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Author Topic:  A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]  (Read 4934 times)

IC Date: 15-02-234 AL - mid afternoon or there abouts

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Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« Reply #25 on: 18 Aug 2013 at 05:52 PM »
The bronzerider froze in place, momentarily afraid to move, while remaining outwardly pleasant. The touch of Arddra's hand on his body was more than he had hoped for. He made himself breathe in and out slowly as he smiled down at her. She was just a little shorter than average height. As she turned to walk outside, an amused smile appeared on his face.

It was amazing to think that they had come this far in such a short time. V'riy's elation at his success with Arddra reached new heights, but he reminded himself not to let it all go to his head. It was all he could do to keep from dancing, or writing some song lyrics. He clamped down his excitement over their success - he shared it with his dragon, for the time Morith spent with Arddra had been significant in helping things along - and concentrated on mundane things to keep himself grounded. He closed the door to the hut. The bronzerider walked slightly to the side of Arddra, reaching out to softly scratch his dragon's eye ridge.

Too late, the dragon snorted. He was incredibly proud of V'riy and this radiated through their link, but he tried to lessen the strength of it. If V'riy knew just how proud it would definitely go to his head, and Morith felt part of his job was to keep his rider balanced.

Morith's large bronze head poked around the side of his rider's hut and pushed his snout in front of Arddra. We will be good friends, the dragon told her confidently in his pleasant tenor voice. As the pair moved off into the cluster of huts before them, the dragon padded to the nearest clearing and launched himself into the air. Rapidly beating his wings to gain altitude in the hot summer air, he flew in slow circles above them, monitoring their progress.

Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« Reply #26 on: 18 Aug 2013 at 06:19 PM »
With the sudden appearance of Morith's head before her, Arddra touched his snout, smiling at his words in her head. "I really do hope so Morith, and I look forward to learning how to take good care of you so I will be well practiced for a dragon of my own."

She watched as Morith flew overhead till he was high enough to lazily circle. Arddra looked up at the tall dragonrider. "You don't mind sharing him with me? Letting me help take care of him as you teach me? I don't want to be imposing. I also want to cook you a meal some time,  mending a shirt is hardly worth you teaching me more about caring for a dragon."

"I can mend other clothing you have that needs it," Arddra adds.

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Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« Reply #27 on: 18 Aug 2013 at 07:12 PM »
V'riy's smile reached his eyes as the younger woman in front of him inquired if it was okay for her to share Morith. "Of course it's fine. Morith would love the extra attention. As for me, at least the time spent scrubbing his enormous hide will have educational value," he chuckled good-naturedly. "He tends to hunt more often than most bronzes so he needs more cleaning," the rider sighed.

The evening was relatively quiet and a pleasantly cool breeze was blowing as they walked toward the more populated areas of Katila. The moon provided enough lighting for them to walk without needing glows. Briefly, V'riy thought of Ce'lie. She still couldn't stand the dark and he wondered if she was able to enjoy evenings like this or if even this low light was too much for her.

As she continued on with her offer of cooking and mending his shirts, V'riy held his hands up in mock defense. "You really don't have to pamper me just for spending time with my dragon. I want you to relax and feel comfortable around us, not worry about what you owe us for spending time with you." The rider touched the tip of her nose with his index finger to accentuate the point. "But I'll make sure to ask you if anything needs mending," he promised.

Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« Reply #28 on: 18 Aug 2013 at 07:37 PM »
Arddra felt the worry of 'hogging' too much of Morith from his rider fade. If V'riy was totally find with it then she didn't need to worry about it. "I expect teaching me and using Morith for me to practice on saves you from cleaning him totally all by yourself."

As they walked she noticed other dragons resting in their hollows but didn't see any other dragonriders save at a distance. It seemed rather peaceful. Arddra also felt safe with V'riy there, she knew he wouldn't let anybody else harm her and her trust in him was growing. Morith was a big draw for she didn't feel the dragon would intentionally let anything harm her, even from his own rider.

"I didn't mean it as pampering... I wasn't going to move in and cook all your meals after all," Arddra laughed lightly though in truth she wouldn't mind helping out with chores around V'riy's hut but perhaps the dragonrider just liked doing things himself. Arddra was used to taking care of the house when she was married, doing the cooking and cleaning. She definitely wouldn't want to do it for everybody she knew but... she pushed the thought away. "I don't mind helping my friends. I also only meant to cook you a meal once or twice, not every day. You are being kind and I do want to repay you, but if you rather I just be a friend for friend's sake that is fine too. I still want to cook for you sometime, just once. Then you can decide if you ever want me to cook for you again."

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Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
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"Now you've found us out, " V'riy chuckled as she commented about her practicing on Morith being beneficial to them as well. He hung his head for a moment and flashed her an apologetic look, but was unable to hold back the devilish grin that broke out onto his face. He had shorted his strides automatically so that he walked side by side with Arddra. Now and then he glanced upwards to get a glimpse of Morith gracefully weaving circles far above their heads.

He stretched his arms and pulled them back behind his head as they continued the walk to the communal buildings. He really had a great range of motion due to his morning stretches. The bronzerider enjoyed hearing her light laughter, glad that she had relaxed in his company. He didn't want to put her off about his fussiness with having a woman around in his personal quarters all the time, so he kept silent. V'riy thought it might be different with Arddra, but he had reservations. And he really did not want her to feel obligated to do things for him.

When the girl brought up cooking for him, he considered his words for a time before answering. "Well, I guess that would be alright. I do enjoy eating away from the kitchens now and again, as you already know. And I am one up on you in that department," he graciously conceded.

V'riy inhaled the night air deeply and let out a long breath. "Thank Faranth for this breeze, otherwise the mugginess would be unbearable. I love the South, but the one thing I won't miss if we ever leave this place is the humidity. We're nearly there," he declared as he noticed the larger buildings looming ahead in the distance.

Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« Reply #30 on: 19 Aug 2013 at 12:12 AM »

As he stretched, Arddra ducked a little, more out of reflex than any fear he was going to harm her. When he reluctantly agreed to let her cook for him once, Arddra felt it was more to appease her than any really desire to have somebody cook for him. He certainly was different from the men she knew back home.

"You don't seem to like the idea of somebody cooking for you here, or doing any task for you outside of the occasionally badly torn shirts." Arddra ventured a guess. "I was raised to handle household duties like cooking and cleaning for a husband...not that I am assuming nor implying anything given we are just friends. It just seems a nice thing to do for a friend, is cook a meal for him. If you prefer, I can cook a meal and give it to you in a pot so you can heat up on your own?"

"The breeze is nice and I agree, the humidity isn't something I would miss if I ever leave here. I have to admit I don't miss the cold of Fort in the winter." Arddra wondered if she will ever leave this place or once she Impressed a gold, would she want to leave or just go North to visit her family?

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Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
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"Oh, well, if it's like that and you really want to cook for me," V'riy teased, grinning mischievously. He tempered his joke with a winning smile. "Really, I'd love for you to cook something if you have the time. I… prefer not to eat in the communal kitchens."

V'riy left it at that. He wasn't about to go into all the things that were going through his head. Explaining everything to Arddra would take much longer than the time left on their walk. The bronzerider considered it a far wiser course to let their relationship develop further before he started elaborating on the political scheming that went on at Katila and his barely-hatched plans. Frankly, he admitted privately to himself, he wasn't sure he understood it completely yet anyway.

"No, I don't miss the cold at Benden either," the man confided in a wistful tone with a slight emphasis on the word cold. "That's one of the reasons I can cook stew," he chuckled. "Oh, here we are," he stated, gesturing to the Weyrfolk Hall and the Candidate Barracks. He thought she would probably be living in the Barracks, but he wasn't sure, since some of them did move into the Hall when there wasn't an imminent Hatching.

The bronzerider turned his body toward Arddra as Morith landed neatly in the clearing behind them and folded his wings. In the evening moonlight it was harder to see the rich bronze coloring of his hide. He approached the pair and paused behind V'riy, poking his head around his rider's side. Without ever looking behind him, V'riy reached up to rub Morith behind his head knobs.

"So, when you're up for your first lesson about dragons, let me know," the older man said, smiling at her. He paused, unsure of how to see her off, and waited for her response.

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Re: A Kindness Repaid [V'riy]
« Reply #32 on: 19 Aug 2013 at 11:21 PM »
"Then sometime in the future I will cook a meal for you, maybe I can find something special to cook like the fine beef you found somewhere," Arddra could see herself really getting to like this man. He certainly wasn't dangerous like others but one good time with V'riy didn't mean he wasn't up to something.

As they continued walking, Arddra glanced at V'riy, finding nothing deceptive in his features. She was certain there were many things about who and what he was she didn't know but one can't get to know everything there was about a person over a single meal. Arddra had a feeling in her gut she could trust him, in all possible ways. Perhaps she will tell him more about why she distrusted Dragonriders so much and why it had been so very hard for her to accept she was living here now.  Tonight wasn't the time yet.

Once they arrived near the building Arddra knew she should be fine heading to the barracks from here. Turning she smiled at V'riy and Morith.

"How about next Restday? I will have some chores to take care of in the morning which shouldn't take me past 10am. I can meet you here when I am done." Arddra stepped forward and touched Morith's snout, smiling into his beautiful eyes. Once V'riy responded to her suggested time, Arddra turned to him.

"I look forward to our first lesson, and thank you very much V'riy for the meal and walking me here. Good night," Arddra moved her hand from Morith's snout and touched V'riy's arm briefly. The longing for physical contact surged in her but Arddra pushed it own. She didn't want to ruin this new friendship by reacting on her loneliness alone. Without another word, Arddra turned and hurried towards the Candidate barracks, happier at that moment than she had been for a long time.

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