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Author Topic:  all work and no play [open]  (Read 1049 times)

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all work and no play [open]
« on: 19 Aug 2013 at 07:27 PM »
S'jin was making boots. He had choosen to use the same color as the jacket and belt that he had made for his friend  I'shan.  He had been working long and hard most of the morning on the project.  Minx and  Lana were  chirping quietly on the table as they watched eyes swirling with  colors. but he was paying neither of them any mind cause he was so focus on his work.  He reached for a piece of hard leather only to find it snatched from the table and moving quickly skyward and finally he looked up. Claus had gotten  hungry and decided that he would get  S'jin's attention right now.

S'jin swore softly under his breath  of course he didn't realize he had watchers in the room probably laughting at his exspense now that the flit ran off with his leather  that he was just working with playfully.  S'jin wasn't amused  later on he might find it funny.

"bring that back you silly little brown, right now." S'jin demanded softly he didn't yell at Claus though he knew the little brown was just playing.
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Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #1 on: 01 Dec 2013 at 02:25 PM »
Nevani looked up when she heard the swear, and chuckled. She had been very unsuccessfully trying to make a leather belt that would be a bit more elegant than the plain draby  one that she owned. Watching the little brown flit around with the leather was just humorous enough to brighten her mood despite her now multiple failed attempts.  Her smile was bright and genuine, and her light eyes sparkled.

Then she looked down at the strip of leather  she was trying to cut in soft waves and frowned. It was horribly uneven and looked more like a strip of scrap leather than a belt. She was really close to just giving up, and settling with the plain belt she had. An audible sigh escaped as she tossed the third strip of ruined leather away. Perhaps she needed to learn more about crafting leather before she tried again.

A hand ran through her hair to untangle the long strands, and she looked back up towards the little brown. It would be nice to own a firelizard,  she thought. Surely that was company that she couldn't easily anger, and it seemed that it would even be fun. She was stareing,  but she didn't realize that she was.
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Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #2 on: 01 Dec 2013 at 09:54 PM »
S'jin heard the soft chuckle and turned as he finally realized that he wasn't alone in the crafthall. "Oh  sorry I didn't mean to disturb you. " He appologized quickly and quietly  feeling suddenly shy and  knew he probably looked pretty silly  cursing and chasing after his brown Firelizard.  He raised a hair to his hair and ran nervous fingers threw his hair brushing it back from his face. His focus leaving  Claus and commting to attention of the Lady that was present in the room .

S'jin was relived though that it appeared that she was smiling and happy  rather then cross at Claus antics.  Minx decided at this moment to  scold Claus who soon landed back on the table and finally dropped the blue hard piece of leather sole that he had been reaching for.  S'jin had to chuckle himself now at Minx acting like a scolding mother to a young disobedient toddler.

His eyes shined with merriment and a smiled graced his lips now as the nervousness of the moment left him and he relaxed more.   He noticed she threw the strip away that she was working on. " I hope we didn't mess up you project? "  he inquired softly.

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Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #3 on: 02 Dec 2013 at 01:11 PM »
Nevani shrugged at the apology, finding the statement a bit odd since it wasn't needed. She regarded the small gold as she scolded the small brown, and couldn't help but to smile again. The man's nervousness didn't go unnoticed, it was simply taken for granted, since she was, after all, probably the most beautiful woman residing in the weyr. She held her normal posture of squared shoulders, and straight back, head held high. She wasn't afraid of people, she simply misunderstood them and they, her.

As he relaxed, Nevani had started to stand, but hesitated when he asked his question. "No, no. I simply know not how to work leather, and it turned out harder than it appeared." She wasn't about to ask for help, doing so would mean spending more time with a person and possibly causing a brief good encounter to become a horrible longer encounter. Yet after she had replied she didn't resume standing. Maybe, it would be beneficial to at least try once more to make a friend. She was, after all, lonely despite her intentional avoidance of other people. 

As she paused, however, she struggled to come up with anything else to say. Then as if suddenly sparked with a brilliant idea, some of her pride in having found something worth talking about showing in her voice, she asked, "What are their names?" She was looking towards the firelizards, and there was some actual curiosity in her tone.

Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #4 on: 04 Dec 2013 at 12:22 AM »
"Well the playful brown is Claus. He also likes food very well too.  and the golden beauty is Minx. and the green  is Lana she's the most mellow and cuddly one." S'jin introduced them one at a time.  He loved his little group of firelizards and most of the time they were pretty well behaved even with Claus's playfulness. He would listen when  S'jin was seriously annoyed.

He knew green Araith was  outside resting up, While he was working on the new pair of boots.  "So what were you making that was giving you such a hard time?  I was currently working on blue boots for one my friends.  I been working with this new colored leather a nice blue.   Thinking of  doing  some pale green next if i can get the coloring just right for the leather pieces. "    S'jin was gonna make a set of greens to match his lovely Araith. 

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Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #5 on: 05 Dec 2013 at 04:27 PM »
She smiled hearing each of the names, thinking that the names suited each one. She could also hear the love and pride in the man's voice as he spoke of each one. One of her inner walls was now gone. She decided that she liked the man at least enough to try harder for conversation. Love was a passionate emotion, and passion was usually a sign of a good person. Or so she believed.

Hearing his words, Nevani realized that she hadn't even thought about trying to color the leather for her belt, and realized that she really didn't know enough to be working the leather after all, and she smiled ruefully, in the acknowledgement. "I was attempting to make a more lady like belt. I didn't even think of using dyes." She laughed, "I really shouldn't have even tried without at least some knowledge in the craft." she admitted. Again, she refused to ask for help. She would learn from watching, or maybe work to earn a better belt. There was more honor in doing it that way.

"I like the blue. Its a really nice color. Not sure that a light green sounds all too appealing though. I'm not fond of bright colors." As blunt as ever she spoke, probably taking away completely from her compliment of the blue with her opinion about the green. She might have liked the sound of it better if he had used an adjective such as 'forest' or maybe even 'deep' but light meant that the color would be bright, and bright colors made Nevani look like a ghost. Bright green just wouldn't do.
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Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #6 on: 09 Dec 2013 at 10:01 PM »
S'jin smiled and peeked over watching her expressions around the firelizards. He was delightfully proud of his own but he also knew that some still weren'St all that keen about them. He was glad that she wasnt like that. She seemed pretty nice. 

" I been working on  a theme for a friend of mine's gifts, He had done something special for me and course I am wishing to pay him back with my meager skill at leather-working at least. " His face turned a bit pink as he thought about it but he quickly recovered his composure and hoped she dinna really notice.

S'jin though about her opinion  of  the light green.  " hmmm ya may be right about it being to bright.  And most  do not like the brighter colors.  I really should remember that when i start experimenting I do tend to go overboard with trying new ideas.  "  Araith wouldn't like it one bit if i made something that clashed with her hide.

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Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #7 on: 27 Dec 2013 at 12:24 PM »
Nevani listened to the young man as he spoke of his work for a friend, a returned gift, and thought it to be a sweet notion. She didn't really have much to say in reply to the information, so she kept quiet as he then continued about the green. When he mentioned Araith, she then realized that he was a rider, witch brought to home where she had seen him before. Nevani loved to watch the dragons from afar when she could spare the time to find a spot to climb and be alone, though this usually ended up with her daydreaming.  She smiled a soft small smile as she heard that the dragon had better sense of color than her rider, and her eyes hinted at an inner glow.

"I suppose it really wouldn't do to clash with her. If I remember right, she's a beauty." Nevani was sure that she most likely remembered right, for it was hard to forget such a delicate sight of a dragon. Though she hadn't seen the green more than perhaps three or four times. Living in the weyr, though she had probably seen all of the dragons at least that much. Her eyes got distant as she thought about her wish to ride a dragon of her own, and her smile faded as she also remembered the complications that she had to overcome to even be considered a candidate. A hand absentmindedly went tough her hair to untangle it as she thought, then she pulled herself back into the present. "I should probably let you finish your work, I wouldn't want to cause your gift to be given later than intended." She then began to stand, gathering the tools she had been using, so that she may put them away.

Re: all work and no play [open]
« Reply #8 on: 05 Mar 2014 at 12:36 AM »
 "Oh, no it’s not really any trouble at all. I can finish my work anytime; I'm actually pretty quick at doing it.  Lots of practice and hard taskmasters make you learn skills quickly. Course loving it also helps as well but then i guess you wouldn't' want to go into a craft that you were not good in."  S'jin smiled warmly at the woman as she started to pack up nothing her gathering up some tools.

He looked over at her and smiled even brighter.  “You know really if you even need any help don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to help you with any leather projects you have  or if you need any tools  or whatnot. Lots of things go easier when you have access to just the right tools as well. And long as you return then I don’t mind sharing.”

He ran his fingers threw his hair. He reached down and patted Lana softly on the head as she chirped  softly in response.  Claus finally came down to see what the fuss was all about since no one was paying attention to him and  Minx started to clean herself and sat quietly still as a statue when she finished.  She let the others admire her beauty like the little golden beauty she was

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Re: all work and no play [open]
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