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Author Topic:  Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]  (Read 5513 times)

IC Date: 21.12.233 AL, Mid Morning

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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #25 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 03:56 AM »
Vee had been at the back of the candidates that had been filed onto the sands, this was far from her first Touching but she was still always excited to a point, and though she listened carefully to Jayedi, she knew how this worked all too well. The gold Okalinath's antics made her smile and laugh a little. Her excitement over her own clutch and over the candidates warmed her and gave her a boost of excitement she hadn't previously had. Her eyes wandered over the rather large bronze dragon that was being fussed at by his rider. She thought it rather odd the sire was on the sands, she didn't know they cared much about the eggs, though she supposed it made some kind of sense, didn't it? She gave a little pout when Okalinath's rider shooed her away so that they could all go toward the eggs in peace. She felt a little remorse that she did not know the girl, Kahleena she believed, very well if at all honestly. She had managed to keep herself as far away from the others as possible, she wasn't really all that sure why though.

She fell in with the other gold candidates, a stroke of self doubt went through her heart briefly but she pushed it away. She could never help worrying that she was getting far too old to stand for clutches, but she had yet to be turned away so she still clung to a small light of hope, locked away. Pulling herself from her thoughts she watched the others and while some went for Krypth's clutch first, the antics of the gold dragon left her still very amused and so she went to her clutch first, kneeling before the slightly lopsided egg and gently placed her palm against the light yellow surface, a smile as she whispered, "Hello there little one, I bet you're ready to see the world aren't you?" She remained a moment longer then gave a quiet farewell to the egg and the baby dragon inside then moved aside for another candidate to take her turn.

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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #26 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 08:48 AM »
J'di remained a silent sentinel on the sidelines while the children moved out among the eggs. Until her intervention was needed or they had to leave, this was their time. She personally thought the process was crap when it came to Impression -hadn't Caymath found her when she'd only touched the gold of his clutch?- but it did serve the use of getting candidates comfortable, so she grudgingly approved.

Speaking of-

J'di knew there were always the reluctant and the shy. Most eventually overcame their issues to answer the lure of the eggs, but the girl she had been keeping an eye on looked rooted to the ground. Well, she was rather young. J'di would give her a helping hand. The bluerider came up behind the girl to bend down and speak in a level tone for her ears alone, "Young lady, I believe I said you must touch one. If you need help locating one, I can assist you."

J'di had no problem frog-marching the girl over to the nearest egg. There was no room for weakness in a female candidate, particularly one with interest in the fighters- best the girl learned that now.


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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #27 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:18 PM »
 Flora almost jumped as she heard a voice in her ear. She though she would not of been noticed but apparently she was noticed after all just standing there.  Flora blushed softly " I'm very sorry Ma'am." She hurried off among the eggs with the others now.  She looked around at the eggs and picked one not to far from where she was standing and laid her fingertips upon it and sliding it slowly over the surface before resting the rest of her palm down on the smooth surface of the egg.

She was amazed at the feel of the surface of the egg  she never felt the like before considering this was her first hatching that she had come to the sands. Before she was to young and always had to watch on the sidelines. The sand was quite warm under her shoes but she supposed that was for the benefit of the eggs.

They all looked so beautiful  laying there on the sand she did try and see if there was a pattern but she couldn't tell. But then she did suppose that except for the gold egg none really knew what was under the shells.  She was simply drawn to the silvery egg that was  dotted with little dark brown freckles. She really liked the color but when she got closer she couldn't resist reaching out to touch the smooth surface. She looked around and saw the others had moved to other eggs but she stayed for a moment.

She wondered vaguely if the dragonetts where as nervous and curious as the candidates that where waiting for them to be born.

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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #28 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 04:06 PM »
What courage Bordtai had brought onto the sands that day was shattered as the terror washing over the dark colored egg froze his blood.  It was as if someone had tossed him into a lake even colder than the Weyr’s in during the winter months and he’d forgotten how to swim.  His muscles instantly ached and shook from the sheer terror and try as he might, he couldn’t break free from the egg instantly.  It was as if he were drowning and he couldn’t break the surface of that icy lake no matter how hard he tried to swim.

Moments felt like eternity before his knees finally gave out beneath his shuddering and he fell, forcing him to break contact with the egg.  It seemed a mercy to feel the burning sands through his breeches to scorch at his knees.  Shaking, he pushed himself back onto his feet and took a step away from the dark, freckled egg of fear.  Even now as he remembered to fill his aching lungs with air, Bordtai could not manage to tell for certain if that fear was coming from the egg… or if the egg had simply pushed aside the boy’s momentary courage to show what truly was lying beneath.

After all, a dimglow with a dragon had a purpose.  A dimglow without…. Was nothing but a dimglow.

Feeling wetness on his cheek, Bordtai lowered his head and quickly wiped away the tears that the egg had forced to come unchecked.  The last thing he wanted was for other candidates to see him crying.  A slow look around as he tried to get his knees to stop shaking told Bordtai that at least the majority of the candidates were too enthralled by the emotions they were getting from the eggs. 

Moving further away from the ‘fear egg’, he took a long moment to gather his composure as he looked out over the eggs and the candidates touching them.  When a boy stepped away from a smooth, creamy-white egg Bordtai tried to gather up his nerves and step forward.  The egg didn’t have a single blemish or freckle on it.  No shading of colors.  It seemed almost perfectly white and was a stark contrast to the last egg he touched. 

He hoped that the change in shells would bode better results…

Lifting up his hand, he watched it shake for a moment above the eggs shell before he snatched it away and rubbed his hand on his pants.  It looked so… grubby in comparison to the egg.  Deciding his pants were not going to make his hand any cleaner, he reached out again with a bit steadier of a hand to touch the new egg.

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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #29 on: 04 Jul 2013 at 09:25 PM »
Nexus – (Flora)
You don’t feel anything right away and the fear it may be a dud starts to build until the dragonet finally stirs. The dragonet picks up on your nervousness right away and begins poking through your mind, drawing out every memory where you have been overwhelmed with the emotion, connecting each one in a series of images of one timid girl after the other.

Arbitrate – (Bordtai)
The moment your hand touches the smooth shell, you feel yourself being judged. Every action, every word, and every thought are sifted through and measured. Finally, the decision is made and you are found wanting. The dragonet within the warm egg finds you unworthy of its attention and you get the sense that you are being dismissed, waved away like nothing more than a pest.

Your touch does nothing to stir the dragonet but your voice does. The little creature seems to cower, as if afraid to reply out of turn but you also get a sense of wonderment as she thinks about what was said. She wants to be free but is it truly okay to want that? Just before you remove your hand you get the final sensation of longing for approval and direction. Why are you leaving? Did I do something wrong?
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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #30 on: 04 Jul 2013 at 09:57 PM »
Flora looked worried at first there was nothing comming from the egg. Was it a dud was there no dragon inside that never boaded well for a clutch. But no  something stirred inside the egg. She could feel the slight intrusion in her mind reading her thoughts and emotions.  Yes she was nervous that much was true. She worried that she would be found quite unworthy and maybe that would hold her back.

She felt like that a lot now since her mother had died  when she was younger. He nervousness and doubt about fitting in was  very much on her mind. She couldn't yet bury it.  But she noticed that she wasn't the only girl to feel that way there were others or so the dragonette showed them to her.  Many girls who all suffered from the same fear.  It gave her strength to move on threw the nervousness and timidness she was feeling. She smiled gratefully and  thanked the tiny dragonette  before moving on to another egg on the sands.

This time she picked one that had what looked like smears of dirt on it but when she laid a hand on the surface much  less timidly this time she realized it was the coloration of the egg not fingerprints left behind by the other candidates.

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Re: Gotta Touch 'em All! [Touching]
« Reply #31 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 02:45 AM »
If Vee was disheartened by the lack of stirring with her touch it lasted only a fleeting moment before she felt the hatchling inside shy away from her, but the sensation of wonderment made the young woman smile brightly at the egg. She could tell the hatchling was thinking on what she said and it made her glad that she hadn't thought to withdraw instantly when there was no reaction to her touch. The questions that she felt were answered with a soft, "Of course it's alright dearheart, there is so much to see out here!" When she had made ready to leave the egg she felt the longing for approval and the questioning as to why she was leaving. "I am sorry, I have to go now, I would stay if I could." The parting question nearly broke Vee's heart. She wished she could reach down and hug the egg, sadly that might be frowned upon. She did offer a whispered answer before finally moving away. "Oh darling, you could never do anything wrong if you tried." The emotions and feelings stayed with her a few moments longer as she moved away, a smile remaining on her lips.

She cast another backwards glance at the egg and smiled a bit before moving off toward Krypth's smaller, but no less important clutch. The girl seated with Krypth she knew of, and frankly was one she did her damnedest to avoid. She was a tad bit on the volatile side from everything she had ever seen or heard, Vee could only imagine she had her reasons to be the way she was. She just wasn't going to try and befriends her or find out. She did offer her a polite smile and nod to them both before making her way to her golden egg. The egg was the palest yellow Vee had ever seen and though it had no change in the color seemed to have a certain character to it. She kneeled before the egg and brushed her fingertips lightly over the surface before resting her palm against it. "Hello sweet one. Are you doing okay today? Hope you're ready for your big day.", she said quietly, a girlishly happy smile on her lips as her eyes traced over the egg, waiting patiently and with high hopes, to see if she would receive a reaction from the dragonet within.

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