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Author Topic:  Dreadfully Tiresome [R'nya]  (Read 1740 times)

IC Date: 12-12-233, mid afternoon

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Dreadfully Tiresome [R'nya]
« on: 23 Jun 2013 at 09:19 PM »
From the moment Briyden woke, she'd found herself feeling dreadfully bored. Chores dictated that she be up in the late morning, not something that she was particularly opposed to but surely not something she found to be especially dreadful. She was normally awake by that time at any rate, however she surely would've much preferred spending her time in a multitude of different ways rather than completing her daily labor. To say that Briyden was required to devote a whole lot of time to her chores would've been a vast overstatement. The young woman was particularly ineffective when it came to completely most menial tasks, and typically was quickly rotated through a number of quick, simple tasks to maximize her usefulness. Rukbat was well up into the sky when the blonde was allowed to begin spending her time to herself, and she chose to quickly retire to her quarters to change and consider what she might potentially do with the rest of her day. Having slipped into a pale green dress featuring very simple embroidery at the waist. While she'd taken her sweet time deciding just what to wear, it still hadn't proved to be long enough for her to come up with an idea of what she'd like to do. Resigned, she'd flopped back on her bedding, toying with her hair idly and doing a whole lot of nothing for a good half-candlemark.

She had rather hoped to fall asleep for a spell within the time that she laid unoccupied on top of her furs, but to her dismay, found her mind just restless enough to keep herself from dozing off. Finally, she rose, donned a pair of simple, black slippers, and headed out of her quarters. She moseyed aimlessly through the weyrfolk quarters for a spell, finally deciding that as the afternoon faded on she'd become a tad peckish and a visit to the Dining Hall was in order. The mid afternoon saw a fair amount of traffic to the hall, and at the very least, she assumed she would be able to find someone to entertain herself with once she'd arrived. As she breached the doors to the hall, she was greeted with the sight of mostly-occupied tables, the noise level rising slowly but surely.

It was only now that she was here in the hall that she decided she wasn't very hungry at all, but secured for herself a piece of bread to much at all the same. Her deep brown eyes darted across the faces of those seated in the hall, searching for one that struck her as familiar as she nibbled slowly at soft pieces plucked from the very inside of her chunk of bread. Finally, her eyes fell on a familiar face indeed, brows arching with interest as she shuffled across the length of the hall. She was stopped once or twice along the way and while she greeted those that halted her pleasantly enough, she made it quite clear with her eagerness to avoid conversation that she'd already worked out a destination in her mind and those who interrupted her on her way there were little but minor hindrances. It took her several minutes to make her way through the hall as it grew more and more crowded, but finally she made it to her target and sat herself quickly next to him.
"Hello R'nya, how are you? Well I hope." Her expression had shifted from one of mild exasperation to one that belied how pleased she was with herself for making it to the Bronzerider.
"How has your day been? Mine has been terribly boring." Her last word seemed to drip slowly from her lips, brows furrowed in a brief pout. Certainly R'nya would have something to do, something to say, something to occupy her. While she had no particular grounds for this assumption, she was set in it, the consideration that the Bronzerider could possibly be too busy to idly amuse her never so much as crossing her mind.
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Re: Dreadfully Tiresome [R'nya]
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jun 2013 at 07:09 AM »
The bronzerider looked up casually as he was joined, an eyebrow arching slightly though he nodded a polite greeting to Briyden as the girl settled herself down with her handful of bread. Why the girls all seemed so anxious not to eat anything, R’nya would never quite understand. They were a group of birds, the lot of them, picking and plucking at things instead of actually eating them like the rest of the population. Shaking his head slightly at his own thoughts, R’nya offered Briyden a slightly amused twitch of his right eyebrow.

“I am,” R’nya replied lightly, after he’d swallowed the mouthful of vegetables. Cutting up a slice of meat into smaller pieces, R’nya lifted another forkful to his mouth, chewing slowly as the young woman bemoaned her boredom. The bronzerider’s amusement was not on display as he swallowed the latest mouthful, and then a sip of his drink – redfruit juice, as opposed to Katila’s awful wine. “What did you do today, my lady?” he asked lightly, nodding thanks to a passing server that dropped a platter of fruit in the centre of the table.

“Would you like some fruit, lady Briyden?” the bronzerider indicated the platter, lifting a slice of apple free for himself it was halfway to his mouth when a little golden shape appeared from between and chittered softly. “Good evening, Whisper. Come to beg scraps, my dear?” He would have laughed at the indignant expression on the little firelizards face (Whisper did not beg!) but that wasn’t his style, so he bit off a piece of apple, and offered it to the little gold as she coiled over his shoulders and chirped a greeting to Briyden.

“Perhaps you should get a firelizard,” He raised a brow slightly at the young woman, “until you get your dragon?” He couldn’t deny their popularity and those of the girls that had them certainly had found them engaging company. They could be terribly troublesome, of course, but R’nya was inclined to agree with the weyrlingmasters that encouraged bonding to a firelizard before bonding to a dragon. Their usefulness in teaching the youngsters how to take care of their future beasts certainly outweighed their levels of irritation.
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Re: Dreadfully Tiresome [R'nya]
« Reply #2 on: 28 Jun 2013 at 06:06 PM »
Briyden took to another shred of her loaf of bread, popping it in her mouth and chewing it slowly, swallowing as R'nya replied.
"Lovely, lovely. I should hate to see the day that you are in too ill of spirits to entertain me," she half joked, smiling brightly to ensure that her humor was apparent. Her eyes darted to his plate, appetite briefly tweaked by the sight of the array of food that still remained uneaten on the dish. Her attention quickly shifted however as R'nya asked her what exactly she had done that day, effectively refocusing their conversation onto one of her favorite topics: herself.
"Well I can't say I did much, sir. I was assigned to folding duty. I'm not sure if you've ever had to fold linens for your daily chores, but it's terribly dull." Her dark eyes strayed from R'nya's face to the platter of fruit that was laid out before them, head tilting to the side briefly as she considered whether she would indulge or not. The Bronzerider's invitation to eat was enough of a push and she nodded quietly in response to his question. The idea died quickly as she was quickly distracted by Whisper's arrival, not having time to decide whether she was more partial to a slice of apple or a slice of citrus.

She was immediately delighted with the presence of the firelizard, cooing quietly as she turned to face the little Gold.
"Oh may I feed her please, sir? She's just darling!" Judging by the simple way in which Briyden spoke, some might go so far as to give her more credit than was due and assume that something more complex might be going on in her mind. Truthfully, there was little more whirring about her pretty little head than her excitement with the tiny beast. It seemed that Briyden wasn't really one to entertain multiple notions at once. At the little chirp, she giggled delightedly, refraining from reaching out to touch the little Gold uninvited. Her brief attention span had permitted her to forget about food entirely, and her bread was now grasped far too tightly in her excited little hands, small crumbs flaking away onto her lap without her notice. R'nya's offer was enough to bring her attention away from the flitter, causing her to realize belatedly the destruction she'd caused to her food. She eyed it briefly, frowning and placing it on the table before her expression lit again as she recalled R'nya's comment.

"Do you think I should? What if I should get one that's terribly behaved though?" Her concern was peppered liberally with her fancy for the idea, a pleasant smile again lighting up her face. She hummed delightedly with the concept of owning one of the darling creatures- it would be so tiny and adorable when it hatched, she was sure -further pleased that R'nya implied that she would be among the young women who would impress before they aged out of standing.
"I wouldn't even know where to come by one, though." The obvious fact that R'nya's firelizard was a Gold one didn't seem to occur to her, and she hardly thought to inquire as to when Whisper might be rising and clutching soon or even if R'nya happened to know another 'rider whose Green was due to lay or not. Her eyes roved slowly back to the little creature, fondness for the miniaturized dragon plain in her glassy gaze.
"Is she hard to take care of, R'nya?" Her question was distant and airy, voice trailing off as she peeled her attention away from Whisper to gaze solemnly upon her wrecked loaf of bread.
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Re: Dreadfully Tiresome [R'nya]
« Reply #3 on: 03 Jul 2013 at 08:53 AM »
R’nya’s amusement was transparent despite the lack of a smile upon his lips, at Briyden’s response to Whisper’s appearance. The little gold, still wrapped around his neck, seemed to be less than impressed by the girl’s attentions, and focused on eating the slice of food she had been given by the bronzerider. “You may try,” R’nya said lightly, the amusement lingering in the words in much the same manner it had lingering over him. It was not visible, but it was there, much like a summer breeze.

“I would not know,” he tossed her a wink, one hand raising to gently coerce Whisper off his shoulder and down his arm, where the little gold wrapped her tail firmly around his wrist and pouted at him. “She only comes to me for spoiling. She is one of lady Rhaedalyn’s firelizards. This is Whisper.” He held his arm out a little, and nodded at Briyden, indicating that Whisper should look in that direction, too. Disliking being put on display for someone she didn’t know, Whisper gave a chittering scold, and took off from his arm, vanishing between, likely to tattle on him to Rhaedalyn. “Hrm.” He seemed less than worried.

“Perhaps another day, Xyreith and I could take you down to the lake. They are popular in the sands along the edge of the shore.” The little dunes in some areas that lead down to the lake’s shore were where the Candidates had first found the firelizard eggs, and they were still found with some regularity there, most likely from the growing firelizards returning to clutch, if nothing else. They should have been of an age to take to flying, though R’nya was quite sure Rhaedalyn’s were still too young.

If nothing else, a day at the lake would be a good way to get out of the dull heat the closing in of summer often brought down upon the Weyr’s population. Xyreith could use the opportunity to bathe, and swimming would not be out of the question, of course! If he ended up taking all the girls, however, they’d be taking the boat and Xyreith could haul them all back (Joy.) rather than trying to fit everyone on his dragon. He might bitch, but they both knew Xyreith preferred to ferry the boat full of women, than his back coated in them.


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