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Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« on: 08 Sep 2013 at 03:08 AM »
It was overhearing the name which reminded Arddra she did know somebody from Fort who was kidnapped not all that long before she was. She even saw him a few times over the last three years but every time she had some reason or excuse to not let herself approach the man. Talian, a man who's intelligence and amazing healing talents spread out beyond the Healing hall itself. Arddra had never met the man personally but knew when it came to severe traumatic injuries he was the best to go to.

Since her arrival here she never had any severe injures needing his attention. In the end it was just easier not to think of a clear reminder of what happened to her.

With her friendship with V'riy developing further, Arddra was feeling her loneliness stronger each day. So many things were making it difficult for her to just move on in her life and when she heard somebody mention T'lian's name while she was going about her normal daily routine, Arddra came to a decision.

Entering the Healing Hall she looked around for the man in question. He probably wouldn't have any clue who she was save as yet another person wondering about the Katila frequently enough to recognize as being around for a few  turns. She really didn't expect him to know her name. In fact she didn't recall seeing much of T'lian either.

Looking around she bit her lip, hoping he wasn't in the middle of anything important. "T'lian are you here? Are you busy?" She asked in a normal speaking voice.


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Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #1 on: 08 Sep 2013 at 07:37 PM »
"Good girl," T'lian said softly, holding out a modest treat for Tansy. The gold fire lizard dropped the baggie he'd sent her to fetch and reached out for the food instead, only to have it withdrawn suddenly. "No, no!" Tal said, "You have to keep holding the bag, or you don't get a treat..." He didn't assume she actually understood his words, but either his intent was clear enough or she was smart enough to put it together herself. She snatched the small packet of herbs up again and whined, finally earning her treat once the healer had taken the little package from him.

"Good girl," he affirmed, scratching her neck. He smiled at the purring creature, noticing only moments later that someone had come inside.

He turned slowly. Tansy took off and perched atop a nearby bookshelf, watching the newcomer stoically. Fellis was well welcoming.  He quickly crawled from T'lian's lap and up the man's shirt, hiding carefully while Tal put one hand over him to reassure him.

"You're not bothering me," he said, eyeing the girl with appraisal. He'd seen her around...Arddra, was that it? He'd never treated her, but he'd missed classes with her due to Khaduceth's clutch lacking a gold egg. Tal offered the girl a smile, cautious but not insincere, and slowly stood up.  Of course, he had to clutch the front of his shirt rather awkwardly to keep Fellis from falling out. The fire lizard squawked from inside, and T'lian made an odd face.

Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #2 on: 08 Sep 2013 at 08:39 PM »
Spotting the firelizard only after she noticed T'lian, Arddra fell silent seeing he was in the middle of training one. The miniature dragons always fascinated her but so far she hadn't had an opportunity to find any. Perhaps she could ask V'riy to take her flying and they could look for one. She was comfortable enough with him the idea of flying on Morith with him didn't make her uneasy as it did the last time he offered.

She smiled when the little creature finally earned her reward and received praise. Arddra smiled, her eyes following the firelizard up to where it perched on a bookshelf. When Arddra looked back at T'lian she just caught a glimpse of a tail vanish inside of T'lian's shirt. Was the firelizard afraid or just shy? She had no ideal.

"I don't know if you remember my name, I am Arddra. I am also from Fort. You.. They took you not long before me." She bit her lip thinking that probably didn't need to be brought up. Looking apologetically at him for mentioning it she did her best to move on. "I remember hearing your skill and intelligence was extraordinary even outside of the Healing Hall. I hope I could get your opinion on something."

"You see, about a month or so before I was taken my husband was very sick. I was rushing to the Healer Hall to get a healer when..well when I ended up here." Arddra had always kept the fact she was married and left her husband extremely ill and without anybody to care for him hidden. Guilt at not being able to get him help plagued her still and talking about it was hard. Nerves hit her especially when she remembered despite being from the same Hold, she and T'lian were very much strangers to each other. "I...I was wondering if there was any chance he could have survived after all this time."


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Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #3 on: 09 Sep 2013 at 02:56 AM »
Oh yes, because that was what T'lian hear all about being kidnapped again. He was still certain he'd never forgive the dragonriders for what they'd done, but these days he could at least concede that his life was improved by it. He was free of his father, had a new and better one, had Khaduceth, and when he returned, he could resume his career as he would have preferred. All he wanted was to be a healer and do research in his spare time, and this way he didn't have to worry about being pressured into aiming for Masterhealer.

Even with all this on his mind, he still didn't want to think about it. A suitable outcome didn't forgive pain and suffering, and he imagined for everyone who got out of it like he did, two others had their lives ruined.

He wasn't exactly angry, but he was highly unimpressed, at least until she got to the point. He looked back at her with a blank expression, clutching the little bulge in this shirt almost like a woman carrying a child, and then frowned. It looked like she was one of those people he'd just been thinking about. Taken from a sick husband? Perhaps T'lian could (and should) add 'accessroy to murder' to the dragonriders' crimes.

He seated himself again and stroked the bulge in his shirt. "I'm sorry to hear about that," he said slowly, his expression gradually slipping into a more serious frown. "Well, illness isn't my specialty and it's difficult to tell from a description alone, but I'll give it a shot if you tell me about it," he said.

Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #4 on: 09 Sep 2013 at 04:24 AM »
"I understand how difficult it will be, going by a description,' Arddra agreed, her eyes going to the bulge in his shirt where she was quite certain a firelizard hid. A part of her wanted to ask why it was so scared or if it was just shy but she felt now wasn't the time. Rising her eyes to meet T'lian's, Arddra focused on why she came here.

"Fosorcim, my husband, he was hurt when a runnerbeast kicked him hard and he fell on a pitch fork. He was taken care of and within a sevenday he was back on his feet, as healthy and vigorous as ever. Then he started to feel weak and couldn't hold food down. At the time he just thought it was something he ate that didn't agree with him and brushed off my concern." Arddra paused, thinking aback to the last sevenday or so she was with him. "The next day he wasn't feeling any better and I noticed he was getting a fever. I did my best to keep him cool, had him drink plenty of water and applied wet clothes on his forehead."

"Nothing I tried was making him better, he couldn't keep any food down and his fever kept coming and going. He started thrashing and raving so badly I was afraid he would hurt himself further. It was quite frightening to see. I knew I had to get a healer, and despite the hour, I left to find one." Arddra fell silent, rubbing her hands together as it had not been easy to remember those last few days. She relayed what she thought was the important points but she was no exert healer. She new a little beastcraft lore from her father but her husband didn't teach her his trade at all.


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Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #5 on: 09 Sep 2013 at 04:55 PM »
T'lian's expression constricted as he listened to the story. It sounded like the man had been in terrible pain, so he imagined the condition must have been quite serious. "The only problem is that so many illnesses have such similar symptoms," he said as he gently lifted his shirt and cradled Fellis in his hands. The fire lizard wound around him and squeaked sadly.

"Fever, headaches, nausea...things like that could be a million things," he replied. "From a food reaction to firehead to Faranth knows what. But you said he was injured shortly before..." His regretful tone shifted suddenly, instantly becoming brighter and more thoughtful. It wasn't that the news was good, but he did have an idea. He knew his eye was trained to search for injuries rather than illnesses, so he didn't dismiss the idea that he might be looking in that direction out of habit. It was worth consideration, though.

"He could have had an infection from an internal injury left over from the accident you described," T'lian said. "Gut wounds are particularly bad to fester, even more so if they go deep. It would have been the first thing I would check for, personally, especially if he didn't respond to treating the symptoms." He paused again, mulling over the symptoms a second time.

"I'd say his chances probably hinged on whether or not a healer managed to actually find and treat the injury," he said with a bit of misgiving. That wasn't likely, he knew. He wasn't going to lie to her, though. "That's assuming my idea is correct, but there's really no way to know. If I'm wrong and it wasn't an injury, I'd say his chances were even lower. If his symptoms weren't responding to basic treatment, it was probably too advanced for anyone to do anything about."

He hated bad news. He sighed. "I'm sorry I can't give you any better news, or with any more certainty."

Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #6 on: 09 Sep 2013 at 08:15 PM »
Arddra nodded, understanding many illnesses could have similar symptoms. It made sense as she would feel pain and headaches when she was due for her menses and the one time she did develop a head cold she had similar aches and pains.  When he lifted his shirt, her eyes widened slightly till she realized he was just getting the little blue firelizard out from underneath to cradle in his hands. She wondered if it was hurt.

"Fosorcim did mention his gut burned," Arddra looked away from the little blue firelizard to T'lian's face again. "The wound had healed, there was only a small scar but he had insisted it felt like his stomach was on fire. That was before he started to become delirious...if only I had not waited so long." Arddra didn't know if that would have helped.

T'lian's comment about a healer may not have been able to help her husband even if she had brought one earlier did ease her sense of guilt a little. The rest of his assessment wasn't encouraging but did confirm what she feared. Her husband wouldn't have survived even if she had not been kidnapped. Then she wuld have been a widow, with no children after three turns of marriage. She doubted she would have been able to find another husband. Not a happy life in her mind, to be forever alone. If only there was a way for her to confirm she was a widow, it would make it that much easier to completely embrace the life she had here.

"I suspected for some time now that my husband wouldn't have survived, but it is easier to accept knowing there is a likelihood even if I had been able to get to a healer it wouldn't have mattered. If the only thing a healer could have done was give him something for the pain."  Arddra felt her eyes burn but didn't want to break down into tears  in front of the healer. Looking for a distraction she spied the firelizard cradled in T'lian's hands which reminded her of the other firelizard who was carrying a sachet of herbs. Firelizards can deliver things..

"Firelizards, they can be trained to deliver and fetch things," Arddra stated, suddenly realizing she could use them to deliver messages if her guess was correct. Biting her lip she wondered if she should even bring it up to the Healer then remembered he was from Fort and was taken just as she had been. "Can they go somewhere far away Between like dragons can?"


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Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #7 on: 10 Sep 2013 at 04:55 PM »
"I really wish I could give you more positive news," T'lian said regretfully, but he let it go at that.  He wasn't willing to lie to someone just to soothe their nerves, but it almost seemed like the news had taken a weight of the girl instead. He didn't know why, but it was nice to see just the same. Delivering bad news was never fun, and he was particularly adverse to doing so when he couldn't even do it with certainty.

Her next question raised his attention. He lifted a brow and looked down to Fellis, who nuzzled sweetly in his hands. "..They can send messages to familiar faces," T'lian replied. "I do it all the time. But they're very delicate about it. It's tough to train them, and they don't like going to people they don't know well. I'm not even sure if  I could coax Tansy to go to someone she didn't know at all, and sending them long distances can be dangerous. You risk losing them," he explained. He gave Fellis a reassuring scratch.

He figured he knew where the girl was going with that idea.  He thought heading her off before she tried would be the better option. He didn't want her to do something rash and wind up losing a bonded fire lizard because of it. He couldn't imagine losing Khaduceth of course, but he imagined losing either of his little pets would have been awful in it's own way. At that point, it would have just been added pain.

Re: Consulting with the Healer [T'lian]
« Reply #8 on: 10 Sep 2013 at 06:44 PM »
"After being gone so long I expect even if my husband survived, he wouldn't know what happened to me. I am sure he would have moved on by now." The thought of Fosorcim marrying somebody else after over a turn or two of no word from her or even any sign of what happened to her was painful. She had grown to love the man in all his gruffness but very passionate nature and she did miss him. Withdrawing into herself most of the time she was at Katila made it easier to deal with the thought of her loss. For months she struggled knowing her husband was lying on a bed, dying waiting for her to return with a Healer only to never see her again. Now she knew there wasn't anything she could have done. The dragonrider who caught her was very strong and once in the air, she would have been insane to continue to fight his grip. Did she scream? Arddra couldn't even remember. Shivering at the memories she pushed them away. Trelanvor was right, she needed to let go and move on, Casa too expressed as much.

As T'lian told her about the limitations of firelizards she discarded the idea she had in mind. If firelizards wouldn't want to go to somebody they didn't know, even if they made the trip Between fine, it wouldn't be of any use if they just flew around and returned. Or worse, never came back. Even if she did get one to deliver a message to her mother or sister, would the firelizard even stick around to get a reply? No, T'lian was right, it was to risky.

"I understand, it was just a thought. I expect if it was possible somebody would have tried it by now." Arddra sighed. She hated not being able to contact home, she probably wouldn't return home for good as now she was better off continuing to stand at hatchings to get the one special gold just for her.

"Thank you for listening T'lian and giving your best opinion on what little details I remember on my husband's chances of survival. I think it is time I focus on my future now and not stay stuck in the past. Good day T'lian, it was nice to talk to somebody from Fort." Arddra turned to go, deciding she had taken more than enough of T'lian's time.


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