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Author Topic:  Scrambled Eggs [N'kal, Rhaedalyn, R'nya, Invite]  (Read 1350 times)

IC Date: 17.11.233 AL, Early Evening

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Scrambled Eggs [N'kal, Rhaedalyn, R'nya, Invite]
« on: 17 Jun 2013 at 05:19 AM »
The strange thrill of emotions from her dragon was what interrupted Kahleena. She was midway through assisting with cleaning up one of the infant rooms in the crèche – Kahleena never lingered near the place during day-care hours, but could regularly be found there when the children were sleeping or had returned to their parents’ care – she paused when the emotions scaled through her. It was vague, barely on the bridge of her peripheral, but it was definitely there; Okalinath was clearly trying to limit the amount of sharing. There were emotions, and feelings, and Kahleena slowly put the toy down as she reached out for Okalinath, confused by the vague sense of familiarly. Okalinath?

The dragon didn’t deign to answer, and that only spurred Kahleena’s curiosity and worry, the young woman excusing herself with the vaguely out of it expression of  a rider conversing with her dragon, and so the other staff made no comment as they watched the young goldrider leave. Kahleena, in return, paid them no heed as she walked swiftly out of the weyrfolk hall, slipping out the main door and pausing on the threshold with a confused frown. Where was Okalinath? The location hit her like a ton of bricks, and with a very inelegant squeal, Kahleean hitched her skirts up and pelted across the gather square, unaware of the stares she was receiving.

Kahleena skid to a halt at the entranceway to the Sands, dropping her skirts and slipping inside quietly. The girl was staring with huge eyes at the sight of her dragon labouring over birthing the eggs that would make up the next batch of dragonets. Both hands lifted, rising slowly to cover the girl’s mouth as she crept a bit closer, unaware of the warmth of the sands under her feet and totally ignoring Krypth, Jada and the ever sour Indivara over on the other side of the sands: Okalinath had opted to clutch on the opposite side that Krypth had claimed.

“Oh, my!” Kahleena whispered, pausing in her creeping and unaware of the stray tears. She stood far enough away to keep a respectful space between herself and the struggling dragon, more aware of the discomfort and the vaguely familiar sensation of pale contractions as Okalinath brought forth another egg. Her dragon must have been at it for longer than she’d been aware! There was already a good sized array of the soft shelled eggs lingering on the sands, and the latest joined the group, Okalinath paused, panting slightly, and nudged the new egg to join its siblings.

Seventeen! the dragon’s voice was low and drawn out, tired, and Kahleena startled slightly, the sound unexpected as she looked up from the eggs Okalinath was tending to the dragon herself. “Seventeen!” Kahleena squeaked, her hands dropping slightly in shock. So far! the dragon’s tone was smug, and she flicked a superior look in Krypth’s direction, radiating the self-satisfied emotion when the other gold pointedly turned away to ignore her, tending to her much smaller clutch. And look!

The gold shifted, grunting as another contraction hit her stocky frame, and then gently picked one of the eggs up in her mouth. She stepped around the clutch to put it clearly at the forefront, sitting back with a superior expression that demanded praise. Kahleena’s hands covered her mouth once more, a squeak of delight flying free and Okalinath crooned happily, as the girl flew across the sands and flung herself at her dragon’s head, cuddling the dragon’s nose delightedly. “You are magnificent!”

I am! … Ooh! Okalinath’s statement ended in a groan as another egg demanded freedom, and she licked Kahleena’s cheek before settling back in the little hollow she had made for herself, leaving the gold egg where it could demand all the attention she knew it was worthy of. I called Torath and Dissi, and theirs. Kahleena laughed, delighted by the way her dragon made it sound as if she’d called the two dragons and their riders for Kahleena’s benefit, and not her own desire to gloat over her still growing brood.

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Re: Scrambled Eggs [N'kal, Rhaedalyn, R'nya, Invite]
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jun 2013 at 01:51 AM »
Rhae! Rhae! Aradissicath mentally nudged her silly and far too caught up in a sewing project as she danced from foot to foot outside by the window. Rhaedalyn! I love you and your flights of fancy but get your head out of the clouds, dear. This is an emergency! That seemed to finally do it as Rhaedalyn jerked awake, pricking her finger with the needle and giving a hushed yelp. As she sucked on the offended digit, her gaze went right to the window where an eye swirling with distress stared back at her. Okalinath has called to us both. She needs us on the Sands. Something big is happening!

“The Sands? Big?” Rhaedalyn stared at her dragon for a moment then looked down at the scarf she was making for Niskziath. If that went over well and it didn’t look like it would interfere with anything, then Ilveriath and Xyreith would get their own soon after. But that wasn’t what she should be thinking about! What could be going on that—oh, she was a fool! “She’s clutching! She has to be. I hope that’s what it is, oh what if it isn’t?” On her feet now, Rhaedalyn started to panic but Aradissicath had calmed and gently urged Rhaedalyn to do the same. We won’t know until we go see. So let’s get moving!

After a quick jog to the Sands with her sewing project left scattered over the desk in her small room in the barracks, Rhaedalyn came to a sudden stop at the entrance of the Sands. Was it rude to simply storm her way in there? Cautiously, she peeked around the barrier to see what was going on and immediately spotted the big gold and Kahleena nearby. After considering for a moment what was proper etiquette, Rhaedalyn threw it all aside once the eggs were spotted and dashed out across the hot Sands. “Kally! Oh, Kally, look!” Rhaedalyn waved vaguely towards the eggs as if Kahleena hadn’t seen them yet. It was silly but she was too excited to have rational thoughts. As Rhaedalyn threw her arms around Kahleena in a hug, Aradissicath pranced in circles around the girls, sharing in their excitement.

Re: Scrambled Eggs [N'kal, Rhaedalyn, R'nya, Invite]
« Reply #2 on: 24 Jun 2013 at 03:04 AM »
N'kal had just finished his evening meal and was on his way back to his hut when Torath's voice boomed through his head as if he was standing within a circle of signal drums. They are here!!!!!! N'kal stopped in the middle of the path, hands over his ears as if the massive beast had grown actual vocal cords and had bellowed the words right behind him. It was bad enough that his ears were ringing, he was thankful Torath was controlled enough not to go shouting to the entirety of Pern that his eggs had finally arrived. At least, once his head stopped feeling as if a smith was banging on it, is what he assumed his suddenly insane dragon was blaring on about.

For cryin' out loud Torath!, N'kal started but was cut off just that quickly but his overly excited bronze. Come to the sands quickly!!! Okalinath is clutching!!! Torath waited for no response, expecting his rider to make every effort to be present for at least most of the clutching. There wasn't much that made N'kal run, but he did make a hasty about face, considering he had guessed correctly about the eggs, and headed all the way back toward the sands. His stride was purposeful and determined, and those that knew him or knew of him would have been sure to get out of his way, he wasn't running, but he was walking quickly, his long legs making decent work of the distance. Torath was already on the sands, near the outer edge, not wishing to crowd the gold, but wishing to be near, as odd as that was. Even as a dragon he knew males were very rarely around for clutchings, but he was very fond of Okalinath and her little human and he wished to be near them both, as did N'kal, though his grouchy bonded would most likely never admit to it. He rumbled happily when another girl entered the sands, her own young gold prancing her self around them. She was a sweet dragon, but she was not Okalinath.

N'kal entered the sands not long after Rhaedalyn and he was loathe to interrupt the prancing gold dragon or the hugging young woman. He was still fairly new to being around women for extended periods of time, and the girl still made him feel rather..out of sorts. He instead moved off to the side with Torath, hopping up onto his leg, settling himself quietly in the crook of his leg joint, leaning back against Torath, one leg propped up, the other hanging over the side of Torath's leg, as the dragon crooned softly in Okalinath's direction. You are doing wonderfully Okalinath, your clutch is magnificent., he said gently to Okalinath before dropping his head to look at N'kal, who patted his neck gently I am glad you have come N'kal!, Torath said to him, excitement and pride in his voice, though he was quite a bit quieter this time. I wouldn't miss it for anything., he replied then looked back over at the girls. He offered them both a kind smile and a nod and Torath eyed the trio of females and rumbled a greeting to them before turning his great head again to watch Okalinath labor with her eggs and move them about as she laid them.


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