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Smooth Landings [B'sen]
« on: 02 Jun 2013 at 08:23 PM »
Swinging by Ravana, or B'run's, hut for breakfast had become second nature to Terken.  He was still banned from the kitchen after the last fiasco he had caused there, so it was a good thing the green rider was happy to cook and to share with only a little ribbing about Terken's cooking skills. 

He was startled when he loped to her door this morning to find her sitting on the porch with a basket.  "You want to go eat breakfast with B'sen this morning."  She picked up the basket and Terken blinked.  "I do?"  She nodded firmly. 

"You do.  Lith flew yesterday and he could probably use a friend."  He paused a moment to wonder how she knew, shrugged and chalked it up to that 'greenrider solidarity' he often heard about.  The greenriders of Katila probably met often and complained together or something.  Hell there was probably a club!  He wondered what it was called...

Taking the basket, he decided he did want to eat breakfast with B'sen.  A quick peak in the basket showed him a loaf of freshly baked bread, cheese, meat and some of Ravana's famous juices in cold bottles wrapped in cloth so they didn't chell the rest of the basket's contents.  Idly, Terken wondered why she kept trying (and explosively failing) to make alcohol when he juices were so wonderful, then shrugged.  Not his business, aside from making sure he was out of the weyr when she was trying to make another batch.

He headed to the man's hut, Kela trotting alongside him.  On the way, he got an idea.  Women liked rocks, right?  Ravana always cooed when he offered her a roack and jewlery was nothing but shiny rocks made smaller and set with metal.  And what was green dragon but a very large woman with green hide?  He detoured to his hut since it was on the way, and picked up a clean ball of Kela, and then a round rock for Lith.  He had grabbed it for Ravana to make into something, but she had refused saying it was something called a geode.  It looked ugly but it was something a dragon might like.  Ravana had, but said he should keep it for someone special.  He liked Lith.  She and B'sen were special, but he didn't think men liked rocks.

Tucking ball and rock under his arm, he and Kela trotted to B'sen's hut.  It felt good to have her alongside him again.  Her litter was finally weaned and he had settled them in a large run outside.  He could work with them this afternoon and visit this morning.  Looking around once he was there, he looked around for Lith first.  Once he found the green, he called lightly, "Hello Lith!  I have a gift for you and breakfast for B'sen!" 
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Re: Smooth Landings [B'sen]
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It had been particularly brutal, Lith's latest flight. She had come home with scrapes and claw marks written in her skin. She would scar and preen and pride would drip from her, for a few weeks anyway when she would forget. B'sen moaned softly as his bed partner slid away from him with derisive snort and a tweak to his naked shoulder. The man had a sneer in his voice as he told B'sen what a pleasure it had been. B'sen would've wept had he been more than barely conscious but as it were he could only shudder and burrow farther away from the man, who finally slid out of the room with a slam to the door.

B'sen could hear the front slam close as he lay curled about himself. He couldn't remember who exactly had won but the aftermath wasn't pleasant. Scraped and bruised, he winced as the scratched skin of his back pulled and a small tear leaked from the corner of his eye. He liked men and he like women, mostly equally but there were often times - like this one - that he liked women much more than he did men. Men were far more violent, far more blaming, and far more demanding than the average woman. He reached for a robe and stumbled from his bed to the kitchen. Bounce fluttered about his head and he grabbed the little green some food as he searched about for klah fixings. The small firelizard alighted on his bruised shoulder, wringing a deep cringe from B'sen as she crooned softly and continuously as she caressed his cheek with her own. "You're such a sweet little miss," he said quietly as he fed her the bread in his hand. Her only response was a gentle purr as she sought to make him feel better.

B'sen, came a quiet voice. Yes Lith? he asked. I'm sorry you were hurt for my pleasure, she said still unusually quiet. Lith regretted when B'sen was harmed during her flights and she was always remorseful. He never blamed her and always tried to shrug it off and treat it as nothing. She alway knew that he lied but he couldn't do anything else. Its nothing love. Nothing a few days and some numbweed won't fix, he replied with a touch of his usual candor. Well alright.. If you insist you're fine, she was unconvinced but she would leave it at that.

He chuckled quietly as he sipped his klah and rolled an aching shoulder. He would definitely be sore for a few days to come. It was nights like that that he was decidedly pleased that Lith only flew a few times a turn. If she flew anymore he'd never heal and always be a quivering mess. Oh! B'sen we have visitors! she screeched in his head and he grimaced. He wasn't all to sure he was up to visitors today. But you'll like these visitors! she insisted. With his cup gripped in his hand he made his way to the porch and found Terken and his happy pup. He says he's got something for me! she chortled, and food for you. Which is a good thing since your cupboards are always bare He stuck his tongue out at her as he looked to Terken, "Hello, friend! What brings you about my humble abode, Terken?"

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Re: Smooth Landings [B'sen]
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Kela's tail waved as soon as she recognized Lith, the dragon smelled of another dragon which had temporarily confused the canine.  The scent of ichor she didn't like at all and she whined, pawing at Terken in a plea to make the dragon not smell like blood anymore.  She whined up at him, and he looked down, scratching her ears with gentle, deft fingers.

When B'sen answered the door, Terken froze.  Fresh bruises.  Had his father...but T'rel wasn't the only...he hoped that...His friend was hurt.  Shocked enough to forget himself he went with honesty.  "Through whatever greenrider network you have going, Ravana knew Lith flew and said you'd need food and friend, so here I am.  With food, and I hope I can be a friend and make you feel better?"  He set the basket down beside B'sen and gave him a very gentle hug, releasing quickly for fear of hurting him more. 

Kela was quick to swoop up the ball and nosed Lith's rock curiously.  Human's in general were odd.  Rocks didn't bounce.  Or squeak or do anything but sit there!  They were useless.  Pawing it, she whined when Terken picked it up.  "And the rock is for Lith.  Women like rocks.  Least that's what Oahvakeen says and Ravana gets excited when I find a pretty one for her."  His reasoning was odd but his heart was in the right place.

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Re: Smooth Landings [B'sen]
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B'sen calmly and smoothly reached up and drew the fallen shoulder of his robe back up to cover the fresh mosaic of bruises that covered the skin there. He'd never felt ashamed or sorry for who and what he and Lith were until he saw the wide eyes and pale face that had looked at the spray of violence on his shoulder. He wasn't ashamed really, because not much could be changed now, but he wished that a gentle soul like Terken didn't have to see what the aftermath of a flight could be and it saddened him.

He cleared his throat, "Food and friends are always welcome." He winced slightly when Terken wrapped him in a hug, strong arms squeezed softly but the bruises and scraps were much to fresh for there not to be pain. "The greenrider network eh? Ravana would know about it." He wanted to cling to the boy, cry into his shoulder and wash his worries away in a sweet friendship, but he stopped himself as Terken drew away from him to show them what he had brought.

Lith wiggled in delight when Terken gave her the rock. She knew it was a rock but she figured it must be something special for Terken to give it to her. After all she was Lith and she always deserved something special. Tell him thank you, B'sen! she urged her rider as she waited patiently for Terken to give it to her. It would go fine with the rest of her little baubles. "The mistress there says to thank you for her gift. You've made her day," B'sen chuckled before motioning towards the hut, "Come on up and excuse the mess. I haven't cleaned for a while."


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Re: Smooth Landings [B'sen]
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Terken saw the flash of shame and wished he knew how to adresss it.  He had been at one time frequently bruised between his father and rough activities out of doors, but that had faded and bruises on anyone that wasn't him was distressing. 

The rock was passed to Lith, and he gave her a gentle scratch, then because he thought he saw flashes of warm colors in her gaze, a hug.  For the first time, he wanted to impress.  He could do some good, even if it was only by impressing a color he could chase with...Then the green riders he...they wouldn't be hurt like that.  It wasn't right.  If he managed to catch the attention of a ranking dragon, he could use the rank to protect those under him.

Eyes turned thoughtful as he reached to pet Kela.  "Stay with Lith."  He thought the dragon could use the company and Kela was good at being undemanding and comforting.  He spoke softly to the dragon.  "I'll try to make him smile and cheer him up."  Gathering his basket back up, he slipped into B'sen's hut.

He took his boots off at the door, and slipped inside.  "It looks fine,"  It did too.  His own hut was clean, but barely so between the canines, his outdoor activites and assorted clutter he needed to go through.  He looked to him, uncertain what to do, then went to place the basket on the table.  "And I was happy to give her the gift."  He turned back then took B'sen's hand and squeezed it then held onto it.  This whole physical contact thing was new to him, but he trusted B'sen and he seemed to need it.  Terken wanted to make his friend smile. 

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Re:  Smooth Landings [B'sen]
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