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What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 04:18 AM »
Noon meal, and boy was Dae famished. She had been working out in the fields since just after breakfast, weeding and watering to make sure crops were growing appropriately. It wasn't complicated work, but it was hard - it required endurance, to constantly bend over and check each and every plant. She didn't mind it though - the smell of growing things was one of her favorite things about the chore in general. However, it did tend to get a bit messy, and Casa hated being dirty. So after she had finished, she had had to rush to the bath halls to scrub herself off and change her clothes.

By the time she slid into the hall, stomach rumbling, lunch had already been served and people were busy chowing down. She stared around, frowning as she looked for a spot where there was still food to be found. She noticed one of the tables in a back corner looked mostly unoccupied, so she started heading over that. As she watched, one of the weyrfolk brought out a fresh platter of wherry meat and meatrolls. Grinning, she pounced onto the food, loading up a plate and tearing into it.

As she begin to eat with gusto, the crowds around her begin to clear out, returning to their various duties. It gave her a bit more time to eat, and she slowed down, finally remembering to chew again. The hall continued to empty out, and she sat back as she loaded her plate a second time, this time with meatrolls that she planned to take her time on. As she glanced around the more hollowed out room, she noticed one of the few people still left with her - a rider that looked vaguely familiar, and very lonely. Without a pause, she picked up her plate and trotted over, sitting down near him and smiling brightly. No one should have to sit by themselves at lunch! "Hi there, I'm Casa!" she declared, beaming up at him cheerfully.
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Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 12:25 AM »
S'jin had been in silent contemplation with Araith and not really paying attention to the food on his plate. His green flit Lana was sitting on his shoulder while the golden beauty Minx was wrapped around his neck.  His brown flit Claus was of course fluttering about in the ceiling waiting to be called down to get his snack. All three were being amazing well behaved today probably cause S'jin had been a bit  down lately. After Araith first Flight which was amazing to say the least he couldn't believe who won. That was like the best flight ever at least in his eyes.  Probably more so cause he had feeling for the winner  even though he tried to deny it  in his head. 

He didn't notice the young girl  when she approached and he barely noticed when she sat down next to him.  It wasn't till she spoke that he noticed here and he looked up quietly as she introduced herself.   Lana squaked in protest at the sudden movement that she wasn't exspecting. But Minx just looked on with swirling eyes. " I'm S'jin rider of green Araith." He replied softly back to her wanting to be polite. S'jin was always pretty polite and did enjoy talking to people sometimes. Even though he was more shy about starting a conversation out of the blue. "It is very nice to meet you. Are you one of the candidates"
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Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« Reply #2 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 12:44 AM »
When he looked up, Dae blinked and tilted her head curiously. He looked vaguely familiar; maybe he was one of the green or blueriders? She wasn't great at keeping them all straight in her head - there were so many dragons all over the Weyr. And not being privy to lessons or many good reasons to spend time around the riders, she had to really work to keep them all straight. When he introduced himself, she smiled softly. "S'jin of Green Araith." Ha, she had been right!

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you don't looked kind of lonely over here." She glanced up then at the three firelizards, blinking slowly. "Then again...I didn't notice them right off hand...maybe you weren't as alone as I thought." She eyed the gold sitting around his neck, her curiosity piqued. She'd never been this close to a Gold firelizard...they are so pretty! This one seemed to be watching her pretty closely, so she stared right back.

"If you are busy, I can go...I was more interested in making sure you weren't sad or something. No one should have to eat by themselves or be sad." She switched her gaze to the green one who had made that delightful sound when she had showed up. A lot of the weyrfolks seemed to not like the little things, but they were so endearing! And they looked just like tiny dragons.

"May I...may I offer them a treat?" If there was one way to get a creature to like you, it was with food - she had heard one of the women say so. That may have been in reference to a man...but surely it worked like that with firelizards? Dragons liked food during Hatchings! She broke one of her meatrolls in half, cautiously waiting for permission before she just stuck her hand out. After all, she didn't want to offend them, especially the little gold beauty.

Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 01:33 AM »
S'jin smiled brightly " Its quite alright. I generally eat along cause some don't like these little beauties and I like to keep them with me so i usually come later so that most are leaving as i come in to eat. " S'jin explains softly. 

He whistles softly and  Claus lands softly on the table by his plate and Lana and Minx joins him.  Lana chirps softly in greeting.  Minx steps down and continues to watch the girl with her eyes but notices the food and looks from S'jin to the girl  with a soft chirp.  Its almost like she asking even though she the younger flit of the three  she seems to have the more manners and awareness.

S'jin nodds softly " Yes you may give them a treat. " As he points to Lana and Minx. He holds out  a treat for Claus. He  knows that Claus is more greedy then the girls so  he wouldn't want the girl to feed the glutton. He also didn't have as much manners as he tore into his  half of meatroll.

The girls love to have their eye ridges scratched. They don't mind being touched as they eat.  Now Claus here on the other hand doesn't have that good of manners.  He points to the messy brown as he eats his treat.


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Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« Reply #4 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 02:03 AM »
"Well, I think they are lovely. They look just like dragons, but they are so tiny!" She bent down over the table, taking the meatroll in her hands and breaking it into two even pieces. Putting one in each hand, she reached each one out to the two tiny creatures slowly, so they wouldn't startle. She sat very still until they took the pieces from her, giggling as she watched them work on their snacks. They were so dainty, especially the Gold. The brown on the other hand, was quite a little pig. She was fond of all of them.

Once the tiny creatures had finished their snacks, she reached out again to try her hand at scratching their eye ridges. She reached out and ran her fingers over the eyeridges of the little queen and her smaller green companion. Maybe she'd have to look at getting one of these things, provided she could find one. She had heard eggs weren't uncommon, but they were kind of expensive. She'd have to see if she could find some eggs maybe.

While she focused on the little creatures in front of her, she answered the question he had asked. "I'm not a candidate, least not officially...I'm just a weyrbrat. My father is a bluerider here." She shrugged. "I know I could technically stand, but I mean, that's what Searches are for. I figured...if I was meant to be a candidate, maybe someone would tell me. I don't feel like one. Besides, I have no idea what dragons look for in people."

Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« Reply #5 on: 30 Jun 2013 at 08:39 PM »
S'jin smiled as the flits got attention from the young girl. They so do love to have people pay attention to them specially Minx. After all she thinks she'll all that and a bubbly pie.  Lana she's a bit more of a homebody but she also enjoys attention. and Claus here he's still a bit on the wild side and likes to show off most the time. "

He reached out and rubbed along Claus neck  and the scratched behind his  eye ridges as he cooed softly in contentment.  He knew that while Claus was a bit wild and more energenic of the three he also could be the most loving when he was in the mood to be.  He was more of a food demanding soul and would do just about anything to get feed. He even learned to do tricks to get more people to give him food.  If only it wasn't for his deplorable table manners.

S'jin chuckled again. " It was about a year ago that i asked myself that same thing just what do hatchlings look for in  us. I'm still not sure i even understand what Araith saw in me when she picked me but i'm sure she has her reasons. But once it happens you wonder how you could even doubt that  it would.


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Re: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [S'jin]
« Reply #6 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 06:06 AM »
She nodded slowly, thinking. Maybe dragons just knew what they wanted. A lot of people had unique personalities, and sometimes they had traits that were the same. More often than not, they had traits were completely opposite. It seemed that if they were going on personality, the dragons were in a situation of hoping their ideal was there.

She continued to stroke the little firelizards surrounding her, admiring them. They were lovely. Eggs seemed to pop up occasionally around the weyr - sometimes people had 'lizards who had clutches, and sometimes they were found in the wild. It was another luck of the draw thing. Maybe, she thought idly, that was why there weren't many dragons. Everything seemed so chancy.

"Where did you find them?" she asked curiously, rubbing down the spine of the green softly. "And did they hatch together? Or separately?" She stopped talking after this, knowing she must sound like she was rambling. But seriously, how did someone end up with three of these beauties? She'd be lucky if she could get one of them!


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