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Shored Up [V'riy]
« on: 05 Sep 2013 at 10:42 PM »
Quenym had spread word to all the younger candidates and older weyrbrats that they were going out to the lake for some fun and swimming in the sun. Another brat had volunteered their parent to fly them there. Being the cold-craving creature she was, Eriyana had naturally agreed and had enjoyed the time they all had, swimming around, and playing other various water games. At some point, warmed by the sun above and the stone beneath her, she fell asleep. Only to wake up some time later quite alone.

With no other brats, and no ride back.

She had practically turned purple with anger and embarrassment. When had. They all left her?! She was late for watching C'ilde's kid, and no one knew where she was besides the dimglows that took off without her!

Eriyana didn't like letting anyone down like this, and who knew when someone would come by to pick her up? Sure, if push came to shove she could hole up here for a day or so, but what then?

She sighed and dove under the water once more, contemplating trying to swim over for a moment. Just a moment, though, there was no realistic was she could do it. Eriyana lay back and looked at the sky. She was alone and that wasn't a good thing to think about. Ugh. What a day...
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Re: Shored Up [V'riy]
« Reply #1 on: 07 Sep 2013 at 08:57 PM »
V'riy and Morith had just gotten back from an another excursion to the wilds south of Katila and V'riy was visiting the communal kitchens. The bronzerider had gotten quite stealthy moving in his riding leathers as of late. With the mighty bronze as his partner flushing out game, the pair had again taken down a large herd beast that Morith had startled into running across a large clearing with a mighty bellow. Dropping off his catch with one of the drudges who promised his usual package would be ready for pickup later in the day, V'riy was startled to see Ce'lie glancing quite furtively about the dining area, obviously in search of someone and frowning deeply as she failed to find whoever it was she was looking for.

As her eyes met his own, the greenrider smiled in relief and hurried over to him. "V'riy! Thank Faranth you're here. I didn't even think to have Twilirth bespeak Morith in my haste to find her. Where is she?" Ce'lie wrung her hands as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other and titled her head at her adopted son.

"What? Who?" V'riy replied. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"V'riy! Really!" Ce'lie exclaimed as she lifted her hand to poke him in the chest. "Your. Daughter. Eriyana!" she said sharply as she continued poking him with her finger with each word. "It's her day to sit for Isharyn while I paint and she's nowhere to be found!"

V'riy's eyes widened at Ce'lie's words and he immediately began scanning the room for his daughter. "I'll find her," he assured her, patting her on the shoulder. Turning on his heel without another word to the greenrider, he half-ran outside, eager to begin the search. Morith, please contact the dragons, find out what you can. Eriyana's missing, he informed his bonded while he struggled to remain calm.

On it, the dragon responded immediately as he offered V'riy his foreleg.

V'riy mounted in record time and Morith launched himself into the air with a powerful jump and downward sweeps of his wings. Unless Morith was able to come across some helpful information they would be visiting each of the other common areas of Katila until they located her. His daughter was responsible and wouldn't just disappear, so V'riy was sure that something must have happened to her. She was a sensible girl and didn't like exploring, so surely she must be safe wherever she was, he thought. He tried to reassure himself of this while visions of felines in the jungle circling her ran through his head. Blinking them away, he ordered Morith /between/ to their first destination.


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