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Sew and Stitch [Jisralna]
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Clothing was one of those things that you just didn't go without. Not only because one shouldn't run around naked, but because it was useful for protecting your hide from things like too much sun. Some people would also have you believe that it gave the illusion of status and importance, but Casa seriously doubted this was the case. After all, it all came off at the end of the night anyway, and why spend time and money on really nice things just to impress people? She was pretty sure if you had a good personality, you could do the same thing.

However, at this point in had come time to figure out what to do about clothing. Not only was her clothing not likely to wow anyone, it had gotten to the point that it looked closer to rags than to clothing. She firmly believed in patching and repairing things until you simply couldn't anymore, which is where she seemed to have gotten herself. She knew there was clothing to be found SOMEWHERE in the weyr, but its not like you just waltzed up to the Headwoman and demanded new clothing! She was hoping, instead, that maybe she could find one of the craftsfolk who had experience in clothing. Maybe they could give her advice.

Frowning, she slowly headed towards the Crafting Hall, wear her least threadbare tunic and trousers. Despite her effort to keep them in good shape, the hems at the bottom were non-existent, and in the lower section of the tunic you could almost see through the cloth in some sections. She ducked her head, not really wanting to waste anyone's time, but knowing she had to get this done. She'd hear no end to it if someone important noticed her in thin clothing. She peeked into the main hall of the Crafter's area, hoping there would be someone who could advise her on what to do next.
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