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Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« on: 20 May 2013 at 02:14 AM »
A little to the left. No, your other left. Right th--no, up a bit. The green shifted restlessly, barely suppressing the urge to move herself instead of attempting to give T'rielle directions to find her itchy spots--the few that actually showed signs of flakiness were easy enough, but being a particularly touchy dragon every once in a while the green insisted on T'rielle getting every tiny little itchy spot, whether flaking or not. He didn't mind so much, really, if only because it was a relatively mindless activity--particularly when Caxith took matters into her own hands and he could just follow orders. She twitched again, tail swaying in the shallow water of the lake and T'rielle paused in his ministrations at the dragon's shoulder with a raised eyebrow. Don't stop!

"Then stop moving," he said with an amused chuckle. "I can't find anything if you don't sit still." To which she just mumbled discontentedly, but settled down after a moment of shifting to let T'rielle finish his scrubbing. It was with a sigh of relief a good while later that he took a step back and sent the green into the water to rinse off the sand. While he had the chance, T'rielle retreated to a dry patch of ground and sat down. He kept half a mind on the cavorting dragon, but most of his attention was quickly channelled into people-watching. Caxith wasn't actually detrimental to this activity, but she had a tendency to sneak up on him and do something embarassing when he got really into it. So, better take the chance while she was otherwise occupied and temporarily unable to wreak havoc.

It was incredibly easy, he thought, to forget everything that had happened if he let himself. It wasn't so much that he needed the escape, because by and large there hadn't been a whole lot of effect on him. Things changed, sure, but that was kind of a part of life, in his opinion, and he did his best not to let things get to him too much if there wasn't anything he could do about it. He left the pointless posturing up to Caxith, because she seemed to enjoy the reputation boosters. Besides, nobody actually believed said posturing until they saw it (usually mid-feeding). Most of the time the green appeared to be very similar to a giant feline. But...well, nobody could say that she didn't have personality.

There wasn't much he would put before himself--his siblings, for one, and that was only because it had been drilled into his head since he hit puberty. Caxith was another one of those exceptions, and it wasn't because he'd been taught that way. The little green dragonet had wormed her way in and curled herself around his heart.

You wouldn't have it any other way, came the lazy reply, and the greenrider looked up from where he'd been watching a pair of weyrbrats play-wrestling in the shallow water to the green dragon paddling lazily towards the shore. Pushing himself to his feet, he grinned. Of course not. What would I ever do without you? Crooning gently as she levered herself out of the water and shook the excess out of her wings. Be bored out of your mind, of course.

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Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
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Are you going to bathe me today or do I have to do it myself? she asked a bit irritably. B’sen sighed. Its not like she couldn’t do it herself. Well… Mostly herself anyway. I suppose I can do it, he countered just as irritably. He wandered about the hut looking for her riding straps. He frowned when he found them. They were dry and beginning to crack. Useless. With a disgusted grumble he tossed them aside, he’d need to oil the leather before using them again and because her royal highness was badgering him, he didn’t have the time now to do it. I told you weeks ago to do that you know, the green commented dryly having plundered his mind for the memory. He glared his way out the door and towards her. “We’re just going to the lake, its not like I need to have them,” he shot back, “And if you don’t stop mothering me, I’m just going to stay here and let you try to oil yourself.”

Lith growled at her rider as she settled down to allow him to leap to her neck. He was in an awfully foul mood for someone who enjoyed life so much. Awww.. Did that mean ol’ man break up with you? she cooed. She didn’t know it but she was spot on with that snarky tease.  He had, in fact, broken it off with B’sen. B’sen couldn't help it if he had a lot of love to give and the man had gotten a touch annoyed with the amount he had. “Just stuff a sock in it, Lith, would ya?” he growled low.

They winged away from the hut and out towards the lake, and B’sen was once again struck by the simplistic beauty of their home. The view from dragon back was fantastic and never failed to take his breath away. It always seemed he could see for miles on end from up here. It is rather spectacular. I like living here and never want to go back north, she said. What do you mean, go back north? You’ve never been to the north you silly wherry. You were born here and never been anywhere else, he told her in reasonable tone. She was such a goose. True but I always see it when you remember it. I don’t think I would like it up there, she replied. He just grunted.

Landing softly, B’sen jumped to the ground with a quiet groan. He was getting to old to do that. Not that twenty-eight was old, mind you, but his body had other ideas. He stretched his back out and moaned as it snapped and popped. Lith rumbled with amusement beside him. He acted like such an old man. She could hear another dragon at the lake and she wondered who it was as she lumbered forward.

Catching sight of the other green she yelled loudly, Look B’sen! Caxith and her rider are here! I like Caxith! B’sen chuckled at her enthusiasm as he walked towards T’rielle. “Catching a bit of sunshine before the rains? Or did Caxith annoy you with the need for a bath as well?” he asked pleasantly.

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Lith never speaks to another human but her rider

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Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
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Oh, look, it's Lith! Despite the green dragon's lack of movement, the merriment in her voice was unmistakable. T'rielle had always wondered why his dragon was too full of herself to get well and truly excited about anything, but had never managed to get a satisfactory answer out of her. This time was no different as she extended a wing in front of him, an obvious and not exactly optional invitation, after settling on her haunches. Apparently, company was no excuse to slack on his oiling duties. You're a slave driver, you know that? He asked, running a hand along the offered appendage with a small grin. I must be a terrible one. My one and only slave never does what I say when I say it, was her smooth retort, turning her head to fix him with an affectionate eye. She would have denied it--appearances, or some such ridiculousness--but they both knew better. She wasn't stupid, and despite the occasional notion to the contrary, neither was he.

Besides, for her prickly exterior there was just as much giant green teddy bear on the inside. They would tease the hell out of each other, but it was only with a very well-established understanding of their relationship. Caxith got to be a bitch because she deserved it, and T'rielle had a thick skin so it wasn't all that bad for him to sit through. It had taken some adjusting, and more than a little clashing of personalities once Caxith had realized that yes, she was indeed allowed to talk back if she wasn't comfortable with something. That wasn't as much of a problem anymore--she was big enough and confident enough to handle herself now, and believe it or not T'rielle had managed to mellow somewhat. He wasn't determined to turn the universe on its head anymore. That, he thought, was better left to those who didn't have a very rational fear of the authority figures of the Weyr.

He turned to B'sen with a grin and a nod in greeting, one hand still resting on Caxith's shoulder as the green turned her head to examine the newcomers. "A little bit of both, by the end. I'll be glad of the sunshine when I inevitably get a faceful of water courtesy of Caxith, but she insisted that this was a perfect time for a bath. So, here we are." Turning towards Caxith with an affectionate pat to her shoulder he bent to retrieve the oil, half of his attention still turned towards the other greenrider. It's good to see you, Lith. You two seem well.

"What about you two? Anything interesting happen lately?" He worked his way up the green's neck, lips twitching at her satisfied humming--there was a reason she insisted on being oiled so frequently (frequently as far as T'rielle was concerned, anyway). It felt good, and on top of that made her look good, which only proved to boost the green's not inconsiderable ego.

Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« Reply #3 on: 23 May 2013 at 01:12 PM »
The dark green turned to her clutch mate – no she hadn’t remembered that, plundering B’sen’s mind had its benefits – with a rumble, B’sen is sad and a touch out of sorts today she said, So I am making him do something I know will make him happy. Washing me! Of course it might not actually make him happy, but it would make Lith happy and by extension, B’sen so everything would turn out just how she wanted it.

B’sen leaned against Lith as he looked T’rielle over. He’d always like him. The other man had been mischief incarnate during their weyrling years and B’sen had always been happy to go along. His perusal of T’rielle was cut short as Lith expertly and quietly slid her shoulder out from underneath him to lumber into the water. With a grunt and a glare, B’sen landed on the ground. “Aside from Lith’s constant need to terrorize me? No, nothing too fantastic has been going on with us,” B’sen replied with a light growl.

You ought to talk about your feelings B’sen. Maybe T’rielle can help you out of your funk, the green suggested with amusement. Amusement that earned her a glare hotter than the sun. “That wasn’t funny Lith,” he muttered as he levered himself up.  I will not be talking to T’rielle about my break up, Lith so drop it like I asked, he told her mentally. Daffy dragon. Always trying to get him to talk it out. For all that B’sen was a happy sort who loved nothing better than talking to people, there were certain things that were off limits in that capacity. His feelings were one of them. “Since Lith is too busy playing at the moment, I think I’ll just sit here and watch you work,” he said, “If you don’t mind that is.”

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Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« Reply #4 on: 27 May 2013 at 12:35 AM »
Caxith, while not being the most friendly of individuals from a day-to-day basis, did have enough sense to recognize when it was appropriate to be courteous and when it was alright not to be so much. At this moment she was in an exceptionally good mood from a combination of T'rielle's current activities and the weather. It certainly wasn't summer, and it wasn't as if she was affected by the cold any more than she was the heat. T'rielle, on the other hand, much preferred the summer months. He was quite good at not complaining unless he was feeling particularly sorry for himself, but his mood improved considerably when things started heating up. Which, some would say, was impossible considering his infallible good humor. It wasn't so much a tangible shift as it was the small things; he was more willing to cater to Caxith's whims, for one thing. I find that to be a good way to improve T'rielle's moods as well. She said lazily, shifting a bit under said greenrider's steady hand.

T'rielle laughed amiably at Lith's antics, pausing in his oil-administrations long enough to watch the other green slide into the lake. "She means well, I'm sure. Or so Caxith claims when she does things like that." T'rielle was not the type to put effort into disliking people; if someone made it glaringly obvious that they didn't like him, he would accept that and do his best to stay out of their way from then on. But if people were unwilling to do that (or just too nice to say he could get annoying as fuck when he got carried away, which was often), he had a tendency to barrel on through their reservations as is they were as invested in the conversation as he was. Caxith could certainly be credited with mellowing him out a bit, but there was a long way to go in that regard, and the green dragon wasn't particularly inclined to make the effort, even if it was possible. As a weyrling he had nearly been out of control, not quite sure how to handle suddenly having another living being in his head and entirely incapable of carrying a conversation with said being without saying things out loud. It had taken practice--more than he would have liked to admit--but eventually he managed.

He'd been friendly with all of his clutchmates; at least as friendly as he could be depending upon their own preferences regarding said friendships. B'sen was one that he did get along with despite T'rielle's slightly eccentric adventures. He grinned to himself at B'sen's words, turning back to Caxith's side as he spoke. "As flattering as that is, I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself drifting off pretty quickly if you do that." He turned, pausing for a moment, and Caxith bumped her shoulder against him when he didn't turn back right away. One green eye turned towards the both of them.  "If Lith wouldn't mind sharing some of her labor while she plays, I'm sure Caxith would appreciate an extra set of hands."

Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
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He watched the other man scrubbing at the green shoulder of his dragon from his position in the sand. Lith was happily splashing away in the water - getting nice and wet to make sure the soap sand suds just right or so she said not that she needed the sand but she did so enjoy it - and most likely wouldn't notice if her rider was helping another with his dragon. Not that she would mind much anyway, Lith shared well. I don't mind if you help Caxith's rider oil her. That way he can help you too, she chimed at him. With a sigh he scrambled up, "Sure I'll help. Princess over there doesn't mind so much. Besides she's having entirely to much fun to notice anyway."

Taking up a brush B'sen went to the opposite shoulder before turning to soak the brush with oil. He set the brush to her shoulder and with firm strokes began to spread the oil evenly against the green hide before him. Oiling another dragon was odd for B'sen. He generally only oiled Lith and it had been much the same since their weyrlinghood, he'd never felt the need to help another before.

B'sen only pretends that oiling and scrubbing take up too much of his time. But he enjoys it, I can tell she told Caxith's from where she splashed in the water, If he doesn't start talking to T'rielle about he problems maybe I'll tell you, Lith still couldn't understand why B'sen was having such a hard time with his most recent breakup. The man had not been exactly nice. Had been cruel at times and made B'sen cry at night. If she could have, Lith would've made a meal of him on most occasions.

"She doesn't mean well," he snorted, "She's a regular pain in my ass." Lith was like an oversized mother. Always twittering and trying to feed him and make him feel better. She did mean well but B'sen was always a touch disgruntled when she decided to play mother. A chitter from overhead signaled the approach of his newest addition and even more mothering problem, Bounce fluttered about his head before scolding him loudly and gliding over to Lith. The small green firelizard was a regular harridan and loved nothing more than to scold him whenever possible. He chuckled at her as he asked T'rielle, "You have one?"

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Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
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T'rielle smiled and glanced over his shoulder to watch Lith frolic in the water for a moment, still idly scrubbing at Caxith's shoulder and side. The green rumbled happily when B'sen took the brush to her side, bringing T'rielle's attention back to his dragon and B'sen. "I'm not one to turn down help wherever I can get it, so thanks." Caxith took a moment to turn her head and examine B'sen with one faceted eye, letting that moment stretch to the verge of awkwardness before letting out a satisfied breath. Apparently, B'sen had passed her inspection--which, naturally, had to happen every time an individual got anywhere near her, if only for the sake of her own pride. She never actually chased anyone away, of course, but claimed that was only because nobody had managed to offend her yet. They both knew that wasn't true, but neither one ever bothered to bring it up. It wasn't a particularly big deal, after all, and T'rielle didn't like arguing with the stubborn dragon enough to open that bag of worms.

They all do, deep down, Caxith said with a low rumble, amused. Problems, eh? Of what variety? She asked, curious. She wasn't much of a gossip, but she did like hearing things. One never knew when some little tidbit would come in handy, after all. Eyeing B'sen's firelizard speculatively, Caxith turned her head to watch the little green flutter over to Lith. T'rielle turned as well, pausing to give his dragon a pat on the neck. "I don't, actually," he said, turning back to Caxith's side and throwing a grin over her back at B'sen. "I've heard good things about them. Also some bad things. She seems pleasant enough, though. WHat's her name?" Running the brush along Caxith's spine, being sure not to miss any patches of hide (sweet Faranth, he would never hear the end of it if he did), T'rielle took a moment to focus on his dragon. Once he was satisfied with his efforts he moved on to her lower back, glancing up again to see how B'sen was progressing.

"Easy to please, isn't she?" He said, giving his dragon an affectionate pat on the side. Caxith hummed, settling down in the sand slowly so as not to disrupt the two greenriders in their scrubbing. Only when you do it right, she responded for the benefit of all present. That was, in no uncertain terms, a dig at her rider, albeit a playful one. He wasn't bad at much of anything involving Caxith--devoted was a good way to describe his care of her. "Don't believe anything she says. I always do it right."

Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
« Reply #7 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 07:30 PM »
B'sen chuckled at the tense inspection he under went. He continued spreading the fragrant oils as Caxith deemed him worthy of oiling her up. "Bounce," he said of the firelizard, "Lith found her egg and brought it back. A bit unexpected her hatching but she's nice enough." Bounce had been a pleasant addition albeit an annoying one and B'sen, for the most part, was thankful Lith had brought her about. For being a green she'd been rather easy to train. Some what anyway. She still did have a tendency to pilfer pretty baubles here and there.

Men troubles. What other kind could it possibly be? Lith said from where she wallowed in the water. He's broken it off with his recent friend. Lith was unconcerned about gossiping with Caxith. The green had no inhibitions that kept her from doing so, especially with another green. Well she was concerned about the mind and heart of her bonded but she had a feeling B'sen would soon get over it.

B'sen ran the brush along the glistening green sides of Caxith as he grinned. "She certainly seems to be at any rate," he laughed, "Much so than Lith." He was rewarded for his words with a slap of water, that barely made a wave, and a very unladylike snort from his green. He laughed outright at the words of Caxith. Lith was always insistent that B'sen was perfect, that he never faltered while in his care of her and he found it rather amusing that Caxith felt the need to imply that T'rielle was only marginal good at her care. "Feisty," he said amused, "Does she often pick at you like a mother hen?"

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Re: Fine and Mellow [B'sen]
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Caxith hummed contentedly as she shifted about a bit, making subtle attempts to draw attention to itchy spots without explicitly stating that that was indeed what they were. She wasn't really listening to the boys, much more interested in Lith and the conversation with her fellow green. Oooh, sounds juicy! Tell me more, she nearly demanded, though it was less than genuine. Caxith was not above admitting that she could be a little bossy, but where her green sisters were concerned, she did try to make an effort to tone it down. Sometimes, though, her voice didn't get the memo. She would brush it off and pretend that things came out the way she'd intended all along, and for the most part it worked very well. T'rielle has yet to settle on a single person for more than a few romps in the hay. He gets bored. By way of explanation for her eagerness to gossip, and frankly to see just how far she could take things before her bonded put a stop to it, her comment worked fairly well.

B'sen, dear, would you be so kind as to move your brush to the left about an inch? There's a nice big itch right there. T'rielle rolled his eyes at the entire exchange, though he didn't butt in on the greens and their apparently very juicy conversation. "Oh, I don't know. Lith seems like she's very easygoing. From what I've witnessed, anyway." He winked. "Does she have a hidden side that I don't know about?" He knew firsthand that it was entirely possible. Caxith, when she was quite sure nobody was around to witness it, had the occasional habit of curling up around T'rielle and not letting him leave until she was quite satisfied with their 'bonding time,' even when not a single word was exchanged. It warmed T'rielle's heart, and he indulged her because it was one of the rare times when she allowed over-the-top affection to be rained upon her. Bathing, apparently, didn't count, because it was something every pair did.

"At first, she did. Trying to make sure we were 'presentable' and all. I still don't know who she was trying to impress, me or the rest of the Weyr." Bending a bit to scrub gently at her soft underbelly, T'rielle grinned when Caxith groaned happily, poking her with his index finger when he straightened up. She grunted. "Now, I think she's decided that she doesn't need to impress anybody but herself."

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