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IC Date: 01.01.234 AL - Dawn! NYE ended all of 2-3 hours ago.

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Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« on: 05 Jul 2013 at 10:10 AM »
Kahleena? Okalinath’s voice was a timid brush against the sleeping mind of her human. The girl was dreaming, and Okalinath was unwilling to wake her, but-! Kahleena? The young woman murmured something under her breath and curled up in her blankets, fingers fisting around the material as she nosed in deeper, and Okalinath sighed dramatically. Kally! Another sleepy murmur, but the dream was dispelling and Okalianth waited with all the patience of a dancing toddler demanding her mother’s attention as Kahleena slowly blinked her eyes, waking up to the pre-dawn blush. Her head hurt.

“Wha?” Oh! You’re awake! That was being a bit generous, giving the way her silly human’s mind was foggy, confused and completely dazed. There was the lingering after effects of alcohol floating around, though Kahleena had hardly gotten drunk; she had just gotten tipsy enough to enjoy dancing and the New Year Eve celebrations that the Weyr had put into full force the night before… Hours before… “Okalinath?” Kahleena rubbed a hand over her face, her elbow hitting the form of a body behind her, and the girl froze dramatically.

Turning slowly, Kahleena peered over her shoulder, and blinked owlishly at Rhaedalyn. “Sorry?” She stared at the other girl in utter bewilderment. It wasn’t that a sleep over had never occurred, or that they’d never bunked in the same bed. She simply hadn’t been expecting Rhaedalyn in her bed. She hadn’t been expecting anyone in her bed. Your dreams said otherwise! The dragon cackled joyfully when Kahleena flushed and sunk back onto the mattress. “Go back to sleep you great golden lump!” She spoke aloud for Rhaedalyn’s benefit, but the words were a grumpy grumble, and barely more audible than a whisper.

But then we might miss the Hatching! The dragon’s voice was dramatic and crashed heavily into Kahleena’s mind; the girl groaned, covering her ears with her hands, as if that would do any good. “What Hatching?” Kahleena grumbled. “I don’t care if Krypth’s eggs are hatching. Go back to sleep. Why do you care?” Not hers! Mine! Okalinath paused a moment, then threw in cheerfully, Her’s started rocking an hour ago. No one cares! But everyone will care for mine!

“They can’t have,” Kahleena grumbled, hauling herself upright and sitting in a very slumped position. “Krypth would have said something.” She can’t wake Jada! She passed out! The amount of joy in her dragon’s voice was somewhat disturbing, but Kahleena brushed it aside. “Where is she?” The girl hurled herself out of bed, and stumbled around her room, kicking aside her fancy gather dress to dig one out of the closet that wasn’t wrinkled.

“The eggs are rocking, and apparently Jada drunk herself into a stupor, and I bet all the candidates did, too.” Kahleena babbled as she wriggled out of her slip and into a fresh one, and then tugged the new gown over her head. “I hope the weyrlingmasters can sober them up before they Hatch. Do you think they can? Oh, where is Ren? Okalinath!” What? Ooh! One of Krypth’s is starting to crack! Oh, Jada’s up now. Well. She’s on her fee- now she’s on her bum. Okalinath was clearly having a field day, and Kahleena sighed, rubbing her temples.

“Could you get Dissi to wake Ren?” A pause, and a sly smirk sideways at Rhaedalyn. “Maybe we should get Grith to wake up everyon–” even as she spoke, it seemed the boisterous green got wind of what was going on as humming started up across the weyr, and Grith’s claws-on-chalkboard voice bellowed across the weyr – THE EGGS ARE HATCHING EVERYBODY THE EGGS! THEY’RE HATCHING! QUICKLY!. Kahleena grimaced, then frowned at Rhaedalyn comically; “Never mind…”

Five minutes later, and the girls were on the Sands, where Kahleena quickly made a round of her dragon’s eggs, checking to see if any looked like they were about to burst; they were mostly just rocking excitedly. She frowned, and glanced at Krypth’s clutch, before pointedly walking through them, ignoring the dragon that was grumbling to Indivara and Jada while the younger woman shoved sobering liquid down Jada’s throat, her baby sleeping to one side of them, between Krypth’s paws.

“I think we still have a few hours, but I think we’ll need that to get the candidates sobered up.”

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Re:  Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #1 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 10:11 AM »
Please do not post new threads beyond the Hatching time frame, until the conclusion of the Hatching
 -- thank you!

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #2 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 03:39 PM »
Rhaedalyn gave a little muffled noise of discontent when she was elbowed but decided going back to sleep was better than waking up because of the nudge. The night before had seen her barely have even half a glass of wine and even that had been watered down. Turnover was one of the only times anyone could get her to drink since it was an important milestone and a large party. Since Impressing Aradissicath, Rhaedalyn was even more determined to keep her mind clear so it wasn’t that she was hungover, it was more she was extremely tired and wanted more sleep.

The night had been fun and filled with dancing and laughing. Rhaedalyn had opted not to make a whole new dress since she not only had enough time with her classes for such an elaborate project but she didn’t want to be seen as greedy and continuing to use the Weyr’s tight resources for herself. Instead, she adjusted the waist line, shortened the hemline a bit, and added a new panel in a different colour that hung in the back and was a bit longer than the rest of the dress, creating something new and unique while still staying rather conservative. It was, unfortunately, what she would be stuck wearing for a Hatching or two it seemed as her sleepy mind processed what she was hearing.

A yawn and stretch greeted Kahleena in response to contacting R’nya as Rhaedalyn sat up and looked around the room that wasn’t hers. It made sense. Kahleena’s hut was a bit closer and it had the added bonus of being finished. Rhaedalyn was still in the process of having hers built and the Barracks wasn’t any place to have an impromptu slumber party! Still, it was a shame since she didn’t have a change of clothes. The option to borrow something in Kahleena’s closet suddenly struck as Rhaedalyn stumbled out of bed, trying to shake the sleepiness from her.

After giggling over Grith and asking Aradissicath to contact Xyreith all the same to make sure R’nya was well that morning and headed to the Sands, Rhaedalyn was dressed in borrowed clothing and skipping off with Kahleena to see the Hatchings. Xyreith was spoken to, Aradissicath commented lightly to both women as she pranced along beside them. She was old enough now to carry Rhaedalyn on the ground but Rhaedalyn had insisted she could walk that morning since it would have been rude to leave Kahleena on the ground. In some act of miracle, Rhaedalyn only tripped once over her drowsy feet though Aradissicath stumbled a few more times and cut a corner too tightly and bounced off someone’s wall.

“Aw, you think so? I hope that’s all it is. Remember last Hatching?” Rhaedalyn giggled as she recalled how long it took for the dragonets to decide to come out and see them after they started to shake and cause a stir throughout the Weyr. It had been worth it though and Aradissicath earned a hug as the woman recalled the moment that had been beyond shocking and overwhelming. “I guess I can go sneak into the Kitchens and find us something to snack on or drink while we wait, assuming it’s not all being poured down the Candidates’ throats!” She giggled again but Aradissicath blocked her path from leaving with an explanation she’d take care of the meal. Xyreith, please join us on the Sands and find something for the girls to have breakfast. With that done, the little gold plopped herself down to begin the wait.


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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #3 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 03:42 PM »
New Year's Eve was always one of the most rowdy nights of the year, heavy on wine and flirting and who knew what else. Casa was pretty sure that with the amount of drinking she'd seen the night before, there would be new 'Brats wandering around the Weyr in the next Turn; likewise, there would be some new awkward, tense moments as always happened with big events. She herself had been lucky - she had simply been around to bring more skins when requested. She'd also made an effort to offer food to those who seemed like they would need it, and then just watch the shenanigans unfold. Easy night for the 'Brats, really.

However, she had not slept well once the noise had started to settle down. She had tossed and turned the whole night, restless and unable to get a solid grip on sleep. It was probably due to the fact that everything still hurt. One didn't take a beating like she had not two nights past and get to be comfy. Finally, she decided she'd just get up early and just get through the day. As she got dressed, she could see the bruises were really starting to develop. Yesterday, they had been a grayish they were purple. Deep purple. She also noticed her ankle was still very unhappy. She muttered and begin to hobble out towards the dining hall to sit there and wake up.

However, as soon as she was on her way, she heard the call, and suddenly the entire vibe of the Weyr just shifted. HATCHING! rang the call, and she blinked, her brain turning over into efficiency mode. She glanced down sadly at her clothing - another patched tunic and trousers - but knew there it would have to do. She didn't HAVE nicer clothing. She turned from where was and went to the kitchens, grabbing several mugs, a basket of rolls and sweetbreads for candidates and Queenriders, and a couple pots of klah. The riders were bound to be in much worse condition than herself.

As she finally hobbled into the Circuit, she saw the riders frantically going about the eggs to make sure nothing had cracked too far. It looked like she was one of the first to arrive. Sometimes, she mused, not drinking was a great thing. It would be interesting to see how the candidates arrived. When she got to the front row of seats, she whistled towards Kahleena, gesturing to the pots of klah and the mugs she'd brought. She sent them both down and slowly, so slowly, worked her way up into the seating. She knew once it was over, she'd have to get to the kitchen for Feasting, but she might as well enjoy the fact she was here and on light duty anyhow.


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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #4 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 03:49 PM »
J'di, like most riders, typically partied as hard as she worked. Turn's End was certainly no exception and the bluerider was enjoying a warm bed and an equally warm bedmate when Grith's dulcet tones rang out the news. To her credit, J'di roused quickly, climbing over her fur-warmer for the evening long before he had even lifted his dark-curled head from the pillow.

Tell Grith to keep her pants on, we're coming. She groused to Caymath, pouring herself a quick glass of wine and downing it. She had a fairly high alcohol tolerance, thank Faranth, and the wine would hopefully keep what symptoms she did have at bay long enough to get through the Hatching. It wouldn't do to show weakness in front of the young'uns. "Better get a move on." She advised the young man swinging his legs to the floor. "We've all get places to be today."

"Yes, ma'am." Ah'nin hummed with agreeably, grabbing his clothes to sling on. His hangover headache battled with the satisfaction of the recently well-laid as he slipped out the door. J'di might not be a looker, but damn, the woman certainly know a trick or three! The greenrider wished there were time for a repeat, but he couldn't be late for his groupmate's first hatching.

For her part, J'di headed straight for the kitchens at a brisk clip. The Weyrlingmaster borrowed a pair of items and left orders for pitches of extra-strong klah to be brought by the candidate barracks, along with some rolls to gnaw on and fill their stomachs. She wasn't entirely without mercy and no matter whose bed her charges had fallen into last night, the children would all end up in that vicinity.

As J'di headed into the barracks proper, the bluerider held up the metal skillet she'd liberated from the kitchens and began banging the heavy spoon in her other hand against it. "Rise and shine, kiddies! You've got one hour to get yourselves in enough shape to convince me that putting you on the sands won't be a safety hazard- for the dragonets."

Caymath reached out to brown Armath. J'di would like M'din to check off the stragglers from the list of candidates today and make certain all are present and accounted for. And possibly to help put a boot in the ass of anyone still lazing about in the barracks. The blue relayed the order to their Assistant exactly as it had been given to him, or he may have chosen a different phrasing. He also knew J'di would prefer to just leave anyone who couldn't get themselves together in time, but the Weyr wasn't so stuffed with candidates that they could afford to deny a potential choice to the dragonets.
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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #5 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 05:43 PM »
“Holy crap, did Grith figure out how to project even louder?” Ryvian grumbled as he clutched his hands to his ears, his drunken state leaving him to forget that didn’t do a thing in blocking out a dragon. Suddenly grumpy after being so blissfully content from a night of booze, dancing, and sex, Ryvian pouted and curled into the man beside him. As soon as he did so, he realized it wasn’t his brother like it normally was since they shared a bed in their little one bedroom hut, but a sexy bluerider. Clearer memories came back to him in the form of not actually having left to find his own bed after colliding with Z’ia and Ryvian grinned at the man. “Think there’s enough time for a little more fun?” In his current state, priorities had shifted.

A short time later and Ryvian was staggering from his hut which was thankfully not that far from Z’ia’s given the way the blue pair didn’t like carrying extra passengers. He had tossed on the all too familiar Candidate robe and some shoes and was making his way to the Sands. It was far too early and too bright already to be outside but Ryvian didn’t want to miss a Hatching, even if he suspected a dragon wouldn’t want his addled brain that day. In fact, he was pretty sure he was never going to Impress but if Kerrin could do it, there was still some sliver of hope somewhere.

By the time he reached the Sands, Ryvian couldn’t claim to be sober but he wasn’t nearly as drunk as he had been when he crawled out of bed. The fresh air, two glasses of water he had at Z’ia’s and the glass from his own home had helped a bit. Still, when he saw the water, klah, and medicine being handed out to the Candidates, Ryvian joined the line and got more water and some klah. As he sipped at both, the twin was pleased to see he wasn’t the last to arrive but it was clear he wasn’t among the first either. He didn’t feel too ashamed though given the state of most of his fellows and smirked at the ones that came in after him in worse shape.

Indivara was spotted but he knew better than to go approach her just yet. Not only was she baby-sitting a goldrider but Indivara would be a royal bitch and pick on his growing hangover he was working hard to avoid. Ryvian did, however, go to his brother when Nyvian was spotted to check up on him after their wild nights. Naturally, Nyvian would end up sober and possibly even well-rested but Ryvian didn’t regret any of his time tumbling with Z’ia so he’d take the mini lecture he was certain to receive soon.


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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #6 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 07:57 PM »
Goooood morning Terken!  It's hatching day and R'ana says I can talk to you until Caymath says you joined up with the other candidates!  He was going to kill his foster mother.  As soon as he woke up and got out of bed.  In a futile effort to tune out the second most annoying green in the weyr, Terken burrowed under the covers and pillows, Kela lifting her head to whine when he tried to burrow under her when it didn't work. 

It's a wonderful day for a hatching!  So sunny and bright and warm!  Oh this is going to be so much fun!  Do you think you'll impress today?  Oh!  I hope so!  I hope all the dragons impress!  I love hatchings!  Don't you?

He was going to Murder Ravana.  With prejudice.  Deciding that Shanith truly wasn't going away, Terken rolled from bed and got dressed.  A moment to lock Kela into Ravana's empty hut and order her to stay, while Shanith babbled to him about her night last night and he was headed for the sands. 

He went straight to J'di when he saw her, saying quietly, "I'm here.  I beg of you, have Caymath tell Shanith so she'll shut up."  He slipped off then, picking up a cup of water and sitting.  Shortly after that Shanith shut up, and he sighed in relief. 

Kela showed up then, the canine panting and looking entirely too pleased with herself.  She was covered in broken glass, explaining how she had gotten out.  Shaking his head, Terken sent a weyrbrat for her combs, slumped down beside the dog and began to work the shards out of her coat.  "I told you to stay."  She just let her tail wag and panted, happy to be at Terken's side where she belonged.  He sighed to himself and figured once the hatching started, he'd get her to stay with Ravana and B'run or B'sen.

Well at least tending her kept his mind off impending doom...err the upcoming Hatching.

Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #7 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 09:38 PM »
Peorray had a long-standing rule of not drinking alcohol. Never had she been more grateful for that rule when Grith's blaring voice had her jumping out of a sound sleep. She glanced around wildly for a moment, confused to wake out of the familiar surroundings of her own bed, before she took in the still-sleeping lump at her side and relaxed with a soft smile.

Last night had been lovely. When she'd first met M'din six months ago, she'd never thought she would agree to be his weyrmate by Turn's End. It was a risk in some ways. While she didn't doubt the man himself, she was well aware her own future remained uncertain. If she Impressed (today, it could be today, an insistent voice piped up), it would put a certain strain on their relationship. But she hadn't succeeded at that task in the four Turns she'd been here. She couldn't put her life on hold for something that might never happen. And M'din would understand, if it did. He was good at that.

He was also apparently good at sleeping. Peorray knew that she had to get going, but she wasn't going to leave without a proper goodbye kiss. For luck. Besides, after the celebrations yesterday, she was willing to bet that rousing and sobering the other candidates would take enough time that someone already-coherent would have no trouble getting there in time. She dug an elbow into M'din's side, vaguely surprised that Armath hadn't already gotten his rider moving.  The brown had always struck her as a highly capable soul. "M'din! The eggs are hatching! I'm sorry, but I've got to go."

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
« Reply #8 on: 05 Jul 2013 at 10:26 PM »
From his deep slumber, Armath's mind did not fully register Grith's screaming voice except as a nightmarish siren song that he'd sooner forget. Whatever she wanted, it could wait. It wasn't until Caymath's businesslike call that his eyes shot open and his head abruptly slid across his hollow to peer through his rider's window. M'din! Hatching! Up! He could see in the rumpled sheets that his bonded had taken Peorray home after last night's festivities, and while he assumed neither was in ideal shape for an early morning Hatching, the gold Candidate was certainly more alert than her new Weyrmate About fucking time, he muttered as he surveyed the recently coupled human pair, before adding with a snort, Literally. Despite his appreciation for his own brand of humor, in a fit of rare professionalism he respectfully responded to Caymath, I'll get him up and moving in no time. We'll be there soon. With a flick of his tail, he began tapping at the window, feeling far more sympathetic for Peorray's probable hangover than M'din's. If his rider had been alone, the projected orders and nonstop knocking would have been far more unpleasant. Although, based on his window-peeping, Peorray seemed as clear-eyed and healthy as a babe.

M'din rolled over with a smile at his dragon's brusque wake-up call, thinking for a moment that he must certainly be dreaming: he recalled hazy visions of a party last night, kisses, his friends, Peorray, dancing, Peorray, drinking, music, laughter, Peorray, a Hatching, Peorray, golden eggs, a pain in his side, Peorray... Peorray! He sat bolt upright, half relieved that the beautiful brunette in his bed him was a tangible reality, and half terrified at their mutual late start to the Hatching. It only partially dawned on the bearded man that months of flirtation, courtship, and awkward dates their relationship finally culminated in something beautiful, something that he'd been sheepishly dreaming about for a long time. He sat for a peaceful moment, grinning like a fool at her form, but as much as he wanted to continue admiring her gorgeous face (among other things), his duties as a Weyrlingmaster's Assistant beckoned and he had no intention of disappointing Jayedi. J'di, he corrected. She is a tough nugget and she will flay me if I call her anything but J'di.

J'di wants you to keep a roster of the Candidates so grab some paper. Oh, and we get to swing by the Candidate Barracks to wake up the stragglers, Armath told M'din through the window, delighted at any opportunity to scream at the top of his lungs.

"Oh, yes! The eggs! We have to wake the Candidates!" he responded to Peorray hoarsely. M'din rolled out of bed, pecked her on the lips with a soft kiss, and began rummaging through the piles of clothing on his floor for a suitable Hatching Day outfit. As soon as he stood, the pounding headache between his ears revealed itself. Ugh, Turn's End is the best and worst thing in the world, he thought with a tight-lipped grimace. Fishing beneath his bedroom shelves, he grabbed ink, a scroll, and a quill to keep track of the Candidates. Before leaving, he rushed back to Peorray for another kiss, murmuring, "I'll see you on the Sands. You'll do wonderfully." With a final joyful smile, he weaved a crooked path outside.

Crawling atop Armath, the brownrider shoved his wares into a leather satchel, swinging it over his beefy shoulder as his bonded leapt into flight. They ascended quickly, air rushing past his dizzy head uncomfortably, as Armath veered to the Candidate Barracks to blare, WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORIES? IT'S TIME FOR A HATCHING! UP UP UP! GET TO THE SANDS, SLOW POKES! M'din, whose brain currently sloshed like a pile of mush, felt a great deal of sympathy for the slow-moving Candidates on the receiving end Armath's brutal pre-dawn commands. The brown repeated his alarming process twice more, circling overhead like an obnoxious scavenger bird before turning to their final destination after those beneath him were sufficiently irate (and awake, by proxy).

Finally arriving at the Sands, M'din wondered if he shouldn't have swung by the Dining Hall for breakfast first; although, he probably couldn't keep it down if his churning stomach was any indicator. Armath gave two sweeping bows to the gold clutchmothers as they approached, not trusting himself to speak directly to any of his beloved golds without an embarrassing stutter, while M'din blearily waved to the Candidates and gathered riders. He set up shop beside J'di, sitting on the edges of the Sands, pulling out his ink and scrolls, and telling her wearily, "Morning, ma'am. This is a good way to start the year off, huh?"   
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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Never.  Never ever, ever never was Bordtai going to EVER trust a fellow ‘brat when they claimed that a shot of quikal was a sure-cure for a headache brought on by the noise of the celebrations.  Never ever, ever never!  When the chalk-scraping noise that was the familiar green Grith broke through his mind in her announcement, Bordtai had clamped his pillow over his head and prayed silently for death.  It was a hatching and he had to move – but his stomach turned as much as his head pounded and the last thing he thought he was capable of doing was moving.

And if Grith was not bad enough it was a short time later that the confounded blue-riding-woman came in banging a pan around like a banshee.  Honestly…  What did he ever do to deserve this?  Moaning, he turned to sit up and realized he was closer to the edge of the bed than he’d original thought – the sudden drop and heavy thump jarring his senses painfully.  Now on the floor, he layed there for a moment cradling his head before managing to get up onto his knees first, then to a sitting position on the bed once more.

Bordtai rarely took his time getting ready – preferring to get it done with before the rush of a crowd – but being quick on his feet was not an option.  Letting his head fall between his knees, he nursed it for a moment before moving slowly to lean over the foot of his bunk to dig in the trunk located there for his candidate robe.  Finding it, he pulled his dirty shirt over his head before shrugging into the robe and tying it snuggly around his too-thin waist.  Boots were next on his list but those took a few moments longer to dig out from under his bed.

The walk to the hatching circuit was torture, but once there the smell of Klah and Rolls had his attention.  Ducking through the crowd, he was shoved twice but his head hurt so badly he didn’t even care to see if it was because he’d stepped in someone’s way or if it was done out of simple malice.  At this point he doubted the latter – most of the population were also nursing their heads and klah cups.

With a mug and roll in hand, he found a quiet spot to stand and eat as he closed his eyes at the edge of the sands.  It was loud and his head still pounded.  Honestly he was hoping that today’s hatching would be like the last…  such a long wait that he might get some more sleep in before the shells begin to break.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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"Ameris..." a deep voice intruded on her sleep. "Ameris wakey, wakey" it came again and Ameris's nose wrinkled in her sleep. Why wake when the dream she was currently living was much to delightful to leave? "Ameris!" the voice shouted and her dark eyes shot open. A light headache immediately began to pound behind her eyes as they met the bright blue of K'ton's. "What in the hell are you doing in here K'ton?!" she shrieked and began patting her body to be sure she was still clothed. Her body relaxed as she found herself still properly attired in the gather dress she had been wearing a few hours before. "Well?" she demanded as she winced when the confounded man knocked the lid from her glow basket.

"Oh.. The eggs are hatching and the candidates have been called. I didn't think you'd want to miss that. I'm surprised you didn't hear the shriek of Grith when she set out the call. Must have been some night eh?" he said with a grin before winking slyly at her, "Just what were you dreaming about, Ameris my dear?" Her face colored as she remembered the bits and pieces of the delightful dream he had woken her from and earned a full throated laugh from the brownrider as he wiggled his brows and waited for an answer.

Damned if she would give him one. Couldn't have this nosey brownrider knowing who had been the leading character in her dreams. She glared and pointed at the door until he removed himself from her room. As quick as her pounding head would let her, Ameris slipped her candidate robes and shoes on. Turning she searched for Rislan in her blankets almost at a panic when she couldn't until she remembered the toddler had spent the night at the creche.

Striding from her room she took the proffered arm of K'ton as the man set himself the task of escorting her to the sands. He frowned lightly when the rapidly fading bruise shown in the light. It was nearly gone now and most of the time the only people who noticed were those who'd actually spoken to her about it. Ameris knew K'ton would have killed her father if he could and was grateful for the friendship of the brown riding man beside her. She slipped away from his arm with a pat and smile as she joined the others that waited with bated breath for the newest additions to the weyr to break free.
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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Vee gave a startled scream as the voice of a particularly loud dragon rang through her head, seeming to jar every point in her brain with sound. In her shock she looked around her, finding that she wasn't where she should have been, and apparently was on the floor in that somewhere. She had the bitter taste of wine in her mouth and felt as if her head would split open from the booming voice that had woken her. Obviously she had rather enjoyed herself last night...or this morning, whichever. Her stomach, not quite happy that she was awake either, threatened to revolt and so she made to put her head back down, screw the dirt floor, when she was tripped over by someone. She rolled over with a grouchy sort of mumbled curse, noticing suddenly, why she hadn't thught to check first she didn't know, that she indeed had clothing on, bonus there really, and sent a flailing kick in someone's direction.

"Get up you idiot! The eggs are hatching!!", came a woman's voice she didn't know who was trying to bodily drag her off the floor. She frowned and looked around, trying to get the woman to let go of her arm so she could get some kind of orientation. She groaned and sat up, head in one hand as she forced herself awake. Eggs hatching? What? Now!? She made her brain function properly for a moment to reprocess the voice that had clearly run through her mind, gave it a moment to click, then was scrambling to get up off the floor, gladly accepting the help offered this time. She was dragged by the other woman and shoved out the door into near pitch darkness, which gave her pause for a moment as she looked up, glaring at the sky. "Shards! They couldn't wait til sunrise!?", she exclaimed that found her feet and ran as if there was a wild were on her heels to get herself cleaned up and changed into her white robes. It did not matter to her how often she stood and failed to Impress, hatching were amazing and beautiful, and of course exciting.

She had done her best to clean herself up somewhat, even managed to even find some klah, cold though it was, to wake herself up, which no matter the temperature, klah always did just that. She had just left the barracks running as a brown flew by, shouting at them all the get themselves moving. She couldn't help but laugh at the browns words, though wished it had been Ironth to some effect. She raised a hand and waved at the passing rider then ran all the way to the sands. She certainly hoped she wasn't late, and definitely didn't want to miss anything.

She slowed when she got to the sands, taking a quick moment to try and catch her breath. She entered the sands behind Ameris and K'ton. She gave the brownrider a quick wave and moved to walk beside Ameris. "You ready for this?", she said with a smile and excitement shining in her eyes.
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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Casa watched the candidates and officials roll in over the next little while; everyone seemed to show signs of exhaustion or hang over. She could only shake her head knowingly and in sympathy, like a 13 year old would. To be fair, the Hatching did pick a rather auspicious time...early morning right after Turn's End? There was no greater chance for disaster! However, it seemed to be unfolding rather well so far. No one critical seemed to be missing and no one was falling down drunk or sick (at least yet).

As she watched, one of the candidates who had come in seemed rather concerned when a canine came trotting into the Circuit. She blinked and leaned closer - the poor thing was covered in glass! She trotted down when the owner in question started looking around for help, curiosity piqued. He nodded to her, giving her instructions on where to find the pup's combs. She winded her way past the line of mopey and tired faces out to the hut in question.

After rooting around to find the comb, she began to find her way back. On the way, she got waylaid to carry more baskets of food back. She began to hand out rolls, trying to smile and letting people know that there was food and klah available when they arrived. Upon returning, she set down the baskets and beelined for the poor puppy.

Upon returning, she set down the baskets nearby for candidates to grab them with ease, and then she sat down beside the canine, eyes glancing over it for injuries. Handing the combs over, she held her hand out for the dog to sniff, keeping still and looking at its owner. "Do you want me to help? I'm not up for Impression here, and she? She is gorgeous," she offered, watching the canine while waiting patiently.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Unlike most of the Weyr, V’ler didn’t drink the night before. Before Impressing he only casually drank at gatherings and sipped extremely slowly on anything he was given to make it stretch out and give the illusion he was as wild as the rest of them. So when Grith started screeching and Veeth woke up with his own brand of excitement over the news joining in, V’ler wasn’t too bothered by it. It was irritating in only that he had only recently gone to bed and didn’t want to get up.

In truth, he could skip it if he wanted to since he already had a dragon – for two turns! That still blew his mind – but he was a Harper and the urge to record all major events was strong in him. Since he didn’t trust anyone else to keep a proper and detailed account, V’ler dragged his behind out of bed and tossed on some clothes. Fingers were barely combed through his mop of hair, leaving him still with an oddly stylish form of bed head before finding his writing equipment. A moment later and he was trudging outside with everything he needed and clambering up Veeth’s side.

He arrived in a timely fashion and was instantly amused by the state of everyone. Hangovers were running rampant everywhere he looked; including the goldriders. V’ler frowned at Jada’s condition and shook his head. He had warned her at the start of the night to ease up on the drinks. Just because it was a time to celebrate and her latest clutch would hatch soon, didn’t mean there was a need for excessive partying. It seemed his words of wisdom were ignored though given some of her flirtatious comments towards him only a few hours earlier, he shouldn’t have been surprised.

He was tempted to go check on her but Indivara was there and seemed to be doing a good job of handling everything. Besides, their spawn was over there as well and V’ler wasn’t awake enough to even try to pretend he wanted to be near Varlea let alone pretend he knew what he was doing with a baby. Instead, he had Veeth mosey over to the vantage point they had scouted in recent days that allowed him to see both clutches without too many obstacles. By the end of the event his neck was bound to hurt with the back and forth motion but he’d deal with it so long as his recording captured everything.

Speaking of capturing everything…

V’ler took out the writing board to settle over his lap from where he sat atop Veeth and arranged his writing tools. Once he was organized, the initial notes about who was hungover and who seemed to be ready were made. It was going to be an interesting day, he could feel it already.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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He wasn’t much for extreme social interaction and that was likely why he usually ended up drunk but K’tir had enjoyed that night. At some point, he vaguely recalled, he approached C'vir and issued a whispered command of ‘my place; now,’ before swaying off into the direction of his hut, knowing his lover would follow. A quick glance to his side when Grith announced the eggs were shaking confirmed said lover was still very much in his bed and still in the same blissfully drunk and satisfied state he was in.

It was that very reason that K’tir was ignoring Ghaeth’s enthusiasm for the Hatching and grinned at the man beside him as he felt himself growing aroused again. “Forget the Hatching. I don’t really know any of the Candidates and I’d rather spend the next few hours fucking you.” K’tir shifted until he was straddling his fellow dragonrider and leaned down, pinning the man’s arms above C'vir's head as he moved, “no one will miss us and they’ll all be too busy fawning over the babies.” While he wasn’t one to hide his relationships, this one was different. The gorgeous man he held trapped like to pretend he was straight until he was too drunk to keep up the charade and often tumbled into bed with K’tir. That was fine by the brownrider since it was always a wild ride and the secretive nature added a new kind of thrill.

No doubt someone would eventually notice he wasn’t at the Hatching but a lot of people were probably going to miss it because of headaches so it was an easy enough excuse to pass off on himself. It was the reason he told Ghaeth to share should anyone ask and since he was technically going to be spending the time in bed, it wasn’t really a lie and his sweet brown wouldn’t have to worry over it. I can still go, right? Ghaeth was bouncing around outside from all of the excitement and K’tir found he’d rather have the dragon off harassing other people right then while he continued to entertain his guest.  Go and have fun. I know I’ll be enjoying myself over here.

Ghaeth left his human to his games and showed up solo to the Sands at the same time as a few other dragons. He greeted them cheerfully, touching noses with his friends, and trotted over first to Krypth and then to Okalinath to greet them as well. Congratulations, my cheerful and pretty lady! he crooned at Okalinath, mimicking Veeth’s style of speaking. He liked the way the blue spoke and wanted to be as suave as him. Before he got in trouble for being too forward, however, Ghaeth trotted off to a more respectable distance and tried his best to sit still and wait for the babies to make their appearance.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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N'kal had not had more than a few drinks of wine to celebrate Turns End  with the rest of the weyr then had made his way back to his hut for as much peace and quiet as he was going to get. Turns End didn't mean much to him these days, just another Turn to drag his sorry carcass through. He had declined a few drunken invitations to share his bed with apologies and directions to where the drunken riders were all standing around singing and dancing with harpers. He had no desire to share his bed with anyone, preferring as always to sleep alone. Liar..I know your mind too well, I know what you think..., had said, a little too knowingly and far too amused. N'kal had ignored him and gone about his business to his hut, attempting not to think of said person so as not to give his rather obnoxious dragon more ammunition with which to tease him relentlessly.

It should have been no surprise for the bronze rider that when the green dragons call went out he had already been woken by Torath, who had very sharply and excitedly woke him with a bellowing shout to his head. Hatching!!! Hatching N'kal!!! The Hatching has started!! Hurry up N'kal! N'kal are you awake!? WAKE UP!!!

N'kal flew off his bed with a rather loud yell and stood up so quickly from the shock of Torath's voice that he tripped over his own boots and fell over, smacking his forehead on the floor, when he failed to move his arms fast enough to fully catch himself, giving himself even more of a headache then Torath's echoing words had caused, with an added soon to be colorful, pained lump. Curses upon curses flew, rather loudly, both verbally and mentally in Torath's direct. Torath had the decency to wait for his flailing, now obviously well awake rider, to stop cussing before saying, "Oh good! You are awake!! The eggs are hatching!! Come join us on the sands!", then was gone just that quickly. Sadly the next thing he had heard was the bellow of a green dragon telling him the same damn thing. "Yes I get it!! The damn eggs are hatching!!! Faranth take you all!!", though he didn't mean a word of it as he was dressed in a flash, head throbbing as it was, jug, not a cup, of klah in his hand as he hurriedly made his way toward the hatching ground, gulping down the liquid as best he could without spilling it all over himself.

Torath of course, did not understand how his rider, today of all days, could be upset with him for being excited and wishing his bonded to share this with him. He was sitting, proud as could be, and even in a cheerful mood, as he hummed along with his fellow dragons, swirling eyes on Okalinath and their eggs. He turned those eyes on the candidates as they walked in, some more sluggishly than others, and gave a cheerful croon to them all then went back to giving all his attention to Okalinath until he felt N'kal enter the sands. I am truly sorry, but you needed to wake up!! Forgive me?, said instantly in apology for his less then characteristic manner of waking his rider. Couldn't really stay mad at you today now could I?, he answered with a grin as he moved to where Torath was. It was then that the bronze saw the damage to his rider. Oh N'kal!! Did I do that?! N'kal blinked and looked up at his dragon from the leg he had jumped up on and sat on. No bud! The floor got pissed off I stood on it so early and punched me in the face....

Had he been able to manage it, Torath would have given his rider the most bored look ever. You are not funny N'kal..., he replied rather un-amused at having his concern thrown back at him. I know...but your question wasn't either. He patted his dragons leg after rubbing said knot on his forehead, and sent him reassuring thoughts of love and settled himself in the crook of Torath's elbow and watched the rocking eggs. Try not to jump up and throw me yeah?, he teased Torath, to which he rumbled in his humming and lifted his leg playfully, before settling to watch the eggs as N'kal laughed.
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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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"That depends upon how well this Hatching goes." J'di reminded M'din dryly. Certainly the failed candidates today would beg to differ.And even for the sucessful ones... hatchings could be bloody affairs. With two different clutches in the process of hatching, seeking out hungover (and, in some cases, still drunk) and tired candidate, she didn't have faith in this hatching being one of the injury-free ones.

Eventually, the candidates were looking mostly human again and she stood watching as they spread themselves out among the eggs. "Hmm... I say first-hatched is a green of Okalinath's." She commented to M'din as they waited for the real fun to begin.

Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Peorray was rather glad when M'din left her to make her own way to the Sands. She had to get her head in the game, especially on so little actual sleep, and preferred to do that with no outside distractions. Her gratitude didn't keep her from being a bit disappointed that she had to replace the taste of M'din on her lips with breakfast and klah, but she was hungry and the hatching would take a while. It would be foolish to go out there on nerves and an empty stomach.

Peorray was surprised to see eggs of both clutches rocking. The candidates, especially the gold ones, would have more choices to make today. Her own was fortunately clear. Though she'd keep an eye on Okalinath's, it was the Sacrifice Egg that she took a position near to watch patiently. She glanced around the Sands from time to time as she waited, mostly to watch for awkwardly rampaging hatchings in case she had to dodge, but her eyes avoided M'din every time. Until the hatching was over one way or another, he couldn't exist for her.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Kahleena’s guess as to how long the eggs would take before they hatched was not so far off, and as two hours began the trek towards three, the first solid cracks began to show in the Fervent Egg. The soft colours of the shell becoming webbed with cracks, chips falling away as claws scraped avidly from inside, chirping and chattering audible as the dragonet fought for freedom with every ounce of determination it had within it. It wanted out – now!

The scampering of candidates as the last of the benchwarmers were shoved onto the sands came as the Anger Egg toppled over suddenly, rocking in the sand and rolling in an awkward circular shape before stopping as it hit a small mound in the sand. The egg seemed to pause for a moment, before giving a great shake. When that failed, it fell still once more.

Taking up the battlefor freedom, the Avarice Egg made a solid cracking sound, and a small foot was poked out before withdrawing with such speed that the colour couldn’t be determined before it vanished. Murmurs littered the gathering as excitement built up, last minute bets being laid both seriously and playfully over which of the three attention commanding eggs would finally break free first.

No one was expecting the Kowtow egg to be the one that let loose a sound near to that of thunder as the entire encasement suddenly shattered all around the young gold that was within it. The creature seemed utterly shocked, her eyes huge and wild in her face as she toppled head over heels in the hot sands with a squeal of surprised pain. It was hot! Scrabbling to her feet, the little gold dragon stared around, searching, before she seemed to realise the entire world was staring – at her and the creature withdrew in on itself, eyes colouring with horrified distress as she bunched up in a ball on the sands.

Several dragons bellowed, the sound startling in the intensity, but the calls were encouraging – don’t leave! Find the one for you! A young queen could not be lost to the eternal darkness of between when she was needed – she was important, and there was a woman there for her, to love her! She had only to look. With a timid step, the little gold dragon slowly spread out her trembling legs and looked around timidly, trembling visibly under the unfaltering and hungry gaze of the world around her.

There was one that wasn’t hungry, and there was one that was what she wanted to find, to feel, and with a sudden mad dash, the little gold went running, stumbling and tumbling across the sands, toppling head over heels again before staggering to her small feet and running once more. Her headlong flee ended only as her face planted into the robes the woman wore, hitting with enough force to send the girl to the ground, and the tiny gold dragon vanishing under her robe and curling up in a trembling mess between her legs, the tip of her tail flicked over the ankles all that was left visible.

As if in a sudden cascade of congratulations, the three eager eggs all gave way; Fervent crumpled, and a green dragonet appeared majestically. Peering around blearily as she shook her head, an action that sent the little green sprawling sideways with a squeal of surprise, the dragonet within the Anger Egg gave a mighty kick, and sent eggshell flying in one direction, while the little green went tumbling in a ball of wings and limbs in the opposite direction. The second green dragonet crashed against three eggs, sending them all rolling in odd directions.

Not to be left out, the foot that had appeared from the Avarice egg reappeared, displaying yet another green, before it was joined by its opposite and the egg wibbled for a moment. The claws of the front feet appeared, picking at the shell surrounding her legs for a moment, flicking pieces out, while seeming to tug other shards in. Only after a good five minutes of this did the Avarice green appear, finally pushing free of the shell and tumbling out in a mess of wet limbs as her two sisters found their bonds. Blinking, the little green seemed to consider those surrounding her, before flouncing off with absolutely no grace at all to what appeared to be a completely random selection.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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As she watched, her eyes torn between slowly working the glass out of the canine's hide and the eggs rocking, she could feel the tension and excitement ramping up. Once the canine was clean of any glass they could find, she slid back down onto the seat, staying close to the canine in case she got excited when the eggs began to shatter. Over the almost three hours as people did the last of their filing in, she noticed them spreading out, bets being laid - it was definitely close.

Close enough that very shortly the sound of cracking could be heard all around. Eyes wide, she watched as several began to spin and roll, spiderwebs seeming to ripple across the hard surfaces. One of them had a foot poke through - immediately the crowd gasped. The seriousness of the situation was upon them. As everyone watched and waited, it was then the eggs decided to put upon a show.

One of them exploded outward very suddenly, revealing one of the little golds. Gasps were heard everywhere - a Gold, the first to hatch? The poor little Queen seemed terrified at the huge amount of people watching her birth, and shook in terror. There was a huge outpouring of support, however, and she soon wobbled her way to hide with one of the candidates - who it was, she couldn't see from this angle. But a cheer of approval rose from the sands. Another Queen was never a bad thing! What a great way to start the Hatching!

Shortly after, three of the more busy eggs decided it was time to join their clutchmate. Three greens hatched in quick succession, sending them dipping and diving through the sands to look for their soon-to-be other halves. She clapped and beamed, trying to encourage the littles, to let them know that they could do it, they would find their destined! Hatchings were very exciting, she reflected, a soft smile on her face.

Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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 Peorray twisted to look as she heard the explosion, surprised to see that it was the timid Kowtow gold that had made such noise- and even more impressed when she saw the delicate hatchling that had managed to shatter her egg so thoroughly. Her interest was more of curiosity and detachment than active yearning. After the Touching, she thought it was best that she stay away and not scare the poor thing any more.

It seemed to be scared enough as it was, huddled in on itself on the hot sands. Peorray felt anxiety and pity rear up as she realized that the little gold was more nervous than the candidates themselves. It was never an easy thing to be the center of attention and the hatchling didn't even have any siblings hatched yet to divert the crowd's attention. She found herself hoping that the little one would just pick herself up and choose, and then she and her rider could leave.

It didn't really occur to Peorray that there'd been a danger of the gold going Between until she started to move, and then it was more of an afterthought while watching the dragonet's frantic run. She cringed when the baby took a tumble, adrenaline flooding her body and heart racing as she took in the gold's clear distress. Then she actually noticed where the gold was heading, bit off a curse- and just stood there. Let the little queen go around or through her if she wanted, but she wasn't going to add to the creature's distress by panicking and running.

It was a good thing that she braced herself, because the sturdy Peorray found herself bowled over by the force of the dragonet anyway. Wydrith was stronger than she looked! There were a few confused moments as she recovered from the impact and realized just where the dragon was hiding before she registered the feelings coiling around her legs and mind. But there was no time for celebration just yet. "It's okay, it's okay." She soothed the hatchling,  reaching to caress the trembling hide and project reassurance and love. "You're fine now, I've got you. I won't let anything hurt you."

She felt the tension remain, but the rough, wary presence in her head settled enough to speak. Untitled DocumentWhy do they stare, so? All those eyes... The gold shuddered against her legs. Untitled DocumentWhat if they-? Wydrith failed to complete the sentence, but the jumble of impression she gave Peorray made her shoulderblades twitch like there was a predator waiting to jump her.

"They won't." She told the dragon firmly. She would have been willing to sit there all day, as long as it took Wydrith to feel secure enough to come out, but the blazing heat of the sands was starting to edge past 'uncomfortable' into 'actually painful' territory. Besides, Wydrith would never feel safe here. "We need to move now, but I'll be with you the whole time. There will be food waiting, and it'll be much quieter. Do you trust me?"

Untitled Document Yes. It was the most solid response the gold had given her yet and seemed to encourage Wydrith to emerge from her hiding place as Peorray stood. Peorray would always be there for her, was the feeling projected, and Peorray was determined to live up to that faith as she began leading her charge off the sands, careful not to trip over the delicate dragon sticking close to her legs as they walked.

It wasn't the joyfully cliched Impression she'd half expected, if it had ever happened. It was more like meeting a part of herself that she'd never realized existed, natural and nothing to fuss about. And that suited Peorray and her new dragon just fine.

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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When the weyrbrat who had brought the combs offered to help, Terken nodded and picked up the ones with narrower gaps between the teeth.  HE spoke to her softly.  "Here...See how her coat has two layers?"  He showed her, letting her see the thick guard hairs and then the downy soft layer of fur underneath them.  "She wasn't cut by the glass, she'd be acting differently, if she was hurt."  He shook his head.  "Looks like she dove right through one of the windows in the hut I put her in for the hatching."  He added softly, "Our job is to work the shards and pieces from her coat before they work into the hair and the kin under it." 

He worked with Casa until the eggs started rocking, then made sure the area around her collar was completely free, guiding the weyrbrats hand to it.  "Here use this to lead her to the rider with the dark green dragon, over there.  She's sitting with a bronze rider.  You can sit with them and keep working.  The blanket should make sure you don't get burned." 

He trotted over to the sands before he could get called, worried about Kela, having to trust her with someone else, and hoping she would obey.  His focus switched to the sands then, watching the eggs rock, awed when a gold hatched first.  She was beautiful...For a moment he felt a bit of wonder, understood why people wanted a dragon to pick them. 

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Rhaedalyn gave a squeal of delight when she saw the little gold appear on the Sands. It was a much different experience watching a Hatching now that she had her own dragon. There was still a bit of nerves as she wondered if all of the eggs would hatch successfully but the pressure of making sure she Impressed one of the beautiful creatures was gone and she could watch with a more relaxed stance on it. There had been one clutch she couldn’t Stand for since it didn’t have a gold but that time had been filled with a sense of failure. What if another gold didn’t show up until she was too old to risk Impression on? She would have been a failure and a waste of time and resources of the small Weyr and she’d be exiled for certain!

Past fears were forgotten when the gold curled up on herself and some dragons started calling out to her, causing Rhaedalyn to panic. “Something’s wrong! What’s going on?” She wrapped her arms around Aradissicath’s neck and looked around frantically for a sign that someone knew what was happening and that it was fine. R’nya would know! He knew everything. Before an answer could come, the gold was on the move, running and stumbling in a beeline toward someone. Rhaedalyn was holding her breath as she watched and suddenly laughed with a cheer, clapping her hands in excitement and relief as Peorray looked after the newest gold dragon to join the Weyr.

“She reminds me a bit of you,” Rhaedalyn commented softly before giving Aradissicath a kiss on the nose. Her sweet girl had made a bit of an entrance as well and stumbled much the same way. It was, of course, a natural thing to do when fresh from the egg but Aradissicath had yet to outgrow that trait and Rhaedalyn suspected she never would. She didn’t mind though, it was endearing and made her girl uniquely hers.

“Congratulations, Okalinath!” Rhaedalyn beamed at the other golden dragon. Her daughter was so pretty and Impressed to a lovely woman. She didn’t know Peorray that well but enough was known to judge it a good match that would see Okalinath’s baby well taken care of. “This is off to a wonderful start!”

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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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R’nd moaned and let his hands travel over B’jin’s soft skin on their own accord as his attention was focused more on the kiss his lover held him in. Life was good that night, or morning, however one wanted to view the hour. At least it was until Grith’s voice barged into his blissful mind and interrupted his euphoric state. R’nd startled with a jerk, pulling away from B’jin long enough to look around the room as if Grith was standing in it. She was loud enough to make it seem that way! “Stupid dragons and their horrible timing,” he grumbled before pouting at the greenrider. He loved Hatchings and didn’t want to miss a moment but B’jin was far more appealing right then and they were somewhat caught up in each other.

Still, R’nd started to move, the intention clear that they should get moving to go stare at some eggs for a while. B’jin’s hand grabbing his and the simply spoken ‘stay’ were extremely convincing reasons as to why bed was the place to be and not the Sands. “Always,” R’nd replied as he settled back in to pick up where they left off. I guess we’ll let you know when the babies start prancing around so you can put in an appearance,Ayyonth commented with far too much amusement as he nuzzled Larrikith’s cheek. Their humans were something else, that was for certain!


When the eggs started to crack and the threat of dragons appearing became real, Ayyonth held true to his comment and gave warning to their riders that they were coming to collect them. R’nd was at least clothed and standing mostly upright when he landed outside the hut though he didn’t look nearly as chipper as he usually did for Hatchings.

Settling in at the Sands was easy enough as R’nd slid from Ayyonth’s back and took up residence standing behind B’jin so he could wrap his arms lazily around the greenrider’s waist and rest his head on the man’s shoulder. He gave B’jin’s cheek a quick kiss before turning his attention to the gold that had Ayyonth crooning encouragement. R’nd frowned, concern showing on his features as even his tipsy mind comprehended the way the young queen was behaving was not good. She will be fine now. Look,Ayyonth directed R’nd’s attention to the destination of the gold and he smiled when the pair met. “A little rocky but we opened with a gold. I’d still rather be in bed with you but maybe this Hatching won’t be so bad either.”

R’nd chuckled when the next three dragonets to appear were green. It was turning into a clutch like the one Kerrin Impressed at! To be fair, there were two clutches on the Sands and the dragonets were coming from both right then so it wasn’t entirely the same but he’d be eternally amused if it ended up the same way regardless!


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Re: Of Drunks and Dragonets [Hatching!]
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Flora stood on the sands and watched the baby dragons hatch. He eyes shown with the wonderment that only a childs can. She stood firmly in her place as she noticed the eggs rocking and shaking on the sand sometimes even sending the sand flying in another direction with its feverious movements. 

Flora wasn't all that drunk not like the older candidates. Being still young she wasn't all that interested in doing more then just tasting but she was still a little tipsy. She enjoyed herself that was for sure and even helpped out when workers were needed to bring the food out. Since she had worked in the kitchen many times. Being a Candidate didn't negate Chores that was for sure. You just had to work harder and quicker so you could get to classes on time and continue learning.

She gazed upon the sand at the eggs. She wondered who would be first  and who would be choosen. It was always so exciteing and a little bit terrifing at the same time. She was well aware that people had gotten hurt and sometimes they even get killed upon the sands during a hatching. It could be dangerous not a fault of the little hatchlings but cause they  cannot control their limbs as well since they are newborns.

He breath caught in her throat as she saw the first one to hatch was the golden beauty.  Flora saw the gold stumble and fall. She wondered what was wrong with the little gold it seemed to curl up and freeze there. She let out a breath of relief to see the gold  finally stand and move  to find her match in the crowd of candidates. The there were three greens in succession.  She wondered what would hatch next  probably a blue was her first guess.


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