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Rinsing off [Open]
« on: 21 Jul 2013 at 06:09 PM »
V'riy exited the kitchen to the sound of Morith's roaring laughter echoing in his brain. The dragon rumbled loudly as he lowered his head to his rider's level, taking a good look at the generous dusting of flour that now covered his hair and upper back. As continued to laugh he projected the image to his rider, forcing V'riy to grin back at him as he saw himself through Morith's eyes.

Well, well, aren't you a sight! Morith snorted loudly, a loud whoosh of air escaping his nostrils. He flapped his wings a bit, creating a light wind, attempting to clean the rider, and failing miserably. Some of the food bits were blown away in the light breeze, Morith noted with a satisfied grunt, but a good bit of it remained. He sniffed at his rider, his long tongue snaking out to lick at a bit of wherry meat stuck to the front of V'riy's riding leathers. V'riy playfully pushed Morith's head away and gestured that he wanted to mount.

Morith bent his front foreleg, indicating for V'riy to mount. V'riy sighed as he climbed up onto his bronze, and shook his head, dismissing it. Something should be done about that boy. He has self-control issues that will be a bigger problem if allowed to fester. Perhaps you could pass on word to the Weyrlingmaster. She will know who to contact that will best to handle this Quenym.

Morith was in agreement. It makes me angry, this lack of discipline. Child or not, he should respect all dragonriders. I don't think you did anything wrong, Morith stated, sending feelings of comfort to his rider.

Hmm, I don't think so, either, Morith. But my rank as a bronzerider.. that girl was clearly intimidated by me, I saw the look that she gave the badge. She must have been Stolen. That reaction was exactly why I was against the kidnappings. V'riy grumbled irritably, running his hands through his hair and feeling flour in it. With a huff, he told his dragon, Whoever she was, I'm sure she took the side of the boy, wrong or not. She would after that look she gave me. Take us to the lake, Morith. I'll have to wash off. Our trip will be delayed a day.

Morith grumbled a bit at that but gladly shifted /between/ to the lake, one of his favorite places. Circling lazily over the blue water, he finally drifted to the beach, landing lightly on his feet. As V'riy dismounted, he scanned the beach, not seeing anyone around.

This is not good, this lack of respect for dragons and their riders, Morith commented as he took flight, rising quickly up to hover above the deeper water. He dove neatly into the cool waters of the lake, his wings folded, with a minimal splash. Sticking his head up out of the water, he swam around in circles, projecting images of becoming a water fountain and drenching V'riy with water himself if the rider didn't hurry up and join him.

Quickly relieving himself of his food burden on the shore, V'riy broke into a run, eager to join his friend in the refreshing cool waters of the lake. Splashing through the shallow water with long strides, he let out a joyous shout before diving in himself. He disappeared for a few moments before surfacing, covering a decent bit of distance underwater. With powerful strokes, he swam towards Morith, letting physical exertion serve as an outlet for his frustration.
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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 08:26 PM »
J'di had planned to take Caymath to the lake today to wash and oil him. The blue absolutely loved its cool waters and peaceful environs when the busy chaos of the main Weyr became too much. Unfortunately, one of the weyrlings had developed an issue that needed her attention. She'd bathe him at the river later. The disappointed Caymath had instead offered a compromise and Faredin had been drafted to accompany the blue to the lake as a replacement set of hands.

The boy hardly minded. It was a straight flight and he was still young enough that any flight was a thrilling experience- even if he was getting old enough to play it cool to anyone else. Caymath wasn't a difficult dragon at all, he'd been assured, and would settle right down for bathing after a bit of play and relaxation. And, at any rate, he'd been given an order and it was his duty to honor it the best he could. His only regret was that he hadn't been able to find Diolon in time for his brother to come along. They could have had a grand time.

"Looks like you'll have company." He commented to Caymath as they neared the lake and he spotted the great bronze in it. The dragon didn't reply, busy adjusting his course to touch down lightly at the lake edge, but he wasn't really expecting one. Faredin dismounted when invited to do so, taking his supplies and setting them up on the shore as Bo curled up beside them to sun. He didn't feel like swimming today and was content to wait for the blue to come back.

Greetings, Morith.Caymath greeted pleasantly, wading into the cool depths.  I hope you and your rider fare well today. The blue was delighted to be able to stretch his legs in the water, but careful to keep an eye out for V'riy.

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #2 on: 21 Jul 2013 at 09:11 PM »
Caymath! Morith announced with an excited bugle to his rider as the dragon appeared in the skies above them.

V'riy, who had been floating lazily on his back and almost dozing, smiled at the opportunity presented to them. Excellent! A man on a mission, V'riy's body moved smoothly through the water as he made his way to the shoreline in record time.

His rider is not with him. Someone else has come, Morith offered, and V'riy frowned slightly as he emerged from the water. He groaned inwardly as he realized whoever it was, it was another of the weyrbrats. This would probably go badly, considering his track record.

Well, no matter, V'riy told the dragon as he walked over to where his bag was stashed, and slung it over his shoulder, approaching the boy with a friendly smile. He was already out of the water. Might as well be polite; he could always go back in. Morith rumbled at him for the third time that day, amused with his trepidation at speaking to a little boy. Please ask Caymath to bespeak J'di and arrange an appointment.

Already done, Morith replied. As Caymath waded into the water, Morith swished his tail playfully, producing a bit of a splash in the blue dragon's direction.

Wondering if this young man knew the other boy, V'riy opened his bag and offered him a meat roll. "Hungry?" he asked smoothly, keeping the friendly smile on his face.

Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #3 on: 03 Aug 2013 at 10:26 AM »
Certainly she would be pleased to meet with him. Would this evening be suitable? She intends to be in her office for a while after evening meal. She also inquires as to what matter the appointment will concern. Though the blue's tone was all polite business, he flicked a wing in the bronze's direction to scatter the water dripping off it toward Morith in playful relation before heading deeper into the lake.

Faredin watched the rider come out of the water a bit nervously. It wouldn't do to have disturbed a bronzerider, though he didn't think he had. This place was big enough that the man could have ignored a lone weyrbrat had he not wanted to to be bothered.  It was a pleasant surprise when V'riy smiled at him and offered a meat roll.

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." The boy was quick to accept, tearing off a small chunk to offer to Bo when the brown came over to inspect the morsel. The important business seen to, he looked back up at the rider. "Good day to you and Morith, sir. I hope we're not unduly disturbing you." Though it wouldn't really matter if they were- Faredin wouldn't have been ashamed to admit he was more intimidated by his mother than V'riy, should he fail to carry out his orders. He was hardly the only one.

[Spoiler=OOC] Sorry for the wait. I've had the Headache from Hell all week and forgot this post completely. In future, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM and poke me with a reminder :)

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #4 on: 03 Aug 2013 at 12:01 PM »
A question about Weyrbrats and discipline, the dragon replied with a snort. This evening is fine. Some youngling thought it acceptable to fling food at him earlier today. It has V'riy's feathers ruffled, the dragon explained, projecting an ridiculous image of a bird with feathers sticking out every which way.

More than a little pleased with the boy's respectful attitude, V'riy took a seat next to him. "Not at all, young man, not at all," the rider replied cordially, taking an immediate liking to him after the day's earlier events. So many of the weyrbrats were disrespectful and well-deserving of the 'brat' in the word. It was a pleasant surprise to run into one that behaved the way one ought to.

Morith, meanwhile, was swimming in lazy circles around the older blue. You look ridiculous, stop that and act your age, V'riy chastised. It wouldn't do for his dragon to behave in such a way in front of the Weyrlingmaster's blue.

Caymath doesn't mind. He likes the water as much as we do, maybe even more so, the dragon commented. Stop being so stuffy. This is our downtime, he told his rider in a tone brooking no further argument.

With a mental grunt to his dragon, V'riy turned his head to face the boy next to him. "I'm afraid I don't know your name, though it seems you already know who we are. How did you manage to get a ride on J'di's Caymath?" he inquired curiously, smiling at the young boy to encourage conversation, not a trace of bronzerider arrogance present in his voice.

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #5 on: 03 Aug 2013 at 06:56 PM »
Fling food? Whyever would it do that? Caymath stilled in surprise. 'Brats these days don't have enough discipline. Especially the ones down here. It was almost word for word one of his rider's opinions, one said and felt frequently enough that it had become dogmatic for the blue as well. Unless it was one of the very young ones? He asked almost hopefully. Ah, well. If it wasn't, it would cheer J'di up to have someone share her sentiments on the subject.

Faredin's eyes widened in surprise at V'riy's commentary. Of course he knew who the pair was. Bronzeriders were important enough that he'd made it a point to memorize all of Katila's, and had made a start on the brownriders. He was a bit fuzzier on the weyrlings, but figured that was okay. Not all of them always survived to the end anyway.

He wasn't put out that the man didn't know who he was, though. What was one more boy among many? "I'm Faredin, sir. The Weyrlingmaster is my mother." Faredin preferred to use of of his mother's titles than her actual name- it felt more respectful, and the formality suited them both.

His expression turned guarded as he watched the bronzerider, however. Not all the adults liked the idea of a female bluerider and Faredin hated having to deal with insults to his mother. Especially if it came from a rider. It was much easier when it happened with other weyrbrats- them, he could set-to with properly.

"A weyrling required her attention, but Caymath wanted to come here for a bath, so I volunteered to come instead." He hurried on with the explanation, pleased to have a distraction from the other subject. It was close enough to what had happened that Faredin had no qualms about blurring the truth- he would have volunteered if J'di hadn't requested it.

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #6 on: 03 Aug 2013 at 07:51 PM »
He was certainly old enough to know better, Morith said definitively, snorting as he remembered V'riy's backside covered in bits of wherry meat. He projected the image to Caymath along with his amusement at the sight. He was all seriousness with his next comment, however. They certainly do not have enough discipline, or proper respect for dragonriders, the bronze said a bit vehemently.

The bronze really was angry at the boy's temper tantrum. It was one thing to become angry at someone but quite another thing to get physical and start throwing things. Even if it was only throwing foodstuffs, it was crossing the line. The boy was lucky it had happened inside; V'riy may not have wanted to discipline him, but Morith certainly would have.

V'riy, upon hearing that Faredin was J'di's son, clapped the boy on the shoulder. "Well, what a lucky young man you are, then. I have a great deal of respect for your mother, paired with a blue and being responsible for the weyrlings." And it was true, he did have a lot of respect for the woman. "She sounds like one of the few women capable of handling a fighting dragon. It's too bad there aren't more like her..."

During his time at Katila, the bronzerider had not had more than the briefest contact with the boy's mother. A female bluerider was a rare enough occurrence. From what he had heard of her, she had impeccable control of her emotions, and was a dependable and capable dragonrider. Although he had somewhat limited knowledge of the blue riders, he had concluded that J'di was probably more capable than at least half of the male ones in the Weyr. This particular opinion he had kept to himself, knowing that it would be highly unpopular with many of the other dragonriders. V'riy felt there was no harm letting the boy know he held his mother in high regard.

He looked forward to meeting J'di one-on-one, though he felt a bit embarrassed that he had to seek advice on how to discipline a child properly. He had children of his own but had had such little contact with them so far that he was at a total loss. And since he usually avoided the Weyrbrats due to his lack of skill dealing with children, he really had no idea about what kind of punishment he would be allowed to give to a misbehaving weyrbrat.

V'riy's thoughts turned back to the boy's flight on his mother's blue. The child was sure to be a Candidate eventually if he wasn't already, having a mother like J'di. And he certainly knew how to behave properly around a dragonrider, which made V'riy more comfortable talking to him. The boy had seemed quite comfortable in the air. "Tell me, how do you like flying?"

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #7 on: 07 Aug 2013 at 08:47 PM »
No one makes them listen. Caymath agreed mournfully. And that is supposed to be a future rider? If we were North, I would offer him to the whers! Though, maybe not. No one deserved to be linked to one of those evil creatures.

The blue's wher-paranoia had not only survived the migration to the South and its wild population, but prospered.

Faredin smiled at V'riy, his opinion of the man soaring with the compliments to his mother. This was a rare rider indeed. He wondered what had happened that the man held such an opinion. Did he have a mother or a sister on a fighting dragon, to respect that they could do it? It was probably rude to ask. And suppose she'd died in the Plague (which always deserved the capital letter in his mind, from the way he'd heard the adults talk about it)? He definitely wouldn't want to talk about it then, might even go away, and Faredin was enjoying the conversation

"I like flying." He replied thoughtfully, trying to impress the man with his maturity. Little boys jumped around shouting their glee at being allowed to fly on their parent's dragon. Mature young men almost old enough for candidacy had to show a little more decorum. Faredin quite liked that word.

"When I was little, I used to pretend to be a dragon, soar above the ground and all the people." Like he had last month, when he'd been secretly pleased to play a dragon in one of Diolon's games to humor his younger brother. "It's a whole different world up there. Though I imagine it's a bit different on your own dragon, sir?"

"V'riy, upon hearing that Faredin was J'di's daughter," 

Faredin would like to protest that he is a manly man boy, LOL

On another note, he is well on the way to hero-worshipping V'riy :)

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #8 on: 08 Aug 2013 at 01:31 AM »
Morith rumbled with laughter at Caymath's comment about feeding Candidates to the whers. I don't think the whers would have them, the bronze replied, amused. He did detect a hint of the paranoia that the blue associated with the creatures and passed the information on the V'riy to make a note of. It might be something to pay attention to. One never knew.

If we were North… the dragon trailed off, wishing that he just had the freedom to go North if he wanted to. Having only one Weyr to choose from and no way to visit anywhere else was very frustrating. Of course he would want to prosper with the dragons at his Weyr, but not having the freedom to fly the skies of Pern whenever he wished rankled the bronze deeply. He hated being confined to the South.

If we could go North, things might be different, the dragon commented to Caymath wistfully.

V'riy, meanwhile, was enjoying his first good conversation with a weyr"brat" and was happy to see his opinion of J'di had been justified. If the boy was any indication of how she would handle training Weyrlings, then her students would be much improved by the time they graduated.

He smiled kindly at the boy when Faredin mentioned pretending to soar above the ground as a dragon. His guess was that Faredin was still pretending to be a dragon now and then, but it was impressive to see that the boy could be so mature at his age. J'di's son was fast proving to be the polar opposite of Quenym.

"You aren't far off the mark, actually, pretending, from what the real thing feels like when you're bonded with one. It's very strange and a bit disorienting to be able to feel the wind rushing over your wings while you are standing on the ground watching your dragon fly overhead. It takes some getting used to, but you look like a quick learner." The bronzerider grinned and winked at the boy.

"What do you hope for, Faredin? Green, Blue, Brown, Bronze?"
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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
« Reply #9 on: 17 Aug 2013 at 01:06 PM »
Caymath didn't think there was much more to say. They could not go North, so what was the point of might-have-beens? Perhaps. The blue conceded quietly. If only Nirinath would not support her rider’s foolishness. The last was said a bit bitterly for his usual tone, but Caymath had a pet peeve about dragons doing that sort of thing when they had to know better.

“Bronze.” Faredin replied promptly, no pretending he hadn’t thought about it before. He’d had his eyes set on bronze since he was eight and realized what it meant beyond having more eggs that Ronarth flew Nirinath. He wanted and expected to be Weyrleader someday, even if he had to wait until he was thirty and old. The Weyrleader decided how best to take care of everyone, made sure everything was in its place and running smoothly, and Faredin knew that was the job for him if he couldn’t be a crafter. And the halls up North would never take a not-especially-skilled weyrbrat even if he could get there, so why bother?

“It isn’t that it would be bad if another color chose me.” Faredin was a weyrbrat. There’d be no wailing over Impressing a brown, or *gasp* a blue or green from him. He’d take his dragon and soldier on as best he could for himself and his Weyr. “But, sir, I intend to be Weyrleader someday” It was said with no pride, just a calm, resolute certainty “and that means bronze.” Current Weyrleader aside.

Faredin could appreciate S’kef’s skills, but the fact that he rode brown still offended his sense of hierarchy a bit. And it absolutely drove the boy batty that he couldn’t figure out how the man had become Weyrleader when he’d neither had his dragon mate Nirinath nor been the current Weyrsecond. That’s what the hierarchy was for, or they might as well let the whole thing slip and live like animals. “Did you ever want to be Weyrleader, sir?” He was curious, since V’riy had bronze and yet had no rank of any kind. Had he been a leader before the plague and decided he didn’t want to do it anymore?

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
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I've never understood Nirinath's choice to blindly follow that woman's every whim, Morith immediately responded, liking Caymath more and more. He rolled over onto his back in the water, propelling himself along the surface with slow, long strokes of his wings and quicker strokes with his tail. His legs kicked along underwater to add to his speed, but he hadn't quite figured out what to do with his arms yet, so they hung limply at his sides.

Feeling something brush by his wings, the startled bronze turned over and submerged his head, looking for the culprit. When he identified a large colorful fish that was hurrying away in fear just as fast as his fins would carry him, the bronze stuck his head back out of the water, letting out a loud snort. He whipped his tail around in the water like an agitated cat, splashing water every which way.

Fish, the dragon commented by way of explanation to Caymath.

V'riy was listening so intently to Faredin that he missed the chance to tease Morith. His eyebrows rose in surprise at the boy but he was impressed with the boy's confidence. "A bronze to be Weyrleader, eh? Well, apparently you can be Weyrleader with a brown, too… " his voice trailed off and his eyes became a bit distant.

Hearing Faredin's next question, he maintained his calm, friendly expression, not revealing the tumult of emotions that the boy's words caused to rise up inside of him. "Hmm…" he stalled, giving himself time to collect his thoughts and calm the storm of emotions that Faredin had inadvertently stirred up. "Well, what bronzerider hasn't thought about being Weyrleader?" he responded, smiling widely. "When I was younger, I trusted in the leadership and was content to have free time to myself for exploring Pern. I go a bit stir-crazy if I don't get away often enough," he explained.

He made sure to leave out the part about being afraid Morith would lose the flight to an older, more experienced bronze. Morith was amazing but he was not invincible. And V'riy could not accept defeat. If Morith was to fly, it would be to win and V'riy wanted him experienced when he did it, to give him the best possible chance. Not to mention flying a gold meant dealing with the rider that came with it, and so far what riders he had seen matched with golds would not have been compatible with him whatsoever. Tsuen was the worst he had seen yet, and the young gold weyrlings were just.. not quite what he was looking for. They were too amenable to R'nya's machinations.

Morith shared his opinion about the golds at Katila. So far none had caught his fancy and dragon and rider had been in harmony about not pursuing gold. The greens were much more fun, though their flights were shorter, and their antics coupled with their size made for a fabulous challenge. Though Morith did feel a bit of a sting at not having caught a gold dragon, knowing well that a gold clutch was a sign of the bronze's virility.

Turning to Faredin, the bronzerider pretended to look around for any observers before speaking. "But now, recently, at Katila… I've been considering it," he admitted to Faredin. "Although I think it might take some time to accomplish, if I did pursue it. Currently I'm just a lowly wingrider," he said, winking at Faredin conspiratorially. He left unsaid that Morith would never fly Nirinath because his rider couldn't stand being in the same room as Tsuen.
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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
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Caymath watch Morith’s antics with all the selective blindness of a lifelong subordinate used to ignoring potentially embarrassing behavior from his superiors. The bronze’s comment did spark a shadow of a memory and after a moment’s consultation with J’di to refresh it, he answered with an air of fond nostalgia. Back home and home was always Ista, to his rider’s mind We used to see dolphins now and again. They loved to play with us.

Faredin was a bright boy, but he was still only a boy. So some of the things that V’riy said -and didn’t say-eluded him. Particularly anything about how the man felt about Tsuen. As far as he was concerned, Tsuen was to be avoided by him but was a bronzerider’s rightful responsibility to handle- personal feelings didn’t enter into it at all.

 Hearing the bronzerider mention their brownriding Weyrleader, right on the heels of his own thoughts, was rather interesting. Yes, S’kef was Weyrleader, but not because of his dragon. It remained to be seen if the brown could handle Nirinath when next she rose, or if that would even matter. He didn’t say as much to V’riy, however, feeling like some things –including things which might annoy the reigning power if they got around- should not be voiced to a near stranger.

“Well, good luck to you and Morith, sir.” Faredin wished the man well in future Flights. “I don’t think I’m the trusting-and-exploring type, though.” At least not here. All there was to explore beyond Katila was wilderness and the things waiting in the wilderness to kill you. Exploration over.

“It might be different, if we were North.” He commented, with all the wistful longing of a boy speaking of a mythical land he knew full well he had good odds of never being able to see. “I bet there’s a lot to see and do up there, isn’t there?” Faredin never missed an opportunity to wheedle stories about the place from anyone of a mind to indulge him.

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
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Dolphins? I don't remember dolphins… the bronze paused, but V'riy supplied him with an image of a dolphin he had met once as a boy. I've never met a dolphin up close, the dragon commented, sounding intrigued. I would like to play with them, he added thoughtfully.

V'riy smiled as the young boy wished him luck. "Well, thank you," he said kindly, knowing that the boy probably wouldn't be able to understand everything he had hinted at. Nor would he know how far the bronzerider would truly have to climb to reach Weyrleader. If V'riy did intend to try for such a position, he had quite an ordeal ahead of him.

"It's too bad that you don't enjoy exploring. Perhaps if you had a dragon, you might be more inclined to try it," the rider mused. "Morith's large and intimidating so the sight of him tends to scare most everything away," the bronzerider chuckled. "Up North, it is quite safe to explore on your own," V'riy said, smiling at the boy. "There is quite a lot to see. Perhaps someday I can take you to Benden for a tour. That's where I come from," he told Faredin with a nod.

Re: Rinsing off [Open]
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"I'd love to explore up North, sir- tour or no." Faredin admitted honestly. "It sounds so different from life here. But I guess that's just a dream." Unless they started stealing candidates again and he somehow found himself a Searchrider. But that would meant he didn't have his bronze and there were frankly better choices out there than he- like anyone who'd ever lived North. Faredin was bright enough to realize he didn't have the slightest idea of how to blend in with the more rigid Northern culture. He'd probably make some mistake that seemed trivial to him, but was blindingly obvious to the Northerners.

He turned slightly, distracted by a flash of blue that he quickly realized was Caymath coming shoreward. "I'm sorry, sir, but I think Caymath's ready to be attended to now. I'd better get to it. It was a pleasure talking to you, though." And interesting. Faredin always prized conversations that gave him new information to think about.

[Spoiler=OOC] Exit, stage right? :)

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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
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V'riy nodded to Faredin as Caymath approached them and stood, brushing off sand with quick movements. "Sure thing, I'll leave you to it," he said kindly, smiling at the boy. "It was good to meet you.. Faredin," he said, smiling at the young man. He held up a hand in farewell and moved around Caymath as he headed back into the cool waters of the lake. He wasn't ready yet to head back to Katila just yet. As he made his way out to the deeper parts of the lake where Morith awaited him, he felt a great deal calmer than he had earlier in the afternoon.

Well, my friend, it seems that there are indeed some children at Katila who know how to behave themselves, he told his dragon as he turned in the water to float on his back. He watched as Caymath flew overhead carrying Faredin and thought he saw the boy wave to him before the blue dragon winked out of sight.

Yes, it is good to see one who knows his manners, the bronze agreed as he regarded his rider, his eyes a serene blue. The afternoon in the lake had been good for the dragon. The relaxing waters of the lake had cooled his temper and he felt quite peaceful. Morith was also pleased to have made friends with Caymath. Privately, the bronze dragon was a little  surprised that he had enjoyed the blue's company as much as he had, but it made sense considering what V'riy thought of Caymath's rider. 

The bronzerider felt the calm radiating from his dragon and smiled at his bonded, happy that the irritating events of the day were behind them. Just a few more minutes of this, and then back to our humble abode, V'riy warned him. At least at his hut he was sure not see any more weyrbrats today. He was sure that his good luck with them had begun and ended with Faredin and had no intention of running into any more of them.

The meeting with J'di would likely take up the better part of the evening. V'riy swam over to Morith and climbed onto the back of the bronze. The dragon reluctantly made his way into shallower water. Once he had his legs firmly beneath him, Morith launched himself into the air and the pair went /between/.
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Re: Rinsing off [Open]
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To recap, this website may contain mature themes, course language, strong violence, nudity, drug usage, and other material that may be offensive to selected individuals.


Regards, SP Team

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