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Author Topic:  The Best Story Ever Told [Open]  (Read 906 times)

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The Best Story Ever Told [Open]
« on: 04 Sep 2013 at 02:28 AM »
Quenym had to admit, sometimes people needed to take a break. Or, more like, HE had to take a break. After all, planning and pulling pranks was a lot of work! Besides, someone had to be the one to distract everyone else from what he and Casa were pulling. Might as well be him, right? He was just taking one for the team.

A grin crossed his face as he lay back and watched the clouds pass by. This was great! Mostly. Sort of. Quenym frowned. He normally wasn't one for sitting back and doing nothing. It was rather... Boring. Wasn't it? Why was he even asking that? It wasn't a question!

With a huff, he sat up and glanced around. What could he do out here in the open like this? Well......

Quenym stood up and glanced around at the other people in the square. "Ladies and gentlemen! Riders and Flightmoths! Listen up! For I have the Greatest Story Ever Told!" Well why not? He had heard enough of them to be able to spin something amusing. Quenym just hoped that someone would listen...

Re: The Best Story Ever Told [Open]
« Reply #1 on: 04 Sep 2013 at 07:23 PM »
Arddra was striding through the Gather grounds more for some exercise than any true goal in mind. She spent most of the day busy doing chores and doing her best to avoid the unwanted attention of some dragonriders. She knew she was pretty and wasn't surprised some men would want to get to know her better. Dragonriders still made her nervous in general except those she had grown to trust.

Thinking about dragonriders lately resulted in V'riy's face appearing in her mind. His teardrop shaped face, square chin, bright blue eyes which always looked upon her with kindness, the mess his hair always seemed to be. Morith, the whole package really, was having such an effect on her. Tingles in her body she had not felt in so long.

She had not noticed somebody lying on their back on the ground till he sat up suddenly. Arddra recognized the scamp as her friend Quenym who she had taught some basic cooking techniques whenever the two had free time to meet in the kitchen. She had not seen him in awhile and was glad to see him now. Before she could call a greeting he stood up and addressed everybody in the area.

Arddra chuckled as he acted like a Harper calling everybody's attention before the show started. She certainly didn't mind listening to a story.

Clapping at his enthusiastic call she smiled when he glanced her way. "Please kind Sir tell us this story, we all want to hear the greatest Tale ever told!"


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