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bubbles bubbles [open]
« on: 04 Aug 2013 at 05:20 AM »
Flora drug herself out of bed and to the bath house. Her legs were healing and she was moving a whole lot better now that the pain had subsided. She had to smile about meeting some new freinds over getting herself hurt. She really didn't think that was the way she would normally go about to make freinds.

The little blue rode in her pocket still  and she muttered softly to him  as he nuzzled into the safety of her pocket. She liked the little dear but sometimes worried cause he didn't seem interested in leaving the pocket or flying off. She hoped the little darling wasn't hurt like she had been hurt.

Flora stripped down as she got to the baths  and left  lil cye warm in the pocket as she slid into the bath. She brought some soaproot to clean herself off with rubbing it in her hands to make it bubble up and form a thick lather. She heard voices in the doorway and looked up to see who was comming into the bathhouse.
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Re: bubbles bubbles [open]
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Zelina was done with her chores and really wanted a good long bath. She was in a good mood, for she had been allowed to help bathe Chresaith, her mother's green, earlier in the day, a very rare treat for her.  Now she was singing merrily a song she didn't quite know the words to, making up new words as she sang. As she got closer to the bathhouse, she lowered her voice but still sang with glee.

When she got to the doorway, she saw someone near her age already in the bath, and blushed. Zelina didn't know why but she always got nervous around other girls her age, and to see this one naked caused her face to burn a bright red. Her singing was forgotten, mid lyric. After a pause, she got the gumption to speak. "I'm s-s-sorry, I didn't mean to intrude." Quickly she turned around as she tried to once again understand her feelings. They were feelings that she didn't understand, because she had only recently began to feel them.

Little did she know that when she had turned her foot had gotten caught in the shirt where the little firelizard was, and had dragged it a bit across the ground as she rotated. She was too caught up in her emotions to have even felt the fabric snagged on her foot. Even as she faced away, she could still see the other girl, and her heart refused to slow down.


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Re: bubbles bubbles [open]
« Reply #2 on: 02 Jan 2014 at 03:47 AM »
cye squawked  at being drug so in his pocket. he peered his head out and scolding softly  his blue head weaved back and forth as he  scolded loudly.   Flora chuckled softly " I think you startled him more then anything don't worry he won't bite." she climbed out to settle cye down and retrieve her cloths slipping them on as soon as she dried herself off and  placed cye on her shoulder petting him softly. " there there your alright Cye darling. "  Flora told him softly.

" Hi i'm Flora, I've seen you around but i don't think we ever got a chance to talk much. " She greeted the girl warmly.  " You didn't disturb me at all. " Flora hoped the faint lines scaring her legs didn't pop out now that she out of the bath. 

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Re: bubbles bubbles [open]
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Zelina tried to gather her composure, and managed to turn back around, though her face was still bright red. The squawking has startled her to be sure, but seeing the little blue flit was ok was enough to have her dismiss the little thing. She wasn't much interested in flits, not that she didn't like them, but more that she took them for granted.

She listened to the pretty girl introduce herself, and managed a nervous smile. "I'm Zelina. I don't believe we have talked before. I'm glad I didn't disturb you." She gave a nervous laugh then added, "I didn't expect to walk in on someone. Normally when I come here, it's surprisingly empty. I got use to it."

She didn't understand why she felt embarrased, or why she couldn't even take her own clothes off. It wasn't like Flora was a boy. They were both girls, their bodies were basically the same... only they weren't. At least in Zelina's mind.

So instead of stripping, and taking a bath, she was standing in the bath house like a fool, practically gaping at the girl whome she found pretty. Feeling perhaps her first ever feelings of lust, though mixed with embarrasment and confusion as she didn't yet understand this new feeling.

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Re: bubbles bubbles [open]
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