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The Perfect Pie [Open]
« on: 12 Aug 2013 at 02:00 PM »
Eriyana sucked on her thumb, stemming bloodflow from the cut that she had made to her own thumb while trying to peel a redfruit. It was a worthy injury, she thought, grinning though her thumb ached. After all, she had gotten it in pursuit of pie! Her eyes glimmered at the slices that lay inside the crust, ready to be dusted with sugar and spices and slid into the oven. Oh, how wonderful it would be! Ana felt like dancing with anticipation, already anticipating the smell and taste of a freshly-baked pie.

But she was ahead of herself. First she had to actually get it baked! With that, Eriyana went off and grabbed the rest of the things she would need. Sugar and spices and a touch of butter to make a rich filling, and then she rolled out the top. She could feel her mouth watering as her nose was assailed by the scents in the air. Then she rolled out the top crust and placed it over the innards, pinching the whole thing together. a grin lit her face. This was going to be the best one she had made yet! Not like the others, the few attempts that she had given this ending up bitter or sour or burnt.

With that thought, Eriyana slid the pie into the oven and sat back to wait for it to bake, tending the fire to make sure that it didn't get too cool. That had happened one of the first times she had made this. The darn thing had never cooked! Her brother had insisted that she not waste the ingredients, and Ana had ended up with a stomachache that whole night after eating it. Nope, that wouldn't happen this time!

She put up her hair as she began to sweat, the heat of the fire getting to her. She didn't like it at all! Ana had heard stories of the North, how it was cooler, and couldn't deny that she rather wished she could go there. The heat was absolutely miserable. The idea that it someone could see their breath in the air on some night was just fascinating! And snow! Snow sounded absolutely wonderful!

Lost in her thoughts, Eriyana failed to notice how hot the fire was. It wasn't until she noticed the scent of something burning that she realized what had happened. "Wher's wings!" She rushed to get the pie out but billowing black smoke let her know that it was far, far too late to save the pie that she had attempted. It was smouldering and black. Her eyes stung as she pulled it out, dumping some water over it to cool it off and make it safe to pick up. She sighed. Another failure. What would her brother say about this one?!

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Re: The Perfect Pie [Open]
« Reply #1 on: 24 Aug 2013 at 04:43 PM »
Z'jan was flying through the muggy kitchens in his usual whirlwind, snapping up bits of unguarded pastries and goodies as he went. He wasn't much of a sitter downer, especially when the dining hall was practically empty. Z'jan didn't enjoy eating alone. Or, really, being alone for that matter. So he figured he might as well just get while the getting was good and go for a 'smash and grab' lunch in kitchens. Things always tasted best when they were right out of the oven anyway.  Or stolen. Adrenaline was the best sauce.

So along he went: yup, yum, yes-please, oh and that, hm... that too. Shit, go, I think he saw me...

--when a sudden and very distinct odor caught his nose. Not a pleasant odor. Not a 'Can't wait to eat that!' odor. No, this was the particular and unmistakable odor of... burn.

So of course, he investigated. Turning the corner, he arrived in time to see the following, in quick succession: a young woman flailing about, a smokey black lump come flying out of the oven, and a bucket of water get dumped over everything. It was quite impressive, actually.

He stopped short, finishing the cookie he was chewing.

"Wher's wings... really? Well... yikes, probably better that you burned it." Z'jan grinned, tossing his last purloined pastry into his mouth. He sidled up the the cooking fiasco. He didn't recognize the girl, but it never occurred to Z'jan to actually introduce himself to people.

He flicked the pie with his finger, then tilted, looking at it from a different angle. After a moment more of speculation, he gave a good natured laugh: "Thread will fear you, at least!"

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Re: The Perfect Pie [Open]
« Reply #2 on: 04 Sep 2013 at 04:01 PM »
Eriyana couldn't help but grin at the voice that sounded out near her, asking whether it was really where's wings. She let the man - rider, if she was seeing his knots correctly - check out the disaster of a pie. "Excellent! As Thread well should. When I get my dragon,we are both going to be flaming monsters!" Eriyana grinned fiercely. "After all, anyone who can take on a wher and make such a mess of their wings should rightfully be feared and have the fiercest dragon out there."

She gave the rider a wink, then stuck out her hand. "Eriyana. Nice to meet you." Her hand was covered in a fine layer of black soot from the pie, but the rest of her was merely a touch wet from the water that had splashed on her.

"Gotta start paying more attention, though. This isn't the first pie that's gotten... That I've gotten the better of. I prefer it when I can actually eat what comes out of the oven." A tongue stuck out emphasized her words. "So.... What brings you to the kitchens? I'm sure that my wher-wing pie can't have spread through rumor just yet, so perhaps someone was filching from the stores?" Eriyaya turned a sly eye on him, a grin lighting up her face. She didn't mind one bit, she had been hungry, too.

"If you're willing to wait long enough for me to make another one, I'll share. I've been feeling like I've been eating air these past few days!" Her stomach gave an appropriate growl to punctuate her exclamation. For some reason she had been feeling ravenous, and this pie was just the latest in some attempt to keep her hunger down. She could snack all she wanted, but there was only so much appeal in raw fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, Eriyana's attention span meant most attempts at cooking fell into ruin.

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Re: The Perfect Pie [Open]
« Reply #3 on: 09 Sep 2013 at 02:43 PM »
Z'jan grinned. Flaming monsters. It was such an innaccurate, yet perfect description. After all, in many ways, wasn't that what they all were? Just a bunch of flaming monsters? He'd used to think dragons were monsters, back when he was a dock rat at Tillek. Not that he hadn't, like every other young boy, dreamed of riding one a great fearsome dragon. After all, riding a dragon sounded cool enough, but riding a flaming monster had made it sound infinitely cooler.

Of course, his boyhood fantasy days had long since left him... probably.

He took the hand offered to him. It didn't even occur to him that initiating the handshake probably should have been his job. He just grinned back, taking the sooty hand without hesitation. He wasn't exactly the impeccable sort himself.

"Z'jan. Green Ghalath." His introduction was short, as he was quickly trying to find the best way to fight off her accusations of food-filching. He couldn't think of one, much less a best one. "Yeah, guilty," he said with a goodnatured blush, "and I definitey wouldn't turn down a pie share!" With a grin, he placed his hands on the counter and hopped up, sitting on the edge. Which wasn't sanitary. Or polite. And now his ass was floured.

"I'm sure between the two of us we can manage to burn the perfect pie."

He'd meant cook: cook the perfect pie. But he'd been staring at the black lump; the word burn just came out. And he didn't realize he'd said it, just smiled down at Eriyana expectantly.


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