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Cry Wherry [Open]
« on: 10 Jul 2013 at 08:29 PM »
This. Was. His. Best. Prank. Ever.


Well, so far, Quenym mused as he watched the beginnings of his plans start in motion what he hoped would be a whirlwind of chaos. It wasn't anything harmful or anything like that! No, this would simply be a little fun to lighten up the day.

The culprits? Wherries. Ten of them, to be exact, each one small enough to not be spotted immediately as they wandered under tables and into rooms, with helpful signs denoting them as numbers one through thirteen. All of them having been stolen from the kitchens (just in case he had actually taken thirteen and had the other three holed up in a safe place) and flightless. That didn't make them mess-less, though!

So far he had seen a few spill droppings onto the floor, and several were tugging on various bits of cloth and disappearing into rooms. Feathers were starting to drift over the floor, creating a thin, soft layer over it. He had to hide the snigger that was building in him. So, that begged the question: who would figure something was wrong first, and what would happen after that?
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Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:12 PM »
Faredin's day was not starting off well. It had seemed promising when he'd woken up after a good night's sleep and gone about his morning routine as usual, Bo nuzzling into the back of his neck with sleepy chirps. Faredin quite liked mornings and was eager to out and about his day.

But when he went to reach for his shoes, he was confronted by a- a wherry, of all things, wearing a sign with the number 5 on it. The creature was crouched over his shoes and pecking at the articles like its new mission in life was to take them apart. "Hey!" He yelled, clapping his hands and flapping them at the thing to shoo it off. Faredin made it a point to take good care of his stuff and he was not going to let a bird with more feathers than brains ruin it.

Unfortunately, the bird disagreed. It hissed threateningly, mantling over its new chew toys, and darted its beak at Faredin's hand when it got close enough. The boy drew it back quickly enough to avoid more than a shallow scratch, but his hiss of pain was enough to stir the firelizard clinging to his back.

In a rare burst of energy, Bo launched into flight and dove at the wherry, intent on driving it away from his human. The wherry squawked and stumbled into a panicked run, one shoe still dangling from his beak. And that was how they entered the main hall: sock-clad boy chasing red-eyed brown firelizard chasing shoe-stealing wherry.

Unfortunately, upon entering, Faredin discovered his wherry was not alone. He came to this conclusion when his unshod feet promptly found one of the 'presents' left behind.  Hand still stinging and foot bottom now unpleasantly squishy, he gave a heavy sigh that couldn't possibly convey the depths of his tribulations, and stilled as his eyes fell on Quenym.

Alright, so the other boy wasn't showing any obvious signs of being the guilty party -yet- but this seemed to Faredin like it could be one of his works. But by the time he padded over to the other boy, the only thing he had to say was a puzzled "How did you do it?" Because herding ten wherries couldn't have been easy at all.

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Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #2 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:39 PM »
Quenym saw another boy exit his rooms chasing one of his magnificent wherries. Well, to be specific, chasing a firelizard that happened to be chasing one of his wherries. It was almost too beautiful to be true, but there it was! He wanted desperately to snort with laughter but figured that would be far, faaaar too incriminating.

That didn't seem to matter to the other 'brat, whose eyes sought him out and approached him, asking how he had done it. Quenym's eyebrows shot up. "Now, what makes ya think fer a second that I was the one who done all this?" His hand waved at the minor chaos that was going on. "Gettin' this many wherries - and from the signs on them, there should be thirteen of 'em runnin' around - into the hall would be too much for me!" He nodded emphatically.

Then his eyes darted around, and Quenym grabbed his sleeve and pulled him aside. His voice was incredibly hushed. "Ya numbwit! It's a trick! You aren't supposed to go gabbing about who done it out loud like that! I'll get in trouble before the real fun begins! Wherrybrain!" He gave a soft sigh at the other boy's ignorance.

"Come on, let's go out back. I'll show ya some of the secrets to the trade." A grin was spreading over Quenym's face once more. He was sure it would impress the younger boy, for certain!

Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #3 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 02:14 PM »
"I'm not a wherrybrain." Faredin protested automatically, matching Quenym's hushed tone. "And I never said what it was you did. You're the one who pointed to them!" It was a small but important difference, to his mind. And Quenym was the numbwit for sitting around watching them, anyway- just asking to get caught. And with him a candidate now, too!

His eyes jerked sideways at a muffled 'thump!' nearby to find a smug Bo perched atop a slightly mangled shoe. "Good boy." He praised the brown, figuring the firelizard deserved something for his trouble. He lifted Bo back up to his shoulder and picked up the shoe, letting it dangle from his uninjured hand.

"And I guessed 'cause you were just standing there, watching." He added to Quenym, logically. "Not acting surprised or doing anything to look busy. That's a giveaway, there." Faredin didn't do stupid pranks, but he was a champion of Not Getting Caught at what he did do. The others might laugh at him for it, for being a worrywart and fusspot and everything else, but he couldn't help thinking of the kind of stuff the rest forgot in the excitement of the moment.

Nonetheless, the boy waited watched Quenym impatiently, waiting for the older boy to lead the way to wherever he was gonna take them. Faredin didn't perpetrate much mischief, but he was definitely a sucker for knowledge. Did he have a secret hideout or something? That would be cool.

[Spoiler=OOC] If Quenym was doing something, let me know and I'll rewrite this. It wasn't clear in his post.

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Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #4 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 01:01 AM »
"Aw, come on now. I was trying to be inconspicuous!" Quenym complained, a little upset that he'd been called on sitting by and watching the chaos. He hadn't been entirely in view, not parading around in front of everyone... just in his own little corner. He tugged on Faredin's sleeve to get him coming along to where he kept the wherries. It wasn't anyplace secret, just holed up in a storeroom. Quenym leaned against the door, a slight ruffling heard from inside as he did.

"Keeping them here. Have ten of 'em running around the rooms, but numbered one through thirteen. Well, not quite. Numbers four, nine, and eleven are missing. Kept 'em here in case anyone thought to check the numbers with the kitchen." He gave a grin and a wink to the other brat. "Don't think I didn't plan ahead! But I'll keep the advice in mind for the future. Looking busy is a good idea. Though the next prank I have in mind I'm not gonna stick anywhere near, for the record!"

He paused at that, eyeing the brat near him. "You're not gonna spill on me, are ya? Because if you are..." Quenym left the threat hanging in the air. He didn't want to have to hurt or threaten Faredin, but he would if he had to! "If you're gonna promise to not say anything, you can even be on on pulling the next one."

Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #5 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 06:16 PM »
"I would never!" Faredin drew himself up, all offended dignity. He might not be a troublemaker by trade, but he knew the rules as well as any boy: never squeal to the adults. Well, not unless someone was hurt or gonna be hurt. The unfinished threat he ignored as relatively unimportant- if Quenym had anything to back that up with, he wouldn't have left it unfinished.

Besides, Faredin wasn't a wuss. He was almost old enough to Stand and knew how to face trouble like a man.

"That's pretty good." He admitted, listening to the sounds of movement inside. He hoped Quenym remembered to let them out, eventually, before they starved and died. That'd stink up the Hall something awful. "But what's the next one, then?" He asked suspiciously. He hadn't forgotten that the last time he'd gone along with one of Quenym's great ideas, he'd ended up lost for a whole day.

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Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #6 on: 23 Jul 2013 at 12:07 AM »
Quenym studied the boy when he got offended at the idea that he might talk. Did he trust him? ...sure, why not! He knew the rules as good as anybody else! A mischievous smile split his face. He leaned in close and spoke on a low tone, wanting to make sure that no one accidentally walked by and over heard.

"Next one up, there's gonna be piles of painted rocks left in random places. On desks, the middle of the hallways, in beds... In piles, in arrows, one by itself. It's nothing harmful or anything, just something to make the day more fun." He leaned back and gave a self-satisfied nod.

He raised an eyebrow. "Since its nothing too bad or even really hard work, want to help paint and place them? Casa and I will have a lot of ground to cover if we want to get it done and placed in one night. It would be a big help. No getting lost in the woods or anything like that!" Quenym winked at Faredin, remembering that the boy was one of the ones he had helped get lost that one time.

Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #7 on: 23 Jul 2013 at 08:14 PM »
Casa was helping? Faredin didn't know her all that well, but she seemed better than a lot of the girls around. Certainly better than Ievra, who'd started trying to corner him and steal a kiss. Diolon always laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world, but just wait until it was his turn to get chased. He'd play kissy-face with the girls when he was ready and not a minute before.

Maybe after he got his dragon. He'd be a man grown, then.

In the meantime, Quenym's prank sounded like fun. He took his own quick look around, then grinned at the other boy. "Sounds great. I'm in. When're you going to paint them?" He thought about it some more, wanting suggest bringing his brother along for an extra set of hands. But Diolon was still a little kid compared to him and definitely so next to Quenym and Casa- best not to bring him into an older kid's work. "Oh- and we should paint some of them like a clutch and stick 'em in the hatching grounds." It wasn't like there were and golds on the sands to worry about right now.

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Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #8 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 05:22 PM »
"Paint them anytime. We are gonna stockpile and then pick a night sometime in the next month to put them out." Quenym gave a big grin to his fellow brat. He clasped Faredins' shoulder. "I'm glad to hear you're in! And any help is welcome, if you know anyone else that could help." He gave a sharp nod.

And then laughed at the suggestion about the clutch. "That's perfect! We'll need to work together to get some of the bigger stones and get them ready, but I think we can manage. Faredin, I'm glad that I have you in on this one! Between you and Casa, we will have enough tricks up our sleeve to frustrate everyone in the Weyr! She suggested painting some as regular wherry eggs and mix them up with the real ones. And maybe a few as redfruit, too."

He glanced around. "Now, come on, we had better scatter before someone comes by and wants in here. I'm thinking that disappearing to the river is a good idea, so no one can pin the wherries on me. Wanna come along? Casa is gonna be joining us. She's good fun for a girl." Stepping back, Quenym motioned for the other boy to follow him. "Don't worry, I'll let the wherries out tonight when it's safer. They won't starve or anything after only a day." Even less chance when it was a storeroom. It was likely someone would come along and let them out.

Re: Cry Wherry [Open]
« Reply #9 on: 25 Jul 2013 at 09:26 PM »
Redfruit! Faredin laughed, picturing the expression on someone's face as they found a rock instead of a tasty fruit. He'd have to think of more ideas in the meantime. Maybe he'd ask Diolon after all- his brother could be pretty creative when he set his mind to it.

He'd also use that month to think about anything that could go wrong with this prank, and do his best to make sure it didn't happen. He didn't think he'd think of much, but if he had to... oh, convince Quenym that no, the Weyrleader's quarters were not a good place to leave stones, he might need the whole month to come up with something.

His ears perked up as the other boy mentioned moving on and he nodded in agreement. "You don't have to tell me twice." He still wasn't sure how much fun a girl could be, but he'd give this a go. "We should get going- don't want to be late. Girls don't like that, do they?" Even if Casa wasn't a regular girl, Faredin was fairly sure the idea still applied.


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