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Settling Down [Quenym, Open]
« on: 05 Sep 2013 at 01:50 AM »
She had debated on it for months. Should she be a candidate? Was it right for her? She knew the role of a dragon rider was important. Hugely so, if you believed what some people said, with the threat of Threads and all. She had discussed it a variety of people, from riders to weyrfolk to other 'Brats. Everyone seemed to think she'd be a good fit, and Quenym had really been the deciding factor (though Ayyonth had been pretty convincing too). So, at last, she decided to Stand for the next one.

Once she had made the choice to at least give it a try for the next hatching, she had procrastinated on doing anything else. She already knew the process, having watched them since she was little; and she had been poking her head into classes from a young age, due to her insatiable lust for information and the need to satisfy her curiosity. All that left was moving into the Candidate Barracks, if she even wanted to. She'd been there enough before, between chores and visiting friends.

But this was different. This was her moving into them. Who knew how long she'd be here. Would it be a little while? Or would she be here for years? Would she end up moving back to her old room if she didn't Impress? Would it be available? All of these worries constantly pinged in the back of her mind, causing her to delay it. But, finally, she decided to it. To up and go. So she gathered her possessions and began the process of moving into a room in the barracks.

The easy part, she reflected, was picking which room to stay in. Her feet seemed to know exactly where she wanted to go, having tread this path so many times before. It was a blink of the eye before she realized she was standing outside the closest room to Quenym's for the girls. It appeared to be empty, which is just how she liked it.

Opening the door, she threw her bundle on the bed. She didn't bother to close the door behind her, instead focusing solidly on getting her things settled into trunk and shelf. She took a moment to nestle her old, familiar blanket over the bed, and swiftly her group of firelizards appeared from nowhere, settling down.

That task done, she wandered back to Quenym's room, leaving a note with an arrow and a small, detailed map with an x over her door. She didn't sign it, knowing that he would be too curious to not show up. She wandered back to her room, snuggling down to wait for Quenym.

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Re: Settling Down [Quenym, Open]
« Reply #1 on: 05 Sep 2013 at 02:02 AM »
Quenym had been out and about exploring for a while. He had been caught with a bit of wanderlust - and trying to take up O'wain's advice in girls - that he had gone for a long hike. It had involved trekking to some familiar places, and some new ones, and when he came back there was something special in his pouch that he knew would be perfect for Casa. Or, it would be when he prepared it for her. It would take a day or so, but he could do it.

A grin lit up his face. And then maybe she would kiss him! He liked it a lot when she did that. And his heart fluttered a bit, which he was certain wasn't entirely manly but he didn't care. After all, O'wain had said that there were different types of manly.

Besides, he could keep it as a present for when she decided to become a Candidate. Casa was still deciding, but he was sure that there would be an amazing dragon for her, and he wanted to congratulate her when she decided on doing it. Dae had promised she would, after all. Quenym brushed his fingers against the pouch and grinned broadly. This would be a good spent, indeed!

He walked back into the barracks, dirty, tired, messy, but feeling very accomplished. he was prepared to simply plop onto his bed for a long nap, but stopped in shock when he saw the open door. Casa was there, most certainly... But so were her things. On the shelf, presumably in the trunk, and she was just laying there on the bed across from his.

"Casa?" He squeaked, unsure of what was going on. "You... Uh,you sure you're in the right room? I think that the wear folk hall is down aways, and there are other girl candidates in other rooms..." Not that he was dismayed to see her there, or that she seemed to be his new roommate. Not at all! Stepping forward, he looked down on her and brushed the hair from her face. "You sure that you want me as a roomie?" A smile was growing on his face. Quenym had her just where he wanted her.

With him.


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