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Author Topic:  Resisting Temptation [K'tir]  (Read 1450 times)

IC Date: 10.05.234 AL -during and directly after Gold Flight

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Resisting Temptation [K'tir]
« on: 07 Sep 2013 at 03:17 AM »
The woman was actually awake at this ungodly hour as Tolera was being fussy and refusing to stay asleep. Alerae sighed deeply, then startled when someone knocked on her door. She picked up Tolera and hurried to answer it, wondering who would be looking for her this early. She wasn't due at the Creche until the evening. She opened the door to find Kajitiris and Kajiran standing there, the boy still looking half asleep, and the girl not much better. " Oh, darlings, what in Pern as you up this early, is something wrong with K'tir?" she asked, alarmed.

"Father said Ghaeth is chasing a Gold and he wanted us to go back to our mothers." she mumbled.

Alerae paused, fighting down a sudden rush of unexpected jealousy. 'Dragons chase other dragons.' she mentally told herself, squashing down the feeling. "...A Flight then? Hmm.. I...should make sure he is alright." She said slowly. " I hate to ask, but could you be a dear and take Tolera and Kajiran to the Creche? I would like to check on your father..." she trails off, not really sure she liked the way her mind was going. Kajitiris agreed though, and she handed Tolera over, then shut the door.

She swallowed heavily. Sure, she had told Ghaeth that he did deserve all the Greens, but a Gold? Brown had flown Gold before, and she wasn't sure she wanted to deal with some flightly Goldrider taking up time with HER K'tir. 'Oh dear me, where did that come from?' she questioned herself. She shook her head and  got dressed, the shriek of a Flying dragon resounding over the Weyr. She didn't know how long the actual Flight would last, but she knew she had a bit of a walk. She sighed softly and started her way towards K'tir's hut.

As she got out into the open, she was able to somewhat see the Flight.She shivered, finally realizing that the reason she was feeling so off was due to the effect of that Gold. She spotted several browns, but from this height she wasn't able to place which one was Ghaeth. Even after dealing with many a Gold Flight, it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the lust filling her body. She cursed the Flight, and cursed that K'tir was letting Ghaeth chase. Steeling herself, she kept walking, her entire posture tense.

Unconsciously, she was drawn to where the Riders were gathered, whether it was due to the Flight and all the men, she didn't know. Her eye was naturally drawn to K'tir, and she sighed softly, a silly smile on her face. She longed to run up and run her hands through his hair, to pull him to her and... NO! She took a deep shuddering breath in attempt to calm herself. Alerae let out a little shriek as K'tir suddenly punched someone right after a loud, pained roar sounded from above. Her head shot skyward, scanning the dragons. Did that mean Ghaeth was hurt or did he hurt someone else? She shook herself again, struggling to remain in control. Shards, but it was hard. Clenching her fists hard enough to dig her nails into her palm, she stiffly walked away, continueing on to K'tir's hut.

She paused as she arrived, fighting the urge to strip down and wait for him in his bed. She hoped he wouldn't mind the intrusion as she stepped inside and prepared a snack. She knew he prefered drinking juice in her company, but had a feeling he would need something stronger, so she found his wine. Pity they couldn't have some of the better northern brews, but this was drinkable if you knew what you were doing. She shrugged, and poured him a glass, then poured herself one alongside a glass of juice.

With that, she didn't have much else to do. She paced then entryway, still fighting every urge to do something more crude and unladylike. Alerae heard the sounds of the Dragons flying over the Weyr and hoped it would be over soon. She didn't want to do something she would later regret. Eventually, she sat down, and started drumming her fingers on the table. She was so antsy today. She glanced at the door every few moments, waiting as patiently as she could for K'tir to return.

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Re: Resisting Temptation [K'tir]
« Reply #1 on: 08 Sep 2013 at 06:30 AM »
Anger from Ghaeth getting hurt did not mix well with the anger and disappointment at losing. Throw in that his hand was sore from punching some jackass in the nose and it made for one mess of a brownrider. He pushed aside some of the other losers when Rhaedalyn was claimed by R’nya. He didn’t need to see their union. It was not only a reminder of their failure but a bit too much of a show for him. He had some kinks but watching others get it on was not on the list.

The pain had cleared up his head more than the loss had though K’tir still stumbled part of the way home. He wanted to check on Ghaeth and knew the brown would wind up back at the hut after flying off some of his own pent up frustration. His sweet dragon deserved a gold and one day, they would win a flight. K’tir sent reassurance to Ghaeth as he came upon their home as well as letting the dragon know how proud he was of the effort that morning. Despite everything that had worked against them, they had put in a respectable effort and Ghaeth would show his role model of Tyrrisath that he was up to the challenge and win in the future as well.

“I’ll check you soon, Ghaeth. Let me get your supplies and I need a drink as well.” He patted the brown on the nose when Ghaeth landed with less grace than usual as he babied his injury. K’tir hated seeing such a kind being in any sort of distress and while he knew it wasn’t true, there was a bit of guilt that he had been the cause. With a heavy sigh, K’tir tried to let it go as he let himself into his hut and came to a sudden halt when he saw Alerae within.

Hadn’t he sent the kids to her before the flight? K’tir frowned and looked around for a sign that his children were with her but didn’t see nor hear them. She must have sent them both off to Kajitiris’ mother or to the crèche. Either way, why was she in his hut? Worse yet, the flight still had his libido running in overdrive and he wanted nothing more than to strip her and toss her on the table she sat at. A shake of his head was given in an attempt to clear away such things so he could focus on more important issues like injuries and her presence.

“Ghaeth was injured in the flight,” greetings weren’t needed, not right then when she had already invited herself into his home. He didn’t mind, she was a mother to one of his kids and while he hoped she never wandered in when he was with a lover, Alerae would never get snapped at for entering. The glasses were spotted as he glanced around for Ghaeth’s kit and almost purred from the relief at seeing the drink. Flights made for a dry throat with the screaming and whatever else came out of his mouth at the time.

A glass was selected with his weaker hand as he mimicked Ghaeth with babying his injury and a quick sniff made K’tir even happier as he recognised the Katilan wine. A long chug took most of the bitter liquid down before the brownrider once more spoke, “thanks.” He still didn’t know why she was there but K’tir appreciated it a little more.


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