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Re: A Fish Cleaning Tale [Arddra, Trelanvor]
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"That is a given." He agreed. He'd heard a few try to explain, but it seems like a unique sort of bond. No two quite the same. One thing everyone seemed to agree upon was that is was a wonderful thing. Trel wasn't quite sure how he felt about something else knowing what he thought and felt. It sounds a bit invasive, but he'd never met a rider who seemed to mind so it couldn't be all that bad. Could it?

"Aww thanks Arddra. Warms my heart to hear a pretty woman say such things." He snatched up the last fish. "When the right guy comes along I'm sure you'll be ready to consider your self available." He was content to have Addra as a friend, rather than a potential lover. "Alright I know pronounce us done and suggest we get out of here before they try to put our idle hands back to work."

~The End~


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