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Re: How to Bathe Your Dragon [Arddra]
« Reply #25 on: 21 Sep 2013 at 07:40 PM »
Arddra sipped her juice, enjoying spending time with the bronzerider. Morith made it easy to trust his rider and normally, Arddra was an easy going and trusting person. Being kidnapped and forced to stay south had made her suspicious and, to put it mildly, scared. Her time on Candidiate Isle was tough but once she was allowed to leave and was able to Stand at a few Hatchings she realized nobody was going to hurt her. Then somebody did and that just made her distrust all dragonriders to the point she did her best to have as little to no interaction with them. Her fellow candidates who did end up Impressing before her, she was more disposed to trust but not completely.

After three turns she was learning not all dragonriders were evil, criminally inclined or rapists. V'riy was what she would have dreamed a dragonrider truly was. The noble defenders of Pern from the ravages of Thread, not the arrogant, cruel and uncaring bastards she had encountered here.

She trusted V'riy and a part of her wondered if it was just the green and blue riders who were so incapable of being good people. Pushing her doubts aside she focused on V'riy. He had earned her trust and that was all that mattered. The other dragonriders will just have to earn her trust too, if she gave them the chance. Maybe once she was a weyrling she will feel less hesitant to talk to any dragonrider she didn't know prior to their Impressing. Most were still Weyrlings though so that made it easier.

"It was something Weyrleader S'kef mentioned to me at dinner yesterday," Arddra bit her lip hoping she didn't end up angering V'riy. She didn't think he would be angry as she had told S'kef nothing about his displeasure with some leadership decisions in the past. "I mentioned I wanted to go home to visit and he told me he and many others wanted that too. He asked me if I knew of anybody who also wanted to go North and I told him I didn't. Most of the people I know never said anything about wanting to go North but you did tell me you don't agree with the leadership but I also promised I would never tell anybody what you told me. I also trust you far more than I trust S'kef."

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Re: How to Bathe Your Dragon [Arddra]
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"S'kef." V'riy uttered the name as if it was torn from his throat. His expression darkened, though he was not angry with Arddra. S'kef disgusted him. The man was constantly scheming. As far as V'riy was concerned, if he had questions about who wanted to return North then there was no doubt he was up to something. He was surprised that the brownrider would be so bold as to directly question Arddra about it.

The bronze rider's scowl faded to a frown as he considered Arddra's words. He took a deep breath and smoothed his features. He was relaxed and she had caught him unawares or he would never have let his temper show. Regardless, he wasn't happy with his lack of control of his emotions where she was concerned. "Sorry," he muttered quietly. "I can't stand the man," he said in a quiet growl. Morith was rumbling softly behind them from his spot on the riverbank as his rider spoke.

Inhaling deeply, he closed his eyes and willed the last vestiges of his temper away. The last thing he wanted was the topic of S'kef ruining the day. Opening them again, he felt as calm as the expression on his face and continued.

"I'm glad to hear you trust me, Arddra. I do want to go North, quite badly in fact. But I don't trust S'kef. And for that reason I'll have to ask you to keep it to yourself. Be careful around him," he cautioned her with a worried frown. "He uses people to further his own ends.. and I don't want to see you used."

V'riy sighed regretfully. "He's one of the dragonriders I would suggest you stay away from. However nice he might appear to be.. he's always up to something. I don't know how he feels he would be able to manage such a task as returning North. Even though I dislike him so greatly, I would back him were he to make a move to accomplish it. As long as the means wasn't too cruel…" he said softly, his voice trailing off.

Re: How to Bathe Your Dragon [Arddra]
« Reply #27 on: 21 Sep 2013 at 09:50 PM »
The way V'riy said the Weyrleader's name drew Arddra's full attention. He had not spoken loudly but the way his face darkened was a clear sign he didn't like the man. For a moment she worried mentioning the brownrider had angered V'riy too much and he would start showing anger at her. It was but a split second for she saw V'riy force himself to calmness and was relieved. The last thing she wanted to do was upset her new friend. It was also a great sign he was very good at handling himself.

"No need to be sorry, I can see you really don't like or trust S'kef." Arddra placed a soothing hand on V'riy's arm to show she wasn't scared off because of his dislike of the other dragonrider.

"I will be careful around him, he does seem rather cruel and prone to sudden outbursts and I don't think he treats his firelizard too nicely, then again she did try and attack me." Arddra sighed, she never thought a firelizard would ever act aggressively towards somebody else, not unless she was threatening their bonded. Arddra had definitely not been even thinking of harming S'kef. But it did look like S'kef was surprised by his firelizard's actions, maybe that was why he acted so aggressively to stop her. Either way Arddra was more prone to take V'riy's warning not to trust S'kef to heart.

"I suppose he would have something in mind to see we can go north, but I will watch myself around him." Arddra doubted she would have much opportunity to talk with S'kef unless she actively sought him out. For the time being she was going to keep her distance. Maybe later she will think of a way to find out if S'kef was worth talking to again. "I will not tell him anything about you, V'riy, but if I ever hear anything from him again I will tell you."

She gave his arm a squeeze then removed it so she could eat. Now that she was sitting and relaxed, she felt very tired. Looking over at the bronze she wondered if she would have the energy to help clean more of him today. He looked very beautiful in the sun, she couldn't see any part of Morith that didn't look healthy and clean.

Arddra closed her eyes, imagining what it would be like to have a picnic like this with V'riy in the future, maybe a turn or two from now. This time she would have a beautiful gold dragon to lean against and Morith and V'riy would be there with her. Perhaps they will be at Benden Weyr, a place she had never been to before. In fact Katila was the only Weyr she had ever been, but would she rather go to Fort Weyr after Impressing or go to Benden to be with V'riy? Arddra didn't know and suspected it will all depend on what happened when her future queen rose to mate. A smile curled her lips gently as her mind drifted, her physical exhaustion catching up on her and before she even realized it, a moment of day dreaming became actual sleep.

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Re: How to Bathe Your Dragon [Arddra]
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A soft grunt of affirmation came from V'riy as Arddra commented on his dislike of their current Weyrleader. He looking down at Arddra's hand as she placed it on his arm and smiled softly at the girl, appreciating the gesture. It had been a long time since he had been able to share his thoughts with anyone other than Morith and Ce'lie, who was really the only person at Katila that he dared to share his deeper, more personal thoughts with. Arddra was fast proving she could be trusted.

He nodded grimly at the girl sitting across from him as he rolled a meat roll over on his plate, contemplating her words. "S'kef's fire lizard attacked you? That's odd. They don't attack unless they feel their partner is threatened… and you should have posed no thread to him," the bronzerider said thoughtfully, his eyes scanning her face and bare skin for any scratches or bite marks. He hoped that she hadn't been hurt by the little green thing.

"Thank you for not saying anything to him. The last thing I need is for that man to know more about me," the bronzerider murmured quietly. He picked up the meat roll he had been playing with and popped it into his mouth while he turned over this new piece of information in his mind.

S'kef must have been suspicious of Arddra's motives, V'riy concluded. Whatever reason she had run into him, he was sure to have been sizing her up and figuring out how to use her best to his advantage. His fire lizard must have gotten out of hand, acting off of S'kef's thoughts, whatever nasty turn they had taken.

V'riy opened his mouth to ask Arddra when she had spoken with him but quickly shut it when he realized that Arddra had nodded off. A tender smile formed on his lips before he could stop himself. She looked peaceful, almost childlike as she quietly dozed in the early afternoon sun.

The bronzerider tilted his head from side to side and rolled his shoulders as he wondered what to do. It was her rest day and she had already spent a good part of it with him. He reached out with one hand and shook her gently to wake her but she would not be roused. The man let out a small sigh and began packing up the remains of their meal and the brushes and sweetsand they had used to scrub Morith, bundling it up neatly. Walking quietly over to his bronze, who regarded him with a large whirling blue eye, he attached the bundle securely to the dragon's riding straps for transport. If she was this tired, he would take her home.

He made his way back to Arddra's sleeping form and bent down, gently slipping his arms under her knees and around her shoulders, and oh-so-carefully lifted her up. As he walked over to his bronze dragon with his human burden, he frowned.

This was going to take some doing.

Morith half rolled onto his side helpfully so that V'riy could grab on to the bronze and secure himself. Luckily, Arddra was light, but he wasn't really able to put her in a comfortable position. The bronzerider wasn't quite sure how but somehow they managed to get into the air without waking the girl. They would fly straight, since the cold of between was sure to wake her. He forced himself not to think about the feel of her against him as he held her tightly, but gently, to make sure she wouldn't fall off. He was amazed that she hadn't woken up by now and briefly wondered if there had been something in the juice he had given her that induced sleep. Morith, for his part, was flying as carefully as if he were carrying a baby on his back, or one of his children.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. Morith glided to the open area in front of the Candidate barracks and landed as softly as possible for his large bulk. V'riy winced at the impact of the landing, hoping that it wouldn't wake his passenger. Luckily, the girl only shifted a bit and gave a soft sigh. With a careful grip on his riding straps, V'riy slid down the bronze's side with one arm around Arddra, keeping her pressed against his chest.

Once he was on his feet, V'riy made his way inside, carrying Arddra in his arms. As it was just after lunch, not many residents were about. He softly asked one of them where the girl was staying and fortunately the young man knew Arddra and was kind enough to lead him to her quarters. The bronzerider gently placed her on her bed, arranging her carefully in a comfortable position. He mouthed "thank you" to the boy who had guided him and indicated that his escort could leave. He made a mental note of the boy's face and name for later.

For a moment, the bronzerider hesitated as he considered whether or not to undress the girl. He decided that she would probably take offense to it and only removed her shoes, placing them beside the bed before pulling a blanket over her. V'riy's hand brushed an errant strand of hair away from her face. Finally he turned and left as quietly as he could manage.

The bronzerider ran a hand through his hair and glanced uneasily around him as he made his way back to his dragon. He wondered how wise it had been to bring her back to the Barracks versus his private hut, but he still had to finish scrubbing Morith, and there were other matters that needed his attention.

Thank Faranth there weren't too many people around. Even so... there was sure to be talk.


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