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Author Topic:  A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]  (Read 2066 times)

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A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 12:50 AM »
After a particularly hot day, it was nice to get out into the cool evening breeze. Wearing a long flowing dress, one of her older ones for Arddra wanted to gather some fresh cress by the river. In truth she just wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Candidate Barracks and the Weyr itself.

It wasn't dark yet, the sun still low on the horizon but Arddra brought a glow basket just in case it became full dark before she returned. She didn't want to be too late out, it wasn't safe for many reasons, not to mention curfew. Arddra heard and see the public whippings to know what sort of punishments were inflicted to transgressors here. Not that she felt breaking curfew would warrant such an extreme punishment.

The other equipment she brought with her included several sacks to carry cress and tubers in, and anything else she found which would be good to eat or good to trade with. Lastly she had a large blade, perfect for cutting rushes, securely strapped to her hip.

It was while she was crossing a small field when she heard somebody humming. Looking around she didn't see anybody at first, not till she passed a small screen of trees. That's when she spotted a young woman, or maybe a tall child moving about the field. As far as Arddra could tell the young woman looked like she was chasing seed fluff from field flowers.

Not knowing what to make of this, as the young woman looked too old to be just playing around, Arddra watched her for a few minutes before deciding she best do or say something.

"It certainly is a lovely evening for just simply enjoying life itself," Arddra ventured. There was a time she would be so full of joy but that was before she became a woman. Now she just didn't have anything worth showing that sort of childish wonder over.

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Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:06 AM »
Aparicus had started the game after blowing a handful of flower fluff into Cinnamon’s face.  He’d become instantly annoyed and proceeded to send any last bit of flower fluff he could find into the air.  The effect reminded Apari of trying to catch snowflakes during one of the rare times the snow had actually fallen fluffy back home and not in a heavy, wet sheet.  Naturally, it had put a smile upon her face as she went about trying to catch the floating seeds much like a child would have.

Spinning about as she hummed, she clasped her hands around a bit of it before smiling and blowing it gently from her hands and up into the air again.  That was when she heard the voice speaking out from a small screen of trees.  Moving her hand to the top of the wide-brimmed hat upon her head as a slight gust of wind came across the field, Aparicus hesitated.  She’d been caught!

Ah, but she recognized the slightly taller woman there.  It was a fellow candidate and if she remembered correctly the woman had come from the north as well.  Of course, few of her fellow northerners were as glad as she was to be here, but then everyone had come from their own stories.  Letting her smile spread upon her face once more, she waved with the hand not holding the hat on her head.

“Sorry…”  She said, a bit breathlessly as she waited for the woman to join her in the field near the river.  “I was just playing with…”  Pausing, Apari looked around as she spun in another circle – much slower this time.  “Well gosh, I guess I was playing with myself, where did that lizard wander off to this time?”  She asked, more of herself than Arddra.

Shrugging, she finally let go of her hat to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.  “You certainly look like you have your hands full.  What are you up to?  Would you like some help?”

Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #2 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 01:28 AM »
"No need to be sorry, I just didn't expect to find anybody just enjoying themselves." Now that she was closer to the young woman Arddra realized she wasn't as young as she thought, just not very tall. She did recall seeing her a few times around the weyr but unfortunately her name eluded her. Seems there was just many names to remember.

"I feel rather silly, I don't recall your name but I do remember seeing you around. I am Arddra, just in case you share my lack of placing a name to a face." Arddra gave a smile. "The reason I am out here was to gather some fresh water cress, tubers and anything else edible around the river. I also hope to find pretty stones or other items that would make good trade items."

"Help would be appreciated...and two women are safer together I think." Arddra knew having another around would be more discouragement should a Dragonrider come along to cause mischief. Then something else the other woman said came back to mind. "Lizard? Are you saying you have a fire lizard? I always wanted one, they seem like a perfect pet and companion."


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Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #3 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 02:39 AM »
“Life is too fragile to not enjoy little freedoms when you can.”  She offered back to the brunette.  “I remember you, Arddra, though I admit your name didn’t come to mind as easily as others.  You’re reserved in classes.  My name is Aparicus.”  She supplied her name with no hard feelings at all.  She couldn’t exactly claim to be the most talkative in class either, though she did enjoy a friendly conversation when there wasn’t a crowd to be stressed over bumping into someone.

“Trade Items?”  Aparicus had never found the need to go foraging for things to trade when her skills in the spice garden kept her busy and in demand.  People had been willing to help her with what she needed simply because she’d given them things prior without any complaints.  “I can help you gather, but what did you need to trade them for?  Perhaps I could help.”

At the curiosity in the younger woman’s voice, Apari nodded a bit more enthusiastically than the moment may have called for, but her eyes were bright.  “Yes, a Firelizard.  I’d found one of the many eggs when the candidates had that camping trip a turn or two ago.  There are so many of the creatures around now, eggs are getting easier and easier to come by.”

Looking around again, Aparicus motioned that she would follow the other woman toward the river as she put a hand on her hat again to make sure the slight breeze didn’t blow it off as they crossed the field.  “He’s a bronze little guy.  Honestly looks more like a snake than a proper miniature dragon.  I’m surprised he vanished, I usually can’t get rid of him when someone’s around.”

Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #4 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 03:16 AM »
"Of course, Aparicus, I should have remembered that name, it has such a nice ring to it." Arddra smiled. "I also agree, live is very fragile and freedom is such a rare thing these days."

"Most of my skills are rather common, it is hard to do things for others so they provide me with the items I need to make clothing, especially a nice Gather dress. Most often it's just so I have things I may need later." Arddra realized she must sound very elusive or uncertain but how did she explain the things she needed just won't come easily. Other girls just spent nights with the Dragonriders to get the harder to obtain items Arddra coveted. Like sending a message home to see if her husband did succumb to the fever as she feared, among other things. Contact with the North was still not allowed, last she heard. But a simple inquiry can't be that bad, could it?

"I will welcome the help in gathering what I need, we can split what we find, especially when two pairs of eyes are better than one." Arddra nodded. "Some things I find I will end up eating or sharing in the kitchen if I find enough."

"You are very lucky to have a bronze fire lizard," Arddra's eyes brightened. If it was one thing she liked to talk about it was animals and firelizards seemed a far better companion to have than any other animal. Well canines did have their value too. A gold dragon would get her away from here once she was full grown but after failing to Impress for so long, Arddra despaired she would ever Impress. "May be I can use some of the things I find to trade for an egg some day. I doubt I will have the luck of finding a clutch."

Arddra turned and started to head towards the river, down near a bend she had noticed the other day. She felt it was far enough away the water cress and other items she hoped to find, would not have been harvested by other people. In truth she doubted she would find much to trade with and will most likely have some extra variety of food to eat if she cooked it herself. Hopefully the addition of Aparicus would improve her luck.


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Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #5 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 03:14 PM »
“Yes, I was very lucky to have found an egg.  They are becoming so common around the Weyr now though…  I thought for sure when this guy had hatched they would take him away from me with everyone believing that the firelizards had first brought to the plague.”  She spoke, her voice showed emotions easily much like a child’s would have, starting out with happiness and fading into worry. 

“But once several of the riders had decided that there was no risk and the Master Healer confirmed it, they’ve been showing up everywhere.”  The child-like happiness she’d caught on Apari not long ago was back.  “I’m sure if you let a few people know you have your heart set on one, you’ll find yourself with an opportunity.  They are finding nests more and more often.  Shouldn’t be long before the one’s that have bonded start laying themselves.”

As they approached the river, Apari became mindful of where she was stepping to avoid getting her thin boots wet.  Finding a good sized rock nearby, she stepped on top of it and scanned the rivers edge, pointing slightly to the right and upriver.  “It looks like we might have a small patch just over there.  I bet if we follow the river toward the woods we’ll find more.  Most people follow the river downstream for whatever reason.”  What ever that reason was, it didn’t seem to concern Apari too much as she held her heavy skirt and watched her step back down from the rock.

“If Cinnamon makes his way back I can ask him to scout the area for us.  He’s gotten very good at fetching things I ask.  If I ask for more watercress he may find some and be able to show us where.  Even if he’s not in the mood for that, he’ll keep rodents away.”

Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #6 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 03:49 PM »
"It would be so nice to have a pet," Arddra sighed. The last thing she wanted was to owe somebody a huge favor by getting a firelizard egg from them. She was sure some of the other Candidates had fire lizards, maybe one of them will be able to get her a egg and she can do their chores for a week or more in return. The idea made her smile. She didn't mind working on chores. "I will let a few people know, I don't think you are the only Candidate with firelizards."

Looking in the direction the older Candidate indicated Arddra did spot the desired greenery. "You have a good eye. Lets go further upstream first, we can always get this one on the way back. Why carry more weight than needed?"

"I suspect people go downstream as it leads somewhere, like a lake or the ocean. The water is always cleaner upstream though," Arddra smirked. "Maybe we can find some fresh water fishes in the current, I always find they taste much better than the ocean fish."

"Cinnamon is a nice name for a firelizard," Arddra smiled. "I hope he's not staying away because of me, I would never hurt him or any firelizard, why would I want to?"


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Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #7 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 06:07 PM »
Aparicus laughed in response to Arddra’s statement about not being the only candidate having a firelizard.  She could still remember how much of a fit Master B’jin had thrown when the candidate’s camping trip had turned into a firelizard fiasco.  She’d thought for sure that the green rider would never calm down from that.

“That’s a very good point.”  She agreed to picking the watercress on the way back so they would have less to carry.  Apari let her trained farmcrafter eyes scan for other herbs and plants that might come in useful as she made her way following the river a short distance from Arddra.  Apari never walked right next to someone just to make sure they didn’t accident touch eachother.  While she certainly didn’t feel threatened by the younger woman, that didn’t mean she was about to let old habits die.  In truth, she probably couldn’t even if she wanted to.

“Thank you, I thought it very fitting.”  She agreed again before frowning and looking around once more.  The more they spoke of Cinnamon not being around the more it made Apari worry.  “No… It shouldn’t be you.  I have never seen Cinnamon shy away from anyone less than a dragon – and I’ve even seen him try to give those a stern talking to.  Something must have his attention.”

Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #8 on: 22 Jul 2013 at 07:20 PM »
Arddra did try to keep her feet dry too but she wasn't too worried. She wore her oldest pair that still had sufficient sole left so her feet will not get hurt on the rough terrain or riverbed. The fact the soles were thin and pliable now from long use it actually was easier to grip with her toes.

"Perhaps he found something tasty to eat?" Arddra suggested, pausing as she spotted a small cache of unused freshwater snail shells. The very delicate shells could be strung into a necklace or worn as earrings. Taking a small sack she carefully sorted through for the best examples. "These shells can be useful."

"Won't he come back if you call him?" Arddra asked. Most canines will respond to  whistle or calling their name. Perhaps Aparicus hasn't trained her firelizard too well. As far as she was concerned, like any other animal, firelizards would require some level of training to be of use. Unfortunately not everybody puts the time and effort into training their animals and pets. Till she knew more about Aparicus, Arddra was not going to judge.


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Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #9 on: 25 Jul 2013 at 12:56 PM »
Apari considered that option as she continued to look around.  Hearing the young woman mention shells, Aparicus took a few steps closer to look at what she had found.  Always mindful of her distance, she knelt just out of arms length as she watched her gather the shells.  She wasn’t exactly sure what the woman planned to do with them, but they were pretty and Apari was certain the girl was resourceful. 

“I’m not sure he’s within hearing.”  She said softly.  She’d honestly never had to call for Cinnamon if she wasn’t scolding him for acting out toward someone.  He came and went as he pleased, but more often than not he was with her.  He seemed to always be there if she ever needed him to fetch something so she never found a reason to practice calling him.  It came naturally when they could see each other.   

Standing back up, she looked out toward the tall grass of the field she had been in and decided she’d try it.  It was almost unnerving that she’d realized he wasn’t around and now the flighty woman was getting nervious.  “Cinnamon?”  she called out, cupping her hands around her mouth to project further, though she certainly didn’t call out as loud as she could – she was mindful of the woman nearby.

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Re: A Peak Into Another's Childhood [Aparicus]
« Reply #10 on: 25 Jul 2013 at 02:44 PM »
"Aren't they attuned to your mind in the way dragons are suppose to be with their riders?" Arddra asked, surprised Aparicus would have to call out vocally. Being around other candidates, weyrfolk and dragonriders for a few years now not to mention the candidate lessons she went through every time there was a clutch with a golden egg on the sands. They all indicated there was a mental bond between rider and dragon. She also heard firelizards were also Impressed in much the same way, only difference they tended to bond to whoever fed them at hatching.  To her way of thinking anybody who had a firelizard should be able to mentally call them too. But perhaps there was a limit to the distance one could 'hear' their fire lizard or dragon.

"Maybe he found a wild firelizard gold to chase?" Arppra suggested when no response happened right away. "Or sleeping in the sun somewhere?"

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