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IC Date: 8-12-233 AL - early afternoon

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Shiny! [Farren]
« on: 29 Jun 2013 at 04:40 PM »
Casa had just begin to recognize enough of the candidates around the Weyr that she even felt comfortable peeking throughout the Candidate Barracks. Technically, she could come here if she wanted - she was 13 now, and Weyrbrat to boot, which meant she could stand if she wanted. But she had always figured that people were Candidates for a reason, and they were the ones who were meant to Impress. She didn't really have much of a head for politics at 13 either, and from what she could tell, dragons meant politics. And kissing. Kissing was gross.

That being said, she did like most of the candidates, and they were friendly enough, if you took to mind that some of them needed to adjust. Some of them were just plain rude, and she tended to avoid them. It being a less work heavy day, she had come to see who was around, and to see if there were any unfamiliar faces to make friends with. Creeping into the quarters, it seemed to be rather quiet today. None of the classrooms seemed to be occupied at the moment, either. She was willing to bet her next bubbly pie they were all oogling over the eggs in the current clutches. That's what Candidates did. They ooh'd and aah'd.

Padding down the hallways, she shook her head and grinned wryly. Eggs. They certainly were pretty, and there was definitely something to be said for the excitement that came with the Hatchings. She peeked her head into one of the rooms, seeing if anyone was around. It was empty, but she quickly forgot her search when she spotted something shiny in the room. She glanced around before slipping in, sitting on the bed opposite the shelf with the pretty things on it. What were they? Glass? They were beautiful! She wondered who had made them. She really liked them.
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Re: Shiny! [Farren]
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The glass figures were simplistic, done by a hand better suited to more practical works. The most complex thing on the shelf was a half shell with a green dragonet poking out while the most simple was simply a tear-drop of glass about the size of Casa's little finger with a cord through it. Pretty when catching the sun but otherwise fairly dull to look at. Then there was a simple jar with a swirl of colour in it and a larger jar with only a yellow bottom. Nothing too special but, as Casa had noted, pretty to look at.

Farren was returning from a bath, dressed but drying out her hair. She rounded the corner and went to the side of the room with the shelf, vision blocked by towel and her long hair. She was humming to herself, idle noises that didn't sound bad but weren't anything special, either. Tossing the towel on her cot she turned and blinked in surprise. There was someone in the room. How odd!

"Oh! Hello! I didn't see you. Did you need something?" No one ever needed anything from her except the occasional glass bauble or poorly timed flirtations and subtle jabs that she wasn't pregnant and hadn't provided the Weyr a child, as if she needed the reminder. She pulled her hair back into a loose tail and smoothed her skirts before taking a seat on the cot.


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Re: Shiny! [Farren]
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Many of the glass baubles were absolutely gorgeous - it wasn't often that she got to see glass up front, and never in such creative, artistic ways. It was simply stunning! She liked the pretty colors of the jars, and the teardrop necklace was pretty. The glass dragon, however, had her captivated. Peering closer to it but keeping her hands back, she stared at the minute detail that created the little wonder. How did one make glass look so lovely at such a tiny size? And she could tell exactly what it was! Amazing!

However, her reveries were broken when a woman came walking in unexpectedly. She looked around frantically, taking a couple steps back from the bed and standing there awkwardly. Somehow, chore time had become snooping time, and she felt guilty about getting in someone's personal business. But the glass! It was so pretty! Casa tried to find a way to steer it away from her peering around the woman's room, so she sat on the opposite bunk, trying to figure out what to say.

"Did you make those?!" she asked excitedly, before silently kicking herself in the foot. Really? You get caught snooping around when doing chores, and the first thing you do is not only admit guilt, but show interest. Still, she reasoned with herself, how could you not be interested! Smiling at the woman, she introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Casa. I was cleaning the room up in general, but...the glass! It's so pretty! I've never seen anything so detailed and lovely and...the little dragon is the best! I can't believe you can make glass so pretty so little..."


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