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Soil and Stem [Aparicus]
« on: 16 Sep 2013 at 04:42 AM »
Casa had wanted to arrange for doing chores with Aparicus much sooner, but after some of the things she had gotten up to, the weyrfolk had cracked down on her hard. It took months of reliable and meek behavior, of doing her duties just so, of lying under the radar...but finally, she had been able to wheedle her way out of cleaning pens or changing mattresses. Finally, she could go learn about what it was Aparicus did.

Once the time had been arranged with the woman, she had been told to report to Aparicus' hut and wait for further instruction. Having seen the woman (and heard some of the rumors), she carefully made her way through the many homes of other residents, until she picked out the fresh smell of the herbs she'd grown to associate with Aparicus. She didn't know what she would be doing today - maybe just watching, maybe helping - so she wore clean but worn clothing that would be easy to clean.

As she came up to the door, she knocked politely, adjusting the basket on her arm. She had brought along food in case Apari was hungry - she had seemed to respond so well to food last time. Casa had tucked in fresh fruit, klah, and fresh baked rolls, food that would be light and easy while they were working. Taking another deep breath, she shivered in delight. It smelled wonderful here...she couldn't wait to see what they would be working on.


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Re: Soil and Stem [Aparicus]
« Reply #1 on: 28 Nov 2013 at 03:23 PM »
Autumn had come to the southern continent and with it the weather was cooling down and clouds seemed to be perpetually gathering, hinting at the rainy winter season to come.  Apari held an appreciation for the rain as it helped her plants to grow, but that didn’t mean she had to welcome it with open arms when it also came with cooler temperatures.  The colder weather had a way of settling itself into her bones and she wouldn’t be able to truly get warm again until the summer sun returned.

Finishing off the last sip of her warm tea, she was just finishing up gathering her things when a knock sounded on her door.  She set down the shawl she’d lifted up and moved toward the door, pulling it open a small crack to find the young lady named Casa.  The girl had wanted to work with her some time back, but Apari had assumed it was a fleeting fancy as she hadn’t heard from the girl again.  She’d considered asking for her specifically, but Apari wasn’t one to step on anyones toes.  If the girl had changed her mind she wasn’t going to push the matter.

Ah, but here she was, standing bright and early outside of the hut’s door with a basket in hand and in clothes that were not too fancy to work in.  It made Apari’s chest swell a little bit as she gave the girl a genuine smile. 

“They’ve finally let you join me for chores?”  she asked, opening the door further for the girl to come in.  “Or are you on a restday?”


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Re: Soil and Stem [Aparicus]
« Reply #2 on: 28 Nov 2013 at 07:41 PM »
Casa beamed up at Aparicus when the woman reluctantly opened the door, glad to see her friend once again. Apari seemed pleased to see her standing there, so that was a good sign; after all, it had been a couple months. But she'd had to work her way to being allowed selective chores, and for now it was very much a once-in-a-while sort of treat. However, if it went well...she could forsee herself working with Aparicus. Her gardens were simply fascinating, and she could study them for hours.

Adjusting herself to step up and stand beside Aparicus, she nodded lightly. "I've been given permission to work chores with you for now. It will be on a preliminary basis - test out how we work together, if I can learn what I need from you..." She had also been told there was a chance she would not be a good fit for a variety of reasons; those reasons seemed to range from the ridiculous to the logical, and she tuned most of them out among the gossip and chittering of the women. Blech, women. Most of them weren't much better than the girls were.

Shaking the musings from her head, she gently hefted the basket and held it out gingerly, her smile melting into something shier. "I know you tend to enjoy your time in your hut more than anything, so I thought I'd bring along breakfast and some snacks, both for today and in general..." She passed the basket to Aparicus, shifting back and blinking brightly. "So, where do we start? I'm not sure what to do with plants like'll have to be patient with me."


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Re: Soil and Stem [Aparicus]
« Reply #3 on: 28 Nov 2013 at 10:34 PM »
“Well that’s a wonderful arrangement.”  Aparicus responded to Casa’s announcement that she’d be doing chores with her under a preliminary basis.  It would give the girl a chance to escape if she realized she didn’t like getting dirty every day.  Apari was pretty certain her own hands were permanently stained with the natural dyes of the plants and soil. 

Finding the topic of conversation turned to the basket the younger woman was carrying, Apari rose her eyebrows before leaning forward ever so slightly to peek into the basket.  Spotting a few sweetrolls tucked in among pieces of fruit, the young woman could not help but beam.  “Oh, that was amazingly thoughtful of you!”  Nearly bouncing on her feet, Apari clapped her hands together in appreciation. 

She hesitated to take the basket from the girl’s hands despite her excitement and after a moment’s thought pointed to the small counter inside that had the wash basin on it.  “If you would set it over there, I’m sure it will keep next to the window where it is cooler.”

Closing the door ever so briefly behind the girl once she was inside, Apari moved back to where she had abandoned her shawl to pick it up and wrap it around her thin shoulders snuggly.  “I was just about to go out and collect some more seeds.  Most of the plants will survive the winter, but some need to be replanted every season.  Others I simply would like to keep a stock of their seeds in case the Weyr starts calling for more.  You never know when the kitchen folk will find a new favorite recipe and need more cinnamon or rosemary.”


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