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Hot and Cold [N'kal]
« on: 11 Jun 2013 at 09:41 AM »
It was the lingering discomfort of pain that woke her; nothing major and nothing terrible, simply the angry objection of muscles shouting out at slight movements. Kahleena’s eyes flickered open slowly, one leg shifting and a grimace painting the young woman’s face into an expression of discomfort in the darkness of the room. Faranth, if she didn’t hurt! A low groan slipped past swollen lips, and Kahleena frowned as one hand rose up, brushing the tips of her fingers over her lips in confusion. Even that slight movement echoed down through her body and that discomfort flickered through her again. It wasn’t an unfamiliar sensation, but for the moment, the girl was having trouble recognising it.

The chill was the next thing the girl noticed, and in a sudden rush her skin bubbled into goosebumps, the tiny hairs on her arms and legs standing up and a shiver ran down her spine; where were the blankets? Wide eyes peered around the darkness, but there was little to nothing to be seen, and Kahleena shifted with a grimace to reach for her beside glow basket. The process, however, caused the girl to freeze up in horror when she noticed several things. The first was that she wasn’t wearing anything and that was not like her; she normally wore a sleeping gown! The second, though it was the first to process in her addled mind, was that there was another body on the bed, and it was in the way of the table.

Kahleena paused, arm outstretched over the other body, frozen with indecision. She was clearly naked, and that likely meant whomever else was sprawled beside her was. The discomfort of over used muscles suddenly made sense, and reaching out to Okalinath revealed a sleeping and far too content dragon. The rest came in a sudden avalanche of understanding: Okalinath had flown. The winner was in the bed beside her. She was naked. He was undoubtedly naked. They were unlikely to be in her bedroom at all, which meant there probably wasn’t a glow basket anywhere useful and… damn it.

Kahleena slowly withdrew her arm, wrapping it lightly around herself as she considered the situation in the darkness. Her partner was still sleeping, the deep breaths giving that much away, though she supposed he could be pretending while waiting to see what she’d do. Or he might wake up and demand dessert! That was a slightly horrifying idea, since she was far too tortured by the act that her dragon’s flight had brought about, she was quite sure a repeat would be far more pain than pleasure, and that wasn’t a fun thought. The girl grimaced again, and shifted her seat, curling her legs up and perched delicately.

Well. There certainly wasn’t much for it. Kahleena’s side of the bed was clearly pressed up against the wall, and since the blanket wasn’t pressed up there with it, she hazarded a guess that either the hut was unoccupied, and therefore there were no blankets. Or that they had been tossed onto the floor on the other side of… whomever was bonded to the winning dragon… and since Kahleena had no desire to climb all over him in order to reach him, she did the most sensible thing. She leaned over and shook his shoulder, leaning in close enough to whisper without getting a broken nose if he jerked awake.

“Hey,” another shake, “wake up.” She paused, waiting until she could see the glimmer of light on the whites of his eyes, quite sure he’d have as much of a view of her as she did of him: little more than silhouette in the darkness. “Are the blankets on the floor? I’m freezing!” Wrapping her arms around herself, Kahleena inched away a little, the movement enough to indicate her lack of desire to encourage any more excitement, and the simple fact that she wanted a blanket, please!
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Re: Hot and Cold [N'kal]
« Reply #1 on: 11 Jun 2013 at 03:46 PM »
Out cold. That was what the bronzerider was. Completely and totally knocked flat out cold. Or so he had been anyway. N'kal hadn't slept that good since before the plague he was certain, he was sure he had come close, it wasn't the first flight Torath had flown, and more then once he had woke up beside some drudge and disappeared just as soon as he had woken up. He didn't like staying beside women after flights, though he knew they all knew, living in a weyr of course, that such things happened, especially for the losing dragons and their riders. N'kal had never been happy with that, just taking a woman whenever flightlust hit, it wasn't as fulfilling after as it was during when it was all around wanted. In the morning however was a different. Not since Palla had he looked forward to the morning after a flight, and that had been so short lived.

In the back of his mind he felt he should have been thinking of Palla but somehow he kept seeing long brown hair and golden hide. That was the first thing that started to stir the bronzeriders mind fuzzily from sleep. The second thing his mind made him aware of was that the bed was extremely lumpy and not at all conformed to his body as it should have been. He also recognized there was a musty smell to the pillow his face was buried in. Stirring faintly he turned his face unknowingly toward the woman beside him. It was then, without the musty scent in his face, that his brain started to kick in. There was the distinct scent of sex in the air, soft breath coming from somewhere that wasn't his face. There was a chill across his body, signifying that he was without clothing or covering of any kind. This didn't bother him in the least, a cool morning was something to be cherished in the south, especially for someone who tended to run hot anyway.

His brain finished processing these small things and was about to shut back down, exhausted as he was, when he felt a small cool hand on his shoulder shake him, asking him to wake up. He was suddenly, instantly awake, though slightly groggy and after a few blinks of his dark eyes he came to focus on the small face of the woman laying beside him. He could just barely make her facial features in the horribly dim light, but touching Torath's mind, feeling the happy, smugness of a dragon that had caught himself a pretty Okalinath, but got no response from said dragon. Which meant he was still comfortably sleeping, or abandoning his rider with his own sleeping companion. Her voice had not entirely registered with the half asleep man, whose eyes had actually started to close again, but when she again spoke for a blanket his eyes popped open again in complete recognition, confirming his thoughts that the young woman beside him was indeed Kahleena.

He lifted his head slightly, frowning a bit, taking note of the lack of her covering. He tried not to let his eyes linger on the shadowed form of the girl, knowing she was a very gentle, hold born girl, but he was a man and he couldn't help himself. Even though he could only just barely see her, he could see the curve of her body and that was more than enough for him to remember once again that he hadn't been with a woman in a while, and that the poor girl was probably terrified after her first round of flightlust. He grunted softly again and turned his head the other way, as much to be respectful as to find an answer to her inquiry. He narrowed his eyes slightly, annoyed that he wasn't in his own hut, lifted a hand, half heartedly groping around on the bedside table until he found a glowbasket, inadvertently knocking the cover completely off in his quest to bring more light to the room. He quickly corrected that with an unhappy growl, covering the basket again, no one liked that much bright damn light that early, nor did Kahleena wish to see his naked form that clearly he was certain. Taking a moment to find motor skills best left until after a good amount of klah, to only leave the lid cracked enough for him to see around the room. Lifting his head again he frowned as he did not initially see any kind of blanket but saw it after a second glance, tossed carelessly to the floor near the foot of the bed. He moved to get up slowly, his damn shoulders hurt like crazy, he wasn't to keen on how his back felt either for that matter. He was about half pushed on the bed, his bare back to her when he mumbled, "Close your eyes if you want, I'm gettin' up.", he spoke as kindly as he could, given the current situation, and the fact like he would have preferred to sleep at least until mid day.

He gave her just a moment to close her eyes, if she chose to, which he was fairly certain she had done before he had even suggested it, and got off the bed. Yawning again as he stretched his back, several cracks went down his back before he stood back up, rolled his neck and shoulders, a few other pops resounded through the room before he moved to pick up the blanket. He caught sight of his pants however and made a quick detour, stooping to pick them up and lazily pull them on and up over his hips, tying them off loosely then went back and gathered up the thin wherhide blanket, and, averting his gaze to anywhere but the bed, he handed it to her, waiting for her to take it, listened for her to wrap herself up then turned tentatively and looked at her before sitting on the edge of the bed. Normally he would just walk out, he had his pants on, she was covered, he should just leave.

However something held him back from leaving the girl who had amused him and equally confused him the day they had sat by the lake talking as their dragons had played in the water. He shouldn't have stayed then, but now he, for whatever reason, did not want to just leave her laying there. He took a chance and moved the cover of the glow basket back a bit more, letting more then just dim light flood the room and turned his dark eyes on her. He sat there just a bit, looking at her, not sure what to think or say. Why he felt so awkward about it he didn't know, but finally he spoke quietly. "Did I hurt you?", he questioned softly, knowing full well how a night of flightlust could go.
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Re: Hot and Cold [N'kal]
« Reply #2 on: 12 Jun 2013 at 08:58 AM »
Kahleena flinched when the light suddenly pooled into the room, ducking her head away so her hair curtained her eyes while she tightened the arms she had wrapped over her chest, drawing her knees up and crossing her ankles so as to be sure all the fun parts of her anatomy were covered. She looked up when the bed shifted, peering under the messy locks of blond hair at the man, not recognising him from the current angle. Her own discomfort, however, didn’t stop the young woman’s curious gaze lingering down the length of the man’s body, guilty gaze jumping back to stare at the back of his head when the announcement was made that he’d be getting up.

“Oh.” She murmured and ducked her head again, drawing her knees closer and wrapping her arms around them, boxing herself up neatly as the man moved around. Several flickering glances were lifted to steal quick glimpses of the bronzerider as he stretched, joints popping, before he wandered around the room. The girl’s flushed face was tilted down, staring at her knees when N’kal finally sauntered back to the bed; she avoided eye contact as steadfastly as he did and the blanket was accepted with trembling fingers. Kahleena threw a last glance at the man before wrapping it tightly around herself, thankful for his courteous ways and awareness of her modesty.

“Thank you,” the murmur was barely above a whisper, and Kahleena brushed her tangled hair off her face as N’kal turned back to her. Curled up delicately on the far side of the bed, Kahleena was leaning almost lazily back against the wall, but clearly in a position more designed for self-preservation than provocation. An embarrassed flush rushed once more up in her cheeks when she glanced up at him, and ended up staring at his chest distractedly before she managed to take her gaze high enough to meet his own. She dropped her eyes back down to stare at her lap, avoiding looking any further at the man’s body with stubborn determination. His question, however, caused gentle brown eyes to focus on him – her focus jumping straight to his face - and Kahleena frowned slightly.

“No,” a pause, and she brushed her hair back again, a nervous habit more than a requirement to keep the locks away from her face, though they were tussled and mussed and stuck out at odd angles. “I’m a little sore,” she offered, the words slightly timid but not really worried, and she shifted her seat a little with a grimace. “I’ll be fine in a few days, sir.” Kahleena shrugged slightly, and then peered up at N’kal with a worried frown as she attempted to offer an explanation; “I had a husband.” Her gaze dropped back to her knees, expression changing to one of shame. It was not proper, to sleep with one many when married to another – even if she knew it was for Okalinath that she had, and that her husband would surely have remarried by now.

Re: Hot and Cold [N'kal]
« Reply #3 on: 24 Jun 2013 at 04:18 AM »
N'kal felt her flinch beside him at the bright light, though he flinched because it was too damn bright, he thought she might have flinched thinking worse things than he cared to imagine. Most women knew men to have no boundaries, taking what they wanted whether said woman wanted that or not. It was the way things worked, especially in a weyr. Whether she knew it or not, whether she would ever realize it or not, N'kal was not a brute, never had been. He was gruff and surly, but he would sooner throw himself Between, then to force himself of a woman. Not something anyone would expect, he looked the part of a brute, and he preferred people to think he was. They tended to leave him alone. He did not however want her to think such things, she was timid enough as it was, he did not need her terrified that he would hurt her any more then he may have already.

He just barely caught her thanks before he turned to look at her, curled up in a ball, the blanket wrapped around her. He didn't know honestly what to think, she was so small it was hard to believe she was old enough to be affected by flightlust, let alone be the leading woman in the flight. He could tell she was having a rough time with his being there, her face holding the flush he remembered having just talking to him...with clothing on, and her eyes could not seem to stay on his face. He was starting to think he'd gone bald and ugly over night, and would have said as much to try and lighten the atmosphere, but he remembered well enough he terrible attempts at that the last time.

When she did finally look back up at him he was frowned at. He sighed softly, frustrated to no end that this woman seemed to refuse to not be afraid of him, or mad at him. He didn't understand at all and was about to get up and leave when she answered him with a single word. Well..that was progress.... His bitter thoughts were squashed however when she spoke again. He nodded when she said she would be okay, he was glad for that and was about t say as much when she continued, explaining he supposed, exactly why she would be okay. He nodded again, giving her words some thought. After a moment he turned, resting his arms on his legs, trying to think of something to say. After a moment he looked back at her, still leaning on his legs. "Please name is N'kal. There is no reason in the least to call me Sir. Okay?", dark eyes looked at her not at all unkindly, he even offered the faintest of smiles, trying to relive the air of tension in the room.

He did not miss the fact that she seemed rather upset over the fact that she was in this current situation, given that she did in fact have a husband. Holders. He never understood them, not even as a child, even less so now. But he supposed that it was just the way hold women were raised, so much differently them weyr women, which unfortunately the girl now was. He couldn't just say that to her however, it was bad enough she was scared and feeling ashamed of herself. What could he say? 'Torath? Where are you bud?', he reached out to Torath and was amazed to receive an answer, useless though it was. Wrapped around the sun., he answered lazily with a yawn, then was gone again just as quickly, again leaving N'kal to fight his battle alone. Damn dragon. He gave a little sigh and turned his eyes on the girl again. "Look, I...I'm not real good at this...", hell he didn't even know what 'this' was, nor did he know what words to use to form any kind of comforting thought. Leaving was his best bet. Flee and never look back, the next time Okalinath flew he would simply take Torath away and let another fly her. He couldn't take the girl's constant fear of him or what seemed like life in general.

So why was he still sitting there? Because that is not who you are., came a gentle reply. She needs a friend, a strong friend. And I will not be made to leave the next time Okalinath flies. Just so you know. Again, the sneaky bastard was gone, leaving N'kal a bit dumbfounded at his dragons words. Well damn if he didn't have shitty luck. He scrubbed a hand over his face then raked his fingers through his hair. "I could tell you that you will be alright, might sound harsh and I don't mean it too...I can't relate to the espousal...only to the loss you may have felt in being taken from someone you may have cared for.", his voice changed slightly, the tone spoke volumes where his words did not. He turned then and looked at her as kindly as possible. "But for what it is will be alright, this will not an everyday event for you. I am not going to hurt you, I am not going to expect anything from you, and if you don't want me around you that's fine, I understand that. You probably won't be rid of Torath any time soon though, he apparently considers Okalinath the sun." That last bit was meant as amusement, because it was rather amusing coming from Torath anyway. He hoped the mention of her dragon would ease her tension some.
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Re: Hot and Cold [N'kal]
« Reply #4 on: 16 Jul 2013 at 09:53 AM »
“Okay,” the word was hesitant, for while it was certainly okay, it didn’t feel right and Kahleena wasn’t quite sure that it was proper or right to refer to someone she didn’t really know as anything less than their title, or with some indication of respect. Had Okalinath been awake enough to correct that train of thought, it would be likely the young gold would have. As it was, she was blissfully asleep where she was snuggled up with Torath and had not a care for what her silly human might be thinking, when there were sweet dreams to be had.

The young woman’s blonde head tilted when N’kal tried to say… something, but faltered off into silence. Soft brown eyes studied his face curiously, before wandering down his front to examine his chest without the girl even being aware of what she was doing. As a result, his next few words caused her gaze to jump back up to his face, and a hot flush of colour to rise in her cheeks. Oops. Flustered, she dropped her gaze to where her hands were hidden under the blanket, and nodded obediently. A soft giggle was brought forth at the reference to Okalinath, and Kahleena peered up at N’kal from under her lashes, smiling gently.

“She likes him,” Kahleena spoke gently, and her words carefully chosen to imply herself in regards to N’kal, not just the golden dragon and her delight with the bronze. Kahleena certainly was not sure where she stood on just how much she liked him (and it was a terribly taboo place to let her mind even consider wandering), but the man was nice enough. Besides, she enjoyed watching him stumble around and get flustered, as it was amusing, even though Kahleena knew she should not find it so, particularly when she was the cause of his frustrations.  She wasn’t sure how she flustered him, but she was smart enough to realise it was her causing some issue, somewhere.

“You don’t have to go.” That was said a little too firmly, and Kahleena flushed again, before floundering to add, “I don’t want to—”  she couldn’t even say it, but he would know what she meant, right? And he had said he wouldn’t expect anything from her, so she wouldn’t need to worry about that unless she initiated it which was certainly not going to happen! She locked her wide brown eyes on her knees, just to make sure he couldn’t read any of the wild thoughts flashing through her mind. “But you don’t have to go. It’s very dark!” Well, that was a stupid thing to say! He certainly didn’t look like the type to be upset by whether or not it was dark outside! The girl shrank in on herself with a flustered whimper.

It’s called karma, dear. Okalinath’s sleepy input reeked of amusement, before fading away as the dragon fell asleep once more.

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Re: Hot and Cold [N'kal]
« Reply #5 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:33 AM »
N'kal did not miss the hesitation when she agreed to only call him N'kal. He had a feeling he was going to still be called 'Sir' more often than N'kal, but he supposed at least that meant she would try, and he could work with that. He gave her a kind smile and a nod then said, "Thank you.", gently. He knew she was far to timid to be anything but proper, knew he was probably asking her to go against something they were taught in holds, but he just couldn't stand being called 'Sir', unless the situation actually called for it. This was not one of those times.

Having stumbled over words to say to her he was again lost for something to say to her. Did one usually talk after a flight? He doubted it, but he knew Torath was partly right. Normally he did in fact just leave, but there was something about Kahleena's upset that gave him pause and made him stay. He wanted to make her feel better, yet did not know how. He wanted her to understand he didn't want to hurt her and would not constantly seek her out just because Torath had won Okalinath's flight. All he had currently were his words, and he wasn't entirely certain she would believe them. He did note that her gaze had dropped and when she looked up again her cheeks were rosy with embarrassment, and after a small nod dropped her gaze to the blanket covering her.

He had thought to give a sigh but the giggle she produced when he told her what Torath had said made him give her a warm smile. "Now that is more like it. A little laughter never hurts, especially when it is for such a good reason." He was glad to see his comment had a positive effect on the girl. He was only slightly concerned about the effect it had on him. The shy smile she gave was probably one of the best looks he had seen on her face since their first meeting. That alone with the laughter was enough to let him know that she had a mild effect on him. Her stating that 'She liked him.', gave him pause. Where the 'she' in that statement would initially mean Okalinath, as he had been speaking of their dragons, it would also mean that 'she' the rider would in turn like him, the rider, as well, at least to some degree. It was well known that dragons tended to follow in their bonded's thoughts and opinions of others.

It left him wondering who had started the like, but then he had to think of his liking for her. Torath very much liked Okalinath, and he had to admit there was something about the girl he rather liked as well, though he was loathe to admit it. He gave her a smile and nodded, replying gently and with meaning equal to her own, "He likes her too." He didn't really know much about liking woman anymore, he remembered Palla, remembered how he felt for her, but they had grown a bond over weyrlinghood, over time. What kind of bond, if there ever was one, would there be between him, and this girl who's dragon seemed to captivate his own.

Wandering thoughts rolled around in the bronzeriders head for moments before he decided it was probably best to leave. However he was stopped mid thought when her gentle voice came at him, a bit sternly, which from her was entirely unexpected, telling him he didn't have to leave. He lifted his brow at her slightly, having not expected her to say anything close to that, rather he expected her to dismiss him in some way. When she tried to add what she didn't want he held up a hand and said, "I understand." He tilted his head slightly as she once again dropped her eyes to the blanket covering her body and felt some sort of odd..almost protectiveness over her, why he did not know. Because you care, you are not made of stone, no matter how much you try to be., Torath said lazily, then nuzzling Okalinath, rumbled across the link with his rider and was gone again. He looked at the young girl's face, thought about Torath's words and could not help the small smile. He hated when the beast was right, but he supposed it made sense, no being on Pern knew him better.

When she told him again he did not have to leave, as it was very dark out, he gave her a smile that she did not see, as she had pulled in on herself again, apparently embarrassed yet again by her own words this time. He felt badly, that she felt badly, which amused him to no end on both counts. He took a rather bold chance and leaned over slightly, reached out his hand and hooked a finger under her chin, to try and raise her face to his. He gave her another warm smile and said, "Thank you for your concern. It is rather dark out, and I appreciate you allowing me to stay." He gave her another encouraging smile then withdrew from her before the poor girl stressed herself any further. "If it will make you feel better, I will stay, but not here.", he offered, poking the not so comfortable bed as he spoke. "Not the first time I have ever slept in a chair, or on the floor.", he added with a bit of sa shrug and a smile. This way she would be comfortable enough to sleep, if she could, and might trust, just a bit, that she was safe near him.

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