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Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
« on: 16 Sep 2013 at 03:49 PM »
Casa had no doubt in her mind that once she had healed up, she would have to go back and eventually check in. It had been a couple of months, and everything appeared to have gone away, at least mostly; the scar on her forehead was still visible, and there were a couple little things, but for the most part she seemed to be healthy all around. Still, she felt the need to go out of her way to thank the healer, and the excuse of a check up was the best reason she could think of to show up on his doorstep. With that in mind, she headed towards the Healer Hall shortly after dinner one of the evenings, the basket that was rapidly becoming something she was known for slung over her arm.

As she briskly headed towards the halls, she realized that this was something more important than just a thank you. It was rapidly becoming known to her that politics were at the heart of this weyr no matter which way you looked. Her innocence was slowly fading away, and she was attuned to little things that happened that didn't look like much on the surface, but would mean something later. Growing up was no fun, she decided with a soft sigh as she passed through the hallway into the entry point of the Hall. But it was important to know where things stood. And she felt like T'lian was likely someone who would be important in times to come.

Knocking firmly on the archway into the Hall, she neatly sat down, waiting for someone to come about. It appeared to be quiet tonight - that was a good thing, as she didn't want to come and bother him when there were folks about who needed help. Knack lifted his head from where it was buried in her hair, peeking out to look around for Tansy. His tail curled protectively around her throat, and she gently rubbed his head before glancing patiently back to wait for whoever approached first.


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Re: Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
« Reply #1 on: 17 Sep 2013 at 08:55 PM »
It didn't take long for Khaduceth to notice Casa from his perch atop the hall. He sent a lazy message T'lian's way, letting him know that he had company, though whether or not the healer would actually go out to greet the little girl was another matter. It was late, and while T'lian was not particularly busy, he was off duty.

He did take a moment to consider it, but since he'd seen Casa after her initial injury, he thought it best to follow up. He wasn't doing anything more important at the moment, so he set aside his reading material and rose to his feet. He headed out into the hallways and headed towards the lobby, where Tansy was already scoping out the visitor, curious eyes fixed more on her fire lizards than anything else. Fellis, intimidated by all the commotion, was nowhere to be seen.

"I see you're back," T'lian said, his voice low but pleasant. He smiled a bit and walked closer. "Are you feeling any better? Come on, let's go have a look at those scars and see if I have anything for them," he said, motioning for her to follow him to his office. He was pleasantly surprised. He had a hard time getting patients to consistently make good on their follow-up visits, and he hadn't even thought about hers being due so soon. She'd done well.



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Re: Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
« Reply #2 on: 17 Sep 2013 at 09:31 PM »
She nodded, following him. He appeared to be in a good mood, which she felt was a good start to this little visit. She wasn't sure how she was going to go about what she wanted to yet, but she'd figure it out as she went all. She wasn't even sure what her goal here was, besides making sure she had healed up correctly. Start down the path to friendship? She supposed that was a good a place as any.

Once in the office, she set the basket down and opened it, gesturing at it softly. "That's for you," she said, blinking. "The women in the kitchens helped me bring it all together. It's not much, but its a combination thank you/make sure the healer hasn't starved to death - their words on the second part, not mine." She had heard just how reclusive the healer could be, so it wasn't surprising there was some teasing on the subject. She shrugged awkwardly, glancing away from the basket. "It's just a skin or two of wine and some of the better parts of tonight's roast, and some fresh rolls."

Turning back to T'lian, she slid off her boots and shrugged off her shirt so he could look over the previous injuries. Her ankle was still stiff from time to time, but it was fine for outings into the woods and work around the weyr. All the other injuries were closed up, with almost no marking. The one across her head however, was thick and shiny. She held still, waiting for him to look them over and ask whatever questions he had.

Knack watched this all the while, his head tilted curiously at the Queen. When Casa went to untangle him from around her neck, he creeled softly, huffing and making a nest out of her ratty, patched up tunic. She winced, hushing him with a thought, before turning back to T'lian apologetically. "Don't mind him," she said with a wry smile. "He doesn't like being moved..."


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Re: Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
« Reply #3 on: 19 Nov 2013 at 09:42 PM »
Food? Tal was legitimately surprised, but it was a mellow and pleasant sort of surprise. He raised a brow at the gift and replied with a gentle nod and the slightly little chuckle of delight. "Thank you," he said, sincerely but mildly distracted as he focused on the task at hand.

"No one ever comes on their follow-ups," he murmured as he examined her scars. "...There are a lot of unnecessary scars and poorly-set bones around here, especially fingers, toes, and noses...There was things we can do for all of those types of things, but no one can ever be bothered to pursue them." He spoke in a lightly drone, thoughtful and distant. It was more audible musing that pointed discussion, but in the long run it was a compliment. Casa actually came in, so she was smarter than what...80% of his patients?

He glanced at the fire lizard. "He's not bothering anyone," he said. Tal was docile when it came to the little dears. He liked them a good deal more than dragons, only three of whom had earned his seal of approval. Well, potentially four now? Bah! Some small but growing number!  Fire lizards were perfectly charming, though!

"Now let's see...this scar tissue isn't too hard yet. I have a salve that may relieve some of it, but you'd have to apply it before bed for around six months," he said. He looked at her and smiled. "Think you can handle that?"


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Re: Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
« Reply #4 on: 20 Nov 2013 at 11:18 AM »
Casa couldn't help but beam when he seemed actually surprise by her gift. He even chuckled a little bit! That was a good sign. T'lian was normally quiet. And withdrawn. Her side mission temporarily forgotten, she was glad she had been an idiot and in turn had started the process in which had her thinking she could possibly count him among her friends one day.

However, her side thoughts were quickly shifted to the side, and she focused on sitting still while T'lian looked her over carefully. He seemed very pleased that she had come back. Why would you come back? She understood the inconvenience of such a thing, but could you go on more adventures if you weren't able to go anywhere? Plus, she couldn't imagine being a state where she couldn't take care of the little ones. Either way, T'lian seemed pretty pleased that she was healing like she had.

When he inquired about the cream to help to lessen the scar tissue, she shrugged but nodded. "If you think that's what is best, than of course I can." She didn't really care about this scar in general; it was in an odd location, but it wasn't debilitating. Though, thinking of some of the scarring she had seen from injuries about, she could see why it might be helpful to loosen other scar tissue, especially for riders.

As she sat there, Knack cautiously uncurled himself, creeping down to rest down in her lap. He looked up at Talian, chirping loudly and tilting his head. Casa blinked in shock, glancing between the 'lizard and the healer almost comically. "I, uh...well then. T'lian, this is Knack. Apparently he has quite the interest in you, he...almost never does that." The brown chirped again politely.

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Re: Boundary Exploration [T'lian]
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