crazy, S'kef was cruel, A'liran seemed to be a nice guy but he was one of the few that Isscer would tolerate. "I'm sorry, but I have a hard time being sympathetic for the ones who allowed people like me to be stolen from our homes and lives."

If his mood wasn't soured before, it certainly would have been soured now. Isscer took another large gulp of wine before he was looking A'liran over curiously. "You're just lucky you were never a searchrider--I honestly don't know how they could stand doing that."


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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #7 on: 18 May 2013 at 06:45 PM »
"Well no shit," A'liran bristled. "That's where the word supposed comes from." He was in a foul mood, but this still wasn't so out of character. He was upset enough without Astoreth's horror ringing in his ears and gut, but he hardly needed a reminder now that a good fifty percent of his supposed comrades were total assholes. He frowned sharply and threw back his drink, finishing off a good bit of it in one long gulp before sticking his tongue out in distaste. What bad wine. It must have been a bad press or something. Gross. He drank the rest of it anyway.

"The offer still stands, you know. Point me to the asshole and I'll deck him for you," he said. That was the only solution or help he could really offer Isscer in that situation. Ali couldn't take him home or undo what had been done, but he could sure as hell punch the nose that did it. Ali hated the searchriders, spurred by both disagreements in opinion and his hatred of one in particular (I'shan), but he could easily overlook how many of them had been forced to search and attack them for what they symbolized. Stupid assholes!

"Ast doesn't have it in her to search," A'iran went on, his mood settling a bit. "She doesn't have the eye for it.  Most of them are blues," he said. "....And rumor has it that most of the searchriders were forced. Threatened and whatnot, though I figure the harping on about the extinction of dragons would be enough to scare some of them into thinking it necessary. I don't get why we didn't go the fuck home and do it the right way."

He sneered. "Oh yeah..Tsuen is a crazy cunt, that's why!"

He pushed the glass away in a huff, then slumped in his seat once more. Astoreth was so upset, he was getting a terrible headache. His head throbbed and his stomach churned. He wound up leaning forward, burying his face in his hands. "I'm sorry, baby girl.." he groaned.

Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #8 on: 14 Jun 2013 at 03:53 PM »
Isscer shook his head at the offer to find the greenrider and sock him one; if he had wanted that, he would have done it himself long ago back when he was fresh to Katila. Of course, this was when he was young, angry, and stupid; Isscer liked to think that he had matured somewhat in the six Turns he had been in the South. "It's not worth it now, just... frustrating, for the lack of a better term."

Noticing A'liran's grimace, Isscer raised the glass and sniffed at the wine, eventually taking a sip and promptly putting it down. Southern wine left much to be desired, the same as everything (or so he thought), so he wasn't about to subject himself to bad wine. "And yet they seemed to get such pleasure from it," Isscer quipped, one eyebrow raising as he regarded the greenrider. "Tsuen may have forced them to do it, but that still doesn't make it right."

Isscer was, of course, incredibly biased. While a normal person might have been able to sympathize with the forced searchriders, the Farmcrafter could no easier put aside his prejudices than he could quit breathing. Being Stolen had affected him in more ways than he could count, and he would resent the Katilans for quite some time. But something was wrong, and he wasn't necessarily the kind of person to kick a person when they were down. "A'liran?" There was a note of concern there,  Isscer's face pinched into a worried look, a shift of a hand on the table-top as if he wanted to settle the hand on the greenrider's arm but was afraid to try it. "Do you... want me to walk you back to your hut? You don't look well."


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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #9 on: 18 Jun 2013 at 08:13 PM »
Isscer was preaching to the choir, but the irritably greenrider knew he didn't have to point that out. Iisscer knew by now that A'liran was totally on his side, and A'liran knew that it was like to be pissed off and just need to spew it at anyone who would listen. He did it on a regular basis, if not to one of his friends than to Astoreth. Venting was therapeutic. So instead of rebutting, he just nodded, his sour expression lingering as he sipped away at the wine.

That is, until Astoreth's distress reached him. He hissed and pitched forward, only distantly aware of Isscer's offer. "...Nah...I'm fine..." he said with a grunt. He reached out to Astoreth, trying to reassure and comfort her as the keening picked up. He could hear the sound now, and even hear his own little fire lizards joining in, their tiny voices just as haunting and sad as those of their larger cousins.

"This is sick," A'liran declared, nostrils flaring and stomach heaving with disgust. He composed himself after a few long seconds, though the feeling of dread and anguish still lingered in his dragon, washing over to him and filling him with the same contempt. He scowled, but still managed to spare a thankful glance for Isscer. "..Thanks, though. I'm fine...she's just...she's upset," he said. 'And it's making me freak out a little." He shook his head a bit, trying to ground himself.

Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #10 on: 25 Jun 2013 at 05:22 PM »
The sound pounded on the walls of the Dining Hall, and Isscer's face had paled considerably as he watched A'liran. He was worried, of course he was, but had never felt so useless in all his life. He could only watch with a panicked expression as the greenrider shifted, lurching forward and curling in on himself in reaction to the execution. Dimly, Isscer realized his hands were twisting together in his lap, and if he thought he could have withstood it, he would have touched A'liran.

A part of him was afraid of A'liran's emotions affecting him, or more importantly, of Astoreth's emotions affecting him. It was enough to stay his hand, as it was--Isscer was still afraid of dragons, even if he knew Astoreth and didn't think she was horrible (despite being a green). The grateful look A'liran shot him served to calm Isscer somewhat, and he forced  what he hoped was a reassuring smile in response.

"It's understandable," he said, nodding, not sure what else he could say. Isscer knew that to say 'I understand' was a lie; he had no idea what sharing emotions (sharing a mind) was like, and had no desire to do so. "It will pass with time, A'liran." Perhaps, but knowing the greenrider, Isscer figured that A'liran would never let it go.


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Re: Damage Control [A'liran]
« Reply #11 on: 19 May 2018 at 04:55 AM »
A'liran didn't even bother to bite back his groan. "I don't hit defenseless people," he pointed out, his tone curt and sharp, but not unkind. It was just his constant state of being. "I was expecting to turn around and see some asshole bluerider or something." It wasn't the best excuse, but it was his excuse. He wasn't going to hit a kid who was just trying to help, no matter how damn frustrated he was. He cursed again and squeezed himself tighter, increasingly self-conscious of how he'd lost his temper, which of course only made him more frustrated.


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