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Re: Geronimo! [O'wain]
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Z'jan got to shore, his clothes pouring water out onto the sand. His pants suctioned to his legs, making walking difficult. He squeezed out some of the excess water from his shirt, revealing the line of skin around his waist, but otherwise making a point to keep himself moderately covered.

Without meaning too, he noticed O'wain's quasi hard-on. Seriously? This guy was something else. In some ways, it made Z'jan feel inadequate. But that was probably his competitive masculinity talking. He swallowed, looking away. A silence had descended over the two men, and Z'jan had no idea what to say to break it. Or if he even should.

Ghalath eyed his approach. you're going to get me all wet.

It's still hotter than a wher's ass. Trust me, you'll dry

Ghalath didn't have to crouch for Z'jan to mount. She was small enough, and he acrobatic enough, that with a few big steps and a hop he was astride his green.

He looked back at O'wain, gathering his clothes. Should he say something? He probably should.

let's go

Ghalath didn't need anymore encouragement. She sprang from the ground in her typical rough take-off. Z'jan focused on the horizon, the faint forms of Katila weyr spreading out to the West. He immediately began to feel better. Not necessarily for leaving O'wain behind, but for all the possibilities and adventures that were yet to come. Already the past was fading in his mind. Katila, the strange secret weyr of huts and drenching humidity, always had another surprise or two lurking.

But first, a shower.

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Re: Geronimo! [O'wain]
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O'wain picked up his small cloth and pulled that on, his body already drying in the sun and breeze. He thought back about his romp with Z'jan and felt it was well worth repeating if the young man wanted another romp in the future. He was going to suggest it when movement caught his eye and he turned just in time to see Ghalath take to the air, Z'jan on her back.

He gave a wave at the rapidly ascending pair, puzzled why Z'jan left so quickly.

I never had a partner run so you think he had not enjoyed it? O'wain's thought was full of doubt.The only time he recalled a sexual partner not being satisfied was his first fumbling encounters as a boy. He learned so much since then and it had been turns since anybody expressed displeasure at waking up beside him. O'wain could excuse that with flightlust too, he ended up in bed with somebody who would normally never be in bed with a man. It happens.

I do not know why they left, Ghalath won't respond to my inquery. The brown's tone sounded a little hurt.

I don't think it has anything to do with you Nishkath, it seems Ghalath is just not big on talking to dragons she doesn't know all that well. Give her time and I am sure she will see just how wonderful you are.  O'wain decided he will give it a few days or a week depending on his schedule then have a talk with Z'jan, find out if he had regrets or something. As far as O'wain could tell the man gave no signals he wasn't completely in agreement to the coupling. Yet his behavior after they woke up from their after sex nap was odd. Maybe it was something that Z'jan did every time he experience good sex.

Pulling on his shirt he flipped back his damp hair then mounted Nishkath. "Lets head back home, I am starving since you ate my dinner. I should have you cook my dinner for me because of that."

I can catch another wherry for you to eat but I most definitely cannot cook it unless I consume firestone.

O'wain laughed, the image of Nishkath diving down and breathing fire on a spitted wherry was rather humorous. Nevermind,  I can find food in the dining hall, there should be food left by the time we return.

After that O'wain settled comfortably between Nishkath's neck ridges and gave the signal to fly. With powerful wing beats Nishkath gained attitude and was soon gliding towards their hut.



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