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IC Date: 10-12-233 ; late afternoon, pre-dinner

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Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« on: 28 Jun 2013 at 08:11 PM »
It had been a long day. A very long day. A day full of chores (she had had to go and work with some of the Brats she was not fond of) that had left her frustrated and needing a break from people. Especially after they had started picking on one of the other girls, which she simply wouldn't stand for. She may not like girls, but that didn't anyone the right to start a fight or tease! She'd almost gotten into a scrap with the bully, and had finally stormed off, just this side of taking a swing. But she knew that nothing good would come of it, only punishment and stern looks, so she had huffed off to find a way to cool down.

Cooling down, as it turns out, meant going into the kitchen and snagging a huge pile of cakes. She bit her lip as she snuck out of the kitchen, eyes peeled for a sign of notice, but no one seemed to be paying her much mind, especially this close to dinner. Successful in her mission, she took off towards the huts, hoping to stow away in her father's living space while he was out at dinner or oiling his dragon or whatever he was doing this afternoon. However, she realized that she hadn't been paying as much attention as normal, and had somehow managed to get lost among the huts.

Frowning, she tried to backtrack and figure out which space was his. But, all of the huts looked the same this time of day, especially when you had a pack full of stolen loot. She pulled one of the cakes out, biting into it and frowning as she peered around corners and glanced into doorways. Eventually, she flopped down in the middle of a patch of dirt. "Shards!" she all but yelled, cake half-eaten in her hands. As she glared around her, she looked up to see a blue dragon and rider very near by, both looking right at her. Gulping, she stuffed the cake in her mouth guiltily, her frustration forgotten as she stared right back awkwardly.
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Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 12:45 AM »
Teegarth had been watching the young girl flirting around the hut with much amusement her arms were loaded down with Araith's favorite treats. He had to feel lucky that she was not around to see the girl.  He mindspoke to L'te amused to say the least Do you think she is gonna eat all that on her own or do you think she in cahoots with Araith and came to slip her some without her rider knowing.

I wouldn't know Teegarth L'te said softly watching the girl himself now she looked lost to him and he wondered if he should stop and speak to her.  No maybe not she wasn't his problem right after all  He was getting ready to go eat himself and the pies she was carrying looking very good.  He shook his head but heard Teegarth insist that they help the girl.  Teegarth] We must help right L'te .[/Teegarth] alright alright have it your way  He let Teegarth  move closer then leaned down  and spoke to the girl " Hello I'm L'te of blue .Teegarth and this little beauty here is  jade. " He poited to the green flit. " What are you doing here are you lost?"
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Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« Reply #2 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:00 AM »
She could feel the dragon staring right at her, could all but feel his curiosity and amusement. She realized she had likely been watched for a while, and sighed internally. She was a dolt. Still, at least she didn't seem to be in trouble...yet. Swallowing the mouthful of cakes, she licked her lips nervously, her gaze shifting between the cakes, the rider, and the dragon over and over.

"I...uh...oh, Shards." She almost covered her mouth as it slipped out, but that would mean dropping the cakes. This led to a surprised and comical expression on her face for about two seconds. "Hi there, L'te...I'm Casa. I...well." She sighed, frowning. "I am kinda lost...I was headed out to hide in my father's hut. But I lost my way."

Her gaze darted back to the blue, and she grinned sheepishly. "Look, don't tell, okay? I'll share my prizes with you!" She picked up one of the cakes and waved it around excitedly. "There is plenty to share with you, if you can keep my secret...." She looked at Teegarth, trying to turn on her charm and slip away from being marched back to the kitchen with far more cakes than any girl her age should have.

Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:20 AM »
L'te let loose with a rich booming laugh.  " Well I guess you would be hiding out with having that many cakes could it be that you are being a naughty little girl. " He winked playfully to let the girl know that he was only teasing.  " Mmmmm Teegarth should we keep the poor girls secret or should we go find this father of hers and let him know his child is pilfering sweets between meals. "  \

Teegarth snorted the blue had already  lost  interest now that they talked to the girl and she was just a little lost. It didn't seem to be a plot with one the other dragons  to steal sweets for herself.  I guess if you want to  let her sneak into your place she could eat her sweets and share. Teegarth said mischievously. He did want his rider to  meet more people so he would not be so worried all the time about impressing people and getting attention.  Just a normal someone he could be himself with. Its always a good idea right.  And whats more normal then a child hiding and eating sweets.

"Well I guess as long as you share. " L'te winks again  " I can let you come to my hut. But no funny stuff." He teases again.


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Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« Reply #4 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:32 AM »
Casa beamed in delight, a grin spreading over her face. "Oh thank you! I promise, I'll share as many as you like. I can always make more later." She smiled at the dragon, her eyes hovering over him curiously. "Does...does he want one? I've never heard of a dragon liking cake, but I once saw a firelizard chase one of the kitchen women around to steal one. She screamed and ran away."

She laughed at the thought, following L'te in and setting the cakes down on the table once there was a dish to put them on. She shook herself off, still unable to believe her luck. Not only wasn't she going to be turned in, but she had made a new friend...and he wasn't going to tell her father or anyone else. There was nothing worse than trying to be sneaky, and failing. The fact she had been so blatantly caught didn't make her feel great either.

Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« Reply #5 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 08:50 PM »
L'te  grinned "Well I'm sure Teegarth might be willing to take a least one off your hands.  But I do know of a dragon a green dragon mind you that positively loves sweets. And myself I like sweets as much as the next person. I remember being young and sneaking them myself. " He winks and chuckles.  " But then I never got caught quite like you had. "

He watched the girl for a moment then reached out to grab a few of the pies from her hands." My hut is over that way. " He pointed with a finger. " We might wanna get out of sight before someone else notices and  want some pies of their own.  He watched her set the pies down on one of the plates he had setting on the table. He set the ones he took down as well. 

"I think next time you decide to pilfer cakes  maybe you need to draw out a plan of escape so you don't get lost next time. After all now that you know the way to my humble little hut.  I always like company but seldom have any. "


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Re: Sneaky Snacks [L'te]
« Reply #6 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 04:55 AM »
She grinned in delight as his suggestion. Come and visit him! As he teased her about getting caught, her face flushed a bright red, and she smiled sheepishly, staring down at her feet. She'd never gotten lost getting to her papa's hut before; this had been a whole new experience. And it was definitely a lesson. She would make sure to grab the cakes more carefully next time, and she would take a sedate pace so she could keep track of where she was and how to get to where she wanted to hide out.

When he mentioned visiting, she perked up. "Course I'll visit if I'm allowed! I don't got much free time, but what I do have, I like to spend time with friends." Taking a cake from one of the plates, she bit right into, careful not to get crumbs on herself. Despite her troublemaking side, she didn't like getting messy one bit. She'd have to wash her tunic later as it was. She made a mental note to do so later.

After stuffing the rest of the cake in her mouth, she trailed out where the blue was. When she first approached, edged along the hut to a safe distance. As much as he seemed friendly, she had learned a healthy respect for them. After all, they were big, and she had seen how they hunted. Their claws and teeth were both fierce. "Would you like a cake?" she murmured softly, offering it tentatively.


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