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Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #25 on: 04 Sep 2013 at 06:06 PM »
"Once my dragon is old enough I actually plan to fly north. She will be a gold so I don't think another gold can force her to stay." Arddra said in a near whisper, not wanting anybody passing by to overhear. From what she heard from others that was the only reason people didn't just mount their dragons and fly north on their own. It was Nirinith's command which kept them all here. The dragons didn't dare disobey their queen. But the other queens, well she couldn't see why they wouldn't be able to do what the want.

"I think they will be happy to see me, I just feel some may be upset I am gone but once I explain what happened, they won't have hard feelings. Having a dragon with me certainly would prove I was taken against my will by dragonriders and they do exist." Arddra also realized with a dragon she didn't have to be afraid of other least till her dragon rose to mate. What would happen if she went north and her dragon rose to mate with no dragons around to catch her? Arddra didn't think that would be a bad thing. In fact she could take her dragon far away and once the desire passed, come back. The bad thing would be her dragon won't have any babies..But she didn't want to be forced to some man's bed because of the powerful lust dragonsriders felt from their dragons.

"I don't mind helping out. I can teach you the basics to cooking. Pies are a bit more elaborate for exploring. What you would want for traveling over land would be hard tack, dried meats and fruits and cheeze. Things that can be easily carried and won't spoil over a few days. Learning how to hunt and gather would be useful, this way you can get what you want from the land around you. I don't know much about that myself but i am sure any of the men here who do hunt, will be able to help. All I really know is how to find tubers, water cress, fruits, some small game and similar around here. Hunting wild wherry and herdbeasts, I don't know much about. Fishing is useful to know too but I am not very good at it. I am beastcraft raised so I know more about finding good grazing land and recognizing the local berries and other treats."

"I do know my way around the kitchen and many things I can teach you in here, you can use with an open fire." Arddra finished washing the dishes as she talked then wiped down the counter. By this time the kitchen was being filled by the smell of the cooking pie. "I best check on our pie, it smells nearly done."

Peaking in the oven, Arddra could see the crust was nicely brown so used the paddle to slide under the pie pan and brought the hot pie out and set it on a rack to cool. "I am sure Casa will love to see you cooking and cleaning. You can even take the pie to share with her."

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Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #26 on: 04 Sep 2013 at 06:31 PM »
Quenym's eyes widened when she spoke of her plan. He had guessed at it without even knowing! That was too neat! If it weren't such a big deal he would have crowed about it to his friends. He nodded quickly. But then he had a thought. "How do you know that you'll get a gold? Some of the gold candidates get greens instead. If that happens, you'll be out of luck!" He whispered urgently. He didn't want her to get a green when she had such a brilliant plan, but the possibility was there...

"If you go North, I wanna come with." It took only a split second to think about it, but he wanted to. "When I get my dragon, of course. But I wanna see this North and see what some of the Riders liked about it and why they wanna go back. And I wanna bring my friend Casa with too. I won't tell her, not yet, but we both will come, I'm sure of it." He nodded his head decisively. He wanted her to come with him, and Quenym didn't think for an instant that she wouldn't. She would have her green and he would have his brown, and they could fly with the queen that Arddra got, and it would be an amazing adventure!

Quenym gave a small snort when Arddra pointed out some things about pies. "I know they aren't handy for exploring, but they will be useful to know when we set up our new weyr! After all, we would need to know things like that eventually when we got going. In the meanwhile, there's travel food." He wiped down the counter once more and nodded to himself. Spotless. There was something about a job well done...

"I'm still working on hunting and fishing, but some of the other weyrbrats know about it, so if I went now it wouldn't be any big deal. I have a while yet before I gotta worry about it though. So I have time to learn. I just figure I should know a little about everything to be good at leading them." Quenym flashed her a big grin. "Glad you're willing to teach me more, too. I can always stand to get better at what I do know!"

His eyes widened in surprise when she mentioned Casa so casually. "Do you know Casa, then?" He asked curiously and a bit possessively. Casa got around the weyr and knew a lot more people than he did, so it made sense, but still! At least now he knew some of the same people that Casa did. He was going to have to go out and meet even more, though....

Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #27 on: 04 Sep 2013 at 07:39 PM »

"I don't know for certain I will get a gold, but it is what I am expected to get." Arddra knew women who impressed greens or blues were not treated very well. She also didn't want anything to do with many of the blue riders. Arddra remembered quite clearly the color of the dragonrider knot on the shoulder of the dragonrider who attacked her. If she did get a green and D'hys's blue tried to fly her, Arddra was certain she will want to do everything in her power to discourage that dragon from coming near hers. Pushing away the violent thoughts she sighed. No she will have a gold, she was certain of it.

"I hope by the time our dragons are old enough I haven't forgotten what my home looked like. We can just go Between and be there in no time flat. I don't see any reason you can't come along.

"All the Weyrs up north are empty...I don't think it would be hard to just pick one and work with the Holds nearby for proper tithes, as they did in the old days." Arddra wondered how long they could stay here in the south. More and more dragons were being born each year and queens born the first year she arrived were old enough to be laying their own eggs. The last hatching was a double clutch, there was a good chance both golds will lay their clutches around the same time again, How long before the land here was full of dragonriders and their huts? "We will go north, eventually it will be necessary."

"By the time a dragon matures, you would have at least two turns to learn all these skills, not counting how many hatchings before the right dragon hatches for you."

"yes I know Casa, our paths crossed a couple times and we did get to know each other. I am no where near as close to her as you appear to be. She is a sweet girl, rough around the edges from what I am used to, not that i hold it against her in any way. I like her spunk and refreshing outlook to life."

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Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #28 on: 04 Sep 2013 at 08:50 PM »
"We'll, if you get a gold then that's that," Quenym decided. "I'm hoping that I'll get a brown. They're really nice and steady, and I like how big they are." It was a quiet confession to her. "And I promised Casa that I'd get a dragon that would fly hers, so since she is gonna get a green, it would be nice since then we would have brown and green like the forest." Best reason ever! He liked the colors of their home.

He tilted his head at her other worry. "I'm sure that you won't forget something like your home. People can be tricky, but I remember places what I found as a kid a lot better than who I found them with. So don't worry." Quenym reached out a hand to pat her arm with, a vague attempt at giving her confidence. With that he also listened and nodded seriously when she talked about what they could do when they went North. Sounded about right! And ti would be a grand adventure!

The biggest one of his life.

"Two years isn't a whole lot of time to learn things like this. I will have other things I need to learn, like managing my dragon, cause I'm going to impress this next clutch," he said, puffing out his chest. "Me and Casa. We promised each other." And that meant he was more than interested in how she knew Casa. Quenym grinned. "Dae is my best friend. She is going to be my second in command when I have a wing of my own! We do everything together. We prank, and explore, and make the best get well gifts, and..."

Quenym's cheeks flushed a bit red. "I like her. She's great." No other words would escape his lips on that subject.

Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #29 on: 05 Sep 2013 at 01:35 AM »
"You would make a fine brown rider," Arddra agreed. The browns certainly were a good size, sort of between the golds and bronzes and the blues and greens. "If Sumdae gets a green then a brown would have a good chance to catch her, especially if he's agile. Even if Casa gets a gold, a brown does have a chance to catch her too."

"I am sure I will be able to remember when the time comes," Arddra agreed. When he patted her arm she smiled at him. "You are barely minimal age to stand so you have plenty of time to learn all you need to learn and Impress a dragon, then learn how to care for him."

His blush caused Arddra to smile more. It was quite clearn Quenym was very fond of Casa. She felt they would make a cute couple. "Be careful with her Quenym, as tough as Casa is she is still a girl and we can be delicate in some things even if too young to realize it at the time."

Her first time with a man was the man she married and it had been very uncomfortable. He was older than she was but he had been very careful with her. Even then it had hurt and it took awhile for her to really learn to enjoy it. He became a better lover too.. Arddra pushed the memory away. It was the past and till she found a way home there wasn't any way to know for sure what happened to her spouse.

"The pie's cool enough now, lets wrap it up and you can go share it with Casa and your other friends. I should be heading back to the barracks."

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Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #30 on: 05 Sep 2013 at 11:07 AM »
Quenym puffed his chest out a bit when she said that he had a good chance of Impressing a brown. Good! That was what he had wanted to hear. He liked knowing that others thought he might have a chance at them. They were good dragons, in his opinion, and if more people thought he had a chance at one, then the more likely he was to actually get one! Right?

Well, he hoped, at least.

But that didn't mean he didn't give a little hmph when she said he had plenty of time to learn things. "The sooner I learn, the better. I won't live forever! So I'd better just do what I want now instead of waiting."

Her words about Casa made him tilt his head curiously, though. "But Casa is Casa. She's pretty tough. What would I need to be careful with her about? I'm not going to go tossing her from dragonback or anything." He didn't understand her implication, having only recently begun kissing his friend, though Quenym's talk with O'wain later on would help clarify things.

Everything else fell from his mind, though, when she said the pie was ready. "All right! Pie! Are you sure you don't want any since you helped make it?" He didn't care one way or another, this was something great he got to show off to the others.

Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
« Reply #31 on: 05 Sep 2013 at 03:12 PM »
"We learn new things all the time Quenym, age really doesn't matter," Arddra informed him. "I am quite a few turns older than you are and I am learning many new things. We won't live forever but if you focus only on learning you will miss things too. It's a fine balance. Continue to learn but remember life will always be a process of learning and adapting."

"Yes, she is pretty tough. Be careful with her emotions is more what I meant. You seem a good kid and bright, I am sure you will understand what I mean when the time comes." Arddra didn't know Casa so well to know how she felt about Quenym other than friendship.

"It's alright, I am not very hungry right now," Arddra assured him. "I really enjoyed getting to know you Quenym and look forward to teaching you more about cooking too."

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Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
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Turning to the young woman next to him, V'riy noticed she had backed up a few feet, and the barest indication of a frown formed his lips. Did he know this one? She looked.. rather new, but familiar. He always went to such great lengths to be amiable to the residents of Katila Weyr. Excepting weyrbrats and D'ren's crew, he tried to get along with nearly everyone.

Why then, did she back away? He ran his fingers through his hair quickly, and unobtrusively smelled his shirt while she spoke to Quenym about the possibility of a new variety of pie. No, he smelled as clean as he always did, and experienced a brief bout of irritation for her making him feel the need to check. Ridiculous. Pushing it away, he assumed the smooth expression that was his bronzerider "face".

  Can't you hurry it up and just grab what you need, so that we can go? I'm eager to be off today. You're wasting your time with these two, and being entirely too lenient with the boy. Where's his respect?

V'riy was appalled at Quenym's show of temper and disrespect, but remained unruffled, as always. "Well, Quenym, first off, you're logic is wrong," he stated in a completely deadpan voice. "That light color is from flour being added to the drippings of the meat. Drippings come from meat that has already been cooked. But since you already know what you're doing, I'll leave you to it. As I said, I'm no expert."

The bronze rider shrugged his shoulders at the boy. This one should get a hold of his emotions, V'riy thought. Morith was right about his lack of respect and self-control. It wouldn't do for the child to be losing his head over something as simple as a few words. He could use a bit of toughening up, and a bit of guidance. V'riy pondered who to speak to about this young Quenym.

Exploring, too? V'riy wasn't going to comment that the boy would be unable to take care of himself if he didn't know the first thing about cooking something as simple as gravy. The boy was seriously lacking in common sense.

V'riy turned swiftly and walked over to the left-over table. He picked up his leather shoulder bag, setting it on a bench, and opened the flap. Glancing at the table, he grabbed several meat pies and wrapped them before placing them neatly inside the container, along with a some pieces of fresh fruit. He wasn't sure how long he'd be gone, and didn't plan on having to catch his own supper.

Without a word, swung the bag over his shoulder and walked to the doorway, nodding to Quenym and the girl. "Have a nice time cooking," he said politely, and passed through the doorway. It was only after he had left the kitchen that he realized he hadn't introduced himself to the young lady. Well, it was probably best that he left quickly, anyway - his tolerance of weyrbrats was not good and there was nothing he could do for a boy with a bad attitude. She would probably have better luck.

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Re: Completely Cracked [Open]
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"It certainly looks like he's just messing around." V'riy's chuckled from the doorway, his smile reaching his eyes. "What is that you're making... or should I say, attempting to make?" He strode casually into the kitchen, bending forward to sniff at the concoction.

"Hmm... I'm not sure how well that'd come out. I'm no expert chef, but I don't think what you're using meshes well together in a pie..." He turned kind eyes upon the boy, taking a moment to study his expression. "Why is it you want to cook for yourself, anyway? There is plenty left over for you to snack on, if you're hungry." V'riy tilted his head to the side, indicating a myriad of left-overs available for the taking.

His eyes met Quenym's with a challenging gaze, but he smiled good-naturedly to take the bite out of his next words. "Just what are you up to, boy? What's your name?"


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