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IC Date: 27-12-233 ; early evening, post dinner

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Bedside Service [Briyden]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 05:10 PM »
In a Weyr, there was always about 1000 things that needed to be done. From checking glows to harvesting the fields, it took a lot of work to keep everything running smoothly. Luckily for a Weyr, there always seemed to be people to do these necessary chores, especially with an abundance of Weyrbrats around and the candidates that seemed to appear from up North or within the weyr complex itself. After dinner was one of the busiest times of days, and on this particular evening, Casa found herself stuck with laundry duty.

Sighing at the seemingly huge amount of fresh furs in her arms, Dae trudged into the Weyrfolk Hall. She had been instructed to check all of the rushes and put the freshly aired furs back where they belonged. Picking a doorway at random, she popped inside and noticed the many beds waiting for attention. It wasn't a big chore, just one that took a while. She set the furs down by the doorway, looking around the room and trying to decide where she should start.

Picking one of the first beds, she began the task of fluffing up the rushes. Most of the beds seemed to have been restuffed fair recently; she didn't notice any mattresses, at least near the front, that seemed in crucial need of fresh material. Still, this was going to take a while. Hopefully some of the candidates or other weyrfolk had been assigned to help her get it done. Looking back at the entryway to this room, she glanced hopefully about, waiting for someone to appear as if by magic or sheer force of will.
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Re: Bedside Service [Briyden]
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It was a well-known fact that Briyden was a bit of a baby when it came to labor. Her fragile physique and slight weight spoke to the fact that she was rarely coerced into completing any task of particularly physical nature, if any task at all. Despite having been a member of Katila Weyr for several turns now, she still was quite vocal with her distaste for chores, and while she couldn't get out of them entirely, she frequently was awarded with less taxing chores for her somewhat obnoxious behavior. While Briyden just assumed herself to be somewhat clever and persuasive, surely the headwoman and her assistants were more inclined to assign her to lighter duties simply to get her out of their hair. She was rather frequently assigned to some form of laundry duty, hanging, folding, or placing fresh linens and sheets into the living quarters of the weyr. Today was similar, and she found herself assigned to distributing the fresh furs to the weyrfolk hall.

Her stack was small and hardly heavy. She very carefully avoided carrying heavy things as that was both boring and tiring. She could see easily over her stack, even despite her rather slight height, her basket likely containing no more than nine or ten lightweight, folded pelts. As she made her way into the Weyrfolk Quarters, she was inclined towards a door that was left ajar, gently pushing through it with her basket. As she made her way inside, she seemed to be looking just about everywhere but in front of her, peering up and around at her surroundings for several moments before finally tilting her chin down and looking ahead of her. When she finally came to attention, her eyes had settled on the figure of a young girl. Immediately she brightened up. Oh yes, this girl must be here to help her.

"Hello there, how are you?" Her tone was cheery as she sped up her step to catch up to the girl, eyes roving briefly to where she was patting out the beds. Curious. Briyden hadn't ever considered fluffing the furs, considering that she never really did much of anything that she wasn't explicitly instructed to do, unless it had to do with what she did in her leisure time.
"What is your name then? I don't recognize you." There was a touch too long of a pause as she examined the girl before she added her own little introduction as an afterthought. "I'm Briyden." She glanced at the bed that Casa had been fussing with moments before, cocking her head to the side as she slowly lowered her basket to the ground.
"What are you doing? You should just put the furs on the bed, silly thing." Far from condescending, her tone was quiet and airy, bright however, as if she felt she were dispensing some useful bit of knowledge to the girl. Her eyes flicked back to Casa and she paused for a moment before smiling softly.


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Re: Bedside Service [Briyden]
« Reply #2 on: 28 Jun 2013 at 07:43 PM »
After staring into the doorway for several moments, Dae considered that whoever was going to be along to help may still be getting clean linens. Shrugging, she turned back to the mattress at hand, making sure it was plump and not overly flattened. Little did she know, someone was on their way...when Briyden inquired after her, she yelped and jumped, startling and falling back on the bed. Blinking, she slowly turned around, her eyes wide for a moment before she burst into laughter, grinning. "Oh, you startled me!" she declared, shaking her head and scrambling up to rearrange the mattress again.

"You must be the other person helping with linens's nice to meet you! I'm Casa. Dae works though, everyone calls me that." She moved around to the next mattress, pausing when she saw Briyden standing there and watching her, a look of confusion on her face. "What am I doing? You've never checked the bedding materials before?" She frowned for a moment, pulling the mattress in front of her up to shown her new friend. "Part of making sure the bedding is super comfy is making sure to check the material inside, see. Have you ever slept on a lumpy mattress? It's easy to avoid that. If you make sure the rushes inside - that's the filling in the mattress - aren't too flattened, then its way more comfy." She flopped it down before moving on to the next bed.

"Anyway, I check them to make sure they are still all fresh and plump. If they aren't, then you gotta restuff 'em. After all...have you ever had to deal with the Aunties and Uncles? They grumpy if they don't sleep well, and no one wants to deal with a grumpy adult." She continued to work her way through the row of beds on the side of the room she occupied, bustling around energetically. "Hey, I know! You don't seem to know much about the I'll do the fluffing if you can start lying down the furs. It should help speed the chores up. No one wants to be stuck with chores all night, after all!"


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