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Pernese Rankings
« on: 14 Aug 2013 at 04:19 AM »
So just a little random conversation I thought might be fun to have. BTW, this is nothing about Katila, just book canon :D if you wanna talk about Katila specifically, you can though ^^

Okay, so when I think of Pern, I always think of a feudal based System.

Basically, the Weyrs are at top of the ladder, the Kings and Queens as it were.

Then I see the Lord Holders of the Major Holds. I think of these  guys as the Dukes or Duchess's

Below them are the Minor Holders. These ones have named holds on occasion, but not always. These are the Earls.

And then we have the rest of the peasentry, or the Cotholders.

The crafters i see as just kind of to the side, not really under anyone but themselves.

So does anyone think like that too, or what is your take on the ranks of Pern?

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Re: Pernese Rankings
« Reply #1 on: 14 Aug 2013 at 08:17 AM »
I am admittedly a total nerd who loves talking about all the weird minutia of Pern O_O; Also it’s eaaarly so I may babble just a forewarning….

One of the really neat aspects of canonical Pern is that Weyr, Hall, and Hold are supposed to be autonomous. Lord Holder, Weyrleader, and Craftmaster are essentially all equals…and independent of one another. I forget which but there is something in one of the books where the crafters are talking and it comes up that if a lord holder were to be exceptionally dickish to their crafters (beating them or taking too much of their profit or…something!) the crafts have a trick up their sleeve. ALL the crafts would pull their people. Probably a last resort sort of tactic but a pretty powerful one if you think about it.

There’s no question that in times of thread dragonriders rule the roost whoever they still can’t MAKE anyone do anything. Their stock just goes waaaay up until thread is over and it plummets again. It’s smart to stay in their good favor but that didn’t stop holders from short changing them, not providing support, giving poor tithes, and occasionally trying to destroy them when thread isn’t falling. I always thought it was kinda funny how dragonriders are largely seen as parasites or heroes depending on what point in time your at.

The feudal analogy is really perfect for the holds though. The minor holds answer to the bigger hold and the lord holder is essentially king. There’s the whole “blood” issue where holders keep track of their lineage and anyone who ISNT part of the club running a hold is seen as ridiculous. The minor holders are a step below and may or not be relatives/long associates or something but they are subservient to the lord holder.

I think the only time the three really get in each other’s business is at a Conclave. All the craft masters/weyrleaders/lord holders meet and discussion major issues/land disputes/issues of unclear succession/requests to open new holds/crafts/weyrs and where said place will be located. The idea is since they are all independent but interdendent they all have a stake in any new weyr/hold/craft and want to hash out who tithes where/that no hold has a monopoly on crafts/what pretty colors they will claim. Granted a conclave doesn’t have to be productive and I’m sure theres lots of behind the back dealings and such…

Never really sure where traders stood...

*takes a breath* And that was without boring you to death with my DLGtP XD
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