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Author Topic:  Happy First Birthday! [T'lian, S'jin, R'nd]  (Read 1078 times)

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Happy First Birthday! [T'lian, S'jin, R'nd]
« on: 21 Jun 2013 at 08:02 AM »
B’jin had been very busy for the first week of the last month, to the point where he had cancelled all the classes his Weyrlings were supposed to take part in, and simply done the usual late-morning check-ups to make sure everything was going well. All the Weyrlings had almost reached their full growth and only a couple still had patches of their weyrling-hide still clinging to them. They were turning into a well-rounded bunch, and B’jin was very pleased not only with the growth of his dragonets, but also with the general skills and intelligence of the group. While, certainly, they were not all natural dragonriders, they were all working hard and the greenrider was very proud of them all.

It was, for that reason, that B’jin had been busy preparing for the dinner he had demanded they all attend on the evening of the twelfth. The group were one year old, and B’jin wanted to spoil them a little and reward them for the past twelve months of hard work and dedication. They were such a wonderful group! B’jin may have been a little biased, of course, but he was, over all, thrilled with the kids he had become responsible for educating.

A large table had been hauled out of the main hall by two burly bronzeriders that B’jin had begged the help from (or annoyed enough that they did it to shut him up, as Larrikith pointed out to the smug greenrider; B’jin had just shrugged. Results were results.). The single table was big enough for the entire class, himself and his two assistants, as well as R’nd and Valerian. Unfortunately, Valerian had been a sour puss and B’jin had barely opened his mouth before the bluerider had stated quite firmly that he wasn’t interested. B’jin still housed hope that he would come along, anyway, and occasionally glanced around just in case. His assistants had both ended up with ‘prior plans’, but B’jin wasn’t too fussed.

R’nd had been dragged along without any chance to excuse himself – but then, B’jin had been dragging him around all week. He’d made the bluerider come with him to secure some specially made paper. He’d made the bluerider come with him to the other side of the Weyr to collect some new charcoals and inks, then he had made the bluerider come with him as he fussed around and tried to find people to cook for the kids to have a nice dinner. He’d forgotten all about I’shan’s skills in cooking until R’nd pointed it out (which had earned the bluerider a kiss of delighted thanks) and B’jin had wheeled I’shan into cooking up something nice. Besides, he knew the bluerider was friends with a couple of the kids too; he threw an invitation at the bluerider (not waiting to hear his reply) and dragged R’nd off to find more people to bug.

Only when he had made arrangements for table movement, and food preparation, and that all the weyrlings knew they were to be present on the twelfth at 7pm in the Square did B’jin allow a rather exhausted and overwhelmed looking R’nd to drag him home. Then he had invested time and energy into thanking his bluerider for being so wonderful.

That had all been the first day; thereafter, B’jin had spent a lot of time holed up in R’nd’s hut, sprawled on the couch – or the floor – or at the bluerider’s desk – or on the bed, with a pen in hand and parchment set out before him. A small pile slowly developed on the coffee table, as B’jin completed each small project. On each sheet of parchment, B’jin created a black and white portrait of the Weyrling’s face, the face of his dragonet, and in a few cases, their firelizards were added to the mix, usually as a fancy border around the edges.

Each image had its own little flair added to it, subtle but clearly indicating that B’jin paid far too much attention to each of the young men and their dragonets. Talian’s image held hints of the Healer Hall within it, while the one created for S’jin was edged with slices of cake and sweets. After completing each image, B’jin would demand R’nd critique it, though he mostly did so to watch R’nd’s face and the emotions that would flicker across it. His lover was such fun!

Now, however, as the Weyrlings all gathered and settled themselves down, B’jin watched silently from where he was standing behind R’nd’s chair, having shoved his lover to sit down with an eagerness born of wanting to give his little gifts to his class. Only when all of them were seated, did B’jin bounce around the edge of the table, passing out the sheets of parchment to each of the youngsters, alongside their newly tied knots. They were seniors, now! B’jin was just about giddy with delight as he made it back to R’nd, and gave his lover a similar image as he’d done for each of the weyrlings, flashing a brilliant smile that held a touch of smug.

Bouncing around to stand behind R’nd once more, B’jin folded his arms across the back of his lover’s shoulders and leaned against him lazily, leaning down to kiss R’nd lightly on the temple before turning back and watching the group with an eager expression. He had plans for their graduation gifts, too! Those would take more work, though, and B’jin would need the entire upcoming year to barter for them. “Do you like them?” The greenrider was practically glowing he was so pleased with himself.

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Re: Happy First Birthday! [T'lian, S'jin, R'nd]
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jun 2013 at 12:52 AM »
Most men would have hated being dragged around the Weyr by their lover on crazy errands, especially when it didn’t necessarily benefit them but R’nd didn’t mind. In fact, he enjoyed it. It was fun seeing the enthusiasm on B’jin’s face and how much energy and effort he was willing to put into something fun and extra for his class. This wasn’t required of him and while his Weyrlingmaster hadn’t been mean, he hadn’t been open to throwing excessive parties either. Thankfully R’nd and several others in his class knew how to entertain so all important milestones were celebrated in style! B’jin, however, wanted only the best for his class and it showed in the lessons with strong emphasis on safety and the way he paid attention even when everyone was convinced he wasn’t at all. This party was a clear example as to why R’nd still firmly believed the greenrider he had met briefly turns ago was the perfect dragonrider example.

In the end, his patience – as stretched as it was getting with all that needed to be done – had been worth it and B’jin making it up to him had been greatly appreciated and reciprocated. The next several days hadn’t been too bad either considering B’jin was losing himself in his artistic zone while drawing. R’nd hovered when he could and eagerly looked at the finished products that were given to him. It was because of that sneak peek he had been given that on the day of the party when B’jin asked everyone what they thought of their gifts, the bluerider knew they would all love them. What wasn’t there to love? B’jin was ridiculously talented with the charcoal and each drawing was perfect and filled with details that only the most observant would catch. R’nd beamed almost as brightly as B’jin as each weyrling took in their gift. In a way, he had helped give each one since he had looked over and approved – though it wasn’t needed – each one as carefully as B’jin had drawn them.

There was a brief look of confusion as B’jin gave him a paper as well. When had his brat of a lover draw him something? With the way he had been watching, R’nd suspected it had to be when he slept or perhaps when he was dragged to help a neighbour with a chore. Far too curious to see his own piece, R’nd turned it over, forgoing watching the reactions of everyone else. Slowly the confused curiosity turned into a delighted smile as R’nd took in the image created for him. It was beautiful and would find a home on his living room wall that night as soon as he swept B’jin home and thanked him properly for it.

For now, that type of gratitude was inappropriate for the dining table and R’nd opted for something a bit more subdued. Wriggling his way out of his seat, the bluerider got to his feet and quickly caught B’jin around the waist to pull him close. “I love it, my sneaky greenrider.” A kiss that bordered on being in the category of too inappropriate for dinner was given and enjoyed thoroughly before R’nd let B’jin return to his smug glow he seemed to have perfected when it came to art or music and sat down once more to admire the art.

Re: Happy First Birthday! [T'lian, S'jin, R'nd]
« Reply #2 on: 02 Jul 2013 at 12:42 AM »
S'jin was excited  they had all been invited to some event.  He dressed nicely its now always that the weyrlingmaster did things like this and he wanted to look his best of course. He couldn't believe that they were a year old already. How time did fly by it seemed like only yesterday that Araith hatched from her shell and  bonded to him. 

He blushed softly remembering certain events with a particular blue rider both before he impressed and after Araith flew for the very first time.  He remembered all the classes and some of the wild questions from one candidate in particular that  had B'jin with such a look of total shock that the class still remembers it to this day.  They had been threw lots of up and downs during the classes.  He even remember climbing on their dragons backs the first time they rode around the yard.

Now they are flying in the air. He is glad thou that apparently  R'nd had not told  B'jin about the incident during the birthday party that he gave Araith some cake.   He had to admit that  most the blueriders he meet seemed to be pretty nice all in all.  Or at least he hasn't yet meet one that he didn't like.   

He took his seat and waited for the others to take theirs. He noticed that B'jin seemed more excited then usual and wondered what he had planned. He knew he would soon find out. He smelt the aroma from the meal that was laid out and his mouth watered. He didn't know yet that I'shan was the one to have prepared the meal.  But he already could tell that it was gonna be very tasty just from the mere smells coming off of the food.

He reached out his hand and took the parchment and the knots. He couldn't believe that they were already seniors. He opened the parchment first he though maybe it was a letter or something but no the picture staring back at him was  wonderful. He had to smile seeing the cake and sweets on the outer edge of the images on the parchment. Maybe B'jin knew more then S'jin thought. He blushed again and thanked B'jin politely for the gift. It was the most wonderful thing he ever received and he planned to cherish it greatly.
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Re: Happy First Birthday! [T'lian, S'jin, R'nd]
« Reply #3 on: 16 Jul 2013 at 03:59 AM »
T'lian had to remind himself to be excited. As it stood, he didn't like being dragged about and he didn't like his rituals being disrupted, so had any other human being (well, with one other exception as well) been the one to invite him to something like this, he'd have found an excuse to avoid it. This wasn't an invitation from just anyone, though. It was from B'jin.

How could Tal ever say no to B'jin? It would be horribly rude, and B'jin's surprises were usually fantastic. On top of that, B'jin would probably give him the eyes if he didn't show. That alone was enough of a deterrent, but after giving himself a little pep talk and reminding himself of just how much B'jin loved him, Tal found himself almost looking forward to the event. T'lian, looking forward to a class function?! Well, how about that!

He landed a short distrance away from the table and gave Khaduceth a single pat, leaving the brown to rest in the grass. Khad was far less interested than T'lian was. Whatever this whole surprise was going to be, it would not be worth his bonded's time, he was sure! He let the sentiment lurk in the back of his mind, content to let T'lian waste his time if he wished. Fellis stayed behind to keep the brown dragon company, while Tansy rested regally on T'lian's shoulder. She was interested enough for all four of them, but standards were important to her as well!

She had one very particular priority: the food had damn well better be as good as it smelled!

T'lian smiled and gave her a scratch on the neck as he seated himself. The food smelled good, and everyone seemed cheerful. It brought  a smile to the healer's face to see B'jin in such an obviously good humor. B'jin had been through a lot and often worried himself. Tal sometimes even feared for the man's mental health. Tonight, however, B'jin was radiant.

Tal smiled widely at him when he came around with the parchment and knots, the former of which was far more interesting than the latter. Tal wasn't going to wear the knots anyhow, but he still delicately and respectfully set them aside before looking at the drawing.

"Oh, wow.." he said, almost embarrassed at the soft exclamation he'd made. He'd received some lovely artwork from B'jin before, but this was perhaps the finest. Tal wasn't much of an artist or a particularly educated patron, so while he  couldn't exactly appreciate all the style on an academic level, he knew something that was pretty when he saw it. He also had a strong eye for detail, and examining the tiny marks and smudges that made up the detailed work, he could only imagine the time that must have gone into it.

Tansy chirped. Was that her?

Tal put one hand on her, then looked to B'jin. "Wow...this is beautiful," he purred. B'jin had ever personalized it! How sweet!


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