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just a little swim [open]
« on: 30 Aug 2013 at 09:39 PM »
 The sun was rising in the sky and it was getting kind-of warm. S'jin decided it was a great time to take his group to the waterside for a  swim. Firelizards and dragon alike could use a good wash and scrub down.

Araith was more then excited to be going to the lake.   hurrry hurry  i want to swim in the water S'jin. Araith said excitedly. Though he saw Claus fluttering around the  trees by the lakeside he didn't yet see the golden Minx but he knew she was fluttering about as well. Lana  as usually perched on his shoulder. He was beginning to worrie a bit about little Lana cause she didn't seem as interested in playing with the other too. He though she was getting quite moody and wondered if that was normal for her.

S'jin of course hurried he always gave into  Araith's whims and desires within reason of course.

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Re: just a little swim [open]
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2013 at 05:41 AM »
O'wain was quite certain he could do it himself, in fact he was certain of it. If somebody as young as Z'jan was diving off of his dragon with regularity then O'wain knew he could do it. Sure Nishkath was larger, with broader wings but that didn't deter him from trying at all.

I really don't like this idea, O'wain. Nishkath made it clear. He was already in the air and gliding smoothly towards the lake, tips of his wings brushing tree tops when he made the occasional beat of his wings. What if you miss the lake or land in a shallow, or bang your head on a rock or something?

Stop fretting Nishy, I am barely going to be 20 feet above the water for this first jump. Jumping off a ship would be higher.

O'wain sensed Nishkath's resigned acceptance. The brown was reluctant about somethings and all full of challenge in others. Unless...

You know, if I didn't know any better I would say you were just afraid you can't be as good a diving platform as Ghalath.

What? That shy skittish thing being better at it than I can be, no way, I am ten times more steady in flight!

O'wain smiled, he had his dragon now. If it was one thing he and Nishkath had in common it was a mutual determination to win all challenges.

A weyrling is at the lake, Araith and her rider. The brown observed as he left the treeline and glided over the lake.

Don't worry about that, just keep a little distance from her. O'wain was glad somebody was there, it meant he had somebody to show off to. A few moments later he gave the mental signal to Nishkath who swept back his wings so they were out of the way as O'wain let go of the fighting straps stood on Nishkath's back and dove over his shoulder, barely missing the edge of Nishkath's wing as he went past.

O'wain considered himself a better diver and unlike Z'jan who preferred to go feet first, O'wain dove head first, his arms out in front of him. Just before his fingers touched the water, he was already holding his breath. As he plunged through the water of the lake, O'wain felt with enough practice he will be able to get fresh air in his lungs and hold his breath just a fraction of a second before his head hit the water.

The momentum of his dive took O'wain deep into the lake till he angled his body slightly so he curved through the water well clear of the bottom in the murky depths. As the momentum of the dive started to wane, O'wain began kicking, shifting his angle so he was pointing towards the surface of the lake, his lungs already crying for air. Seconds later he burst out of the water and exhaled with a triumphant shout.

"WooooWhooo!" O'wain shouted again, flipping his head back to toss his wet bangs backwards. He gave a laugh and after a brief looking around to orientate himself, he began swimming towards his audience.

That wasn't as bad as I thought, you dive well. Nishkath circled overhead once then banked his wings back and let himself splash into the lake himself. We can do it again if you like.

I am glad you enjoyed it but first I want to meet our witnesses...

Once he was close enough to better make out who was on the shore, O'wain gave a wave. "Hello there! What did you think? Am I not fantastic?"

My aren't we being modest. snarked Nishkath, letting not only O'wain hear but the little green and her rider too.

"Shards and garters, Nishy's right, that did sound rather like I am full of myself. No need to agree with my earlier questions. My name's O'wain,  the sarcastic beast behind me is Nishkath." O'wain talked as he swam into shallower water.

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