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Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« on: 24 Jul 2013 at 04:25 AM »
It had been a beautiful and productive day with her best friend. They had spent all day wandering around through the woods and spending time together. They had scrounged up a whole pack full of new crafting supplies, in addition to playing down by the river.

The firelizards had been a glorious addition to their expeditions - Edge and Kaylee were great entertainment, and they loved playing with Sassy and Lady. Knack also proved to live up to his name, finding the most unusual little treasures. He was her sweetheart, while the other two energetic comic relief. She loved their little group dearly.

Now, though, the day was almost done. Casa had gone out of her way to avoid bringing up Quenym's birthday, which was the next day, making it seem like she might have forgotten it. She felt a little guilty, as he had seemed somewhat disappointed, but it was all for good reason - he just couldn't know yet! She took his hand as they wandered together, finding a quiet little place to curl up and watch the stars. It was still immensely warm, even this close to midnight.

After a little while, she stretched and grinning at him, blinking as if she was sleepy and mentally sending the firelizards off. "Come on, Quenym...she should start heading towards bed." As they began to slowly weave toward the Weyr proper, she sent instructions to the firelizards to bring the supplies she'd kept stowed away to the Hatching Grounds, just like they had practiced. They were crafty creatures, and she got an image of everything laid out just so. As she walked with Quenym, she stopped them while still on the path, giggling as she quickly tied a blindfold around his eyes and grabbed his hand confidently. "Come on," she whispered urgently. "I gotta surprise for you!"
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Re: Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 12:58 PM »
Quenym was tired out in the best way - from having adventures with his best friend! They had groped through the woods and gone exploring, and he had even snuck some wine for them to enjoy because he had rather liked how they had gotten the last time they had it. It had been perfect!

Even their flits had enjoyed it. Sassy had been, well, sassy trying to order them and tell them where to go in her little chirps and trills, occasionally really getting to Quenym by tugging on his hair. He begrudged the little green a lot, waving her away when she got too obnoxious. Lady was far nicer. She sat in his shoulders and calmly chirped every once in a while, and he had happily shared some of his meal with the tiny flit. Sassy had tried to order her to give some of it up. But Quenym had to step in and hand some over to the bossier green.

And that hadn't even included how Casa's flits were! Edge, Kaylee and Knack were brilliant fun. He had a special fondness for Knack, what with his ways of finding things. And the other two were good at playing with his greens. He liked that a lot. It kept Sassy out of his hair.

But lingering in the back of his mind was how his birthday was tomorrow. And Casa hadn't even said anything! He supposed she had forgotten, and that was alright, it wasn't like he had anything planned... It would just have been nice for her to know that they were going to be the same age soon.

He cuddled with her in the spot they had found beneath the stars, their flits finally as exhausted as they were. It was a beautiful night, and Quenym loved being tucked against Dae like this. He gave a snort when she said that they should head towards the Weyr again, but silently got up. "Would have been just fine beneath the stars," he mumbled. "Weather tonight is good."

But nothing surprised him more than when his friend decided to blindfold him and tell him he had a surprise. Yes! It had to be for his birthday! She had remembered! "Aw, are you sure the blindfold is needed?" He teased as she led him wherever she had in mind, one hand sneaking up to try and get a peek out from underneath. Her hand batted his away quickly, and Quenym let it go, not bothering to pay attention to the steps or directness they were taking. He also noticed his flits disappearing, and that made him frown. "Casa.... Where are Sassy and Lady going?"


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Re: Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« Reply #2 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 03:52 PM »
Casa giggled softly, taking both his hands and leading him towards the Hatching Circuit. It was the perfect place for a birthday celebration - warm, comfortable. Somewhat private this time of the year too, since there were no broody mothers sitting over clutches to glare or hiss. Besides, she wouldn't even be able to do this if there was a clutch, and it didn't have nearly the same...elegance or excitement as somewhere else.

"Don't you worry your head about Lady and Sassy!" she laughed, shaking her head. "They won't come to no harm, I promise." As they got close, Casa carefully led him into the entrance hallway, pausing as she gazed into the Sands. The flitts had done exactly as she asked. The old fur she had tucked away was stretched out (albeit messily), and the basket with the goodies in it were them. She laughed in delight, carefully running forward with Quenym.

Once they got all the way into the room, she led him over the sand and sat him down carefully, smacking his hands away one last time. She brought out a couple of candles from the basket, carefully nestling them into the warm sands and lighting them. She then pulled out the cake she had worked so hard on, laying it out between them. Finally, two small gifts sat in a leather pouch, tied shut.

As she worked, the fair of lizards whirled around the room, chittering and talking. Knack hopped down from her neck, nestling into the soft fur and cooing at Quenym as he rested his head against the boy's knee. Eventually the others came and settled around him, knowing something important was about to happen. Sassy only lightly nipped at Quenym after a stern look from Casa, while Kaylee and Edge sprawled over one another on the edge of the fur, their tails curling together. Lady settled gently on Quenym's shoulder, rubbing affectionately against his cheek.

Once everything was just so, she smoothed out the fur they sat on. Leaning forward, she gently took his blindfold off, smiling at him. Glancing up, it was almost midnight...perfect timing. "Happy unbirthday!" she whispered, a beam plastered across her face.

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Re: Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« Reply #3 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 06:22 PM »
The place she led him was warm, very warm. He frowned, considering where it could be. But it came to Quenym soon enough, when he realized the soft ground beneath his feet was sand. The Hatching grounds! A grin split his face. Well, this was interesting...

Quenym had his hand smacked once more before they settled down. He felt the flits come around, one of them (most likely Sassy) nipping at his fingers. He grinned at Lady nuzzling his cheek. She was a darling, his favorite of the two he had Impressed.

And finally she let him see, pulling off the blindfold and revealing her treat. "Casa! This is amazing! Thank you so much!" He leaned forward and gave her a hug, careful not to crush or bother the flits between them. On impulse, his lips gently brushed her cheek as he sat back, eyes darting around, trying to figure out what he wanted to do first.

Quenym's fingers darted for the pouch, wanting to see what she had gotten him. He gave a small gasp of surprise. "Casa... These are so nice! When... Man! You really out did yourself!" He took out the new knife, belt, and belt pouch. "How did you afford the knife?! You know what, never mind. I don't care. It's wonderful!" He leaned forward to hug her again, then slipped off his old things to put on the new ones. "Now I'm going to have to for certain do something amazing for yours this year!" He didn't know what, not yet, but he would! Thankfully, Quenym had about half a year to think about it.

He pulled his belt knife and used it to cut the cake. "I thought you had forgotten all about it. I mean, not that I cared or anything cause we were having such a good time, but ya know. Didn't expect this." His face was flushed with happiness as he served them both a bit of cake.


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Re: Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« Reply #4 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 06:50 PM »
She rolled her eyes, her cheeks flushing for a moment when he pecked at her. Her voice stuttered for a second, but she quickly adjusted. "Like I could ever forget my best wingrider's birthday." She sat back, smug, as he opened his presents. Watching him carefully strap on the knife and pouch, she nodded securely. "You don't wanna know what I had to do for those. It's a secret. But I'm glad you like it! I figured you needed stuff for when we are out in the woods and stuff."

The thirteen year old prided herself on the fact that she had picked right for his presents. As he took his new knife and sliced the cake, she found herself delightedly munching on it, licking the frosting from her fingers in satisfaction. She hadn't done half bad - it was sweet and had berries inside. If it hadn't been for the help she'd gotten in the kitchens, she doubted it would have come out so well, but it was just perfect.

As she was nibbling at her piece, Kaylee realized that there were BERRIES in the cake. Chittering excitedly, she prowled over, squeaking loudly at Quenym and prancing between his knife and nosing at the berries inside. Casa burst out laughing, especially when the firelizard panicked at the frosting on her muzzle. She gently sliced a tiny piece which she set on the sand, and Kaylee promptly launched herself at it, tearing it apart for the berries.

Edge, not wanting to be left out, went and walked through the cake and frosting, preening when he was good and coated. Casa shook her head, grinning wryly. "Ugh! You need a bath now, you messy creatures! Faranth, but you two are trouble." Still, she looked up at Quenym, beaming. "They are excited about your birthday too, it seems?"

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Re: Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« Reply #5 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 07:21 PM »
Quenym laughed at their antics. "Seems they are, and I don't mind sharing! W are just as messy, so maybe this is a sign that we all need bath time at the river. Though we will have to be careful. Last time I went this late there were a few lovers there, and it was kinda gross." He scrunched up his face. He understood that adults chased each other, but still wasn't quite sure of why... Though... He glanced at Casa. He hadn't exactly minded seeing her when she had changed for the Hatching feast.

Lady decided on taking the berries straight from Quenym's bit of cake, while Sassy decided that the frosting looked like fun times. He snorted as the rest of it ended up decimat between his two flits. "It was really good while it lasted. Even the flits like it! Did you bake it yourself, or did you snitch it?" He was curious, especially considering how his recent adventures in cooking had gone. "I might learn to do a cake next - I learned how to bake a meat pie last month!"

"Any case, this is a great birthday. Thank you. I really mean it. Sincerely, your wingleader!" Quenym emphasized, not letting Casa's slip of the tongue bother him. She would get it right eventually. His flits, content with having eaten and messed up their fill, crawled back up his tunic to sit on his shoulders, leaving streaks of crumbs and frosting in their wake. "Man. And I had bothered to put a clean one on this morning. Guess it's a good thing it got mussed this afternoon," Quenym begrudged the greens.


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Re: Very Merry Unbirthday [Quenym]
« Reply #6 on: 24 Jul 2013 at 07:38 PM »
She looked in partial dismay over the fair of cake-covered head and the completely destroyed remnants of the baked treat. Firelizards were ridiculous, and all she could do was shake her head. "Goodness. Really. Cake EVERYWHERE." Sighing, she gathered up the serving platter - licked clean at this point by Edge and Kaylee - and shoved it down into the basket, along with the fur after she shook it off. Blowing out the candles, she stuffed those in too.

"I'm thinking we can go to the bathing houses instead...sweetsand to scrub these messy little fiends off. Plus, we can enjoy privacy and not worry about lovers or cold river water. And, she could stop by and grab clean clothes. That sounded nice, especially when she'd been up since early. As they began to wander out, she stretched, the basket on her arm idly. "Baked it myself with the help of some of the women. I can show you how, it was easy."

As they wandered out of the Hatching Grounds, the moon high above them, Casa felt completely content and pleased to how cheerful Quenym had been. The peck on the cheek hadn't been remiss either; her stomach fluttered and she wrinkled her nose again, trying to forget about the feeling as she shifted almost uncomfortably. "I'm gonna go put this stuff away," she mumbled, smiling foolishly to herself. "Meet you there soon as can be!"


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